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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 29 August 2021

Prepare For Political Instability.

1. I don't like to be bearer of bad news, but I have to tell things as they are. The following photos do not bode well for the PM.

2. These photos are an early indication of what's to come. They tell of a PM who doesn't care or has no inkling of how to build a strong country. Instead, he can't wait to partake in the trappings of power.

3. In the absence of unequivocal statements and policies from the PM, we may only infer what maybe true from these pictures.

4. The photos show the PM unconcerned about the welfare of the people. He's more concerned to manage inanimate objects.

5. People are just digits. 20 thousand cases a day, 1500 dead and over 1.5 million affected by COVID are of no significance. It will come to pass by natural effluxion.

6. The SOP and whatever safety protocols seem to apply only to common people. Those near the PM are immune because of their social status? Is that it?

7. Hence, the PMs first official visit to Yan Kedah, saw his entourage consisting the whole of Malaysia without any regard for safety protocols.

8. Does he look as someone who cares about the COVID pandemic? It's just an inconvenience preventing him from more machination politics.

9. Hence, calling the opposition maybe just a ruse and just following the motion, as decreed by the King. Nothing more.

10. So that the PM can dupe the people, many of whom are made dumb or are already too fatigued:-hey look people, I have called in the opposition to talk in my sincere effort to form a stable government.

11. "If my plan to form a stable government fails, you can blame the bull headed opposition. "

12. It may be just a ploy to soften up the opposition by seemingly acknowledging them, to get easy passage in parliament.

13. In a way, the PM accepts the fact that he may not survive a vote of confidence. But he must get cooperation from the opposition.

14. He is in a situation where to swallow, the mother dies, spitting out, the father dies.

15. He fails the very first condition-to be serious in managing the COVID pandemic. As evidenced by his cincai attitude.

16. To me the PM is not serious in courting the opposition nor is their support forthcoming.

17. The PM is just calling the opposition to show the Agong that he has satisfied part of the King's command. Calling the opposition and actually incorporating them in the cabinet are 2 different things, my friend.

18. The photos show a PM who knows how to spend but doesn't know how to earn income.

19. Because of that, I think our deficits will get ever larger and the statutory limit habitually breached.

20. I am in favour of fixing the deficit as a fixed percentage of the GDP. The breach of that becomes an objective assessment of the government. It's also a sign of frugality.

21. To the PM, frugality is a dirty word. Why, for instance, are we retaining the private planes owned by the government?

22. Couldn't domestic travel be done with helicopters owned and maintained by the military? And international travel in 1st class by commercial flights?

23. The decadent and bourgeois lifestyle, which are the legacy of the embezzler in chief, ought to be expurgated.

24. As it is, the PM is perpetuating a decadent lifestyle which is the hallmark of despotic 3rd world leaders.

25. Sell off the private planes, yatchs and f**k houses. If The PM wants to meet his friends, couldn't he do so in army safehouses in Bellamy road?

26. Sorry, but I don't think a PM who doesn't understand the meaning of frugality and economics knows how to revive our drowning economy.

27. Instead, he can't wait to enjoy the trappings of power. His mantra seems to be spend, baby spend. Bila lagi?

28. Failing the 2 conditions put up by the opposition, will the opposition now keep quiet and let Ismail Sabri get away scott free?

29. If the opposition keeps quiet, I think they are blatantly ignoring the wishes of the rakyat

30. Combining the 2 factors, I don't think the Ismail Sabri government can last long.

31. Woe betide us. We casted our votes once, we got many PMs. They don't last.


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