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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Question is What will Malays Gain rather than what willl Malays lose if UMNO Loses

Everyone is free to criticize any party. DAP is no exception. DAP will readily acknowledge that it is a party far from perfect. UMNO cyber troopers can throw all the invectives but if the criticisms do not extend beyond one- liners, that will only reveal their shallowness. That which is written trivially, shall not be taken seriously.

The barrage of xenophobic responses hurled recently at the DAP’s election of CEC is a case in point. The morbidity of the criticisms can only indicate extreme paranoia at insisting that Malays must be elected into the CEC. As a Malay, you have a birthright to earn a place on the CEC? As a Malay DAP member, I don’t subscribe to the view that one must be elected because one has a certain status. Rights are earned not given.

That is precisely the idea behind the recent  comments by a leader of a Malay business organization who said that DAP is a threat to Malay business. How is that so? A system that actually helps the powerless and the voiceless Malay businessmen is said to be a threat to Malay business? Which kind of Malay business? The kind that Izzat Emir is accustomed to? The system that allows shortcuts and establish a reward system that enriches people who don’t have to work? A system that favors people like Izzat Emir who has cables and political connections? That is precisely the system spawned by UMNO which have inbuilt mechanisms that favor the rich, powerful and the connected.

If the delegates found candidates not yet deserving, so be it. Maybe they need more time to adjust to the thinking that DAP is not just an opposition party but it can be a partner in the federal government. Sophisticated thinking requires a little more time. Getting DAP becoming a multiracial party where Malays can deservedly participate is a work in progress. It cannot derail the belief that DAP is the best platform to talk about good governance, getting rid of the rotten system that has turned Malays into small children.

Compared to the failure of Malays getting into the CEC, these are more important issues. To respond to the irrational screams of UMNO cyber troopers is unnecessary. We will continue convincing Malays to embrace the struggles of the DAP because they serve the interest of all. DAP has establish itself as a strategic component in PR that is capable of annihilating MCA.

We can talk about the issues troubling our country- the economy, corruption, abuse of power, betrayal of Malays, ruinous economic policies. That will all pale in comparison to the overriding concern of Malays- will they be all right?

They want to know what if UMNO lose? Will they be protected? Will their religion be safe? Will the monarchy remain? Will they still get help where help is needed?

The question is better answered if it were asked this way: what will the Malays gained if we kick out UMNO? We get liberty and self-respect. We celebrate our freedom from mental bondage- the most vicious being told for the last 55 years, without UMNO Malays are doomed. That has allowed a band of thieves to plunder this country and made themselves rich on the backs of millions frightened into believing that UMNO equals God in dispensing glad tidings.

Why it is that Malays must associate themselves with UMNO for their survival?  UMNO isn’t the voice for Malays anymore. It has lost legitimacy. It only got 2 million votes from the 5.7 million Malay votes in 2008? So don’t go around shamelessly claiming you still speak for the Malays.

In an attempt to sooth wounded price, UMNO people rationalized that the votes in 2008 were protest votes. Sure they come back one.

How big were the protest votes? 10%? If 10pct then, from the 3.7 million voters, UMNO can recover 370,000 voters with their open bribery, giving out of BR1M, on off payments to ex-servicemen, 1.5 month bonus to the 1.4 million civil servants and so forth.

Why do we say 370,000? Look at the Bersih [protestors. How big was the crowd? 400,000? Those were protestors. Their number is representative of protestors. Then it can be inferred that the probable size of protest voters in 2008, was around 350,000. If that is the amount, then there are still 3.33 million voters still with Pakatan.

These 3.33 million voters are of a different nature. The voters who chose Pakatan out of conviction and beliefs are not easily re-bought by UMNO. UMNO can kiss goodbye to these people. That still leaves the majority of Malays with PR.

Because they know, associating with UMNO for their survival is absolute rubbish unless you are a paraplegic. Then you have to depend on UMNO for your daily routines.

They first thing they will lose is a corrupt government where almost all the ministers are millionaires. The UMNO government has sold out on the Malays. When we got independence in 1957, the British left us with 3 million hectares of Malay reserve land. Over the years, the UMNO government has parceled out Malay reserve lands to their Chinese friends and towkays. Yes, UMNO is selling out land to the Chinese. In the 1990s only about 1.7 million hectares of Malay reserve land were left.

UMNO is selling out almost 40,000 acres of land in Bentong to Vincent Tan and his group, is selling out assets to YTL. UMNO has sold not only Malay reserve land but also other assets to its cronies and towkays. YTL got prized land tracts in Sentul belonging to KTM in exchange for building roads and elevated roads? The government cannot do these? Land in Tioman, in Langkawai and in Selangor was sold off by UMNO government. The Malay government has betrayed the majority Malays.

We lose nothing if UMNO loses. We are getting rid of a bad sore that has latched on to our body for too long.


Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 08:08  

Malaysia is a peninsula but under BN, it has been turned into an island. As a result, many have become rich not because of their ability to compete against the rest of the world but through connections with the ruling government. May be good in the short term but never in the long run as Singapore has attested to it. Not Malaysia is paying the highest price for BN's short sighted policies as everything seems to be in reverse gear. And there is no way BN can change tact as the gears are severely jammed!
Its time Pakatan highlights more Malays who have been successful without NEP and crutches, at home and abroad. Malays who have ventured overseas and compete successfully and being able to stand on their own two feet. Malays who are pioneers in their own fields of expertise. Malays who are humble and don't go around showing off their Datukships and Tan Sris but prefer to be addressed as Encik, Puan, Mr and Ms?

monsterball 19 December 2012 at 09:02  

A very nice a piece for all Malaysians to ponder.
Malaysia is proven second to China on money laundering.
Umno B Muslims should wake up and stop supporting corruptions....race and religion dirty politics.
Fortunately...the vast majority Muslims or Malays hates Mahathir for he is the architect of all evils.
Malays will gain much much more to be Malaysian first...race second.
Thousands Malays have Chinese wives.
Slowly but surely....all Malaysians will look at each other as Malaysians with pride and heads held high up.
As we can see...Umno b Malays are divided.
End of Umno b created by Mahathir is the end of corruptions and race issues.
The choice is clear.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 10:08  

For UMNOputras to be able to rape and plunder the country at will it will first have to shackle Malay minds.... educationally, mentally and their critical thinking faculties.
That is why some morons and the mentally challenged were seen weeping at the UMNO assembly.

bruno,  19 December 2012 at 11:15  

There is no way the Malays will lose if Umno gets the boot,this pru13.How can the Malays lose when Umno has already left them hanging high and dry.The Malays have already lost under Umno.The Malays cannot do any more worse,even under a sleepyhead PR gomen.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 11:22  

It's mind boggling that we still see malays indifferent to whats is happening these days ! UMNO whacks them in broad daYLIGHT PILLAGING AND STEALING and yet its okay for now....The police ...the civil services its okay to be corrupt once in a while but not ashame to face GOD every friday prayers like its okay he will it the bolehland they really want ?
Damm! its really hard to figure why malays are like these this days...but i know for a fact the younger generation malays has realised the folly of their fathers...

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 12:01  

The 285 billion outflow, is the work of the UMNO warlords who are taking out their money for safe keeping before Pakatan comes to poer and freezes their bank accounts and puts them in Bamboo River.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 12:23  

I wish more people were like you - so wise and mature in your thinking which is translated into your writing.
The rakyat need to understand that not having a malay in the cec doesn't mean the malays are ignored. If we are truly 1malaysians, every race will take care of one another!
Finally, I wish you had stood for elections. you are an asset to DAP.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 12:25  

What can the malays lose if bn is not the govt? The malays are already rock bottom [ most of them anyway], so things can only be better, not worse!

bruno,  19 December 2012 at 12:41  

It is no secret that Umno and its cronies are exporting the ringgit out in shipping containers.They are openly abusing their powers.Yet no body in charge of the public institutions dare to arrest them.

In fact the man in charge of the law of the land,the attorney general is getting his hands greasy in the cookie jar too.And the former IGP,a mattress carrying sex opera coolie is under the payroll of underworld bosses.

And if the corrupted are still elected to another five more years in Putrajaya,the rakyat must be crazier than the movie "the gods are crazy".It is time the rakyat be brave and stand up to be counted.

And if the rakyat listen to rumour mongering that Malays are not elected to the DAP CEC,because it is not a multi racial party,do so at their own peril.Do not forget after May 13,one can get jailed and rotan for spreading rumours.But it is okay to spread rumours if you are Umno/BN.And if you vote Umno/BN,do not blame the DAP if you endure five more misery years under them.Blame yourselves.And your children will blame you for not having the guts to go for change.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 13:06  

a vote for gov of the day is a vote for stupidity and corruption

Patrick 19 December 2012 at 13:30  

Corruption and malay right to anything free without effort has been so entrenched in our economy that it is difficult to change overnight. What UMNO and Mahathir did in the last 30 years has created a culture, a way of life, that is so written in stone, that malays automatically assume everything is their right without earning for them.Its the mindset of the UMNO creation that will kill these set of people, the UMNO mentality.

The fact that an independant global body has reported recently of massive money outlflow out of Malaysia has even stunned BN MPs. This shows that even as UMNO AND BN MPs, they are another class of UMNO. So they are now questioning who are the elites and how much they have been stealing and not sharing with others! This is UMNO/BN mentality. If you can steal, so can I. I can outsteal you more. Then you can try to outsteal me later. And the cycle perpetuates itself.

The malays who question DAP's lack of freely voted malays into their CEC are the ones who are waiting and watching for opportunities for another free ride, knowing fully well that DAP will be part of the new govt. If they can vocally force DAP to 'appoint' more malays into their CEC, then you will see droves of UMNO rejects jumping ship to DAP. They know fully well that in PAS, they cant make money in the upper echelons of party posts.

So by UMNO cybertroopers and the mass media highlighting and harping on this issue, the ordinary non-UMNO malays are beginning to see the extreme and practical difference in party management. Its not so much DAP's idealogy, which is a well publicised fact by now, but their practical and freely elected management style of conducting business in proper manner. There are many well qualified and successful malays out there who are non-UMNO and are doing perfectly fine on their own, and are even shunned by UMNO malays for not giving the UMNO malays free ride from their own hard work.

So its actually good that the UMNO busy bodies and mass media are continually harping the DAP election issue. It is just another juicy thought for the rest of Malaysia to see clearly why all Malaysians, who are non-UMNO, should vote out BN in the coming GE. UMNO and their busybody big mouths like Ibrahim Ali, UMNO cybertroopers and UMNO themselves, keep stumbling all over themselves to outshout and outdo idiocy, that they will simply collapse under their own idiocy without realising it....

OneMalaysian,  19 December 2012 at 14:21  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The question is better answered if it were asked this way: what will the Malays gain if we kick out UMNO?”

You have posed a question that goes the heart of this election. But it is also important to pose the question the other way around: what would the Malays lose if UMNO loses? These two questions are not exactly the opposite sides of the same coin. People are much more adverse to losses than they are attracted to gains. When people are invited to put some money on an outcome that could give them a profit (gain) or result in a loss, many (perhaps most) would say, let me keep what little I have got; it is better than nothing.

This phenomenon is well founded in psychology. Most people are risk adverse. And especially so when they have been brain-washed by UMNO into believing that they have much to lose – their religion (DAP will Christianise the Malays), the Malay sultanate, the Malay language and the welfare of the Malays. It is easy to frighten them by invoking this irrational sense of fear. But we know that the Constitution already protects the status of the Rulers, Islam, the Malay language, and gives special protection to Malay interests in Article 153. So there are ironclad safeguards already in place.

And who might cause Malays such “losses”? The DAP? PKR or PAS? PKR and PAS are Malay-majority parties, so it is nonsensical to think that they would harm Malay interests. That leaves the DAP. It is a Chinese majority party, but works within Pakatan Rakyat in which Malays are still the majority. PR has a common political platform that the DAP subscribes to. The DAP cannot on its own cause Malay losses. They have nothing to gain even if somehow they have unchecked power to do so.

No, the DAP has demonstrated that it is fighting for a more prosperous, corruption-free Malaysia that is tolerant and progressive. Doesn’t Malays aspire to such a Malaysia? It is a Malaysia where common people can get ahead through hard work; where the bottom 40% (mostly Malay) can get out of the poverty trap; where we can get rich not through cronyism but through enterprise and risk-taking. In the DAP congress Lim Guan Eng said that in nearly 5 years as the CM of Penang, not once did a DAP or PR member or leader asked him for a special favour i.e. for a crony deal. Such deal making happens daily in this BN government.

Hard as it might be, Malay leaders must continue this pitch to the Malay electorate: you have absolutely nothing to lose but much more to gain; Selangor and Penang Malays have lost nothing in 5 years of PR rule.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 14:33  

I have an uneasy feeling GE 13 is going to be the dirtiest election ever. If we look at the response of the people to the series "Himpunan Bangkitan Rakyat", be it in Kota Bharu, Seremban, Terengganu, Penang, and to a lesser extend Melaka,(obviously the last leg of the Himpunan in KL on 12/01/2013 will be the mother of all himpunan's) there is clearly a huge groundswell of support for PR that no OBJECTIVE & CREDIBLE observer can EVER deny yet the PM/ DPM and UMNO Supreme Council members are so confident of an easy win? Even the PM's "war room boys" are predicting a 145 seats majority? Are they delusional/nak naikkan semangat bala sebelum perang? Or has the EC completed its task of putting enough Bangla, Myanmar, Indon, Pakistan and all other "instant Malaysians" in place?

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 15:54  

Do you know that it is easier for umno to cheat the Malays than it is for DAP or the Chinese to cheat the Malays? Because most "Malays" will believe anything that umno tells them but they will be very wary if it comes from DAP or the Chinese. SO, wise up and open your eyes.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 18:35  


Interesting what UMNO's tactic is about Christians.

Suddenly out of the blue they are allowing Christians to visit parts of Israel withouth quota.

Why now and why so suddenly? The ulterior motive is so obvious. UMNO wants to show that it is sensitive to other religions BUT then UMNO will tell the Malays that the other races in Malaysia support the Jewish state. This further drives mistrust.

BTW, the Christian vote will not be towards MCA or MIC and definately not UMNO. Believe it or not, the vast majority of Christians will vote DAP and...yup, surprise surprise. PAS too.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 19:09  

AHAHAHAHAHAHA...Everybody was expecting something like this to happen.

Excerpt from a popular Malaysian news portal.

Mukhriz: Israel lancar 'penghapusan secara senyap' rakyat Gaza

Another piece of work from UMNO. As I said previously, there is NO way UMNO will let Malaysian passport holders visit Israel unless there is an ULTERIOR MOTIVE. The ulterior motive here maybe is to get the Malays to feel uncomfortable about this.

Syabas UMNO. Confirm digging their own grave in next years election.

So, the question now is whether Malays will lose if UMNO loses? Here you have UMNO opening the floodgates into Israel. Hypocrites.

Suci Dalam Debu 19 December 2012 at 19:21  

If the money laundered is divided ny the population, would be be number ONE?
Have to thank Mahathir & UMNO for that distinction.

Anonymous,  19 December 2012 at 19:57  

You said :

"The first thing they will lose is a corrupt government where almost all the ministers are millionaires".

Are you sure or not??

It should be 'all' not 'almost all'. That is the main reason why they don't want to declare their assets.

Cahaya Qalbu,  19 December 2012 at 22:05  

One of Umno’s main strategies in its divide-and-rule policy to remain in power for 55 years is to deliberately make Malays remain ignorant and poor except for the selected few, so that they will be dependent on Umno. This is also one of the reasons why wages and salaries have remained low in Msia.

Former Biro Tata Negara (BTN) director Johari Abdul, who quit the UMNO/BN regime, and was elected Sungai Petani PKR MP in 2008 by defeating the former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin had let the cat out of the bag.

Johari had revealed that BTN is a brainwashing operative to mislead the people, especially the Malays to serve Umno’s agenda. Federal govt. civil servants were told to promise Malays in the kampong anything they want when they go there to campaign for UMNO. But they won’t fulfill all their promises because for Umno’s survival and supremacy, majority of Malays have to remain ignorant and poor.

What UMNO fears most are wise, informed, independent and intelligent Malays which explicate the barbarian actions of the UMNO desperados harassing, disturbing, provoking and even blocking PR rallies in the rural areas.

UMNO is only interested in disseminating mendacity through its controlled mainstream media, to disunite Msians using the racial and religious issues. When it comes to the crunch of really imperative issues that affect the people, they will either do the disappearing act, denying, or blaming anything under sun which only proved their irresponsibility and unreliability towards the people.

One lucid example of Umno deceiving the Malays is the land grabs by the state governments nationwide. In 1991 Dr. M amended the Land Acquisition Act 1960, to enable state governments to legally confiscate the land of the Malays, then alienating it to their families, relatives and cronies in the name of development. Due to this Act, thousands of Malay villagers have been evicted from their traditional land.

This is the fate of the Malays under Umno.

The time has finally arrived for us Malays to save ourselves from UMNO and its evils. We can no longer contemplate procrastination. In fact, we can't afford to procrastinate. The coming GE13 is the time where we must kick UMNO out!!!

UMNO must be ABU-ed in the 13th GE, not in the next one or the next successive one. It's now or never. Do or die. It’s us or UMNO. And if UMNO prevails in the next GE, we are all DOOMED!!!

bewox air 19 December 2012 at 23:21  

for me.. i would gain/loose nothing if umngok loose or win this pru13..

but as i am a believer.. I believe that afterlife at elysian fields I will be gather with my ruler.. and therefore if my ruler is a believer too and he is a good Muslim that put his life for my beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and the right way.. then we all would be gathered with the prophet.. isn’t it? But if he always make fun of the prophet… are u sure he would be gather with the prophet.. okay lets say he not!.. then? As we.. that gather with him the laknat ruler.. are we would be with our beloved prophet? Of course not.. simple isn’t it…

U need a verification? Okay lets open our beloved Quran Sura Al Ahzab 33:66 to 33:68 it says

The Day their faces will be turned about in the Fire, they will say, "How we wish we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger." 33:66

And they will say, "Our Lord, indeed we obeyed our masters and our dignitaries, and they led us astray from the [right] way. 33:67

Our Lord, give them double the punishment and curse them with a great curse."33:68

Who is “we”,”masters and dignitaries” in 33:66.. it was direct right? They.. that trust and follow blindly their masters and dignitaries would be gather with their them and being thrown to the hell.. simply because they are stupid.. like a cow in the condo…

Sumpitan Emas,  20 December 2012 at 01:00  

Ahmad Mustapha Hassan, author of 'The Unmaking of Malaysia' (2007), says his mother's youngest sibling is Dr Mahathir bin Mohammad Iskandar.

He was once Tun Razak's Press Secretary and later went to hold a number of key posts, including that of Press Secretary to Dr.Mahathir. He has the distinction of having worked in the Propaganda Department under S. Rajaratnam, later to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, in Singapore.

The following highlights are from the book:

1)Pg 53: It was most difficult to be corrupt then and also Tun Razak did not encourage the politics of patronage and cronyism. His philosophy was that wealth should be shared as equitably as possible.

2)Pg 160: I took the initiative to conduct a field survey to get a real picture of the situation. It was not all that rosy. On the contrary, most of the lands were back in the hands of the moneylenders and others. The farmers did not own the lands that had been redeemed by the Board's initial efforts....The President of of the Farmers' Association, who was also the Vice Chairman of the Board, applied for a personal loan in accordance with one of the schemes that the Board had initiated....I informed the applicant that his application could not be was an offence to manipulate the rules of the Board for the benefit of any individual...he was furious....I received a transfer order to move to Baling district....

3)Pg161: As my experience with KPBB testifies, there are many instances of such happenings in Malaysia, whereby elected representatives in the State Assemblies have become minor warlords and wield considerable power to the extent of interfering in the administration of the state.

4)Pg 226 -227: I introduced him (Vincent Tan) to Prime Minister Mahathir in Rome....The Minister at that time was Daim. Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar..was close to him....I introduced Ahmad Sebi to Vincent Tan....He was impatient in getting his business endeavours moving. At the Ming Court Hotel, he would show me the list of the people who needed to be given shares or at least be promised shares in Sports Toto. These beneficiaries were to be from the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance. I was promised a 15 percent share. I did not get those shares and I did not know whether the rest got theirs. Mine was supposed to be put in some nominee's name. As far as I know, I got nothing.

5)Pg230-231: Ralph Marshall made it known that he was speaking on behalf of T. Ananda Krishnan....Ralph Marshall later informed me that Ananda had agreed to offer me 2.5 million shares of Inchcape pegged at Rm3 per share for my services. Naturally, I was happy with this very kind and generous gesture. My friend Cyril Xavier who was a lawyer told me that these people were honourable people. Their words were their bonds....Towards the end of 1983, the necessary approval was obtained and as far as I was concerned I had kept to my side of the bargain. I only had to wait for Ananda to keep his side of the bargain. He reneged on his words. After several attempts on a personal to get Ananda to fulfil his obligation without success, I had to engage the legal firm of Sri Ram & Co. On Sept 21st 1984, a letter of demand for RM7.5 million being the value of the shares due to me was sent to him by my lawyers. He ignored this notice and hence the legal firm had to institute legal proceedings. Till today, I am still baffled as to how Dr. Mahathir came to know about this legal action on my part. He simple asked me to withdraw the action.

6)Pg 233: Tun Razak would not have interfered in the way that Dr.Mahathir had. Dr. Mahathir felt that his name was a sacred name and I suppose he believed if anything were to materialise, his name had to be invoked.

Najib got a raw deal when he came into office, but he chose to make it even worse.

Cahaya Qalbu,  20 December 2012 at 04:34  

Tanpa UMNO Di Pulau Pinang

Selama empat tahun lebih pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat di Pulau Pinang yang diterajui Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng, agama Islam telah dinaiktaraf dan diberi lebih perhatian berbanding pentadbiran BN dahulu. Peruntukannya telah berganda dan kian meningkat setiap tahun.

Antaranya ialah:

>Peruntukan Kerajaan Negeri PR untuk hal-ehwal agama Islam:

2008(BN) RM 12.5 juta >> 2009(PR) RM 20 juta >> 2010(PR) RM 24.3 juta >> 2011(PR) RM 33.33 juta >> 2012(PR) RM 64 juta.

>Sekolah Agama Rakyat dan sekolah Tahfiz telah diberi peruntukan tahunan — sesuatu yang tidak pernah dibuat oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional dulu. Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat juga memperuntukkan elaun tambahan sebanyak RM100,000 setahun kepada guru-guru KAFA.

>Peruntukan RM 1.75 untuk Sekolah Agama Rakyat dan Tahfiz

>Kenaikan elaun Bilal dari RM 180 ke RM 324 dan Siak dari RM 200 ke RM 360

>Sumbangan zakat RM 1 juta kepada 162 pelajar : RM 5,000 setiap pelajar agama Mesir, Jordan dan RM 12,500 setiap pelajar bidang perubatan dinegara yang sama manakala RM 4000 setiap pelajar agama di Indonesia dan RM 6000 setiap pelajar perubatan di negara yang sama.

>Pembinaan Komplek Mahkamah Syariah 7 tingkat bernilai RM 36 juta diatas tanah kerajaan negeri yang bernilai RM 73 juta menggantikan bangunan 2 tingkat yang telah digunakan selama 15 tahun. Yang memenangi tender membinanya adalah syarikat Bumiputra 100% iaitu IHS Utara Msia Sdn Bhd.

>Pengambilan lot tanah 3,208 ekar tanah bukan hakmilek Islam bernilai RM 20 juta untuk tanah perkuburan Islam.

Sumpitan Emas,  20 December 2012 at 09:22  

5)Pg230-231: read as ....After several attempts on a personal BASIS to get Ananda....

It must be stated that Ahmad Mustapha Hassan did NOT simply withdraw the action. Instead, he wrote a long letter (date not stated) to Dr. Mahathir (pg231-232):

"I am sorry that you missed the point about the explanation I gave. Let me shed more light on the amount. While the exercise was in progress, I was informed that I would be allocated 2.5 million shares but I had to sell half of those shares back, in order to pay back for the cost of the whole amount."

"When the share allocation was mentioned to me, I was willing to look for the finance myself to pay for those shares, but I was given this alternative choice to sell half back in order to cover the purchases of those shares. I opted for this alternative."

"But the problem with them now is that the whole amounts of shares that they obtained have been pledged to banks, to secure loan to finance the purchase of the shares."

"No capital outlay was involved. All financing came from the banks. In other words, now they do not have the shares allocated to me as all have been used as collateral to the banks."

"The value of the whole purchase was about $40 million, but the price was in the region of about $25 million. Bank financing in such a situation was never a problem."

"What I was offered was not at all fantastic. It is penuts(sic) compared to the fortune falling on to their laps after the successful completion of the exercise."

...."Finally, when the whole exercise was completed, I was told that I had been allocated Mewah shares, the company that purchased the Inchcape shares. The amount was 500,000 shares. No bank would accept these shares as it is not a quoted company. I did not want to take the offer. Nobody wants the shares in Mewah."

"The word done by me cannot be classified as influence peddling. Your name was never used and nor any other names. Drafting of letters and planning of strategies as well as persistent approaches to the various bodies and persons based on personal friendship were the methods used."

"Recently I was offered $165,000 being what they say as the difference in the cost and sale of Mewah shares. At the same time, I was asked to sign three documents refuting my involvement in the whole exercise."

"I simply cannot come to agree to such an offer. I have never refused any of your requests before but for me to drop the claim at this juncture will be tantamount to dishonoring my own name. I had, as mentioned to you, sought to solve this fairly and equitably. But the response had been negative until the court action was instituted. All I am seeking is a fair solution to the issue." - end of letter.

This is the same man who writes on pg 22: "....I used to to visit his (Tun Razak) grave regularly and prayed for him and his family. Occasionally, I would pour out my feelings and despair at being left without a personality of his calibre to guide me towards the goal that I would like to achieve. Almost on every Friday for the next three years I visted his grave before the Friday prayers."

‘Dixi et salvavi animam meam’: I have said it and have saved my soul - BATAL - We have saved ourselves from UMNO.

monsterball 20 December 2012 at 17:17  

We must remember Umno b do not want smart Malays.
What they keep doing is poisoning the minds with half truths for decades.
The era of Internet makes children think and these children learn much more than in schools.
Malays are produced. That spell trouble for Umno B.
They are no more "yes men". They are open minded.
Take that as the start for the downfall of the hypocrites and crooks in Umno b party.

Anonymous,  20 December 2012 at 19:12  

IF AMNO BN wins- the biggest winners are their CRONIES,, the biggest losers are the POOR N ORDINARY MALAYS and all citizens poor citizens but rich leaders.. what a paradox..

walla 21 December 2012 at 15:06  

When we go into the GE13 polling booths, we have three objectives to achieve:

- end rampant high-office corruption;

- break out of the race trap, and

- lay the foundation for a better Malaysia.

Since Umno and its Barisan cronies are the cause of rampant high-office corruption, race trap and disjointed Malaysia, it is therefore logical to vote for Pakatan.

The corruption has created a patronage food chain within Umno which is fed by a corrupt arrangement that Umno leaders maintain with their cronies in the private sector.

To maintain that patronage and arrangement, Umno created a race trap to lock our races into mindsets that see other races only as threats resulting in a zero-sum game where more for me can only be achieved by less for you which in turn polarises the voters away from noticing how unMalaysian Umno has made us become which is against the spirit that had moulded this nation.

The result is a disjointed Malaysia that we must now dismantle. It is a Malaysia that reeks of foul play, double standards, perversion of justice and contamination of integrity of our federal institutions and public sector.

And all with one objective in mind: to rip off rakyat money for personal gain.

It is also a wasteful administration given to self-hyperbole unsubstantiated by both reality and a clear recognition of the sheer economic dangers layered on the majority of our rakyat who are now even more challenged by costs of living ten times higher than before in absolute terms.

Therefore if Umno loses, we will all get a real crack at ending rampant high-office corruption.

Doing so will dismantle the race trap that Umno has laid to break the Malaysian voters bank into different accounts that its Barisan members have manipulated to their advantage by a divide-and-rule method first practised by the colonialists that they themselves have pretentiously denounced.

And with Barisan consigned to be the opposition after GE13, the rakyat will finally have a chance to create a new and better Malaysia where costs are not inflated by corruption so that efficiency and justice can be enhanced with integrity in which case more equitable and real progress can finally be achieved in our common society which has so far been labouring too long under the strains of race-specked tensions and pagar-makan-padi plundering of rakyat money.

Therefore let the above be the raison d'etre for what i am going to write next.

No scientific investigation is needed to determine that Sakmongkol is indeed a Malay. Yet in his last few posts, he has shown exemplary example as a Malaysian.

He has seen and articulated the same big picture that many of us have seen. Of course, with the occasional exception of the usual motley Umno mercenaries who are in any case deranged in direct proportion to the pocket money they have been given to spew their fly-by-night, hit-and-run and indefensible diatribes.

Many comments ago, i had made mention that our Malays must assume the middle core position of this nation. If every Malay is to do so with pride and conviction, let him or her therefore exercise that same objectivity and logic in critical thinking that our celebrated blogger and other luminaries like Aspan Alias have shown in no small measure. They are Malaysia's real hope.

We cannot have a Malaysia where over sixty percent of her population are made to be without hope because a small fraction of them have decided that is the only way they can rule over everyone else and the whole country.

We must have a Malaysia where our Malays can move ahead confidently to engage challenges not just within this country but also with the rest of the world which only sees pragmatism, not race.

walla 21 December 2012 at 15:06  


It has been projected that by 2025, a dozen or so years from now, the emerging markets of that world will in total consume annually RM90 TRILLION in goods and services. That's ninety thousand billion in ringgit equivalent.

If we ask ourselves what do our Malays here have today, for that matter what they can get under the Umno umbrella in the next dozen years if Umno is retained, that will enable each and every one of them to rise and participate in those markets, the answer is nil.

Because Umno has locked our Malays into inward-looking low-value mindsets too dependent on spin and crumbs.

Umno talks about the glocal Malay but that's only made up of local cronyism plus global tag-along on trade-missions expensed to the rakyats account, personal wedding receptions and disneyland rides thrown in as bonus.

Won't that create a disjointed and surreal situation that will crumble immediately the moment our Malays disembark at foreign terminals whether air sea or land?

Our Malays need a new formula to rise up that is not predicated on some shameful feudal patronage or sacrifice of their hallowed and admirable principles.

That cannot happen using the Barisan formula of race-based politics which has only succeeded in causing reactions and multiplying barriers to cooperation.

That has also not happened using the Mahathir crony-incorporated system of dependence and control which has caused so much financial ruin and capital flight, leaving behind punctured visions and illusory dreams.

And that will never happen under anything that Umno will do after GE13 because it will require Umno to abandon its drug-dispensation system lorded over our Malays in which case our Malays will then have no reason to attach their loyalty to Umno.

The only option left is for every one to cooperate and treat all as Malaysians so that goodwill and fair play can operate ending the zero-sum game that has crimped all from doing the right things.

Umno did a wrong thing, one of many examples. In the last federal budget, it allocated just a token minuscule amount for low-cost housing to Penang, thereby victimizing the Malays it says it cares for. That's gangsterism using rakyat money that the Chinese there have paid for their state development which includes better housing for their Malay brethren. Isn't that divide-and-rule what more execrable blackmail? How will any Umno member there or anywhere answer on that?

And now it remains to say a few words on DAP and PAS. I sense they have respectively made strategic pr mistakes with the DAP election and the PAS ruling on hair-dressing salons in Kelantan.

Personally i would have liked very much to see all 8 Malay candidates elected into the DAP's CEC, if only as well-deserved acknowledgement of the candidates concerned for wanting to pathfind a socially representative DAP despite knowing full well they will be lambasted by their own community fed too long on the Umno drug of racial politics.

Likewise i would have liked PAS to have been more ginger and sensitive about its administrative ruling.

walla 21 December 2012 at 15:07  


But on the other side of the coin, i can understand why as well. The DAP delegates did not have enough publicity on the activities of the Malay candidates; that's a fault of the DAP leadership which should have seen it coming. What the delegates have is the painful remembrance of the stunts of Tunku Aziz which must have spooked them so near GE13.

We should also note that if the DAP leadership had rigged or influence their elections so as to admit more of the candidates, then their action would run counter to the principles under which the party operates.

The candidates themselves would not have wanted that too. For it would remind everyone how an unelected Umno candidate can be appointed PM or how a recalcitrant Umno bigwig can be appointed Felda chairman.

The principle is no one can be blamed if a right start leads to a good ending but everyone will point fingers on wrong starts even if they lead to right endings.

After all, what we must all fight for is the principle that a good leader must work with honest measure for all races concerned, not his or her own first over others under any and all circumstances.

Nevertheless, the DAP delegates should ask themselves whether they have it in them to be more mindful of the big picture that their Malay duo spokesmen in our midst have articulated with splendid malaysian-ness.

As for the PAS ruling, the reason provided is also understandable. But PAS cannot administrate away temptations just by directives in vacuo if only to avoid the reactions that have come out now detrimental to its public image so near the general elections. However, as with DAP, it has been true to its principles.

And in both cases, that's where the difference lies between Pakatan and Barisan. One has principles, the other only radioactive contaminants with a half-life of a gazillion years.

We must help our Malays up. It is encouraging to see them break out of the Umno-BTN mind trap. For that reason, it is wrong to just stand idly and see them struggling. Plenty can be done honestly, decently and sustainably for our Malays. But all that cannot be done under a no-principles regime built by fakes and foul play. Otherwise so many would not be still struggling today.

Thanks, Sak.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 05:26  


Umno, Umno rebranded bin mahathir, is he Malay ? for him and his bald headed son to orchestra the govt, the media, they and their proxies have accumulated too much immense wealth, power, status, islands, land and business empire abroad and in Malaysia ... in their systematic planning, all the money changers are mamak, too, mahathir knows he can't directly and indirectly trick the Malays in this general election anymore, for Bersih Malays have been tricked for decades to propagate the shift blaming for him, to always trump up the usual cards, to defend him and now his bald headed son, to surrender and shift their faith and akhirat to him, so Bewoix Air, 19 December 2012 23:21, the chief hypocrites are pengkhianat, penyanggak legalized by trying to showcase some last minute work by sending aid to GAZA, when our Malays in many areas, Orang Asli in Sarawak, Sabah live near / in poverty, Malay youths, as young as 10 of age back in KL, in the outskirt of the cities, in the flat and low cost apartment vicinity have subscribed to rempit, mafia mentality, become runners to rempit gang, minah dolls to lure them. Check it out by visiting cybercafés or driving through isolated parks, passing by shady trees, you might be real lucky to sneak on sleeping policemen

The whole nation is in a big mess, looks like the educated Malay, the Bersih ones, will have to continue subsidizing these " rempits " in the future on top of their many obligations to a higher cost living, to having to cough out money for quality education in private schools as early as of primary education, plus paying income tax; with privatized public universities, ( with no competent and committed sincere leaders to create sustainable economies to create ample jobs for Malaysians first to meet the graduates ) and more privatization of healthcare, even insurance premium to cover funeral expenses will be introduced, more insurance, more, we will be reduced to be in debts, slogging to pay off accumulated interest so as not to be charged by the capitalists' panel of lawyers and their laws, all these for themselves to create jobs and more self - sustained wealth ( foreseeable with all the best of THEIR schemers brewing more systematic plannings ).

So the old chief liar and his conspirators in umno sit and gamble with mic samy to import a few thousands instant Indian Malaysians whilst the mafias traffic in the indon Malaysians to vote !

The instant indon Malaysians will vote, to eliminate the eventually of them becoming leaders to rule us, most of us are forward looking, we can't be taking several steps backward and the nation becomes irrelevant.

We, the majority must vote for leadership like the MB of Selangor, Nizar, Sak, etc in Pakatan to remove all the corrupted leaders, decade expired, still serving the dalangs, not the rakyat, but self -serving, holding the nation's future in ransom, to reduce us to beggars, to enlarge the colony of underdeveloped and corrupted nations.

The rest of the developed nations are running well ahead, with development plans, backup plans, navigated solutions in education, economy, healthcare, politics, IT, science and technology, at least 50years planned ahead, waiting to be executed. At the rate the UMNO- BN leaders are going, Malaysia will reduced into the map of shaded nations in poverty or we, the people hold the trump cards, to charter, to navigate the right direction, full blast in this election.

On homeground, Malaysians will each need to do their best they can to provide free transportation to elderly, the youths, neighbors and friends on election day.

Anonymous,  22 December 2012 at 05:30  


PK supporters and winnable candidates should start visiting to engage voters directly, GO beyond the ambush and attacks, exposure of corruptions, keep that to the end of ceramah, too much of it will backfire, people switch off the thinking and listening mode after awhile, and switch on their selective listening like listening but barely surviving to wives' incessant naggings, because of self - inflicted deafness; or listening to the weeping old girlfriends, or the ladies in pink from umno wanita in chorus of dondang sayang mahathir, shedding crocodile tears, or old maha's unsolicited stupid stupid opinions, self - interest opinions everywhere. Penat sungguh !

Even the mind is selective, quick and furious to eliminate his photos, even in the worst scenario, if he were doing any inconceivable acts of mighty goodness or in his singlet, ears twisted by Siti for not listening except listening to self - exaltation My Way - Stupid song. Who cares. Look the Malays in Singapore listen to LKY, they are actually quite smart, but we will be smart, too, not be fooled by maha penipu again !

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