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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 6 December 2012

UMNO General Assembly 2012: All Thunder, Little Rain

In a moving passage in his book, The Road to Serfdom- Hayek wrote: when the course of civilization takes an unexpected turn- when instead of continued progress which we have come to expect, we find ourselves threatened…..we naturally blame everything but ourselves.
It appears UMNO has done just that. They blame everyone else except themselves. It was a climate of either them or us. UMNO leaders are doing a Bush Jnr on us- either you are with us or you are against is. UMNO is behaving just like this- we UMNO are the good guys, you the others are our enemy. It was that mindset that produced some of the most pugnacious statements ever to come out from PWTC. Overall, the speeches were fiery, seditious and hostile.  
Here is the inconvenient truth for UMNO. We are not intimidated. Let us have clean elections. We promise not to cut off anyone’s ears.
The overall tone of the assembly was a call to the UMNO supporters all over, to actually assault their opponents. Shahrizat  the embattled Wanita leader said something that was utterly irresponsible. If she thought her utterances can salvage her impending exit, she is wrong.. Even the UMNO people at the Assembly knew she was saying something to stay relevant. Nowadays, the only way for UMNO people to stay relevant is to play the bigot card- religious and racial bigotry.
Shahrizat played that card unashamedly. She alluded to the infamous May 13 racial clashes. If Chinese are allowed to dominate political power, they would make lives horrible for Malays. UMNO keep forgetting, MCA is more racist than DAP.
Clearly, this was a desperate attempt by UMNO leaders to create a climate of fear. Right thinking Malaysians must reject this type of leaders and the political party that spawns the hate culture. It is important for Malaysians to know that if UMNO lose the elections, it is they who face terrible days ahead.  If something like May 13 happens, UMNO will be behind it.
The equally strident voices of most of the delegates, unrestrained and bellicose serve to further add to the creation of a climate of fear in the country. UMNO is responsible for creating this climate of fear.
Najib and the UMNO speakers offer nothing but slogans and a shouting contest. Did anyone hear of any articulation of the major issues facing this country?
How do we make this country improve our democratic process? No one spoke about this. In Indonesia, a country seen as a supplier of maids to Malaysia, all political leaders have equal access to articulate their thoughts on TV. People debate issues in the open as opposed to a one- sided version of events. UMNO campaigns all year round, yet it is not ready to grant access to fair media coverage to the opposition.
All we hear over the 4-5 days are the outpouring of fears and threats if UMNO is out of power. This is the worse UMNO GA to have taken place- it was a festival for the outpouring of adulation to the great leader, a man who is more skillful at managing his public persona.  As to running the country, he has no clue.  The adulation and worshiping of Najib are exceeded only by the attacks on the opposition.
The most important elements of the democratic process include giving equal access for the opposition in government controlled media. Why? Because it offers the public choices. And choices is what democracy is essentially about. Making informed choices as to who is the better party suited to manage this country?
How about giving access to the media for Pakatan to explain its budget proposals? How do we do know, their budget is not worth the paper it is printed on?
How about ensuring only Malaysian citizens, properly registered will vote in the coming elections? Get rid of the aliens who are non-citizens who have been given licenses to vote by way of making them instant citizens.
Did anyone talk about  demanding the government  take measures to ensure fair elections are free from threats of physical violence?
Let us be clear about this. The exit of UMNO means just that- the exit of UMNO and not the demise of the country. It will be the end of world where a selected few gets rich riding on the manipulated emotions of the majority. It will be the end of a world where one gets ahead by cutting corners and leveraging on political connections instead of getting ahead using your own abilities. It will be the end of a world dominated by one person having probably 100 Class F licenses and cornering contract works from the government. It will be beginning of a world where ministers having homes on the French Riviera and London  and Australia will be made to account for their wealth.
Who is the hermit who asked me what is there in Sungai Buloh? Sungai Buloh houses the biggest prison in Malaysia. We will make it bigger by adding 1Malaysia shops, a subsidiary of Johor Premium Outlets, and a Ferrari showroom not costing RM20m managed by Naza of course.


KoSong Cafe 6 December 2012 at 09:08  

I sincerely hope Dato will play an important part in the coming GE13.

I expect you to be standing as candidate for either state or parliament, or even both, for being a major influence to debunk Umno's mindset among the Malays. I also expect you to be holding a high position in any Pakatan government, state or federal (hopefully).

I am sure your articles have been discomforting to present Umno leaders because they are objective.

I wish you all the best.

Anonymous,  6 December 2012 at 09:24  

Aiyo Dato,
How could you have missed the tears that flowed freely from the eyes of some moronic and gullible delegates after listening to some words on the plight of the Malays?

These idiots, instead of putting the blame on UMNO were crying.
UMNO is responsible for the sorry state the Malays are in.UMNO took half a decade to make them "slaves in their own country".
And here they are worshiping UMNO has God's party. MORONS!!

patrick,  6 December 2012 at 10:39  

Hahaha!Love the intended support services for the Bamboo Resort!After a lifetime of luxury in London,the French Riviera,etc,guess that's the least we can do,especially the Ferrari showroom!

ordinary malaysian 6 December 2012 at 10:59  

A little correction, Dato. Neither Bush Sr or Jr believed in a divine right to rule in perpetuity. Umno does. And herein lies the problem - for Umno. And for the country.

Because Umno believes that they have the right to govern forever, they have lost any sense of reality.

So they blame everyone else but themselves for all the ills of the nation. Believe it or not, they even had the gall to place the blame for the fall in the price of Felda shares squarely on the shoulders of the opposition!

Now, this is really being irascibly irresponsible to say the least, when everyone knows that all the ingredients for the dive in Felda shares were all built in and came courtesy of the robber barons.

These are the same guys who will tell you that they have sacrificed their whole lives so that the Malays would have something to be grateful for. Yeah, sure. The tattered shirt on their bent backs working the fields and harvesting the oil palms to grease their masters' till.

Umno's belief in their divine right to rule eternally, would have been merely laughable were it not really pathetically pathological. Any challenge to their delusion is seen as a challenge to race, religion and the royalty. As if Umno has a monopoly over these.

But bereft of rationality and reason, Umno can only continue to reprise their hackneyed hogwash of being the anointed champion of race, religion and royalty.

Thus they persist in insulting the intelligence of the Malays whom they are supposed to champion, by insisting that without Umno, the Malays will be finished and overrun by the Chinese.

As if the Malays are really so incapable as a race, and more importantly, as humans; beings lacking in anything except the need to hold on to Umno's apron strings. As if, by magic, were Umno to lose, the Malay race would suddenly go extinct! How insulting can that be to Malays to be reminded over and over that they are incapable of being independent nor have the natural wherewithal to survive without Umno.

Remember, no matter who eventually administers the country, the Malays still make up the majority of the population. They won't just simply disappear. And aren't the majority of the members in Keadilan and Pas Malays themselves? Are they not really Malays? Or are only Umno Malays to be considered true Malays? Does it make any sense then, that the Malays in Keadilan and Pas will just sideline their own brothers and sisters once they come into power?

Only Umno's perversity will insist that that is so. But the rest of us, the Malays themselves in particular, can see through Umno's madness.

A madness that will consign Umno to the pastures to do some honest, serious work for once. That will be the day when Malaysians are finally liberated - truly merdeka, unyoked from the years of Umno's tyranny.

But like one who knows that his days are numbered, Umno will go out fighting. So, all means fair and foul is game.

It is not surprising therefore that Umno are revisiting May 13 to try to scare the Chinese too. But the Chinese, like the Malays, are no longer afraid, because we know that we are united to go for a critically needed change of government to save the country from bankruptcy and the excesses of Umno.

It is no longer an option - we either regain the country for the rakyat or we continue to be buggered.

OneMalaysian,  6 December 2012 at 11:09  

Dear Sakmongkol

UMNO is racist to the core. Each year they have this big confab to direct vitriolic diatribe against 40% of the people of Malaysia. You are safe if you are a constitutional Malay, even though you speak Tamil at home and that your parents had just migrated from India a generation ago.

Thus we have Sharizat and Reezal Merican speaking in the most despicable terms and getting away with it. One threatened 40% of Malaysians with a rerun of May 13 – bloodshed, no less, if UMNO were to lose the next general election. To avoid such unnecessary lost of life and property, she should simply have suggested that we let UMNO win 67% of all seats so they can change the constitution to ban democratic elections because they have the tendency to end in racial clashes that can kill and maim thousands. Dictatorships ala Mubarak, Gaddafi or El-Assad should be the UMNO model. Just don’t think what has happened to them, though.

The real Malays don’t often speak like these two do. To borrow a Christian expression, these people are more Catholic than the Pope. What is obvious is that they are unashamed social and political climbers. Those are stock political speeches to fool the ordinary Malays to facilitate their climb up the political ladder. How else can you get into a position where your very ordinary husband who can’t tell a cow from a goat be given a RM250 million soft loan for a cattle rearing project, and in which that money is promptly misused?

The question that must be asked is: are the Malays so easily fooled? They must be. For 22 years they had Mahathir, another constitutional Malay, as their leader, who has blazed a trail for Sharizat and this God-invoking Reezal.

It is hard to find a modern country where the majority race routinely threatens the minority races and getting away with it. This must change. And the only way to do that is to vote the racist UMNO out, and replace them with Malays who believe in a multi-racial Malaysia.

Suci Dalam Debu 6 December 2012 at 12:00  


Tak tahu macam mana nak cakap dalam bahasa yang tidak menyinggung persaan orang melayu?

Lihatlah, Melayu Pompuan ala Hindustan tu ugut dengan Mei 13, Melayu angguk.

Melayu Lelaki ala Tamil Nadu atau entah negeri mana tu dapat wahyu UMNO tu Parti Tuhan and Melayu pun angguk

Melayu Lelaki ala Bugis tu banyak laung dan mengaum dari berhujah jelas hidung dicucuk Mamak Bendahara dari Kerela dan Melayu pun angguk.

Melayu UMNOlah.....hahahahah. Terpaksa angguk sebab takut tak dapat lesen kontrek.

Negara tercinta ini mungkin akan jadi bankrap kalau rakyat tak pilih dengan bijak.

monsterball 6 December 2012 at 13:38  

If DAP and PR do not approve SAK as a 13th GE candidate...then PR is missing out a politician that is brave and intelligent.
PR will not announce their candidates until Najib put out their list.
You can be very very sure...wherever the big rouges and thieves stand...they will be facing PR big guns too.
Lim Kit Siang will start the ball before...looking to roll over a MCA top gun like their Vice President..Liow Tiong Lay.
Najib will stay at Pekan and so will Anwar at Permatang Pauh.
It's rumored that Seremban "Ning"...the unofficial ruler for Negri Sembilan.. will challenge Nurul....N Vs N
Shahrikat will not be a candidate.
Lim Guan Eng will stay put in Penang...and wait for Chua Soi Lek...if the MCA boss has the guts.
"If you want me...come and get me"...will be PR's challenge to BN and will BN dare to have the same battle call?
Najib has lost his will to the last day of his UNELECTED PM status to stay long as he can.

walla 6 December 2012 at 16:35  

If Shahrizat and Muhyiddin had known what Tun Dr Ismail had done during May 13, they would not have been so hasty to play their bigoted racial card.

Over the head of his boss Razak, namely father of Najib, Dr Ismail pulled from the streets the entire Malay Regiment during that event and confined them to their barracks, replacing them for street patrol duty with the Sarawak Rangers, probably the finest and fairest fighting force of the nation.

If those two execrable political opportunists still don't know the reason why Dr Ismail had done so, they only need to ask the GHKL mortician who, if still alive, would have given a more factual and accurate account than that so-called voluntary but all-the-same official video on the event.

You know those two are just anti-Malaysian for irresponsibly omitting the other incredible acts of courage and humanity shown by many Malays, Chinese and the others during those fateful days. At risk to themselves, they had shielded each other and provided safe hiding places and food.

Now so many years later when our communities have come together again as phoenixes bearing mutual goodwill out of the ashes of those painful memories, these two jokers and the masterminds behind them still have the gall to try and stoke racial and divisive fires just so that they have some supporters cut from the same cloth when their day of reckoning comes on GE13. For all their education and upbringing, selfish low-life's, aren't they?

Let's therefore hope the others who have influence over our armed forces after the results are returned will exercise some backbone for the first time in their cushy lives to do the honorable thing.

After all, they too cannot deny that the real 1Malaysia was already born long ago but Umno had no hand in its delivery otherwise it would not have raised expensive programmes today to try and own the goodwill that the rakyat have themselves generated out of their own good nature despite Umno's double-speak machinations.

The results of GE12 in 2008 have shown there is a bedrock of cohesive muhibbah between all our communities brought together by a common ideal and goal. The common ideal is a better Malaysia. The common goal is ABU. Even if Najib and his ilk extend GE13 right to the last moment, there's nothing that Umno and those 2,000 rift-rafty attendees at their GA2012 can do. Except cheat again at the polls.

Note that Umno said and did the same things at this GA as what it had said and done in its previous GAs. So, how can Mahathir say Umno has reformed? For that matter, how can Najib and Muhyiddin say Umno is ready to reform?

If Umno has reformed (or not yet reformed, ;P), why did this year's speeches carry the same rants as those of the previous years and talk again about the need for internal unity?

If power-mongers in a political party are themselves not united but are merely in-fighting amongst themselves for future corrupt favours, how can the party be said to have reformed, for that matter ready to reform within the next four months at most?

And that is why the Rakyat Of Malaysia have other things in mind. Those things that the Umno attendees never even said a syllable. It's because Umno has deliberately denied its own members the central discussion of the most important issue at hand - "why is it the Rakyat Of Malaysia no longer trust Umno?"

Is it because if Umno had done so, their entire proceedings would have been paralyzed immediately?

walla 6 December 2012 at 16:36  


Najib waxed about amanah but those french lawyers have to park themselves outside the border. Shouldn't the defense minister at that time be materially concerned about the reputation of the state enough to guarantee the safety of those lawyers? Unless he has a personal motive, no?

Furthermore, one visit from Lagarde who gave a cursory response on the ETP and he said we are the envy of the world. He would not be saying that today because the 3Q12 results are out and, like FGVH, the slide has started.

And corruption - Umno-linked entities abuse their offices to buy up the rakyats' state land at ultra-cheap prices that they themselves set, then assetize the lots with the singular objective of making extremely high profits and dividends for their own cronies, ignoring that the lands belong to the states and the rakyat in the first place.

Isn't that sufficient to explain why every single one of those attendees at the assembly looked fat, well-dressed and happy, almost as beefy and healthy as those Umno Youths of various constitutional backgrounds who had marched in red on the command of Khairy Jamaluddin of oxford pedigree?

And they all shed tears for our poor Malays but that's after brandishing fiery speeches about fighting enemies they have concocted only in their small and narrow minds in order to have something to play to the gallery in order to justify their own miserable inconsequential existence. Yes?

Don't they even have one shred of their own 1Malaysia in them to also shed some pearls of tears for our poor farmers now mati under debts to banks, and the indigenous natives of Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia who have had to march and sit in the hot sun for their heritage?

What if the Rakyat Of Malaysia were to ask those two thousand attendees why they were gloating in the cool confines of those over-dressed convention halls and not marching under the hot sun with the Bersih marchers and the natives? How are they individually going to answer? You reckon they can? Therefore, hypocrites, no? Those photos courtesy of their MSM should thus only carry one label. Yes, the munafiqation of our Malay race, Umno's finest achievement.

You cannot deny that is true. After all, how else can one explain that already in the 21st century, the Umno-led federal government still has to spawn the odd idea of holding graft avoidance courses for their MPs. MPs are law-makers and if our law-makers don't know what is corruption, then it makes you wonder whether in advancing such a ludicrous proposal, the Umno federal government is in fact indirectly admitting its MPs are corrupt and therefore they need to be rehabilitated through courses led by an AG-MACC compact which however has no enviable record of arresting big-fish corruption - ever in the annals of Umno's anal history.

If Umno's Malaysia is worse than Nigeria in the global Bribe Payers Survey, we have serious problems on hand. If those problems had been solved instead of being shoved under the carpet, Malaysia would have outperformed hundreds of other economies. Lagarde might have even offered a Hermes bag as token of real appreciation of our true performance then.

Remember that american ceo who at a local public forum not too long agopointedly exposed the level of corruption? That he had the courage to say it out means his multinational has already given up on this part of Asia. How many more have walked away without saying a word?

The young may remember the opening tune..every breath you take, every step you make, we'll be watching you. The Rakyat Of Malaysia have sung this, The Police's, song, too. Umno has shown it is completely deaf. Time's up. GE13 and ABU beckon. End Umno’s big monty-python charade once and for all.

Anonymous,  6 December 2012 at 16:42  

You are nearer to the jugular vein Tok.

Anonymous,  6 December 2012 at 18:19  

all thunder n much rain in KL lah-- not sure wthether its raining elsewhere <<KL is flooding oh

Anonymous,  6 December 2012 at 20:13  

Some FAQ's maybe you can help clarify?

1. What's the juice on Sharizat? She is so calm and composed OR at least acts that way. Why is Najib so terrified of her?

2. How much does Pak Lah know about Najib's scandals? Is that his trump card in case things hit the fan for him, his family's business or KJ?

3. When Najib gets ousted by his own party, who takes over? Muhyideen?

No pressure in responding. Just some FAQ's Malaysian's would like to know. Something like Mythbusters!

T C Chan,  6 December 2012 at 21:49  

We should pass the hat around to build or expand prison cells to accommodate the influx of new inmates one day after GE13. I would take exceptional delight to contribute to a fund for this purpose!

walla 7 December 2012 at 00:00  


We cannot afford a hung result. It will split this nation permanently. No federal government policy or development plan will be given support. The private sector where most of the Opposition work will just walk away and do its own thing. Federal funds will be wasted with only ambivalent results to show at best. The gulf between public and private sectors will widen, lowering standards and productivity, raising complaints, and leaving behind a vacuum that will only be filled again by the same cronies and hangers-on, leading to more corruption and plunder, creating runaway national debts at exactly the time the oil factor becomes decisive, substantiating further the very belief that had made voters turn against the ruling regime. The entire environment in the country will then be toxic with double speak and double standards. Hayek's road to serfdom will finally be completed and new tolls collected by the same bunch of Umno concessionaires.

The Rakyat Of Malaysia know all this. Voters are massing in disgust at Barisan. Their mood is black and antagonistic; they have protest-marched in swelling numbers; they have pierced through Umno's mainstream spins and connected all the dots that reveal a grim record of what Umno has been doing behind their backs all these years; the young have taken back home by the busloads all the evidence of Umnoputra malfeasance, narrated the scandals, dissected the inconsistencies and contradictions, punctured the spins, and raised the national ante of discontent.

It is inconceivable Umno doesn't know all this. Its members know. Even its BTN-drugged, mahathir-stoned, intelligentsia know. And because they all know, the Umno prince-lings will do the only thing left to do. Cheat at the polls.

That's why the EC has lost its tongue with nothing to show for an organization that is supposed to be independent. So near to the elections, it still has not whimpered whether the electoral database has been finally cleansed or for that matter, which one will actually be used; the committee on project IC has also disappeared into thin air, and the indelible ink trial deflects attention from the other issues of postal votes and gerrymandering of voter constituencies. GE13 won't be a fair fight for the right to govern.

What then will Najib and company do? He wants to win GE13. But the other component parties are already toast. So he has to depend on Umno general members. But they are asking where are the winnable candidates? None of his cabinet members is a winnable candidate. Their only record of performance is to create even more mess and controversy, aside from improprieties and excesses.

If he pulls in outsiders, those who have lorded over the plebeians in their areas will rankle and rebel.

Their supporters will also ask what right have these outsiders to be given such a privilege to rule over them with hands in next year's federal till.

walla 7 December 2012 at 00:00  


And that is why Umno can only try to cheat in GE13. However, how it will cheat will backfire on itself.

If it cheats only a bit, the result will be hung and we are back to the scenario above where for the next five years there will constantly be demonstrations and marches, conscientious objections, whistle blowing and exposures and so on every week. The country will grind down, investors will flee, brain drains will become a torrent, and talent corp will reinvent itself into a maid agency.

Because no decent citizen will countenance deceit and deception besides political injustice and official theft of their taxpayers' money. Because if he or she ignores any one of them, the bad things done by a few will spread down into the fabric of the society, and make people close an eye even a ear to bad things done. When good people do nothing in the face of bad things, those things will grow and spread like wildfire. Especially when the rules of law and the judiciary system to back them up have already long been compromised.

And if Umno cheats a lot to aim for two-thirds, the voters will know and there will be hell to pay AFTER GE13.

Even the Umno general members will say it's not fair. Unless they can be bought. Which will break up the Malay community, make the other communities steer away from it, besides weakening the faith, at the same time ending all credit lines for the returned Umno government.

So either a bit or a lot, Najib's camp is in a maroczy bind. If a lot, the country will be ungovernable. If a bit, his camp will be booted out by those waiting in the background.

But that will again leave the new Umno leadership as Muhyiddin and Mukhriz acting as proxies for Mahathir whose staying power on this planet will however diminish by natural course, and knowing so, he will therefore become more desperate with every second to ensure his legacy of crooked racism and warped ketuanan continue, the very two things which have come close to destroying this nation.

Therefore Barisan must lose and Umno in particular must be banished to sit on the opposition bench, at least for one term, to take fuller stock of itself and its crimes against the humanity of this country.

Those in Barisan who currently sit in the pembangkang bench in Opposition-run state assemblies can play an orientator role to help acclimatize the other blur-sotong's of Barisan who will have to get used to sitting in the opposition bench in Parliament after GE13.

There are smart and capable people on both sides. But more of the smart, capable AND honest ones are in the present Opposition.

The smart and capable ones in Barisan have already been contaminated until for their perks and periuk they have to turn a blind eye away from all the white collar crimes executed in the name of Barisan's survival. That's prostitution of honesty and integrity. That's unprofessional double standards.

After Pakatan takes over, these contaminated's will realize they have a new chance to redeem themselves. They can then make real, honest and upright contributions to the nation before they reach their retirement plateau.

Mark Dean,  7 December 2012 at 07:57  

Tiada kata secantik bahasa untuk mengambarkan kebijaksanaan Cik Walla (cik, I assume only la, he he).

Raison D'etre 7 December 2012 at 10:40  

As always, WALLA's riposte is always a pleasure to read.

Ironic that the UMNO GA 2012 came and went in a poof, eh?

Likewise the farty aftermath of a all you can eat RM8 durian binge / session so plentiful these days.

Sumpitan Emas,  8 December 2012 at 01:26  

Good that Sharizat and Reezal Merican spoke that way, and that both Shahrizat and Muhyiddin did not know "What Tun Dr Ismail had done during May 13" and subsequently played "their bigoted racial card". These are just different ways of telling the world that the end is near. Nothing can stop the winds of change blowing across Malaysia.

If threats and seditious hogwash were meant to intimidate the general public to vote for BN, then UMNO has done the exact opposite — it has galvanised even the most passive citizens to react in ways none could have foreseen even five years ago. Why so?

That UMNO has had the full monopoly of the mass media has allowed it to debase the meaning of public discourse for too long. Who is not aware that the main newspapers and tv channels are under the absolute grip of the government and parties beholden to it? Every newspaper has comprehensively proved that it is a mouthpiece of the government, and unashamedly so. We are so to speak facing a double whammy with respect to access to fair unfettered information as both government t.v. and radio channels and the private press, have done everything to prove that only their views are worth disseminating. Small wonder Dorothy Sayers lamented that, “The heaviest restriction upon the freedom of public opinion is not the official censorship of the Press but the unofficial censorship by a Press which exists not so much to express opinion as to manufacture it.”

Threats, half-truths and outright lies may have carried the day as recently as five years ago. Today with the advent of cyber-intercourse through the ether, licit or otherwise, puts paid the glory days of both the official and unofficial media lords, their obedient drooling scribes included. Cyber space is truly borderless, and incredible as it may sound, multi-dimensional non-Euclidean space, has paradoxically given mankind the ‘flattest and most level playing field’ for the first time, so that everyone can have a fair go at the game. Allow me to expand.

In the 13th century, when European feudal society started to disintegrate into the three Estates namely, the nobility, the clergy and the commons (mainly merchants), it would take another 500 years for another group of hopeful mortals to give a new voice to mankind, what Edmund Burke called the Fourth Estate. The Fourth Estate was for all intents and purposes to act as an equaliser for the common men, to moderate any excesses of the powerful triumvirate in whatever forms they may appear. It was precisely when the Fourth Estate started to forget the raison d’ĂȘtre for its existence that Dorothy Sayers was the first to alert the world about, if I may put it my way, incipient gutter journalism, a craft honed to near perfection by our local press led by Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, The Star, etc.

21st century, 200 years after the arrival of the now discredited Fourth Estate, ‘flat’ Multi-dimensional non-Euclidean space aka cyber space, in one fell swoop, allows the transfer of digital data at lightning speed, has given everyone, the common man and woman, the ability to say his or her piece. This, I propose, is the FIFTH ESTATE.

Rais Yatim, please take note.

500 years from the Three Estates to the Fourth Estate, and then 200 years to the Fifth Estate. Will there be a Sixth Estate? Very likely,…… I am feeling funny again……. In 50 years times, Dato’, I predict the 6th Estate, more intrusive than ever, as a sort of vengeance against the tyranny of the corrupt ruling class (it will still be there), will have holographic images of ourselves (with or without clothes) entering any bedroom of our choice. Wayward UMNO and MCA politicians, if they are still around, will receive their just desserts. Not their wives, for sure.

Anonymous,  8 December 2012 at 15:09  

As usual, a shameless annual meeting to threaten violence against innocent ordinary people to retain power.

Misguided and extremists might get the wrong message....these politicians are grossly irresponsible.

Anonymous,  8 December 2012 at 20:02  

saya tak pandai nak komen merangkumi semua skop secara menyeluruh. tapi saya amat sedih dengan apa yg sedang terjadi dalam negara yg tercinta ini.

jika bekas polis dan tentera jadi penentang, kakitangan kerajaan yg jujur ikhlas pun sama, rasanya, dah sampai masa kita fikir betul2 sebelum memilih pemimpin.

kakitangan kerajaan tetap orang yg sama yg sentiasa memikirkan untuk kebaikan negara, tetapi banyak sangat campur tangan yg menjadikannya huru hara..

Unknown 9 December 2012 at 11:18  

Singh is King

Let's pray with ABU, there will be dawn of a New Malaysia, where all Malaysians can take pride to be Malaysians. The Evil Regime of 55 years has to go, there is no other option.

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