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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 22 December 2012

Empowered Citizenry means The End of Days for UMNO

I have to repeat some of the issues and themes that I have done in the past. Most Malays are at the stage where issues such as corruption, abuse of power, the rottenness of the system that UMNO upholds feature less in importance than the overriding issue- will Malays be all right?  They know the government is bad, deceiving, incompetent, and dishonest -but rationalize it anyway by saying, if others take over, they will do the same. No, it will never be the same, because last time UMNO did all the evils when people are less empowered. Any government straying from the straight path now will be neutralized by an empowered citizenry. That is why UMNO is finding it hard to earn legitimacy at the moment.
So, it does what rogues do- take refuge behind xenophobic and prejudiced worldviews. Suddenly, once again, everything seems to be measured in terms of them doing something to us. Chinese taking over the government from us Malays; Chinese dominating the economy and marginalizing us which is in fact the order of things since UMNO ruled this country. Non- Malays taking over this country and establishing a new national religion replacing Islam; non-Malays especially Chinese taking over and kicking out our Malay rulers.
Even the educated ones fall prey to the xenophobic fears created by a parasitic band of people, bent on staying in power at all costs. Why? Because if they lose, it will the end of days for them- life as they know it- a life founded on corruption, deception and leeching on the majority, will end.
Of course the issues that affect all of us are also important, but to Malays right now, nothing is more important than worrying about their survival and of things dear to them such as race, religion, rulers (occupying a very distant third)
It is a sign of acute mental bondage and subservience of the spirit, if after 55 years of independence; Malays are frightened into believing that their very life depends on UMNO. This kind of xenophobic view allows smooth operators like Reezal Merican( himself of dubious Malay lineage) to claim, God has chosen UMNO to protect Malays.
Can God ever condone the deceit, corruption, the pillage and plunder of the nation’s wealth and incompetence?  It’s the same xenophobia that allowed, years earlier, a Malay leader of similar stock as Reezal Merican and an UMNO president to blasphemously state that if God has nor revealed Islam through Muhammad, God would have done it anyway through someone else. Today, Malay Muslim scholars are tripping over each other to study the thoughts of Mao Tse Mahathir.
Could it be, that someone else alluded by Mahathir is UMNO,  because it was with this kind of pomposity , the same Reezal Merican was able to say, UMNO has received wahyu from God.  
The survival of the Malays has got nothing to do with UMNO. If it does, then Malays in Selangor, in Kelantan, in Penang and in Kedah would no longer exist because in those states UMNO is the opposition party.
Not that these are not important issues, but the basic fear of the Malays must be excised permanently. By the overriding issue being all right I mean will their interests- couched in terms of religion, race and country remain protected? These are the things most dear to the Malays- educated or less so.
So I must continue to write about this issue to allay the fears of the Malays. For 55 years they have been frightened into believing that without UMNO, their lives mean nothing. Educated Malays must play a role ridding such irrational thinking from the minds of the majority Malays.
In a modern democracy, citizens get protection from the rule of law and from legal rights. For instance, the position and whatever benefits meant for Malays are protected by the Agong as provided for by the constitution. The Agong does not cease to exist, if UMNO is not the government. The incoming government still has to uphold the constitution and by extension, the provisions therein.
The laws of the land are the means by which society protect itself. Everyone can be safe and secure, not only Malays with a good government upholding democracy and the rule of law. UMNO is not the protector. The rights of Malays and of all citizens are independent of UMNO which is just a fading political party.


Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 08:30  

A new government would definitely adhere and respect the constitutions more than the BN.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 09:35  

moses kata: Kalau bukan anak Malaysia yg ambil alih Malaysia , ini lebeh parah. Maksud saya yang tak dilahirkan diMalaysia, ank nenek, ibu bapa pun tak dilahirkan diMalaysia ini lebeh parahkan. Jom ABU PRU 13 peweee.

elizabeth 22 December 2012 at 09:43  

Pakatan may not be perfect, but check and balance will make a decent government out of PR and BN, in time.

bruno,  22 December 2012 at 10:02  

Dato,the only things Umno is harping on are scare politics and intimidation.And after 55 years,these scare tactics are stuck into the minds and working on some.But the numbers are not enough to gurantee the Umnoputras the elections.So they are continuing with their dirty tactics,and also with some help from the election commission.Gerry mandering and the inclusion of Banglas,Indons and others.

The only people who will do worst that the others if Umno/BN lost, are the corrupted politicians their families and cronies.Many of the four and five star motels owned by the gomen will be filled to the core.Maybe might have to build more to accomodate the pack of rats about to inhabit these habitats.

When Umnoputras and their cronies are gone,the skies will have much fresher air for all to breathe.Things won't change overnight,but they will most definitely be much better down the road.The people will prosper because of a better economy,not a collasping economy as claimed by the gomen cronies.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 10:10  

Pakatan rakyat is in a shamble. Votd them out..

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 10:33  

the grand old party is well known for lies, fear n deceit n of course a system of cronies n corruption// hence this nation is now in aBIG MESS lah

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 11:07  

Majority of Malays, including educated ones, are too insecure to change.....many totally depend on the government for everything.

They perceived the present 'political environment 'is to their advantage, irrespective of all its problems eg bad leadership,corruption destroying the country.

The country must hit rock bottom before one could change things necessary to minimise damage or save the country...fully understood and appreciated by all.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 11:43  

UMNO can only thrive with the Malays under mental bondage, their thinking clouded and their emotion laced with racial flavor.
It is blasphemy to link God to flavor UMNO, a party with leaders soak deep in the shit pool of corruption, cronyism, theft and plunder of the nation's wealth. What a sin it is for that low-life from Penang to utter such fifth.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 13:51  

BEIJING, Dec 22 — China has banned senior military officers from holding alcohol- fuelled banquets or from staying in luxury hotels when on work trips in the latest move by Communist Party chief Xi Jinping to fight corruption, state media reported today.

Receptions will also no longer feature welcome banners, red carpets, flowers, honour guards, performances or souvenirs, the powerful Central Military Commission, which Xi oversees, has decreed, major newspapers reported.

Officers will have to cut back on both the number and length of inspection tours, overseas visits, meetings and reports, according to the new rules.

Speakers at meetings should avoid “empty talk”, while the use of vehicles equipped with sirens will be “rigorously controlled during official visits in order to prevent public disturbances”.

“Additionally, commission officials are required to discipline their spouses, children and subordinates and make sure they do not take bribes.”

The rules echo similar demands made of party officials by Xi earlier this month.

The party, which has shown no sign of giving up its tight grip on power, has struggled to contain public anger at a seemingly endless stream of corruption scandals, particularly when officials are seen as abusing their posts to amass wealth.

China intensified a crackdown on rampant corruption in the military in the late 1990s, banning the People's Liberation Army from engaging in business. But it has crept back in recent years due to a lack of transparency, checks and balances and moral decay.

A senior officer, Lieutenant General Gu Junshan, was sacked earlier this year in what Hong Kong media have said would be the biggest military corruption scandal since the Communists swept to power in 1949, though details have not been officially announced.

Xi, who takes over as president from Hu Jintao at the annual meeting of parliament in March, warned shortly after becoming party boss that the country risked unrest if graft is not tackled. — Reuters

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 15:20  

The day when the Malays start to think for themselves will be the end game for UMNO but the question is after decades of BTNization when will the Malays or rather enough Malays see through UMNO's lies and deceits?

OneMalaysian,  22 December 2012 at 16:17  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Most Malays are at the stage where issues such as corruption, abuse of power, the rottenness of the system that UMNO upholds feature less in importance than the overriding issue - will Malays be all right?”

You have framed the issue succinctly. Will the Malays be all right under a Pakatan Rakyat government?

First, the Malays must realize that this UMNO is not the UMNO founded by Onn Jaffar in 1946, and the party led by Tunku Abdul Rahman to secure Merdeka. This UMNO Baru was the creation of Mahathir s/o Mohamad Iskandar, a devious opportunist who exploited the fears and insecurity of the Malays. The Tunku never trusted him, and rightly so. The original UMNO fought on behalf all Malays, but this UMNO Baru fights in the name of the Malays but in reality for the benefit of a small group of Malay plutocrats. These are the politically connected cronies who get sweet heart deals without tender, and tens of thousands of APs yearly that they sell for hundreds of millions. Much of this illicit wealth is then transferred out of the country surreptitiously. That’s why we attained the dubious honour as the world’s #2 country in illicit funds transfer running in the hundreds of billions.

Where do the activities and privileges of these UMNO Malay plutocrats leave the ordinary Malays? Right at the bottom of the wealth pyramid. 40% of Malaysian households earn less than RM1500 monthly. This is extreme poverty. The Malays form the vast majority of this desperate group. Who should they blame? No one else but UMNO because UMNO has ruled without interruption for 55 years, and it is UMNO policies, misrule, corruption and neglect that has condemned these Malays to their current situation.

Second, a Pakatan Rakyat government will govern in a completely different way from UMNO/BN. It will not tolerate corruption. The evidence is the transparent and efficient PR state governments of Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan. A PR government will pursue more socialistic programmes designed to benefit the less privileged by building their capacity to compete. It will wipe out cronyism and corruption and use the savings to directly benefit the people. For example, cars will be cheaper; road toll will be abolished; the hated AES scheme will be dismantled. The new and more efficient economy will create more and better paying jobs. Malaysians will no longer have to live with the indignity of waiting for small dollops of cash every 4 or 5 years when the general election comes along.

Third, this PR government will be a Malay-majority government. It will protect the status of Islam, the Malay language, and the institution of monarchy. So Malays have nothing more to lose (except all those lost opportunities under UMNO) but lots to gain.

Cahaya Qalbu,  22 December 2012 at 19:11  

Pentadbiran PR Pulau Pinang.

Antara usaha-usaha kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang tahun 2008–2011:

> Berjaya mencatat pelaburan berjumlah RM12.2 bilion pada tahun 2010, lantas menjadi negeri nombor satu Malaysia dalam jumlah pelaburan termasuk dalam kategori pelaburan asing. Kejayaan ini dicapai berkat usaha keras semua pihak, termasuk 1.6 juta rakyat Pulau Pinang.

> Pada tahun 2011 pula, Pulau Pinang sekali lagi mendapat nombor satu dengan jumlah pelaburan RM9.1 bilion. Jumlah pelaburan yang diraih sepanjang 4 tahun adalah RM35 billion, iaitu kadar pertumbuhan pelaburan yang paling tinggi dalam sejarah Pulau Pinang.

> Kejayaan kerajaan negeri PR bukan sahaja meningkat pertumbuhan ekonomi, tetapi juga berjaya mengurangkan hutang negeri sebanyak 95% daripada RM630 juta peninggalan BN kepada RM30 juta hari ini. Pengurangan hutang ini adalah kadar pengurangan hutang yang terbesar antara semua kerajaan negeri di Malaysia.

> Dalam usaha untuk melaksanakan pengurusan kewangan yang cekap, PR telah berjaya menghasilkan lebihan belanjawan setiap tahun sejak mengambil alih. Ini bukan hanya dalam kewangan kerajaan negeri tetapi juga dalam belanjawan MPPP dan MPSP.

> Peningkatan pelaburan sebanyak 465% di Pulau Pinang ini jelas mencerminkan keyakinan pelabur terhadap negeri ini dan ia sekaligus membantu kerajaan negeri mempromosikan negeri Pulau Pinang sebagai destinasi pelabur dalam dan luar negara.

> Dipuji oleh Ketua Audit Negara kerana mempraktikkan corak pengurusan kewangan terbaik bagi tahun 2008 dan 2009; lebihan belanjawan yang paling besar dalam sejarah Pulau Pinang, iaitu sebanyak RM88 juta pada 2008 dan RM77 juta pada 2009.

> Pelaksanaan Program Penghargaan Warga Emas dengan sumbangan RM100 setiap tahun kepada warga emas berusia 60 dan ke atas dan menjadi negeri pertama membasmi miskin tegar dengan memastikan setiap keluarga memperolehi sekurang-kurangnya pendapatan RM500 sebulan.

> Memberi bantuan kewangan kepada Sekolah Agama Rakyat, elaun dan duit raya kepada guru Kafa dan mengiktiraf para hafiz.
> Memberi bantuan pinjaman mikro tanpa faedah kepada peniaga-peniaga kecil dan mengurangkan bayaran lesen penjaja dan nelayan sebanyak 50%

> Dua pertiga pendapatan daripada pelancongan negara adalah sumbangan negeri Pulau Pinang

> Menjadi negeri yang mencatatkan kadar penurunan jenayah tertinggi di Malaysia dengan kadar 27%.

> Mencatatkan tahap pengangguran yang paling rendah diantara semua negeri di Msia malahan menghadapi kekurangan pekerja mahir.

> Mencatatkan peningkatan tertinggi penumpang penerbangan domestik dan asing di antara semua lapangan terbang di Malaysia sebanyak 30%.

> Mendapat pujian oleh badan antarabangsa anti-rasuah terkenal, Transparency International.

> Menubuhkan Pusat Pendidikan Pulau Pinang bagi menggalakkan universiti terkemuka dunia untuk mendirikan kampus cawangan di negeri ini

>Menjadi negeri pertama melancarkan kempen tanpa beg plastik percuma dalam usaha menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai Negeri Hijau.
Source> Ubah

monsterball 22 December 2012 at 19:31  

Mahathir's Umno b is deceiving God by using mosque to tell lies and keep professing they are the protectors of the Islamic faith.
Mahathir established rules and regulations to make sure Rulers are powerless.
The People have been poisoned with race and religion doctrines.
Our Country...the riches in the world is made normal like others...with billions stolen every year.
In between...people are arrested and some put to jail...if you expose them.
To the extreme...many are killed with no fear.
Are these facts or fantasy in Malaysia?
Mastermind of all none other than Mahathir.
Dollah would not obey his commands. Mahathir shouted and shouted to make sure all the Umno b crooks know who made them millionaires and Dollah has to step down.
Dollah is weak and have no guts to follow up all his promises too.
Come ...the other puppet....Najib.
Making Mahathir's son as a Deputy Minister was the sign...who is really the PM in Malaysia.
Mahathir stepped down knowing voters and Malaysians are sick of his acting...spinning ..lying.
As time passes by...he was proven the biggest thief of all times...thus making voters decide strongly to vote for change.
And we know what Najib have been doing for past 4 years.
Najib should not have been appointed as PM by Umno B.
I guess they think Najib has most to loose... if Umno b fails to win 13th GE...thus making Najib the most hard working unelected PM to stay free as long as he do his magician acts.
Events must be repeated over and over again to know the real reasons for what we are in for...after 13th GE.
The future is now under the hands of voters.
Government must be made to fear the People...not the other way round.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 21:03  

We pity the folks who thinks that UMNO is GOD....they fear them so much....they think that without UMNO all Malays shall perish and die a horrible death....

Malays who are educated and uneducated never ever use their God Given Brains correctly...that is the biggest Problem!

We need to show them that UMNO is NOT GOD and Malays should trust only THE REAL GOD!

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 23:47  

To catch the opposition and their supporters by surprise,the Umno gomen will set the date of the GE 1week before Chinese New Year.

p/s dirty people will play dirty tricks

Sumpitan Emas,  23 December 2012 at 01:02  

No one has covered so much in three pages as Walla has done in your 19th Dec blog. His call for voters to achieve the three objectives he mentioned right from the beginning is timely and necessary to put all of us in a particular frame of mind to made a decisive vote this time round.

Foul-play, double-standards and perversion of justice have all been well reported in the non-government alternative media. I do not for one moment think it is out of place, even at this juncture, for anyone to suggest how and where we should continue to look at the issues which have bedeviled us over the last 30 years, from corruption to cronyism, from fanning the fire of race-hatred to the rampant abuse by law-enforcement agencies, etc.

If what is reported to have been said by Musa Hitam, a former Deputy Prime Minister, recently is anything to go by, then all the more reason Malaysians must make a clear-headed decision at the poll-booth this time. This is what Musa said:
“Kalau saya LAWAN, maka saya pasti akan dituduh seorang homoseksual malahan mengadakan hubungan seks dengan binatang dan lain-lain. Kamu tidak kenal dia (Dr.M) sepertimana saya. Pada masa itu juga saya tidak ada kekuatan kewangan. Duit semua dipegang oleh Daim” - If I contest, I will definitely be accused of being a homosexual, of having sex with animals and others. You do not know him (Dr M) like I do. At that time, I also did not have the financial clout. All monies were held by Daim.” Link:

Many may have forgotten how one Mr Wahab Jusoh, an Administrative and Diplomatic officer, was given immediate transfer from one Department to the Public Service Department in 2011, as reported by Tan Sri Dr. Nordi Kardi (ref: Utusan28Aug2011), or how the Public Works Department came to have two Director-Generals in May 2011: Datuk Seri Dr.Judin Abdul Karim was directed to move to the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and although his replacement had been announced by the Chief Secretary (KSN) Tan Sri Mohd Sidek bin Hj Hassan, he was still in the office (ref: PRU13 UMNO Tumpas?); the transfer to CIDB was seen as a demotion. But, to be sure many people have not forgotten about the expulsion of Felda general manager Dzulkifli Abd Wahab to be replaced by Faizoull Ahmad, a known supporter of Isa Samad,in August this year.

Aren't all these instances of how political power is flexed to enforce compliance, and that in real life in the civil service, one is always beholden to political masters?

Sumpitan Emas,  23 December 2012 at 01:02  

To put in perspective Walla's comment about "...crony-incorporated system of dependence and control...,", a good starting point would be," Daim-How He Became So Rich"
by Dr. Mohamed Zain Mohamed, Professor of Technology & Strategic Management, University of Qatar. A useful link is:

Walla's "...strategic pr mistakes with the DAP election and the PAS ruling on hair-dressing salons in Kelantan."

I have already commented on what DAP should have achieved at their election, so I will quickly say in passing what I feel towards PAS's enigmatic stance on hair-dressing salons.

This hair-dressing salon issue taken together with another incident a few months ago, when a licence was denied to the owner of a building for occupancy because its frontage was presumed to be 'not Islamic enough', must surely deserve a hard and serious review by PAS elders.

Would the absence of a dome make a building less "Islamic"? Would the Abraj al-Bayt Tower, the second tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa, built next to Masjidil Haram, in Mekah be considered not Islamic enough?

Prof Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi commented,"...a former senior civil servant, who had been a planner, said that the dome is the best representation of Islam, implying that it is “morally” correct to build mosques with domes. Another person at the meeting added the notion that the dome had been “perfected” by Muslims and, thus, is justifiably unique to Muslims. Wow, such arrogance and delusions of grandeur! I have never come across such attitudes in my journey into the hadith, or teachings, of the Prophet Muhammad, Who comes off as a humble, quiet and rational man." (Star-20 Dec 2009).

"The Wahhabis destroyed all mausoleums, domed mosques and other buildings considered un-Islamic, and ....)" (pg4 Cradle of Islam by Mai Yamani 2004).

"Within one hundred years after the advent of Islam, sophisticated and highly integrated book industry was flourishing in the Muslim world....In certain major cities, such as Baghdad and Damascus, almost half the population was involved in some aspects of book production and publication....(p97)....There was no shortage of libraries from which to borrow books in the Muslim civilisation. Around the middle of the thirteeth century, historians list thirty-six libraries alone in Baghdad, and that does not include the House of Wisdom, the royal library, which had one of the largest collections anywhere...(pg 100)..."(Distorted Imagination - Lessons from the Rusdie Affair by Z. Sardar & M. W. Davies 1990).

I cannot, in real honesty, reconcile this rich history of scholarship among Muslims of the early years with the current pre-occupation with hair-dressing salons and 'un-Islamic' buildings.

Sumpitan Emas,  23 December 2012 at 08:12  

I should like to add to my earlier piece, 1/2, with regard to 'homosexuality.' This is extracted from the French by Anthony E Roberts as “The Trail of Political Islam” , the original is “Jihad: Expansion et D├ęclin de t’Islamisme” ©Editions Gallimard 2000 by Giles Kepel.

Pg 97: "…. Munawar Anees, a friend of Anwar who was freed from prison and expelled from Malaysia after massive international pressure was brought to bear on his behalf, voiced a change of heart on his arrival in the United States. An intellectual of Pakistani origin and a frequent castigator of the West in the columns of the newspaper be founded, Anees describes his own career and its culmination in Mahathir’s dungeons:

'Like so many others in the Muslim world, all my adult life I saw Western conspiracies everywhere I looked. I thought the West’s sole objective was to keep our heads firmly under the water . After this revealing experience, I find that my Western friends were the ones who succeeded in saving me, whilst Mahathir, a Muslim, has done everything in his power to destroy me…He has shown that even though he calls himself a Muslim, his heart is blind to all compassion. Tyranny is the consequence, the demonstration that his concept of “Asian values” is entirely bankrupt. My own tragedy, and Anwar’s, should make our Muslim co-religionists think harder when they consider the West and its role in the world. At a time when we are preparing to build our collective destiny in the 21st century, which values will be the most beneficial to us – those of Mahathir, or those of Jefferson? Mahathir has made the choice on his behalf.'

This change of heart among certain Islamist intellectuals, who turned to democracy as an alternative to the Faustian bargain of serving an authoritarian regime, occurred in other Muslim countries as the twentieth century came to a close. In post-1970 Malaysia, it was a result of the slow annexation by the state of the language of militant Islam. This co-optation allowed Mahathir to neutralize the urban generation of young Malays and to integrate them ideologically into a system which transformed religious zeal into a social identity. As a result, neither discontent nor dissidence could ever be expressed in Islamic terms. Darul Arqam was crushed for doing so." ....

Anonymous,  23 December 2012 at 10:46  

I will not be surprised if the 13GE was to be set near to CNY. I guess the Chinese, especially those who are ignorants, stay in small towns, villages or fearful-types will constantly be intimidated with fear of not celebrating and enjoying the CNY, and off course to be bought over with lots of angpaus. If you Chinese not voting for us you will not see the CNY.... hahaha.... could it be like that? And the corrupted Chinese candidates will be given away lot of angpaus to the non-Chinese voters and pleading the receivers not to forget to reciprocal to vote for each of them....hahaha... Malaysia boleh maa,,,

Anonymous,  23 December 2012 at 13:08  

Spot on. Too few Conscientious and brave Malays around at point of time to make any great change.Minorities being hit from all sides now. We will have to be at desperation point before Malays know their duty.

the toothless fella,  23 December 2012 at 13:40  

Umeeno is soon to be history.The signs are all for everybody to see.Umeeno has lost its balls,scared stiff to call for the GE.The ievitable of Umeeno losing the GE for the first time is about to become a self fullfilling prophecy.Have a nice life post GE13in Kamunting,Umnoputras.Bye bye and cheerio babes.

Anonymous,  23 December 2012 at 17:27  

Jika tuan/puan berdua di atas ini bukan Melayu, bahasa dan nada komen tuan/puan memberi gambaran kami orang Melayu semua tak berguna dan tak ada " telor". Simply put, you sound rasist and of those from amongst the Malay-bashers. "Thank you" for being such pontificating and "high-horse" riders.

Sarawi Sungai
A non-UMNOputra "Malay"
Cakap siang pandang-pandang ye!

Anonymous,  23 December 2012 at 18:11  

The unfounded fear and insucurity of ordinary Malays kept BN in power.

With majority living in fear and insecurity and their talents and capability restricted, this is the greatest opportunity for ordinary Malays to liberate themselves.

You can't put a value to freedom and liberation.

Sumpitan Emas,  24 December 2012 at 12:25  

Why is Najib collaring Mahathir, or more likely the other way round despite being an outsider, to wage this rear-guard battle before the polls? There must be more than just trumpeting about Transformation and 1Malaysia, whatever that means. Personally, the following are significant issues:

Of late so many ex-senior civil servants have made a bee-line for membership in various components of Pakatan aka BA for Barisan Alternative.

Among the more notable ones are:
1) ex-Deputy Manager of Bank Negara Dr Rosli Yaakop.
2) ex-CID Director Datuk Fauzi Shaari
3) ex-National Defence University staff Prof. Dr. Ariffin Omar, now DAP senator
4) ex- Land & Co-operatives Development Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Dr Nik Zain Nik Yusof

Questions are being raised daily regarding how some individuals have been persecuted or worse prosecuted at various times in recent years, and also how some individuals have been ignored or ill treated while in office.

Among those persecuted and prosecuted, and ultimately acquitted are:
1) lawyer Rosli Dahlan
2) Brig Gen (R) Datuk Mohamad Yasin Yahya
3) ex-Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Ramli Yusuff

Fresh in the minds of Malaysians who have been bombarded with accounts of corruption in high places, dereliction of duties and abuse of public office include the on-going 'battle' by another ex-CID chief Dato' Mat Zain Ibrahim against the A-G Tan Sri Gani Patail and ex-IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Sumpitan Emas,  24 December 2012 at 12:26  

Little known but not forgotten by those who want this country to push forward while putting an end to widespread corruption by racist politicians are:

1) ex-General Manager Dato M. Rajasingam of Port Klang Authority who left leaving the Authority with a healthy balance of Rm450 million, and his contract was not renewed; the rest, PKFZ is both tragic history - read Datuk Lee Hwa Beng's book.

2) ex-ACA officer Mohamad Ramli Manan's police report alleging that the ACA's Director-General (in 2002) Zulkipli
Mat Noor was involved in various crimes from living beyond his means to "sexual misconduct" when he was still a
senior officer in PDRM. Mohd Ramli's complaint to the A-G's office was not acted upon; the Parliamentary Select
Committee on Integrity called for a meeting with the two and there the matter ended.(21 Mar 2002 Asia Times)

3) one ex-Naval chief retired about ten years ago, in a huff; has this report from Malaysian Chronicle (31 May 2012)
anything to do with the man's undisguised dis-ease after he left the navy?: ‘ French lawyers acting for Malaysian NGO SUARAM have accused a close aide of Prime Minister Najib Razak of selling defence secrets to arms maker DCNS for 36mil euros or RM142 million. “It was a secret document by the Malaysian Navy, an evaluation for the order of the submarines, which is a highly confidential report,” Joseph Breham told a press conference in Bangkok on Wednesday (30 May 2012).’

4) The number of senior civil servants’ instant transfer the civil ‘purgatory’, i.e. the Public Service Department for
reasons known only to those who feel only they matter in Malaysia today, have mattered all the time, under the guise of ‘the Malays must not lose power.’

Ten years out of forty in the official education sector and what do I see with respect to the teaching of the Malay language in our schools today — there aren’t enough trained Malay language teachers! —; this revelation courtesy of the current Director of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Dr Awang Sariyan in March this year. If this does not show how cavalier and irresponsible some people holding high office in Education are, what does?

Does UMNO really care? At crucial moments, as a diversion, we hear cries of “Memperkasa, memertabatkan bahasa Melayu”. Professor after professor can deliver paper after paper at international conferences, the truth is, Education is least in the minds of those who matter, or more precisely, should matter. Most times of course, it is still the politics of survival, and more — to perpetuate the regime’s hold on to power, fortune, monopolies, AP awards, etc.

So Malaysians of all races must be absolutely clear when they go to the polls that the issue is NOT about Malay power and control— this is a political given despite what UMNO has been trying to instigate, it is about the current UMNO Malay power and control, helped and consolidated by its compliant but equally greedy and corrupt non-Malay partners in Barisan.

So it is May 13th again? How morally corrupt this present UMNO could be!

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