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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 2 August 2021

Monday, Closed For Charkuat.

1. Wak Mahi is belabouring the obvious. He's only postponing the inevitable. He will have to resign eventually. The chickens will come home to roost. The cows will come home to the pen.

2. There is a Malay saying that says, as, clever as the squirrel is, it will fall to the ground eventually. Another says, the bird flies around but will land on the branch eventually. When that happens, let's apply elephant glue.

3. Joe Louis the boxer said he can run, but he cannot hide. The lyrics in a song say

You can run
But you cannot hide
We will always find
We will always seek.

4. Mahiadin is not beneath using all means necessary and satanic methods to postpone parliament. Which he did-for the Monday session, citing COVID-19 reasons. This was after 11 MPs tested positive for the disease.

5. But we know the actual reason is politics. It's to avoid a no confidence motion. Which will see him booted out!

6. He can run, but he cannot hide.

7. Using the Emergency as an analogy, how can when the deaths were 2000, you imposed the fake emergency but when the deaths are 7000, you annul the Emergency? Is that a Pagoh Javanese logic?


8. My friend Dr Zulkifli tweeted his unassailable logic thus:-

9. People going to Kayu Restaurant can now order roti canai Mahiadin-takde telur punya. Or as the mamak says tarak toolor.

10. Not only is it devoid of any scientific basis, it hasn't got an iota of sensible logic.

11. Even the following has got more logic. They are followed by pious Muslims. If Mahi washes his face, we get the same puffy face.

12. Is Mahiadin and his dullard cabinet blind to the following?

You can run
But you cannot hide
We will always find
We will always seek


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