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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Who are you with? The Oppressor or the Oppressed?

Tunku Aziz’s crusade against PR in particular the DAP has received wide publicity in the mainstream media. He is docking at every jetty available even ones that are hastily constructed. Most of them in fact are- constructed by UMNO and its sycophantic and servile press. Tunku Aziz is only useful as long as he continues to pour invectives against DAP and PR. Minus all that- he will not even be considered to become an UMNO member at cawangan level. Moreover and more importantly, Tunku Aziz, true to his nature, will consider an offer to become a ketua cawangan, an insult to a man of his stature.
And that was the reason actually that started Tunku Aziz on his current crusade. The man with an inflated sense of importance felt insulted that a 29 year old person conveyed instructions from the party secretary general.
What are we to do with Tunku Aziz’s tantrums? We must not take Tunku Aziz seriously over his crusade to demonize Pakatan Rakyat.  It stems from his injured sense of overrated self-importance. Here is a representative of the old world feudal order trying his best to recapture the master-servant social setting. The feudal lord from a world already lost, demands respect where respect must be earned and gets offended when a 29 year old simply did as he was instructed in a matter-of-factly manner.
He can’t survive in a political setting that eschews status-linked inference of leadership simply because; the modern progressive world does not recognize such inference. In a progressive society which Tunku Aziz and the lords of UMNO do not understand, people are evaluated in terms of what they can do rather than in terms of who they are.
This is what UMNO and Tunku Aziz are not capable of understanding. The world does not revolve around UMNO or around people like Tunku Aziz. DAP does not in relation to him. He failed to adapt to the culture in DAP which is essentially egalitarian. Tunku Aziz would have been more at home, is a caste-system like setting like UMNO.
In such a world( ie a world disliked by UMNO and Tunku Aziz), any person or group is capable and able to compete for any role. Hence DAP, PAS and PKR in unity can compete to offer better rule to the people. Any person can compete and offer himself to become the elected PM of Malaysia. The reality is, if Najib can become PM, anyone can too.
The world that Tunku Aziz wills and demands is a world where only people with particular surnames and specific groups such as UMNO are fit to rule and govern.
That world is replaced by a newer world that accepts the principle which sociologists refer to as universalism. It an ideal worth supporting that says that anyone ought to be able to compete for any job instead of being restricted to do a specific job as in a caste system. Which is what UMNO wants to instill. UMNO and people like Tunku Aziz have a monopoly over the job of ruling this country. Others are only capable of being minions and servants to Tunku Aziz and UMNO.  And to preserve that monopoly, UMNO is willing to say that God is an UMNO member!
People who oppose a system that pre-arranges our roles in society therefore oppose UMNO and people like Tunku Aziz. Democratic peoples are for a world that holds the universal truth that it’s not a Tunku, or people with specific family names- the bin Mahathirs, bin Razaks, bin Onns, bin Najibs who are the only people who can govern and rule the country. Anyone can. Any party other than UMNO can.  
Haji Hadi, Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu or even a Karpal Singh. The fact that some of these names are treated with vehement objections does not remove the idea that anyone else other than the persons endorsed by Tunku Aziz or UMNO is all capable of governing Malaysia.
It follows then, the exit of people liked by Tunku Aziz from the seat of government, or the ejection of UMNO from Putrajaya, do not end our world. It ends only the world that Tunku Aziz and UMNO people know of.
Good leadership does not spring from inherited status.


bruno,  4 December 2012 at 09:56  

Dato,Tunku Aziz once a very well respected man has now gone on the road of shame,being an Umno political parrot and crony.A man of his stature suddenly dropping to been a low level foot soldier operative.

He should have gone home and look after the grandkids after his exit from DAP.Now he has shown his true colours.That he can flip like a coin.Or in politics they say sleep with any Tom,Dick and Harry.That is the reason he is acting like a lady scorned.

Badmouthing the DAP will not help him gain any reconigtion.He will be laughed at by the rakyat of his behaviour.From gaining a reputation of being a corruption fighter to now supporting the corrupted.Go figure.

bruno,  4 December 2012 at 10:18  

It is also a blessing in disguise that Tunku Aziz shown his true colors and quit the DAP.Or else if PR were to wrest control of Putrajaya,he will be selected again as a senator and also might be appointed as a minister.

Now if PR is the next federal gomen Tunku Aziz will have no positions,and he will be regretting for being ungrateful to a party that has treated him so well.

If Tunku Aziz has stayed in touch with reality,and had seen the large crowd turning up for the PR ceramah in Johore,maybe he would have kept his mouth shut lately.

I have always have high regards for Tunku Aziz,but he sure dissapointed many Malaysians and myself alike.

OneMalaysian,  4 December 2012 at 10:39  

Dear Sakmongkol

“What are we to do with Tunku Aziz’s tantrums?”

Just leave him to play in his sandbox. People will soon forget about this non-person. We have bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 10:40  

Tunku Aziz has to step away from the high and mighty pedestal that he has built himself. Just as greatness is thrust on many bin Razaks and Bib Mahathirs, Tunku had that thrust on him by his advocacy against corruption.. As the once President of Transparency International (Am I right?) he did command a lot of respect for his fight against corruption and what else. Sadly, now he has joined the devils. What happened to his ideals, his principles? Thrown away just like yesterday's underwear?
He is NOT worth listening to now.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 10:59  

You have written so true about this scumbag .....We should'nt pity this lord as we should be thankful to GOD he is not really in government.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 11:03  

That is always the problem with the so called elite. Just because they are born to the upper echlons they expect to be serve like lords.

KL Sam,  4 December 2012 at 11:04  

Bravo! Well said!

Ok, now try explaining what you have written to a wider audience and you will find many doubters. The trouble is, the number people who are imprisoned in the "BN-rules" mindset are still quite large in numbers. Consider the previous GE12, if we minus the percentage of "cheating votes" you still end up with a 50% for BN-rule situation.

And BN-UMNO have not been idle since GE12. Aside from the usual 1Malaysia this and that, their grass roots leaders have been working the ground. Even the Special Branch have been put to work to "feel out" the situation, almost full time. (It has been a practice to use the SB in the past but usually only when the GE is around the corner. Now its almost a full time thing.)

So, while we may syiok-sendiri about the perceived improving chances to win the GE13, I wouldn't pop the Champagne just yet.

And by the way, what the hell are the PR leaders doing, hobnobbing with tycoons?

Whats so great about flying in a private jet? If you fly business class MAS, its better than a cramped private jet. Maybe you can have a mile high orgy in a private jet, but thats all.

If PR needs money, go to the people, why be obligated to the rapacious greedy tycoons? The last thing we need is a PR government who lives on support from crony tycoons. If that happens, wtf is the difference between PR and BN?

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 11:40  

TUNKU AZIZ-- once a crusader against corruption as TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL CHIEF-- suddenly lost all memories on corruption.. PRIDE comes before a fall.. a spiteful man taking shots at all -- where is humility-- YOU joined n left DAP on your own accord- open eyes-- why

BC Tan,  4 December 2012 at 11:54  

Isn't it strange this thing called ego? How it tears a lifetime's effort that one spent to build.

In his glory days, Tunku Aziz virtually built his name on the platform of fighting corruption. Sadly, he is now shouting from the roof of those who are known to corrupt everything taking potshots at those whom he thought had scorned him.

He is castigating the very people whom he had or ought to have championed. These are the people who are aiming to wipe out the very curse that he had 'allegedly spent' his whole life to stamp out.

Alas, the champion Tunku is now no more but a lost sychophant.

What a disgrace to fall this way. Why? All because his ego got pricked. What a prick!

And deservedly he ought to be called so.

Here I find it appropriate to borrow Shakespeare's famous words: Hell hath no fury like a little royal scorned.

Because he has let himself to be consumed by pure hatred, the venom that builds up within his little black heart has made it impossible for him to see which is gold and which is turd!

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 11:55  

Definitely not with you.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 12:10  

I never understand why he joined DAP in the first place. Someone like him expect people to carry him around in a sedan chair by barefoot coolies while he's being fanned by beautiful young ladies surely knows that in DAP he wouldn't get that sort of treatment. Only in Umno as you said because of their warlord culture where ass kissing is the norm. The worst thing about him is his vengeful and childish attitude. For a man many thought was a dignified gentleman, it surely comes as a great disappointment. I say let Umno have him as their attack dog.

Tiger 4 December 2012 at 13:22  

I used to respect him very much especially with his columns in NST.
Was surprised when he joined DAP, and thought he knew what he was doing.
Now with this anti-PR tirade, he has lost all credibility.
Where is the gentleman we used to know?
Or has the character been disintegrated by the promises of BN?

Mr Bojangles 4 December 2012 at 13:34  

There is only one Tunku I have deep and abiding respect for.

Unfortunately he died a sad man, scorned by people who know only greed, treachery, hypocrisy and disloyalty to the nation and her people.
The rest a just freeloaders.

monsterball 4 December 2012 at 14:03  

His is a nobody thinking he is somebody.
What has he done for the country and people??? NOTING!!
Tunku Aziz can never be a politician.
He is simply too selfish and self centered man.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 14:21  

"who are you with? The oppressor or the oppressed?" I think that title summarizes the binary-gripped mentality of the Opposition [supporters]. It is always, BN or PR, Black or White, Evil or Good, etc.

I am disappointed in you Dato Sak, that you seemed to have lost your 'independent' streak in assessing the political situation.

Mind you I am not defending Tunku Abdul Aziz, and admittedly, I am an opposition sympathiser that will most likely swing that way (at least at a state level).

But I am not blind to the fact that PKR-DAP-PAS may yet claimed themselves as a world class opposition; and Anwar's maneuverings in Sabah and Sarawak speak mountains of the type of PM we will expect to see. But these issues, you keep an unelegant silence over.

Yes, indeed you have made convincing arguments for Voting agaisnt UMNO/BN and throwing them to the bin. But a vote agaisnt BN, does not mean a vote for PR (why not independents?).
I have yet to see any constructive arguments for voting to PR at a federal level, particularly when Anwar (and NOT Khalid Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Nizar Jamaludin, Aspan Alias, etc.) will be helming the government.

I wonder if even this comment will be posted up.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 14:56  

Maybe it is time for our dear Tunku Aziz to take a long breath, calm himself down and reflect on the things that happened for the past months. It will be better if he can spare some time to read ALL his articles from the time he was still with TI to the time he decided to quit DAP. Please tell my dear Sir, did you not write all those articles? Did you too not believe in all that you wrote? Did anyone put a gun on your head to force you to write all those articles? And did YB Lim KS dan YB Karpal did the same too? Unless you can explain clearly or better convincingly why did BN suddenly become so perfect for you and the nation, my humble opinion is less talk will be better for you. What you don't seem to realize- YOU LACK CREDIBILITY!

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 15:03  

If Tunku Aziz behaves just like Ezam, Zulkifli Nordin, Zahrain, or Nallakarupan what would you call him?

A scum, of course. Well I described him as scum in Din Merican's blog and the blog host deleted my comment for calling him 'scum' and thus I stopped visiting Din blog.
If Din can delete a comment because of one word, what then is DIN worth as a commentator on Malaysian politics?
If Aziz is not a scum then who is? This old bloke is a despicable soul.
Sam 01

Paradigmshift,  4 December 2012 at 15:14  

Dear Dato SAK,
Once a 'RAJA' always a 'RAJA', except RAJA PETRA.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 15:36  

Perhaps Tunku Aziz has come to realize that UMNO is indeed a party chosen by God.
Even Indian turned Malays are claiming that they are now God chosen people.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 15:58  


I guess it's just plain and simple that feudalism is long dead and gone but then again there are still people who harp on singing the same old song. When they awake, the whole world will come crashing on.


Nordin 4 December 2012 at 16:33  

Bravo Dato',

You hit right on the head. His credentials might be overwhelming, but the truth is he failed the acid-test.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 16:43  

what Tunku has done lately is totally disgraceful

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 17:44  

Salam Dato,

Sejak dari mula penyertaan Tunku Aziz dalam DAP perasaan curiga tetap ada. Begitu juga beberapa kerat yang ada nama menyertai PAS dan PKR.

Musang berbulu ayam atau Trojan horse ada dimana-mana.

Pada saya lagi tebal serban yang dipakai diatas nama Islam atau betapa tinggi pangkat dan jawatan atau gelaran tidak akan mempengaruhi saya. Yang penting bukan keturunan atau pangkat tapi apa yang boleh mereka cakap serupa bikin.

Mohd Zuki

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 17:59  

You guys here talking about him as if you have done something great to the nation. Remember, right to association is always well protected by the highest law of the land, i.e. Federal Constitution. Don't be too stupid denying this fact. And Dato', please don't write on this anymore. Dah basi lah!

walla 4 December 2012 at 20:21  

Tunku Aziz is treading the same path as Ezam Md Noor. Instead of rattling without substance against DAP, he should instead walk his talk in his new backyard.

For instance, he can talk about those three gold bars and other valuables worth rm100,000 stolen from the house of the Umno Youth leader of Permatang Pauh against the backdrop of the general retrieving his rm300,000 cash after a landslide in Ampang, for that matter how rm40 million can be considered chicken-feet - and then put those hundreds of examples into some context that constructs a framework to clarify how this country has been governed all this while by Umno. For that matter, explain why on earth would people want to keep so much valuables at home unless it's to evade record of wealth they cannot explain.

In short, he could have been more than an Ezam, for that matter a Raja Nadzrin, Tengku Razaleigh, Chandran Muzaffar, even Hasan Ali. Instead, he has chosen to join the Datuk T/Ibrahim Ali circus and clowned, not crowned, his own reputation...all for some misplaced emotion. Like the black mamba who still continues to act out his political macbeth , hardly statesman-like. Don't blame the rakyat if they therefore lump all of them together under category H.

When someone reaches Aziz's age and stature zone, what with the privileged upbringing and circumstance, one's role should only be that of a senior mentor and luminary giving wisdom, setting standards and offering role model, not someone driven only to take offense at perceived personal slights. If a person at that stage in life still needs reassurances, adulation and acceptance, perhaps he's on the wrong planet.

After all, in the business of taking care of the rakyat and society, what's the point of playing up the ego? It serves no purpose except act to hinder real progress.

Isn't it true that all the members in the Opposition are actually ordinary citizens like you? In fact, for all the organizing around, everyone's a volunteer. Because a volunteer is someone with a cause, a belief, a vision, and a commitment to right the wrong's, to clean up the mess, to improve things today for the young of tomorrow.

The Opposition came up in one massive wave in 2008 because the rakyat volunteers had something in them which Barisan didn't. A national conscience.

That Umno and its kaki's are now in even deeper internal turmoil only overlaid by cosmetic sloganeering buttered by a spineless MSM is evidence of Barisan's permanent loss of that conscience. You would think with three gold bars in the possession of an Umno leader, crying tears before MSM camera's about the plight of our Malays is out of place.

Don't we now think so, too?

Real progress can only come with thoughts and actions hinged by good conscience. Allow me to say that is what all our youths want - a cleaner, fairer and bullshit-free future.

The fact we are still grappling with this simple matter of political conscience and clean leadership tells us how degraded is our situation architected by Umno. And we're already past half a century as a country.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 20:31  

All the while he is gomen operative..just like Mr Lee Lam Tyre and the rest.. the great prentenders.

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 20:39  

If Mahathir had realized at the height of his power that he had to promote people like you in UMNO instead of all the sycophants around him, today even DAP would be wiped out...

Donplaypuks® 4 December 2012 at 22:45  

Tunku Aziz is clearly a case of a wounded 'tiger" looking for salve and salvation from the money men (read as PM Najib) in BUMNO/BN.

He never realized that a senatorship carries no cache nowadays, given PM Najib had set the bar by elevating a self-confessed pimp to the Dewan. Why then was Tunku miffed that he was asked to step aside by the very party that gave him a life in the first place? Tenure for life for a gaji buta job?

They never know when to quit, do they?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  4 December 2012 at 22:47  

Firing tirades after tirades, TA has been quite relentless in his battle against his former party. But much of TA's venomous spitting have landed squarely back in his own face!
TA has fallen off his own high pedestal and has been riding on a borrowed UMNO's donkey saddle since, in futile chase after the thoroughbreds of Pakatan.

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 00:54  

Anon 4 Dec 2012 17:59

You must belong to one of the pack gobbling up half burnt grass at the NFC.

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 08:01  

Anon 5 December 00:54

Oi you are another Tokong ha..cannnot accept descent ha..

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 08:04  

Tunku Aziz to pakatan is like Dato Ariff to UMNO......bark bark bark woof woof.What say you Dato?

loveMyKris,  5 December 2012 at 08:30  

noticed the correction in your first sentence. hehe

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 08:42  

Anon 5Dec2012 00:54

Think this guy missed the half burnt grass all eaten up before he arrived, now mooing for a blade or two.

Pathetic, really pathetic.

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 08:57  

I suspect that Tunku Aziz is a victim of circumstances where he has not been up to date with the political will of nations.

Nevertheless he was a good man and I believe that he still is.

No doubt whatsoever, that older folk need to be treated with respect and dignity. However, a 'wrong' is still a 'wrong' and this is where Malaysians fail to call a 'spade' a 'spade'.

Look at Dr. Mahathir. Living example of this blind respect and following from his die-hard fans.

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 09:50  

While being a Senator, you guys ever heard TA raised any issue in the Senate?
I bet he was just taking his 'gaji buta' and thought it was his birth right to do so.
To me TA is just a sore loser who does not merit my attention.

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 13:15  

Walla what happened to the general's wife? Didn't hear at all about the rm300000, only the landslide.

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 17:39  

Read in the paper Iskandar Rising !
Are they not the same cronies, the proxies of umno - bn !!! To have easy huge credit without collateral! Immense wealth creating more uber wealth for their third and fourth generations by stealing business opportunities from the common rakyat.

A China Mall with 12.9 ha trade and exhibition center to cater 3,000 traders from China creating 3,000 jobs for locals. What kind of haprak proportion is that ? Haprak ! more like wiping out our own small & medium local Malaysian Chinese & Indian traders for good who no longer can compete locally. Now with these new China traders ? That is compromising our own rakyat by making China traders become multi- millionaires, and umno in Johore getting a big chunk of their new business deals before and after. Creating only 3 thousand jobs ? As office clerks ? It is an obvious lopsided deal.

Vote in PK ! Open up those business opportunities to our own new and competent Malaysian investors first to provide a far greater proportion of employment to our own multiracial rakyat from production line, delivery to marketing, to sales !! Also not treating Malaysia as a dumping ground to sell substandard products here, which many products do not really last beyond months as the products of high quality are exported to developed countries. China can afford to increase purchasing our goods. And if they are putting a limit, why ? What are not being done swiftly and furiously to improve things ?

Iskandar is a mega macroeconomics, all to the advantages of the same people. Having read the recent research papers by oxford on creation of new economics opportunities, it looks like they are gearing towards investors with massive capitals another round after the failures of the system ?
Investors from four big nations ! Outsourcing jobs from host countries to investors' nations. Wonder why there is massive employment ? Not local common citizens -centered.

Has anyone also read in our local paper that Najib will review law to assist those bankrupts ( guarantors - fine ) but will he not, in actual fact, empower umno -bn bankrupts to return and make another round of plundering like Perwaja Steel, etc. If they had failed, they had failed due to high incompetency, spending the loans on themselves and the rakyat having to pay for their losses !! Enough is enough of money laundering !! The matter of the crux is should they be allowed to return to reinvest ?

Aren't there a few thousands more new and competent Malaysian investors with new innonations, business acument with integrity and tenacity to work through business deals with high success and passion ( come with at least a few independent referencees / past successes of excellence and integrity ) to be empowered by our gomen and local municipalities AND banks to actively participate in microeconomics ( commodity and stock trading, farming, trading, skilled odd job labor, IT, tourism, etc ) hospitality
and services, intelligentsia consultancy can absorb
senior citizens with exceptional work experiences and expertise to train / retrain our new work force.

Microeconomics is not to be neglected, it has to be included simultaneously nationwide, and developement be shifted to the rural areas as well ! Vote PK, give more veto to PK this GE.

monsterball 5 December 2012 at 18:05  

Tunku Aziz has lost his bearings.
Old age catches up fast on him.

patrick,  5 December 2012 at 20:49  

The 'man with the inflated sense of importance' has sold his soul to the devil, alluded to by the doctor from the outhouse!

Anonymous,  5 December 2012 at 21:26  

Sisa2 feudal yg terkurung dlm twmbok batu.

Sumpitan Emas,  6 December 2012 at 16:08  

22Feb09: Underneath all the glint, gleam and glitter of aluminium...lies a sad tale of greed and corruption, involving the political and bureaucratic elites who govern and administer this.
....Some years ago Transparency International estimated conservatively many thought, that public infrastructure projects cost 30% more than they should.
1Mar09: ..We demanded from day one that the ACA be converted into independent commission along the lines of the highly professional Independent Commission against Corruption...
13Mar09: No one in living memory has ever had to drag so much unnecessary baggage along with him as Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak…his moral and ethical legitimacy to lead the nation is in serious doubt...Nothing less than a full and open recourse to the justice system will suffice...
14Mar09: Whenever I think of my friend Karpal Singh, I am reminded of my great headmaster, the late headmaster Dr. Frank J. Rawcliffe who taught us the importance of being consistent, even if meant sometimes upsetting some people...
20Mar09: ...Such is the measure of Zaid (Ibrahim) the man, ...had the moral and intellectual courage to suggest to His Majesty the Agong that a person such as Najib, whose reputation is in complete tatters, should be told in the nicest possible way where to get off the gravy train...
27Mar09: …Our elected leaders generally enter politics with shallow pockets, but in next to no time, they become the nation’s glitterati, the nouveau riche determined to flaunt their net worth for the entire world to see, with more than occasional shopping trips to Milan…for the little woman behind every great man...
10Apr09: ...Stupid police behaviour in dealing with public order, for example, can unravel any good the administration has tried to do…
22Apr09: ...It is unfortunate that his (Sultan of Perak) handling of what I call the Perak Affair has given rise to suspicions that he was not above politics...
27Apr09: ...We discovered soon enough he (Tun Abdullah) could not tell north from south and a sexton from a pair of compasses...embarrassed to admit, on reflection , that he had me fooled from Day One. Abdullah was persuaded by close family members and advisers that he was doing a brilliant job, and this was what he wanted to hear…
23May09: ...I suggest that both the Malay and Chinese languages be made compulsory in all our schools...
25may09: ...A very senior ACA officer, himself not above a bit on the side, now mercifully, in comfortable, contented retirement, claimed in private that he could have put at least 20 corrupt top police officers behind bars without too much trouble, but could not for reasons best known to himself...
30May09: ...It is interesting to note that the government has shown, in important law and order issues, it has no stomach to confront them decisively... WE WOULD NEED MORE PRISON SPACE (my emphasis)...
13Jun09: ...Najib, while remaining largely uninspiring as a leader, is at least aspirational. Nothing wrong with indulging in a little fantasy from time to time, but Najib has to learn to control his propensity for grandstanding...It says a lot about the reputation of the judges in our country when disputing parties prefer to seek arbitration elsewhere if they can help it...
2Jul09: Public procurement is the single most important source of corruption in any country, including ours...The government finds comfort and security by hiding all of its more questionable and corrupt actions that cannot stand close scrutiny behind the OSA...The procurement system in Malaysia is more honoured in the breach than in the observance...
4Jul09: ...Corruption kills competition, breeds inefficiency, distorts our decision making processes and promotes social and political instability in the long run...Ethical behaviour is no longer the luxury of the virtuous; it has become a business necessity. Malaysia's capacity to prosper must be predicated on the highest international ethical standards...

Sumpitan Emas,  6 December 2012 at 16:09  

18Jul09: ...He (Tun Hanif) was without any doubt the most outstanding Malaysian IGPs to have served this country. With possibly one exception, his successors have generally been a disgrace to the King's uniform. A harsh judgment, perhaps, but I stand by my opinion…
1Aug09: ...I am more than ever convinced that there will be no change in the police culture of impunity until and unless Najib has the political will, and fire in the belly, to put the IPCMC(Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) on the back burner, but in the driving seat where it really belongs... I am not about to dispute his legitimacy to govern based on the mandate given to the Barisan..., but that, without an underpinning of high ethical standards of behaviour, renders a leader morally deficient...
15Aug09: ...Counted among them are thousands upon thousands of hanger-on Indians professing the Muslim faith who claim to be more Malay than the Malays. Ever the opportunists, and who am I to blame them, for seizing the biggest prize the country has to offer under UMNO's 1-Malay policy…
22Aug09: ...I am also reminded of Malays enriching themselves by corrupt means and claiming that it is "redseki yang diberi oleh Tuhan" or loosely translated "God's bountiful blessings" and who are they, they claim or we, for that matter to question His wisdom and beneficence?...It is a fact that the vast majority of corruption cases involve Malays in government service...To be fair to my own people, we Malays are not congenitally morally or ethically deficient. It would be wrong to suggest that invented corruption...In the 52 years under the same government, no powerful minister or top bureaucrat for that matter, however corrupt, has ever been put behind bars...

Selective quotes, yes; quotes out of context, no, because the contexts are all available in a small volume "SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT..." Tunku Aziz, published in 2011 for Rm40. There are even more illuminating, sometimes highly inspiring articles by Tunku in NST, prior to May 2008, before his fateful dive into politics. If these articles are anything to go by, TA cannot but be held in the highest esteem by all law-abiding citizens. I am still prepared, at this point, to believe that the good Tunku has not given up all that he has stood for till now, however much he has shifted his political platform. This is because for a very small group of people some values are too deeply embedded in the persona to be despoiled so easily by the crudities of new political allies; I may be wrong. So, though I shall accept in good faith, for now, what one other Blog host has intimated, that, Tunku Aziz remains committed to fighting corruption, I am still perplexed personal endorsement by loyal friends aside, how is it at all possible for someone, who has fought from one side of the gate to charge in, suddenly makes a somersault over to the other side and immediately transmogrifying himself from attacker to defender. Were it not because this was perceived to have been done too soon, Tunku's reputation would not have elicited all the negative reactions and nasty innuendoes, and his achievements would continue to be a source of great inspiration to all those who have been listening to him preaching against the evils of corruption.

Sumpitan Emas,  6 December 2012 at 16:10  

He had two choices upon leaving DAP to hope to retain any residual credibility among his erstwhile supporters he had so convincingly transformed from innocent bystanders to sceptical witnesses of rampant abuse of power by the powers that be: first, stay clear away from Najib (for all the things he had written against him) and go the whole hog against DAP, especially the two Lims, who seem to many, the sort of personality who are quite capable of smacking down hard on the slightest whisper of developing dissent; second, go the whole hog to prop up Najib, without the slightest whisper of suppressed anger against DAP, especially the two Lims. The second option, given that UMNO, Najib and company had been so exquisitely demolished by his expert writing hand, keen intellect and moral fibre, is no option at all. That he has pushed hard the way he has is, to my mind, not entirely his fault; it’s largely Najib’s — Najib’s on-off-on-off PRU date gave him the wrong cues — he wants to help Najib as effectively as possible in the shortest possible time, and therein lies the rub – not nasty enough against DAP would render him as good as useless, too nasty against DAP, while surely pleasing Najib would invite undisguised condemnation from old friends, so the solution, it seems, a combination one-two blow in quick succession: bend one’s back at the top (Najib) and push down hard at the bottom (DAP), the “classic bicycling position” I wrote about two weeks ago.

The fault with this option is that there is no connection between Transformation and plain DAP wickedness. Tunku joined DAP explicitly because he had observed consistency in DAP’s struggles against corruption over the years. It was not because, as some are led to believe, by implication, lack of Transformation within the government forced him to move over.

On the so-called Transformation, one thought kicks in immediately. Are we being deliberately led to believe that necessary changes to effect better and faster delivery of government services is Transformation? Faster and more effective delivery of services and products is the end result of the use of modern technology — it has to happen this way, and not the other way round. So the changes we see today, superficially, seem to be the result of a grand deliberate programme carefully thought out and implemented by a well-meaning political leadership. There is something deceptive about the use of this word because, to me, real transformation is no more than the concomitant use of modern technology in all its varied forms and sizes to deliver products and services due to, and owed to, the public. So let us not confuse the wood for the tress, and
not shout too loudly about changes which happens all the time, its pace a function of contraptions invented by men and women with little time to spare actually praying for them — sweat and tears, and sometimes blood go into these things now proliferating in our homes and offices.

On Tunku’s warning that ‘a change in government regime (is) dangerous and could backfire’ I beg to differ. Nothing has happened in the four States run by Pakatan, and if Tunku has forgotten, let me remind him, nothing happened in Kelantan, where I come from, on or after May 13 1969 – it was and still is an oasis of peace and human comradeship. There are enough UMNO thugs on the prowl, even as I write, so the good man should avoid making similar xenophobic, condescending and baseless statements. To speak in this manner after Rais Yatim is to invite further discredit.

Borrowing from Han Küng, “I would like to quote one of my favourite Latin sayings: ‘Dixi et salvavi animam meam’, I have said it and have saved my soul.’”

Anonymous,  6 December 2012 at 20:09  

The general's youngest daughter was awarded scholarship to study medicine in the UK from sapura though her SPM results were average. A few kaki bodek army officers baby - sat her for the general and two ranks up, the permaisuri.

walla 7 December 2012 at 00:42  

I instantly follow what Sumpitan emas has written.

But if in TA's shoes, one would wonder how someone can write those statements in '09, move over to the party that it thinks embodies their spirit, and then in '12, go public to try and vilify the same party without rhyme, reason or rationale.

If he's really tactical about things, he should have stayed on in DAP so that it can groom itself to his stature in its fight against corruption while leaving space and time to see if Umno would really transform itself towards the same objective.

Now that his loyalty has reversed a second time, his actions only enhance DAP while denigrating his new masters in Umno.

He's not been strategic enough towards those intents so he really lost an opportunity to keep two options open for the same national objective.

Not that the second option has shown an iota of predilection to arrest corruption so far.

Because to do so would mean it will have to arrest.................................................itself.


walla 7 December 2012 at 07:50  

Anon 5th 13:15, 6th 20:06:

Thanks. I didn't want to give the example of the general because i also recall the tragic loss of his wife. But the maid was also lost and that reminds me of the rakyat.

However what rankles the most is that defense contract corruptions are the biggest vortices in this country; they siphoned the most for poor returns in quality that will affect the soldiers, the airmen and the naval personnel who have to use them while putting their lives in harm's way in some forced service to a corrupt regime.

And Sapura is a mahathir crony.

Sumpitan Emas,  7 December 2012 at 09:49  

First, some minor corrections:
1)22Feb09: Underneath... administer this LAND.
2)4Jul09: ...Corruption.. Najib has the political will NOT put the IPCMC.. on the back burner, but in the driving seat ....
3)1Aug09: ... I am not about to dispute his legitimacy ....leader morally deficient...(appeared on 6Aug09)
4)22Aug09: ...I am also reminded... wrong to suggest that WE invented corruption...

In "Najib does not disappoint" 10Oct09, TA writes..."His choice of Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad as the BN candidate...has left no doubt in our minds about Najib's real attitude to corruption..His matter of fact response that "Even those convicted by the courts get another chance" must surely single him out like a sore-thumb even among the corrupt leaders of 1 Malaysia, as someone totally devoid of ethical values... Just in case he forgets, the Kuala Lumpur-based diplomatic corps and...are watching this development with some concern. Najib does not disappoint.....Fighting corruption is our individual and collective responsibility as citizens. It cannot be left to the tender mercies of the corrupt in the corridors of power... Now that Najib has dropped all pretenses of queasiness about bedding down with corruption, he would do us all a big favour and save taxpayers a lot of money by closing down the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the National Institute of Integrity and all the other related agencies because he has made his position on corruption clear. They are of no use to man or beast..."

In "Demonstrations: A fundamental right of citizens" 6Aug09, TA begins with, "It would be an untruth if I said I was ever a fan of Datuk Seri Najib Razak..coming into office...stuffed up to his neck with allegations of impropriety that I'd rather not bore you with...His moral legitimacy to govern is being seriously challenged because of his cavalier attitude to these extremely damning allegations...a few months before his (F.W.De Klerk) inauguration as President,(he) made a conscious political decision to legalise protest demostrations that had been made illegal until then...(Klerk's)'Conviction that the prohibition of powerful protests and demonstrations could not continue. Such an approach would be irreconcilable with the democratic transformation process that I was determined to launch...' In terms of the security and public order situation then obtaining in South Africa, and the situation in Malaysia today, where peaceful demonstrations are illegal, the two situations do not bear the remotest resemblance. The justification trotted out with regular monotony by the government is so outrageously dishonest as to insult our intelligence. A government that sees a need to continue to impose an undemocratic law has no place in a parliamentary democracy. For F.W.De Klerk, the man who worked himself out of a job, it was nothing more than 'restoring what was regarded throughout the world as a basic democratic right'... On that note, as our legal friends would say, I rest my case. Now over to our self-proclaimed reformist prime minister."

I have with me an earlier book by TA,"Fighting Corruption: My Mission" Published by Konrad Adenauer Foundation (2005) consisting of contributions from numerous sources. The welcoming Message was written by ....none other than Dato' Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi!

On that note, too, I rest my case.

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