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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 15 August 2021

Puff Abah's TV Flick. Bright Promises But Sure To Be, Dismal Performance.

1. Now for a more sober analysis. My blood was boiling at Din sembab's TV appearance earlier. Sorry.

2. Puff Abah appeared before TV offering the opposition a slew of goodies. Clearly, he's an opportunist out to exploit the frailties of some opposition MPs. He's the devious and biggest carpet beggar. Sure, in giving out the concessions, a lot more goes into his sack.

3. Of course, the 'lotest' that goes into his sack is hopefully retaining the plum post of PM.

4. Puff Abah is hoping for the wrong thing. I can only recall TS Eliot's poem To Hope For The Wrong Thing. I said to my soul be still and wait without hope. For hope is to hope for the wrong thing....

5. So Puff Abah can hope for manna from heaven. He's not going to get any. If he hasn't got a majority, please quit. Don't come before us with a sob sob story.

6. His TV appearance was, a hideous apparition of a master briber. Sprm should take note of that.

7. Obviously, he's making a slew of offers because he is desperate. The offers he mentioned do not have to emanate from him. They can be written in the constitution.

8. Allocations can be written in the constitution. They ought to be available to all MPs.

9. Term limitations as PM can be written down. The leader of the opposition be written down. Voting age should be lowered to 18 and so on.

10. The claim that he doesn't want to give a chance to the kleptocrats is hollow. When he usurped power previously, he can work with the kleptos. Now he even has a DPM from the klepto party. So how?

11. If he had wanted to reform parliament, he could have done so earlier. The opposition would have supported him.
While we are at it, why don't we do away with the archaic belah bahagi nonsense?

12. Why don't we install electronic tallying machines?. Parliament need not be a fishmarket.

13. The fact that Din Pagoh did not do all these when he had almost absolute powers.

14. Therefore, whatever he said-things that should come out from the rear of the anatomy, came out from his mouth. They are indeed a dollar short and a day late.

15. Puff Abah even took a leaf from the leader of the kleptos. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Except, his back has transmissible ringworms.
Go ahead then -scratch his balls, eh, back. Sorry, I am suffering from Freudian Slip. Luckily it's not Spanish Fly.

16. So he dangles a lot of carrots, thinking the opposition MPs are burden carrying horses. Otherwise, he wields the big stick.

17. The televised broadcast was essentially an admission that Puff Abah has all, but lost, the majority support.

18. Then, by the terms of our constitution, he should resign immediately or advises the Palace to dissolve parliament.

19. Except, the dissolution of parliament is not suitable at the moment in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic spiked when we had the Sabah Elections. The elections which saw every sop violated and caused the pandemic to escalate should be an object lesson to us. So no to dissolution.

20. So move aside, Mr Mahi. It's not that the reforms you mentioned cannot be implemented by a new government sans you!

21. So dont waste time accepting his invitation. We have reached a point that whatever you say are nauseauting!


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