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Friday 22 April 2016

The Business Executive and the Politician.

When I was working for an international oil company, we executives were the subject of jokes by the old timers and seasoned veterans. 
Said in Kedah slang, one joke would go like this.
These people- they come back from America, they think they are very cleva, smoke there smoke hiya, they spoil the atmosfiya
Now that I have entered politics, I really think business executives think they are so cleva. Too cleva sometimes. They think all politicians are dolts and dummkopfs.

After several repeat readings on the literature about 1MDB and the PAC Report, I feel we have only barely touched the surface of the issue. To unravel the serpentine machinations by those involved in 1MDB  require the minds of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi combined. Fortunately we have many talented and agile minds.
Many things were not told or concealed from us. In this article, I am electing to use some profanities. Those who are prudish are encouraged not to read.I apologise beforehand.

The business executives who are appointed to office by political masters don’t give a fuck about politicians. These high-nosed executives think politicians are bungling oafs interested only in positions, wealth, titles and women.

Perhaps business executives appointed to high office( there are many in celcom, axiata, khazanah, glcs) must have been accustomed only in dealing with the passable cikgu types, the ex kemas inspectors, vernacular school ustazs and the like. These are chosen by UMNO.

So when Shahrol Azral, a product of a prestigious American university was instructed to stop taking up the IMTN by the bungling politicians, he simply ignored them. He went ahead in appointing Ambank as the lead manager. Ambank of course was paid RM11 million.

He couldn’t care two hoots or a rat’s ass about what the owners of TIA were unhappy about. He was its CEO and also one of the 3 directors. He, a Terengganu Princess and CEO of Tabung Haji Ismee Ismail. Three of them were the early directors of TIA.

He went ahead despite being told by the owners of TIA to hold on. He merely told people the train has left or it had to go on because it was a bought deal basis- whatever that means. To me, it meant, the TIA owners were fucking late but more so, Shahrol Azral didn't fucking care.

Because of this insolence, he was removed as director. The Terengganu princess resigned from the board. So on the crucial date of 27th may 2009, the only remaining board member of TIA was Ismee Ismail. But Ismee together with Shahrol signed a resolution authorising and permitting shahrol to go ahead with taking up the IMTN. On the same day, Ismee Ismail reappointed Shahrol as director of TIA.

Obviously Ismee also doesn’t give a fuck about the political masters of TIA. The gravy train has left the station.

At this point, readers may ask under what authority did Ismee Ismail reappoint Shahrol? He wasn’t the owner of TIA. I would have thought the owners of the business have the authority to appoint board members.Shahrol was already removed as director yet he signed. This is the man who was asked to run 1MDB.

The man who reappointed him, was running Tabung Haji then and still is. He sure as hell doesn't fucking care about its chairman who is a politician and a serving MP.

How did Shahrol explain his brazenness to go ahead with the IMTN? He said he only answers to the shareholders of TIA. His action was in accordance to article 117 of the MnA of TIA. Who were the shareholders and owners of TIA?  The MB, Sultan?

Next comes the more telling part. Asked why the IMTN must be hurried, Shahrol says the urgency was at the behest of special advisors to the TIA. They needed the money to develop Pulau Bidong.

Who were the special advisors? I thought because it was under the patronage of HRH Sultan Terengganu, it ought to be his Majesty. It turned out, the two special advisors to TIA were Dato Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Akher and Low Taek JHo.

Abdul Aziz may have ceased functioning after MOF took over TIA in July 2009, but Jho Low continued to play an active part in wheelin’, profilin’ and stylin with the money he was to get from 1MDB.
By September 2009, TIA morphed into 1MDB. It has become 1 Malaysia Dalam Bencana.


Anonymous,  22 April 2016 at 10:43  

What do you call the Wharton-trained advisor to Trengganu Investment Authority who possibly loves keropok lekor and definitely loves to cook up sovereign wealth funds?
A: A fatty Chinese lup-cheong err... smoked sausage.

Anonymous,  22 April 2016 at 15:48  

re: "Now that I have entered politics, I really think business executives think they are so cleva. Too cleva sometimes. They think all politicians are dolts and dummkopfs."

Don't know about all politicians sir, but it's hard to disqualify one mappadulung and his macais as dolt dumkopfs!!! We are all dumbing down to their exacting standards...

Anonymous,  22 April 2016 at 16:09  

Dato: There's mess,in FGVT now..The Ceo,Dato Wira,is caught,in his hay wired palm oil trading,losing to the tune of at least Usd$50million...He is putting blame on the Managers/Traders..intermediaries..!...He is Not fully aware of his team's trading,even until now..!!!..He is transfering Managers out to make them scapegoats...Fgvt coming results,spells Disaster..!!!

DOSABELL,  22 April 2016 at 18:02  


It is not a secret that Ismee Ismail is Najib’s No 1 arse licker. That explained how he ended up in 1MDB (Director), Felda Global Venture (2012-2015) and of course, CEO of Tabung Haji since 2006. This is a guy that will proudly say “YES BOSS” to any Najib’s request. That famous 90s’ song by Bryan Adam “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” pretty much described Ismee’s “special” relationship with our 2.6 billion ringgit PM.

Being a human being, Ismee has big ambition too. Considering his other MRSM Seremban Alumni (Abdul Wahid Omar, Azman Yahya, Izzadin Idris, Shazalli Ramly) are doing very well, Ismee has to be better than the rest.

Instead of waiting for his contract in Tabung Haji to end in Dec 2017, the greedy Ismee thinks he deserved to head other high profile GLC now. On top of his lists are PNB, PETRONAS or even Bank Negara.

So Ismee went to see Najib 2 weeks ago, accompanied by Minister, Jamir Khir. Too proud to ask Najib his wish list, Ismee chosed to play “tarik-tali” instead. Ismee told Najib that he is planning to leave Tabung Haji by end of June 2016, hoping that Najib will counter offer. And guess what’s Najib response? With too much shits already on his plate (1MDB, Sarawak Election, BNM’s new governor, etc), without looking at Ismee’s gay face, Najib said ”In view of the current trying time, I wish you all the best!”. The meeting that was supposed to discuss the future of Ismee Ismail lasted less than 5 minutes! If 30 April 2016 will be Zeti’s last day in Bank Negara, 30 June 2016 will be Ismee’s last day in Tabung Haji. I am looking forward to come to Ismee’s farewell DOA KESYUKURAN!


Anonymous,  22 April 2016 at 19:38  

Dato' I fully understand your anger (using vulgar words) with this fuckin 1MDB ripoff.

We the Rakyat are more than ready to urinate and drown those shit holes. It is our blood, sweat and tears (torture by boss) fuckin money that are stolen for their fuckin enjoyment.

I have this message on my HP morning alarm: "Urinate on ... face"

Anonymous,  22 April 2016 at 21:31  

I'd rather call them d fuc**** power broker.

walla 23 April 2016 at 22:29  

One wonders how he is going to operate from now on.

He can't be FM because of the financial scandals. And he can't be PM because locally no one really believes him including the minions who depend on him for money they did not earn.

And internationally, he is history. How is he going to speecify reforms, transformations, blue oceans, visi dua puluh berturut and so on in the international arena? Even golf with what handicap? Will he be able to still give a stirring speech that will burn the political platform and ignite the imagination of the masses? The only thing burnt to a cinder is the bridge between him and the peoples.

Short of dumbing and dumping this country's reputation and brand down the gutters, he has only succeeded in the pariahfication of this nation.

I am game to join you in some male expostulations but i suddenly remember dear Walla is too genteel a lady, and old vagabonds like me shouldn't distress young maidens like her too much.

Especially in these gray days of madcap explanations by political leaders of and for the dacing and some ulamaks who when they open their mouths immediately set new standards for stupidity if not insanity.

By way of comfort, can i offer you a teh tareq instead?

Anonymous,  23 April 2016 at 23:24  

One, IPIC’s statements this April tell, in bottom line language: ‘we hold Najib ultimately responsible to give us back our money (US$1 billion) and we hold 1MDB complicit in lying to us, and in lying in their accounts about a payment that never arrived‘. After receiving the 1MDB money, Aabar BVI was wound up in June 2015. Yet this evidence means nothing to Apandi. You don’t think this strange, Lina?

Two, the US$1 bn owed to IPIC is just 14% of US$7.04 billion (MYR28 bn) the PAC has documented to be unaccounted for, a disappearance that started in Sept 2009 with US$1.03 billion and then continued until 2014.

That is, for five years, evidences piled up to show not only a pattern in which money was siphoned out of 1MDB but they also pointed to fraud on an international scale.

If a bunch of politicians closeted in a parliament room with little time, limited resources and limited access to documentary evidences can come close to such a conclusion how could the expert AG lawyers and Apandi himself see nothing?

Anonymous,  24 April 2016 at 10:40  

Jika nak turunkan dia, kena organik.
Use Pekan or Kuanta or Pahang as the Arab Spring.
Fokus Kat Sana.
Hantr Tun M , Abg Din n others kesana utk but ceramah

Anonymous,  24 April 2016 at 14:38  

On Monday the US$50 million interest becomes due on 1MDB bond.

It may or may not be paid, but one thing is very clear:

The UAE is not going to kabber-ap the theft of US$3.5 billion any more. They want justice done.

Now the forensic logic becomes deadly:

a) Did Khadem al-Qubaisi and Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny set up "Aabar Tiruan", or did they merely profit from the theft?

b) Who set up "Aabar Tiruan", and why?

c) Who else profited from the theft?

d) Is there a link between "Aabar Tiruan" and Tanore Finance?

e) Did money flow from "Aabar Tiruan" to Tanore Finance, and then did "681 American pies" arrive in Malaysia from that same flow of money?

So there is now very little left to solve. Just a few loose ends to tie up.

I wonder how well Najib is sleeping these days.

Donplaypuks® 24 April 2016 at 15:40  

I share your sense of outrage at how we have been cheated by Najib and his administration and government of thieves.

I thought I'd never see the day when you would resort to profanity and vulgar language at your own blog. I don't know who said it first, but once in a while there is nothing better than the 'F' word to express the depth of our true feelings!

So, in like fashion I'll tell you what I think would be fitting punishment for Najib and his gang of looters at 1MDB - publicly cutting their bollocks off!

And, I gravely doubt that 1MDB Chairman Lodin, and others like Serigar Abdullah, Nor Yakcop Robocop and Sidek Hassan did not really know what was happening; these people have for far too long been hanging on to Najib's coat-tails to be innocent. They knew the game and profited handsomely from it for sure!

Anonymous,  24 April 2016 at 15:58  

In other countries these shameless thieves of public funds would have been shot.

Malaysian Cybertrooper,  26 April 2016 at 07:43  

True... But any death penalty impose on these morons would be a blessing to them. A quick way out.
These idiots should be kept alive long enough so that future leaders would remember what would happen to them if they try to pull the same stunt again.

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