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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 23 August 2021

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown. Part 1.

1. Congratulations to Ismail Sabri for being appointed our 9th PM.

2. Although I have been rooting in for Ku Li, I accept the choice. So be it.

3. Now that he has the post, can he hold it? I hope he can. It depends on what he does.

4. At the top of his priority is the management of the COVID pandemic. We have reached 22000 cases a day and an accumulated number of 1.5 million cases. There have been a total of 15000 deaths. Many have committed suicides.

5. Wasn't Ismail the architect of our Gulag? Citizens have been subjected to repeated MCOs and FMCOs.
I hope the FMCO does not mean Free Malaysia's Corrupted Officials.

6. It maybe true that the pandemic is a Godsend, but the solutions to overcome it are definitely man made.

7. So far, the government management of the COVID pandemic has been lousy.

8. The previous PM said that herd immunity would be achieved by October 2021. That is bull. Already we heard of vaccination centres running out of stock.

9. More allocations were given for the COVID management. But it's also true that we were and will continue to be donated with millions of dollars worth of vaccines. Also, why is Pharmaniaga allowed to buy vaccines in bulk and allowed to retail them?

10. It seems to me the management of the pandemic is subjected to excessive regulations. It's as though someone is out to make money out of people's misery.

11. Hence, there were cases of fellers selling vaccines, frontliners injecting empty vials and selling appointments. Why are these happening?

12. The implementation of the rmco has been topsy-turvy and seems to be done whimsically and made up as the authority goes along.

13. And the person responsible for the confused Gulag is Ismail Sabri.

14. To illustrate our management of the pandemic :-


M'sia PLUNGES from 16th to 51ST out of 53 RANKING in Bloomberg's Covid resilience rankings.

Singapore is ranked 13th while Thailand and Vietnam are 39th and 40th respectively.

"Now we are even worse than Brazil (41), Peru (45th), Bangladesh (46th), Pakistan (47th), Colombia (48th), Indonesia (49th) and India (50th) and only better than Philippines and Argentina," Lim Kit Siang said.

Published June 29, 2021 🔗

⚠️ BLOOMBERG: The COVID RESILIENCE RANKING - The Best And Worst Places to Be as The World Finally Reopens

Published June 28, 2021 🔗

15. Pray for Malaysia, not its leaders

Got this msg from my doctor today.

Starting next month, Khairy is selling Sinovac to private hospitals and clinics. Meaning that hospitals have to buy them from middleman Pharmaniaga (which is owned by Khazanah, chaired by the PM and his cronies). Cannot buy directly from the manufacturer, because then how else to makannn?

According to Harian Metro, the market price of Sinovac is US$5 (RM20) per dose. Now look at the price my doc quoted. Selling at RM180 per dose, and that is still below cost price! (Not sure which one is the cost price, but it sure ain't RM20.)

Factories also have to pay to jab their employees. No jab, no open. Oho.... do you see where this is going? How the govt twists our arms? Factories have to pay RM90 for 2 jabs.

I was talking to this pakcik today. He was very angry. He said, "You see, so many countries gave us free vaccines, and what do they do? They sell them. They get them for free, but they sell them to us. They make factories pay for it. You see how much money they are making???"

Wowww....... Factories have thousands of employees. 80% must be jabbed if they want to open. They are forced to buy these grossly overpriced products whether they like it or not, and they must buy it from the only one govt-appointed crony supplier. The money is not going to the govt and back to the rakyat, it is going to Pharmaniaga and into the pockets of Moo and his cronies. So Japan, UK, Saudi giving us free vaccines is not actually giving the people free vaccines, it is taxing the people and putting more of our money into our ministers' pocketses!!!

And this, boys and girls, is how you make money off a pandemic. This is why they will never approve ivermectin. This is why they are letting people die sitting up in chairs and on hospital floors. If everyone recovered quickly, to whom would they sell vaccines? If you can treat a patient for less than the cost of a pillow at a quarantine centre, what else is there left to makannn???

This is why they made the darurat. The chairman of the board of Khazanah is always the PM. Makan for as long as he can. Jab as fast as they can before they get kicked out, even if means packing 20,000 people into one stadium per day and creating huge clusters of infected people. And then blame us tak jaga SOP. Khairy, Hisham, Adham, Moo and the lot of them are going to a very, very dark place where the sun won't shine for a billion years. All the people who slept sitting up in chairs, suffocating from lack of oxygen, dying on hospital floors, died because of them.


How many more need to die for their greed?

Pharmaniaga is selling 14 million doses of Sinovac. It is being retailed at RM388 per dose. 14 million x RM388 = RM5.4 billion. This is all going into Pharmaniaga's pockets, not the govt.


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