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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Justice Antara Dua Darjat.

1. What iff the person who stole from the mosque tiller were to ask for a queen's counsel?

2. Following precedence and court procedural rules, the judge must accede to the accused's request.

3. The judge can always seek refuge and feel comforted by these procedural constructs. Hence, we can justifiably say, procedural constructs are the refuge of scoundrel and timid judges.

4. The behaviour of spineless judges can be seen in their treatment of the accused from different social classes. For judges are, essentially, bourgeois. They will always look out for their brethren.

5. When it comes to the poor, powerless, the voiceless lumpenproletariat- judges are quick to form firm opinions as to their guilt and cant wait to banish them out of sight.

6. But when it comes to the rich and powerful, the judges suddenly cower and lose their ability to form firm legal opinions and hide behind preposterous procedural constructs. Which disappear when it comes to the man on the srijaya bus.

7. Which makes me want to paraphrase Charles Dickens. It is the best of times, it's the worst of times. It is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity. It's the age of hope, it's the age of despair. We are all going to heaven, and we are all going the other way.

8. The times are very much like the present. It's the unfolding of P. Ramlee's 'antara dua darjat'.

9. Consider the case of the notorious felon, a certain Najib 'red lips'. He's given all sorts of legal dispensation, the latest being the luxury of soliciting the help of a shyster queen's counsel.

10. So, with tongue in cheek, I am asking why wasn't the thief who stole from the mosque donation box accorded the same highfalutin luxury?

11. It would be interesting to find out how will the qc argue the case of the mosque thief.

12. Clearly, in the case of the mosque thief, it's justice rushed is justice crushed. In the case of src and 1mdb, it's justice delayed is justice denied!

13. The administration of our justice seems to rest with the conscience of our judges. That is a rare commodity indeed nowadays.

14. Let this extremely precious thing, called justice, not vary with the shape of the justice's nose.

15. In the mosque thief case, the nose of the judge must be sharply pointed. In Najib's case, the noses of the justices must be like those of flat nosed Persian cats.

16. So, esteemed justices, don't think the administration of justice is only played out in the club, according to club rules. From sessions court to high court to appeal court to the federal court. No sirs, we are watching you.

17. An inconsequential fellow such as yours truly will be happy to provide a narrative to be considered by readers. To the hustings, Watson


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