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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 27 March 2022

Bailism is najibnomics's.answer. Part 1/2

1. The government shouldn't use taxpayers money to bail out ailing companies. Whether it's air asia, mas, brahims, barakah. Certainly not sapura.

2. Asia x, scomi, barakah offshore, konsortium transnational, china automobile parts, whatever.

3. The issue of bailing out inefficiently run companies, came to the fore recently when bossku the felon, came out with the imbecilic idea of saving sapura.

4. Even I hitherto had subscribed to the erroneous idea of using taxpayers money to bail out sick companies. MAS, for example because of national pride.

5. But when bossku recently mooted the idea of using taxpayers money to bail out sapura, i had a sudden epiphany. Why should we be using taxpayers money to save sick companies like sapura?

6. Those who don't pay taxes and the crooks who evaded paying taxes, ought to shut the fuck up. We don't need your unsolicited hare brained ideas.

7. It's simply good money rescuing bad money. Enough of these financial shenanigans.

8. No sir, we are not missing the big picture. We simply do not wish to be fools, parting with our money. If the government uses its power to do. What we oppose, it's a bloody fool!

9. Our economic system is a profit and loss system. It's wrongly often described as only a profit system.

10. The loss part is just as important as the profit part. Its what that rids us of the laggards. It's the economics version of the natural selection process of weeding out the sick. Sapura is now the sick calf.

11. It's bad economics in the management of scarce resources. That's economics 101. Najib and his cyber yahoo boys are inviting us to be profligate bad boys using taxpayers money. That's an invitation we are going to, politely refuse. Thank you.

12. Once again, i say the loss part is even more important than the profit part. It's what that get rids of poorly managed and badly operated companies.

13. Why should we pay for sapura? We are asked not to pay for the services of sapura but to pay for the mistakes of sapura. Sapura privatises the profits, but want to socialise its costly mistakes? Where can la?

14. Furthermore, when the idea of saving sapura came from thieving and lying bossku i would be extra cautious.

15. Something is suspicious when a convicted felon becomes the spokesman for sapura. Is sapura a company of buccaneers? Sapura may have buttered the bread for the soon to be vip Bamboo River Hilton resident.

16. Didn't he say during an interview that the usd23 million rings to the missus was a gift from an uae sheikh? He lied.

17. To add insult to injury, auntie rosie said the ring was bought using savings she started when she was a child, or maybe a glint in the milkman's eyes.

18. Years ago I spun a quatrain/pantun adapted from Hashim Gera which I learnt while doing a ceramah in perak.


One two three four
Satu dua tiga empat
Rosmah mansor cincin besor
Rakyat jelata hidup merempat.

20. The point is, najib the liar, is the wrong choice for a spokesman. Both of them told different lies. Najib is about to lie about sapura.


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