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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Part 2. Can the king sack Mahiadin?

1. Can the Agong sack the PM? It depends on on whether the agong wants to and bold enough to.

2. If the King does sack Mahiadin, we are not going to court, are we? We can't if we want to.
The king can do no wrong.

3. Of course, the king is controlled by our constitution. The above argument is to illustrate that Malaysians looked up to the King to clear the current impasse.

4. Therefore, we look at the constitution to clear the bloody jam. That requires more of the construction process of the provisions in the constitution. Rather than mere mechanical interpretation.

5. True, the constitution has no article or subsection that provided for the sacking of the PM by the head of state.

6. It only provided for the appointment of a PM. Meaning, the King has the ability to create a not being entity 'A' to a being entity 'B'. From A to B.

7. If the King has the ability to create 'B' from 'A' then he must be able to do the reverse. Create A from B. He can sack the PM.

8. It's unconscionable for us to put up semantical hurdles on the King's ability to sack the PM.

9. Perhaps this was what Lord Reid had in mind, when he drafted the article that the King can sack the PM when the latter can no longer command majority support from MPs.

10. Unfortunately, the drafted article was not inserted into the Constitution. To me, it remained a persuasive legal opinion which has relevance presently!

11. There were instances where a PM and a chief minister were asked to quit. These instances became legal precedents on which judgments and judicial decisions are made.

12. The Australian PM was sacked by the Governor General. The Perak Chief Minister in Malaysia was sacked by the late HRH Sultan Azlan Shah.

13. Hence, the sacking of the chief executive is both justiciable and justifiable.

14. Can the paucity of cases be used as a general rule? The paucity is because a sacking of a PM is not done lightly. It's not like buying fish in the market. It's never a joyful frolic in the countryside.

15. There must be extremely damaging reasons for the sacking. In the case of Puff Abah, there are many.

16. Lord Reid gave 2 reasons:- a) not having the support from majority of MPs and b) refusing to leave. Both reasons stuck out like sore thumbs on Puff Abah.

17. The fact that Puff Abah is not willing to test his majority in parliament, suggests that he does NOT in fact have the numbers.
That, despite the 'Voodoo' arithmetic of Mr 'Bojangles' Shahidan, 'mad dog' Nazri and Ismail.

18. Like the petulant child, Wak Din refuses to vacate the PMs seat. The refusal, produces a raging urge in the discipline teacher to whack the living daylights from the Pagoh Neanderthal.

19. And like Nero the mad emperor before him, Puff Abah plays the fiddle, while the country burns. The people ashed to the ground.

20. We now know, on fallacious grounds he managed to dupe the King, to declare a fake Emergency.

21. Under the emergency, despite the lockdowns and repeated restricted movement controls, the Covid cases rose. People are dying from the Covid pandemic and suicides. We have our own Gulag.

22. And the man responsible for our 'imprisonment', is il Duce Ismail Sabri, from umno . Of course, what he did, was supported by 'Führer' Puff Abah.

23. Note too, another umno guy, Kaiser Khairy is in charge of the lacklustre vaccination program. Right from the start it's a series of blunder and bungling.

24. With a, war chest of over RM5 billion, we don't know the budget is managed. The blasted mysejahtera application costs RM7 million. Some vaccines were donated by donor countries. Kaiser kJ allowed pharmaniaga to retail the sinovac vaccine, increasing the probability of contamination.

25. Perhaps because the rot is in the head as it is insidious, we have cases of vaccines being sold, people injected with empty vials frontliners getting infected and vac centres being swarmed.

26. It seems that imbecility is infectious. Puff Abah is the carrier- in- chief.

27. The notable aspect of the vaccination programme seems to be the song:-

Saya cucuk, awak cucuk, kita cucuk
Haziq cucuk, Rawther kata kena cucuk,

29. The whimsical proroguing of parliament has threatened and will threaten democracy in our country. It may be a joke to Wak Din, but we are not amused.

30. It endangers and threatens our democracy because the new normal is absolute despotism and dictatorship.

31. For that reason, Puff Abah uses any means necessary, to postpone the sitting of parliament.

32. That enables him to govern without being answerable to parliament. More damaging, his stooges can spend money as they wished.

33. The emasculation of parliament is no small matter and not to be taken lightly.

34. Parliament is the custodian of our democratic way of life. It debates government policies, holds it accountable, provides checks and balances and ensures spending is done responsibly. An emasculated government weakens all these.

35. An enlarged and uncontrolled government is an enlarged tyranny.

36. It's the unleashing of the 666 beast, just as Mamu Mahathir's resignation unleashed Wak Din.

37. That is why I say Puff Abahs proroguing of our parliament has threatened and will endanger our country.

38. To realise his devilish aims, Wak Din has 2 lapdogs to do his biddings. The Speaker and the invertebrate AG.

39. Mahiadin is an untrustworthy fellow, sly, shyster, Shylock kind of person. He lies to the rakyat, to parliament and to the King. But untrustworthy is more than just lying.

40. Untrustworthy means his whole being is an embodiment of a natural-born liar. There not an ounce of flesh that says you can trust him.

41. If it's occasionally lying, that's bad enough, and politicians lie all the time. But Din sembab is a 7-eleven lying machine. If he's talking, he must lie.

42. That disqualifies him as a person you can honestly deal. If he can lie to the King, what chances do the rakyat have?

43. What disturbs me most is his insistence that the King can only act on his and the cabinets' advice. It's treating the royal institution as non-existent. Is this a harbinger to the abolition of the monarcy? What's there to stop them?

44. Look at what's happening to our economy. It's imploding, caused by an incompetent and failed government helmed by Mein Führer, Puff Abah.

45. The income, reflected by our GDP, is now below that of Vietnam. There's high unemployment. People are losing jobs or cant find any. To me, that's a ripe recipe of stagflation. Investors are running away. They have no confidence in Puff Abah. Ours is long gone. The value of our currency is that belonging to a Banana Republic.

46. Perhaps the greatest reason and disapprobation that can justify the sacking of Mahiadin, is the universal suffering and haplessness of the rakyat. People are suffering. They have to beg for food. They want the sacking NOW!

47. But as usual, the celestial dictatorship tendencies of some mullahs forbid the flying of the white flag. While the government frowned upon the flying of the black flag.

48. It's a coincidence that the state, from which the King comes from, has a flag incorporating both colours. Shall we burn it?

49. The sacking of a PM is both justifiable and justiciable. We have had cases and precedents. We have given our reasons to justify the sacking.

50. So in my opinion it's both necessary and possible for the King to sack Wak Din.


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