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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 14 December 2012

The Last Supper?

Perhaps it was the biggest understatement of all. Najib owning up to the hollowness of his 1Malaysia slogan. We however know his game. It was an act of pious humility designed to endear himself to an ever expanding doubting public. We know he is a consummate actor. Having lunch to be with the people at Banana leaf in Jalan Gasing etc etc. maybe he will repeat some of the other things that he has done before, like officially opening a public toilet in a kampong?
Why was he profusely complimenting Mahathir at the UMNO General Assembly while blithely ignoring his immediate predecessor? Because he didn’t have the presence of mind to do what is honorable. Abdullah must be sitting somewhere in front, and Najib cavalierly not cleverly, brushed him aside. Didn’t Abdullah achieve anything during his short stint as PM?
Or because he has never had an iota of appreciation and respect for the colorless Abdullah. Abdullah Badawi has been and still is the object of Mahathir’s invectives.
He did that because he will not be outshone by Muhyidin. When Muhyidin spoke and mentioned Mahathir, he got thunderous applauses on each occasion. So, Najib added those ritualistic outpouring of love for the Man who can walk on water. He knows Mahathir remains a powerful force behind the scenes and he also knows Mahathir can’t stand the sight of that lady. Mahathir’s declaration that Rosmah has the right to stay high profile is actually a death sentence. By now, we should wise up to Mahathir’s subterfuge- he means the opposite of what he says.
All those index finger pointing amounted to nothing other than providing a chance for kampong people to come to KL and do a group big hug. Najib says his 1Malaysia slogan was designed to be vague. Of course it is, because it’s founded on vague principles coming out from an equally vague thinking.
After 55 years, our role should never be to get ourselves holed up in fields, stadiums or buildings ululating Najjib’s our man and Kim Il Sung-ing him.
We all knew it from the beginning. It was a slogan rejected by UMNO delegates a few years back. The other big idea of Naib that got booted out was his New Economic Model. He was left with nothing except affirming the claim that he is after all the son of Tun Razak. That, of course no one can doubt. As to following and emulating the leadership qualities of Tun Razak, people will say, he misses that by a mile. Razak will never countenance any undemocratic practices and the dishonor by which the current PM conducts himself.
Tun Razak despite his personal flaws was a class act compared to Najib who has no class at all. He thinks by out shouting all others, he has established the truth. What he did was to increase people’s cynicism and distrust. People know intuitively that truth in inversely related to decibel level. We can’t ever remember Tun Razak shouting to get his ideas across.
But why did he come out with such outrageous slogans? Perhaps he was persuaded to by his consultants. Perhaps he wanted to establish himself as a profound thinker.
Immediately his ideas were met with opposition from UMNO itself. The UMNO people are in no mood to give up business advantages they got by way of implementing the NEP aims. They are also in no mood to compromise their Malay first in everything mentality. Or in UMNO’s case it isn’t that at all- but UMNO first in everything mentality.
When Najib took to the microphone and said all those wonderful things about Mahathir, everyone knows that Mahathir still calls the shots in UMNO. Najib is not PM material and Mahathir knows Najib is just an errand boy who will soon outlive his usefulness.
What can do Najib do? He will have to ensure his men are chosen to be candidates in the next election. His winnable candidates criteria means loyalty to him above all else. UMNO can go to the dogs as far as he is concerned.
Mahathir wasn’t impressed by Najib’s low class histrionics and dramatization.


Anonymous,  14 December 2012 at 16:33  

superman m-- 22 years super n makan-- AH JIB-- only 4 years maakan.. aityoh-- semua makan banana leaf nasi

Anonymous,  14 December 2012 at 18:28  

Exactly Dato

That Mahathir means the opposite of what he says is often practised in the past and woe to those who do not recognize that!

Of Course the Attention seeking Rosmah would actually believe that the old man adored her!

Mahathir already has the answer to that with Deepak waiting on the side with HIS BOOK. Mahathir might as well have written the introductory page to Deepaks book!

Joe Black

monsterball 14 December 2012 at 20:01  

Mahathir is the dirtiest most corrupted politician in Malaysia encouraging all to Umno b members steal.
Najib made sure Mahathir is happy with his performance by making his son a Deputy Minister...from no where.. while the Youth Chief ...a somebody in Umno b is being ignored.
It's partisan politic in Umno b.
Dirtiest politician with his dirties party.
All know Najib cannot be PM but a first class puppet to the Devil.
The downfall of Umno b started by Mahathir....not by Dollah.
New events from Deepak and Rafizi has made Najib be known what he is.
The prediction that Najib will be he end of "RAHMAN" and Umno b is real.

Chandran,  15 December 2012 at 02:04  

Honestly any right thinking Malaysian and there are many!. You can find them outside the government in the opposition, civil society and in other areas of the public sphere.
Najib has no idea what he is doing or saying-he is like the lallang as the wind blows he moves accordingly. Why is this so?
The only reason is that when you come to serve the public with unclean hands everything you touch is tainted. The cabinet is corrupted and so are all the institutions that purport to raise democracy. The baton of Prime Minister-ship that was handed on a plate by Badawi who received his mandate from the Father of Malaysian Corruption Mahathir is “corrupted to the core”.
Nothing this government can do will be right-it covers up all the evil done to the Malaysian public. We had BN for 55 years-it’s time to retire them and reject them to the dustbins of history! We in Malaysia are Malaysians-only that!

bruno,  15 December 2012 at 02:54  

Dato,to make it short and simple.Najib's winnable candidates list of winnable names must include at least eighty percent of professionals driving banged up jalopies,or second or third hand made in Malaysia,the Malaysian car called kanchil.And must live in affordable houses within their means(income)These are the virgins of politics,the still uncorrupted.

To have candidates in the unwinnable list of candidates are those driving high end cars and living in bungalows called mansions.Having ladies young enough to be their grand daughters in tow,popularly known as mistresses.These are the corrupted guys destined for Sungei Buloh.

So in other words Umno/BN will not win the upcoming GE 13,because all their candidates belong to the high end kakis,soon to be send into forced retirement in hotel Kamunting.

monsterball 15 December 2012 at 04:13  

Najib should put out his so call winnable candidates soonest.
Why talk and delay 13th GE for years?
His winnable candidates are so many...don't know who to choose er?
Umno b candidates are split.
The Patriots and Traitors are right in Umno b party all along.
It is a disease where puppets like MCA and MIC are pleasing UMNO b masters from all fronts.
The 3 main parties forming the BN are nothing but Opportunists with Umno b aiming to govern forever with MCA and MIC low class politicians do not mind being second class citizens pleases Najib most.
Both were voted out and look at Chua Soi Lek... shameless with not enough words to describe him.
All voters are waiting for 13th GE while Najib is praying to the Sun Moon & Stars Gods for a sign.
He is known to pray also to snake and Elephant Gods wearing Indian attire secretly in his house.

monsterball 15 December 2012 at 04:21  

When the end of "RAHMAN" comes....Najib will have a Last Supper one evening waiting to be arrested for corruptions and murder charges.
He cannot escape "RAHMAN'...Mongolian ghost haunting him and stole not less than RM700 million at one deal...buying 2 submarines with billions flying around.
All that happened when he was Minister of Defense.
Now he play the role of Santa Clause and hope Malaysians judge him now and forget the past.

Anonymous,  15 December 2012 at 09:16  

' These are the virgins of politics,the still uncorrupted ' -bruno.

This is probably the best move for Najib to win GE....but does the PM the courage to take such a big risk?

bruno,  15 December 2012 at 09:40  

Another frog is emerging from the swamps.PKR's Manikawasagam.Soon he will be selling his sarong to the pasar malam trader.There will always be froggies from PKR,afterall the party was formed by frogs.

Krishna 15 December 2012 at 09:58  

The tongue is only inches away from the brain. But in Najib's case it is miles apart!

Golden Blowpipe,  15 December 2012 at 11:30  

Tabahkan hati sebelum masuk ke dalam bilik undi. Tuntutan keadilan seperti kata Cahaya Qalbu,"Bukan pilihan lagi melainkan tanggungjawab".

There's life after the Last Supper with good poetry; the second should be read with two images in the mind, father and son:

A K U - Chairil Anwar
Kalau sampai waktuku
'Ku mau tak seorang 'kan merayu
Tidak juga kau

Tak perlu sedu sedan itu

Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang

Biar peluru menembus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang

Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari
Hingga hilang pedih peri

Dan aku akan lebih tidak perduli

Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi
(Maret 1943)
If my time should come
I'd like no one to entice me
Not even you

No need for those sobs and cries

I am but a wild animal
Cut from its kind

Though bullets should pierce my skin
I shall still strike and march forth

Wounds and poison shall I take aflee
'Til the pain and pang should dissapear

And I should care even less

I want to live for another thousand years
(vert. Urip Hudiono)

The Theban Plays by Sophocles - extract

My children, new-sprung race of old Cadmus,
why do you sit at my shrines, wearing garlands
of the suppliants’ olive?
Oedipus, you who rule my land, you see(15)
how many of us sit here at your altars;
some do not yet have the strength to fly far;
others are heavy with age… For the city, as you yourself can see,
is badly shaken already and from the waves(25)
can no longer lift her head above this
bloody tossing; there is death in the fruitful buds
from the earth and in the pasturing herds,
and even in the childless births of women….
nor do these children who sit at your hearth,(35)
and in the contingencies of the divine.
It was you who came and released Cadmus’ town
from the tribute we PAID TO THE CRUEL SONGSTRESS,(40)
and these things you did knowing nothing from us,
nor instructed at all, but with help from god
you spoke and knew how to set our lives straight.
TO FIND SOME DEFENSE FOR US, as you may have heard
the voice of one of the gods or have learned
something from a man—for I think that the ideas
of experienced men most often succeed.
come, but be careful, since now this land
calls you her savior for your former zeal,
Rather, then, restore this city to safety.(55)
Since, if indeed you would rule this land,
just as you do now, IT IS FAR BETTER
Lord Apollo, if only he might come as bright
with redeeming fortune as shine his eyes!
It seems he brings good news, for otherwise(90)
he would not come crowned with berry-laden laurel.
[Enter Creon from offstage.]
I shall say all I heard from the god.(105)
IN THIS VERY LAND, not to nurture it unhealed.
With what cleansing and for what type of disaster?(110)
By driving a man into exile,
And who is the man whose fate he decrees?
My lord, once Laius was our leader in this land,
before you came to govern this city.(115)
So I have heard, though I never saw him.
Where on earth are they? WHERE WILL BE FOUND
In this very land, he said. WHAT IS SOUGHT

Anonymous,  15 December 2012 at 12:18  

Majority of Malaysians will make a right decision.
Nevertheless we need a strong opposition.
We are truely at the crossroad without trafic lights. Be carefull and follow the right of way for our peace and stablity.

Patrick 15 December 2012 at 14:06  

BN will lose the next election not so much because of PR, but solely because of the massive infighting within UMNO itself. Too many warlords and camps who has got everything to lose or gain will destruct the next Ge for UMNO. The fact that TDM still wields power and there is still so much money in the government and the economy that is still not taken by TDM or Rosmah,shows that powerful figures within UMNO is still power hungry to remain in power to plunder.

If any May 13 was to happen, it will be incited/started by UMNO/PERKASA. This is a given. The modern chinese are educated and knowledgeable to stay out of the current idiotic racial politics. The chinese and Indians will still survive, whichever govt is in power. Its just that they will support the opposition. The biggest losers will be the ruling oligarchs and UMNO malays. Their free rice bowls will disappear overnight with the demise of BN after GE 13.

Bogey 15 December 2012 at 14:48  

Najib knows he's doomed to be the last PM from UMNO/BN.

The question is - will he and BN be gentlemen enough to hand over power peacefully to PR if the latter wins GE13?

I shudder to think that,if not him, another faction in UMNO will be desperate enough and do the unthinkable to stay in power.

As it is, that despicable Ib Ali is already trying to stoke racial undertones with his latest May 13 rhetoric.

Bogey 15 December 2012 at 14:48  

Najib knows he's doomed to be the last PM from UMNO/BN.

The question is - will he and BN be gentlemen enough to hand over power peacefully to PR if the latter wins GE13?

I shudder to think that,if not him, another faction in UMNO will be desperate enough and do the unthinkable to stay in power.

As it is, that despicable Ib Ali is already trying to stoke racial undertones with his latest May 13 rhetoric.

walla 15 December 2012 at 18:16  

B: 'What with the glint in the eyes?'

Q: 'I was just thinking...maybe Najib torpedoed his own 1Malaysia on instruction from Mahathir.'

B: 'Why would Mahathir do that?'

Q: 'Because instead of attracting voters to Barisan, 1Malaysia actually worked the other way and attracted them to Pakatan.

It's easy to understand why. Barisan is exclusive race-based politics but Pakatan and 1Malaysia are all-races inclusive. 1Malaysia reminded voters that they all belong to the same country.'

B: 'Ah, that would explain why Mahathir's Perkasa has suddenly sprung into its dastardly action to try and split our society again.'

Q: 'It also shows Mahathir has given up completely the Barisan component members. He has scuppered his own last supper.

He's now trying to anaesthesize Rosmah while putting Najib on a pedestal to face the firing squad from Muhyiddin's group.

You know Pagoh was a nondescript fella before entering politics. You don't want to know what he had done when he was MB.

This self-inflicted wound with the 1Malaysia thing also tells you plainly that Umno can never be Malaysian. It's a racist organization of political opportunists. Everything it says cuma lip service. No?'

B: 'I don't know whether our voters realize something else too. At PAU, Shahrizat was applauded and her cowgate was deliberately overlooked. The unbelievable excuse given by the Umno Wanita's was that she was hardworking and so should be supported. Can you believe how low has Umno morals sunk?'

Q: 'Extending that, if Najib, Muhyiddin and their Umno gangs of official public marauders are returned in GE13, who would believe they won't sink more than morals? SS. Semua sapu.'

B: 'Oh..i just realize i forgot to ask who are you?'

Q: '(sigh). Didn't they tell you? I am your new quartermaster.'

B: 'Can't i ask for Sofea instead?'

Q: 'Why, you miss her?'

B: '(sigh)'

nasir,  15 December 2012 at 23:17  

UMNO can win PRU13 with the foreigners. What is PR doing to stop them from voting?
Demonstrations are a waste of time - nothing has changed since the Bersih1. A more serious solution must be found to PREVENT them from voting at all; no point going to the Courts to complain of cheating AFTER the elections - you will lose the contest.

Anonymous,  16 December 2012 at 00:23  

Kudangsang says ....Dato, why not even one Malay on the DAP central executive committee. So much for multi racial party and it is a shame that you are with them...dare you to post this and see their reaction.otherwise you are just....

Golden Blowpipe,  16 December 2012 at 02:53  

Desakan politik kadangkala menonjolkan watak seseorang secara tidak sengaja. Tak menghairankan Najib rasa tertekan dihimpit di antara dua orang bermusuhan. Di sini mungkin boleh dikatakan, inilah politik of the impossible: ke kiri salah, ke kanan tak lurus. Kenapa UMNO sampai ke saat yang sebegini genting? Bagi sesiapa yang telah mengikuti perkembangan politik kebangsaan, khususnya politik yang diamalkan UMNO, apa yang berlaku dalam dewan itu sudah lama diramalkan. Ikutilah petikan-petikan daripada seorang sasterawan, seorang ahli bahasa dan seorang ahli politik.

Buku berjudul “Tun Razak Putera Titiwangsa” oleh Shariff Ahmad-1999 -206m/s

Kata Pengantar:

“….Mengenal Tan Sri Shariff Ahmad lebih empat dekad ini, saya kira, buku ini tidak ditulis sekadar merakam hal-hal yang biasa. Dari seorang wartawan berpindah kepada dunia politik yang disertainya secara tidak sengaja, dia menyaksikan beberapa keganjilan dalam kerenah hidup. Dan semakin sehari, dia merasakan bahawa langgam dan semangat lama yang amat dihargai dan disayanginya semakin dilupai orang.
Menurut kata-katanya sendiri: ‘Sudah tidak dapat dijumpai lagi orang yang berjuang tanpa mengharapkan apa-apa. Dekad lalu masih menyediakan pemimpin yang sedia berkorban tanpa mengharapkan sebarang balasan. Dekad ini, keistimewaan seperti itu sudah menjadi khayalan.’….Tidak diberitahu secara langsung, tetapi dalam peristiwa yang sekali-sekala dan di sana sini berkias, Tan Sri Shariff Ahmad ingin mengatakan bahawa janganlah kita kehilangan semangat pergorbanan lama itu. Di hadapan sendiri Tun Abdul Razak adalah satu lambing perjuangan bangsa Melayu yang barangkali terlalu sukar diganti….Di samping mendekati Tun Abdul Razak dan era lalunya, barangkali kita tidak akan kecewa untuk menemui semangat yang terpancar daripada tokoh yang diceritkan ini. Segala pergulatan dan kebimbingan era lalu dapat memperjelaskan pergulatan dan kebimbingan era ini. Barangkali.”

“Yang terancam bukan orang bawahan Melayu, yang terancam bangsawan Melayu” - 25 Julai 2010

Kedua-dua petikan di atas oleh Datuk A Samad Said

Golden Blowpipe,  16 December 2012 at 02:53  

Rencana “Apa itu ‘kuasa Melayu” oleh Dr Hassan Ahmad (Allahyarham) Mingguan Malaysia M 26/9/10

“….Kuasa politik bukan terletak pada UMNO, atau PAS, atau DAP atau PKR tetapi pada rakyat. Dan rakyat hari ini, terutama golongan muda — ini termasuk pengundi Melayu yang masih merupakan pengundi majority di negara ini — nampaknya tidak lagi memilih parti hanyan berdasarkan sentiment kaum tetapi berdasarkan soal sama ada parti itu dapat memerintah Negara dengan adil, saksama, seimbang, bersih, cekap dan amanah. Mereka melihat apakah parti itu dipenuhi oleh golongan manusia yang perasuah, orang yang hanya mementingkan diri sendiri, kekayaan sendiri dan kesenangan kaum keluarga dan sahabat handai mereka, atau apakah parti dipimpin oleh orang-orang yang bersih dari segala macam rekod moral yang buruk, orang bercakap bohong, orang yang lebih mementingkan ‘pasaran bebas’, ekonomi mesra pasaran, daripada ekonomi atau pasaran mesra-rakyat…. Kalau sebuah parti Melayu diketahui oleh rakyat semua kaum sebagai parti yang ‘bersih’, yang akan memerintah dengan adil tidak kira kaum, saya kira semua kaum akan tertarik dengan parti itu. Ini soal prinsip, soal moral, bukan soal perkauman. Jadi, soalnya apakah yang salah jikalau ‘kuasa Melayu’ akan hilang. Jawabnya ialah, yang salah ialah orang Melayu sendiri, bukan kaum-kaum lain. Diberi kuasa yang banyak oleh rakyat, terutama pengundi Melayu, kuasa itu tidak digunakan dengan baik dan bijaksana; kuasa itu disalahgunakan sehingga berlaku beberapa banyak skandal berlaku, skandal rasuah, skandal jenayah, skandal ekonomi. Selama 50 tahun orang Melayu mempunyai kuasa untuk mempertahankan hak dan kepentingan Melayu dalam bidang ekonomi, pendidikan, dalam soal dasar bahasa..tanpa menjejaskan kaum-kaum lain.….tetapi sejak mutakhir ini nampaknya keadaan orang Melayulah yang semakin terdesak. Maka lahirlah badan bukan kerajaan Melayu seperti Perkasa untuk mewakili suara dan keadaan rakyat Melayu yang terdesak itu….”

21 Julai 2010 U.M. Rabu “Mana lebih penting, perpaduan atau kepimpinan yang baik?” – Kassim Ahmad Kulim Kedah

“ Pemimpin-pemipin ini menyeru supaya ahli-ahli UMNO jangan berbalah sesama sendiri, jangan berpuak-puak, mesti memperjuangkan kehendak dan hasrat rakyat dan mesti kembali kepada perjuangan asal UMNO. Perkara-perkara ini sudah kita dengar lama dulu. Ringkasnya, kita boleh membuat kesimpulan bahawa UMNO telah gagal menampilkan kepimpinan yang baik….Banyak rencana telah disiarkan dalam akhbar-akhbar tentang pelbagai macam penyelewengan dalam UMNO dan kerajaan: rasuah, keborosan, kronisme, perpecahan kepada puak dan kehilangan semangat perjuangan atau idealism….Kita bukan meminta langit. Kita harus realistic. Semua manusia, termasuk pemimpin-pemimpin ada kelemahan. Tetapi kita berhak meminta komitmen yang ikhlas dan tinggi daripada pemimpin-pemimpin kita.”

Anonymous,  16 December 2012 at 08:46  

Hello. Stop writing about UMNO. What about YOU? Who are YOU in dap? YOU are just tukang cebok pantat lks.

Anonymous,  16 December 2012 at 09:56  

'Maka lahirlah badan bukan kerajaan Melayu seperti Perkasa untuk mewakili suara dan keadaan rakyat Melayu yang terdesak itu….”

Unfairly descriminated over the decades, millions of INDIVIDUAL Malaysians migrated overseas to find education, employment and business opportunity and a better life for their families.

As long as the Malays/Bumi are dependent on the government for their welbeing and security and political leadership is weak/bad/corrupt, political organisation like Perkasa & others will continue to exploit them for narrow, shallow and damaging political objectives at all cost.

Anonymous,  16 December 2012 at 10:01  

Oleh sebab itu Malaysia perlukan pembangkang yang kuat dan konstruktif.
Ingat sejarah, why the British and Lord Reid had entrusted in our generation such a strong constitution .The three races must be united, be tolerable and comprehend the true meaning of fairness and justice.
Bukan sahaja perpaduan antara kaum penting tetapi setiap kaum jangan memecahkan kaum lain.Apatah lagi memainkan api sentimen agama.
Saya percaya sistem yang ada sudah banyak memberi laluan kapada liberalisasi.Memang masih terdapat kelemahan tetapi tidak semestinya dengan mendapat kuasa maka kita boleh sewenangnya mengubah sistem yang ada. Konsep adil tidak semestinya seimbang dalam masyarakat majmuk seunik Malaysia.Ia nampak mudah tetapi penuh ranjau.

Anonymous,  16 December 2012 at 14:04  

The most rascist and chauvanistic party on earth.I wonder what is that Dato Sak and En Aspan doing there......

Golden Blowpipe,  16 December 2012 at 14:09  

RALAT: 'Jadi, soalnya, apakah DAN SIAPAKAH yang salah jikalau ‘kuasa Melayu’ akan hilang.'

Sebelum ayat di atas, Dr. Hassan menerangkan,"..saya teringat membaca suatu artikel dalam majallah Newsweek baru-baru ini yang menceritakan dasar ekonomi negeri China. Seorang pegawai tinggi kerajaan China berkata: In China we make the market ekonomi to serve the people and the State, not the market, maksudnya 'Di negeri China ekonomi pasaran diarah berkhidmat untuk rakyat dan negara tidak untuk pasaran.' Barangkali kerana inilah China sekarang sedang berkembang untuk menjadi sebuah kuasa ekonomi dunia mengalahkan negara-negara Barat dan Jepun....Akhir kata, 'kuasa Melayu' tidak bererti kuasa untuk orang Melayu yang berkuasa melakukan apa sahaja menurut nafsu mereka, memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan Melayu dan memusnahkan hak dan kepentingan bukan Melayu. Kuasa Melayu bererti kuasa untuk mentadbirkan negara dengan cekap, adil, bijaksana, bersih, bertanggungjawab untuk kepentingan negara, bukan untuk kepentingan etnik dan kepentingan golongan dan orang-orang perseorangan yang berkepentingan peribadi. Kuasa Melayu tidak bererti kuasa anti-bukan Melayu, atau hanya kuasa pro-Melayu, tetapi kuasa untuk semua rakyat, kuasa untuk mewujudkan kemajuan, kesejahteraan, kemakmuran untuk semua rakyat. Kalau ini maksud kuasa Melayu, tidak sebab mengapa rakyat mesti takut kepada kuasa ini. Yang kita takut ialah, jika kuasa ini diberikan kepada atau jatuh ke tangan orang Melayu yang tidak layak menerimanya dan tidak mampu menggunakannya dengan sebaik-baiknya untuk kepentingan negara."

Baik sekarang kita aleh perhatian ke hal bahasa Melayu, khususnya bilangan guru yang mengajar subjek itu. Biarlah Ketua Pengarah DBP, Dr. Awang Sariyan (M.Malaysia 11Mac2012) memaklumkan kepada kita situasi sebenarnya di sekolah-sekolah kita: "Dulu sering diperkatakan masalah guru bahasa Inggeris bukan dari mereka yang menuntut untuk mengajar bahasa Inggeris. Sekarang guru bahasa Melayu juga mengikut kajian mutakhir berdepan dengan masalah yang sama kerana didapati agak besar jumlah guru bahasa Melayu yang bukan dilatih untuk mengajar subjek itu."

Kita terpaksa akui bahawa pada bila-bila masa terdapat jurang 'mismatch' di antara orang yang berkelayakan dengan bilangan kekosongan yang ada di pasaran bagi sesuatu profesyen. Mismatch ini paling ketara dalam berbagai profesyen, misalnya, buat masa ini, dalam jurusan kejururawatan.

Tetapi kekurangan bilangan guru bahasa Melayu yang terlatih tidak masuk akal sama sekali. Di mana letaknya kecuaian? Apakah pegawai perancangan di Kementerian tidak dapat maklumat yang sempurna? Adakah maklumat yang diterima dan cukup sempurna langsung tidak dihiraukan? Apakah hal tentang latihan guru tidak diberi perhatian yang sewajarnya? Adakah beberapa lapisan warga dalam kementerian pendidikan cuai dalam tugasnya? Apakah percaturan politik semasa ada kesan terhadap fokus matalamat negara khususnya untuk memartabatkan bahasa Melayu kerana persepsi ramai rakyat Malaysia memang cenderung bermain politik, kalau boleh 24/7?

Bagi saya, kerana sudah 57 tahun kita berdaulat, keadaan ini sungguh memalukan.

Where does the buck stop?

Anonymous,  16 December 2012 at 16:04  

Pity Dato Sak after all the salivating and foaming at the mouth not even one Malay elected to the committe.Told you that they are a bloody rascist and chauvinistic party. The only Chinese that are not rascist are the one that I know ...they are the ordinary ones doing rhe ordinary businesses.Those partisan are rascist to rhe heel.They couldn't care less about you Malays Sak in the party.

Golden Blowpipe,  17 December 2012 at 00:09  


You are exactly right about why some people left this country and still do for any numbers of reasons, not least, because of discrimination.

Only a government like ours can implement a policy to create two equally aggrieved parties, one naturally bearing the brunt longer than the other. Were it not because the one suffered debilitating emotional and social dislocation, the whole matter could be laughed off as a Hollywood comedy.

Thirty years of a nomadic life after things became unnaturally burdensome, career wise, have convinced me what real, fair and clean governance or the lack of it, can do to the well-being of its citizens, especially in terms of inter-racial relationship.

The extract of the article by Dr Hassan sums up in simple straight forward language what it will take whoever controls Putrajaya to revitalise Malaysia to set it back on the path to national unity and ultimately real tangible developments in every area to make us a developed nation.

Thomas Jefferson said, "There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people." So the premise for the implementation of the affirmative-action NEP was at root, sound, decent and appropriate in terms of its spread, temporal as well as its contents.

How then and why after 30 years of NEP, the very people that benefited from this paradigmatic shift towards social equity, are allowing and even encouraging a small splinter group to ask for more, ostensibly because they have had less, much less, recently?

Having less, or just enough, or too much are relative terms in the best of times, and in the worst of time, nothing is enough.

But this situation becomes especially invidious when the politics of convenience rear its ugly head with the government artfully manoeuvering itself to deflect all criticisms and condemnation of entrenched corruption and cronyism. This is done by allowing groups like Perkasa and assorted other miscreants to run amok in the streets, without the slightest fear of the law ever touching them on the wrist.

It seems we have come full circle with respect to the pursuit of equitable social distribution!

But, still the government will not hesitate to react to any issue if it thinks it can score a point against the Opposition as evidenced by its latest campaign against the so-called LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders). Read: for more information about what the Deputy Education Minister, Mohd Puad Zarkashi, is doing with regard to this community.

This now adds a whole new dimension in Malaysian politics after the two failed Sodomy cases. In a sense this is quintessential UMNO politics, dealing issue by issue as it comes - like employing Perkasa to up the ante against the Opposition when no legal recourse is available. The weakness of this strategy is of course it can lead UMNO to unknown territory for which it might just acquire for itself a reputation for intolerance and incurable deep-seated ignorance of the things that matter.

At the recent PAU, we could see how Najib and friends used the rostrum and the electrics to good effect - there were lots of trembling veins on the neck, ugly speeches and theatrics all arriving instantaneously in our homes, thanks to the ubiquitous array of electronic equipment, high-speed video cameras, etc.

All the above, including 3G phones and I-pads, have been made possible because of the ' revolution in VLSI design'.

Google Lynn Conway.

Blissful ignorance makes us over confident and arrogant.

The Mayan prediction had better be right.

bumi-non-malay 17 December 2012 at 11:11  

relax Dato...gua akan sokong awak jadi MB atau menteri atau apa awak suak aje.... ...... teruskan perjuangan ...Ini malaysia bukan UMNOsia....

APA Guna jawatan, anugerah tapi rakyat masih hidup dalam kemiskinan dan kegelapan??

Anonymous,  18 December 2012 at 03:44  

I live in Australia. I am still a non_Malay. In Malaysia there are many NEW Malays and many more New Bumiputras. But I am suprised in Adelaide where I live there are hundreds of Malay familys emigrated because they are fed up of Malaysia. I was shocked initially but now realize that if the Malays are leaving Malaysia, then what I did 25 years ago was the right thing to do. All the Malaysian PHDs from local university are said to be equal to toilet paper...I am glad that my children are professionals in a developed country.

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