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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 7 August 2021

A Diarrhoea-ic Special Communique.

1. Puff Abah is a stubborn bloke. That's recalcitrant for you.

2. The King, in effect, is politely asking him to leave. Citing the relevant articles in the Constitution.

3. But Puff Abah is stubborn. He refuses to believe he has lost majority support. As leader of the Klingon tribe, he stays on as PM.

4. As a face-saving gesture, he'd rather take his chances in parliament. In September.

5. Just listen to his tone. That's the voice of a very defiant person trivialising what the King said.

6. It's as though the King and whatever the King represents do not exist

7. Might as, well abolish the monarchy. All hail Puff Abah. The Emperor!

8. What does the rebuff do to the King? He loses face among his brother rulers. He has failed to do what is expected of him by the people.

9. But his failure is not because of his doing. It's because Mahiadin refused to talk and listen as a civilised person.

10. Mahiadin has conducted his own rebellion. That's defiance and treasonous. Derhaka!

11. Perhaps he deserves this:-

12. The King, meantime, must be rolling on the floor pulling his hair. ROTFPHH. Lamenting how duff and stubborn the Wak Pagoh is.

13. But puff abah is not beneath doing all means necessary. He's sly, shyster, shylokian etc. He's calling parliament only in September. Even one day is a long time

14. Enough time for him and his under hands to buy off his detractors or make deals.

15. What's stopping him to start his bidding from RM20million? What if he promises to remove all the court cases? He has a useful idiot in the person of the AG, hasn't he?
16. Politics is the dark art of possibilities. 


Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has agreed to step down as prime minister and has agreed to hand over all his powers immediately to Tan Sri Mahiadin Yassin.

17. He mocks the King. Having failed to persuade the King of his satanic machinations, he now wants to use parliament, which he has steadfastly avoided. He wants parliament to validate his position. Oh! I forgot, he has a lapdog there.


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