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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Vote Of Confidence. Part 1.

1. The 4th estate generally refers to the press. It plays the role of advocating a certain opinion or moderating it.

2. The 5th estate is what I consider groupings with outlier viewpoints. These include networked individuals enabled by the internet, bloggers, public intellectuals, writers and the like who try to influence opinions and policies. It also includes non-mainstream social media groups and journalists.

3. Whatever estates you belonged to, you advocate a certain opinion or policy. You either agree or disagree.

4. I put it simply, whether you are a rightist or leftist. It's up to you to so classify it, and probably you are not wrong. You are entitled to your own opinion.

5. As for me, I am contented with my opinion or opinions. They are enough for me unless out argued rationally and intelligently. Or proven wrong by the facts.

6. The most important question to me is on which side do you stand? On the side of the oppressors or on the side of the oppressed? Black or white? No shades of gray for me. For some, it's 50 Shades Of Gray after the provocative sexual book.

7. Now that the issue of where one stands is out of the way, I now turn to a burning issue of the times.

8. The issue is whether a vote of confidence against the PM is to be taken or not.

9. The controversy arose because a celebrated professor did a volte-face.

10. Initially, she said it must be taken. But 3 days later she said it need not be taken. But my analysis on her about face shall be in the next part, plus other issues.


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