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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Don Mahi Makes An Offer Nobody Can Refuse.

1. Let's not underestimate Puff Abah. He will do anything to stay in power.

2. It's comforting to hear Mamu Anwar saying it's impossible for mahiadin to have a majority. The late AR Tompel was also fond of saying Impossible!

3. It pays not to underestimate the Javanese from Pagoh. Wasn't the 'impore-ssible' man the one who ousted the perennially make the wrong choice, 95-year-old man?

4. So guard your own house. Puff Abah knows there are many yahoo boys in the opposition.

5. He also knows there are many umno fellows with weak knees. He can buy them off or make legal problems go away.

6. The first to blink is the kleptocrat and former embezzler in chief 'baby face' Najib Amirul mukminin.

7. Sure, the response came as a result of the snide remarks Mahi made against the court cluster in umno, during his perutusan khas.

8. Not only does Mahi believed the umno court cluster was behind umnos 'unsupport' for PN, it is also umnos Achilles heel.

9. Maybe Najib thinks he can win his case, being defended by a hot shot lawyer. But the rest, who are suspiciously quiet, are thinking spending time at home is better than spending time at Bamboo River Resort or the Kajang Hilton. Maybe they can get some shopping money.

10. Hence, the snide remark was actually a hint saying the bookie is now open for bets. Mahi could easily pay off the not so shiny umno luminaries. I think their eyes will pop out of their sockets hearing RM20m. For those facing court cases, maybe RM10m plus their legal problems will go away miraculously.

11. And don't think the froggies are from umno only. MPs from PKR, Sabah and Sarawak are in the loop too. The pas mullahs are however missing the gravy train this time.

12. Come on! Why do you think Mahi wants to be tested in September? Bringing cash money and comfort girls take time, man.

13. So don't do an AR Tompel saying, 'impore- sibble'! The fact you are saying it means you are thinking maybe this chap has got something up in his sleeves.

14. What I find disturbing somewhat is the Stockholm syndrome admiration for Wak Mahi in some people. Wak Mahi's fighting spirit becomes attractive somewhat. Maybe an alluring sexual trait. I don't know.

15. Wak Mahi's stance is just brinkmanship and a confidence Don Mahi can make an offer nobody can refuse.


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