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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Suanpan Arithmetic And Sacking The PM. Part 1.

1. I am baffled, and I think many are too. First, Ismail Sabri said be calm. The government is stable. We have 110 seats.
Then he says 40 umno MPs support Mahi.

2. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Both statements are not proven. As the old lady in the Wimpy advert says, 'Where's the beef?

3. The statements remained unproven claims. Speaking with candour, they are just hot air and BS.

4. Sorry. I promised myself never to use expletives. I simply can't resist. However, I am comforted by the fact that almarhum Ustaz Nik Aziz said 'Tuhan pun mencarut'. I am sure He is all-forgiving.

5. The validity of Ismail's statement can only be tested in parliament. Go through the vote of no confidence. See how?

6. So when 'mad dog' Nazri Aziz insists that the statement about the 40 thieves is true, it probably is NOT.

7. As to the figure of 110, I am still puzzled. The simple majority in our parliament is 112. Is 110 greater than 112?

8. I am suspicious of the figure 110. Given the 30% Bumi discount, the figure, I believed, is only 77. At the most, PN has 80 votes.

9. But don't take my word for it. Test it in parliament. Like Russell Peters said-be a man. Test it.

10. If you patronize the Menate steak restaurant you will find its worker wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the motto 'be calm recite the selawat'. Ismail is giving free T-shirts saying be calm, we have 110.

11. Enter Shahidan Kassim with his imaginary 40. Umno has 37 MPs. MCA has 2. MIC has a kichimayung 1. PBRS has 1. Total BN is 41. Out of 41,7 will not support PN. That leaves 34. So where is the 40 shahidan?

12. Maybe I have to give our friend, a Chinese Abacus or Suanpan. Yes? To learn counting and maths.

13. Unless these claims about 110 votes or 40 BN supporters are tested and proven in parliament, to me, they are just empty talk and a load of BS.

14. For instance, why should we believe loose canon Nazri Aziz? He just came back from France -did he impose quarantine?
Wasn't he the feller who said the Emergency Ordinances need not be debated? That's an idiotic suggestion.

15. Here's why it's an idiotic suggestion. Readers take note, ya.

16. If the ordinances were cancelled on 21st July, on the ground, expenditures on them were still made weren't they? Meaning, the expenditures were illegal. Expenditures were made on illegal ordinances!

17. Why should we believe someone who insisted the number 40 is real woi, but doesn't care about spending government money illegitimately? That's why the EOs must be debated.

18. Now we come to the matter of what should the King do and can the King sack the PM?
I am not a lawyer and these are merely my opinions. But I will argue for them. You be the judge.

19. Last week we witnessed an unprecedented episode. The PMO rebutted the King. Publically. The King was shamed and had his face smeared with charcoal.

20. The rebuttal by the PMO was an open challenge to the King. As I have said it was a reflection of defiance, utter disrespect and even treasonous.

21. Cis! Pantang raja Melayu dihina!

22. The king has lost face among his brother rulers and to the rakyat!

23. The King can't remain indifferent and pretend to be stoic. 
24. The hands of Mahiadin, which had fondled Nika Gee at unmentionable places, are behind this political time bomb.

25. Mahiadin has lost the trust, confidence and whatever affection the king had for 'Puff Abah' Wak Din.

26. Accordingly, the King has no other choice but to ask 'Puff Abah' to leave.

27. There's no denying that Mahiadin has lost the confidence, trust and affection of the King. There must be brewing animosity. The King is human too, right?

28. You can't govern when there's festering animosity. You got to meet the king every week. Lock the gates. Let 'Puff Abah' park his car outside. Or let him wait for hours. Give him plain water only.

29. So the self respectful option for Wak Din is to leave, resign, be sacked, vamoos! Just go.

30. When Wak Din leaves, in accordance to our constitution which follows the Westminster model, the whole cabinet goes. No playing favourites here.

31. In this sense, I gritted my teeth when I heard Wak Maslan says umno is against Wak Din but not PN. Pray, explain the logic.

32. Can we separate the head of the snake from its body, or can the body exists separately from the head?

Tak faham aku. UMNO hanya tolak Muhyiddin tetapi tetap bersama PN.

Ini macam kari babi. Daging tak makan, kuah hirup licin.


33. Is umno not ashamed, wanting to align with a failed and despised government? Umno has no amour propre, is it? If it does that umno will inherit the people's hatred.

34. The King then invites a leader of a political party who has his confidence, trust and working affection and whom he thinks can command majority parliamentary support to be the PM.

35. The Agong's trust, confidence and working affection are the more important critera. Choose the one the Agong feels has these qualities and then go before parliament, and he will get the majority by the end of the session. That, to me, is how things work here.

36. Under ordinary situation and by convention, the King could invite the leader of the opposition, Mamu Anwar, to form the next government.

37. I said could and the situation isn't normal. And this is the part I differ from the DAP leadership. I just don't trust Mamu Anwar. Nothing personal against him. He may actually be a nice person. Only not as PM.

38. Under these extraordinary times, the King, I politely proffer, has to think outside the box.

39. His majesty must think unconventionally and with purpose. For what purpose does He appoint a PM?

40. Surely not to play marbles with HM? But to give direction to the country, rekindle the economy, invigorate it, bring back investors, reduce unemployment, provide infra, health, housing and educational facilities. To do what a leader normally does. But to do them extraordinarily.

41. And above all, to manage the Covid pandemic and save the people. People are dying, man.

42. The new PM must eradicate corruption and nepotism, is a nationalist but not a racist, strengthen the institutions etc

43. For these reasons, I would argue the appointment of a PM must be for a purpose. That is why the king must think unconventionally and outside the box.

44. Thinking conventionally and being technical got the King 'Puff Abah'. He must never repeat the same mistake.

45. Therefore, it is not necessary for the King to invite the leader of the opposition to form the next government.

46. In the next section, I will give my opinion whether the King can sack Wak Mahi.


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