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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Much Ado About Nothing.

1. First, the rulers will be meeting this Friday to discuss the issue of who is to be PM. His
Majesties will receive the ticker tape ribbons aka SDs by 4pm.

2. Subject to deliberations, It's highly unlikely that the decision as to who our PM shall be will be made today.

3. So waiting for that decision today is like waiting for Godot.

4. If it is true that umno proposes Ismail, it's got a death wish.

5. It means it doesn't want to be in power, nor does it want Mail to be PM.

6. Like the Malay saying says, its support that brings collapse.

7. Mail is too associated with a failed government to be considered. He will be too polarising a figure.

8. This crisis has also exposed who the real celestial dictators, PAS are.

9. They are indeed thinking with their dicks in pursuit of their insatiable lust for power.

10. It's up to the King to choose an MP whom he thinks is likely to command majority support in the dewan.

11. The political parties are at liberty to submit the names of Tom, Dick or Harry.

12. Di Gerhayu Tuanku.


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