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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Friday the 13th. Freddie Kruger Din's tv flick.

Apologies to readers. This is a rushed article.
1. Are we being made stupid or what? The blasted PM has the audacity to appear before TV and offer, essentially, bribes to those opposing him so that he can stay in power?

2. If he has conceded he has lost support of the majority of MPs, he has to resign immediately as per our constitution. No ifs or buts. He has to go. Pack your bags.

3. The country is not only his to save, but by all of us by lawful means. Through a democratically elected government. Definitely not through a backdoor government using rear means.

4. Appearing before TV and offering 300k allocations to all MPs is buying compromises from the MPs.

5. Don't we all see what he's doing? He's just asking for a reprieve and an outstretched hand to save him from drowning.

6. At what price? So that he stays on as PM and keeps his bloated cabinet?

7. If the opposition MPs cave in, it means that they are complicit in retaining a moron as PM. For that they must be punished too. At the GE.

8. Have they forgotten of the mess he created for the economy? The high unemployment figure, the flight of foreign investors the mess in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, the suffering of the people, their haplessness etc?

9. For that, he and his bloated cabinet deserve the following :-

10. That is not an overture nor an olive branch. It's just naked bribery by a desperate man.

11. If he no longer has the majority support, he must quit immediately. He should have appeared before TV to announce he and his cabinet are resigning.

12. The Palace ought to just go ahead and appoint an interim PM. Hopefully the Pagoh ignoramus understands the implications.

13. Hes just doing the Pagoh shuffle buying time through naked bribery . The people of Pagoh are better off dumping him.

14. GE15 is not his to pledge. It will definitely come. When it comes, with or without his pledge, drive a stake through his behind.


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