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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 31 December 2012

End of Year Madness

Last week, Ong Tee Keat a former MCA president recommended the present MCA president go see a psychiatrist. May we get the same services for the people at LTAT? Some people have gone mad at LTAT.
Why buy a useless company called Astacanggih? The company has no value. It has no property. It has an outstanding liability of RM98 million with Kuwait Finance House. It’s entangled in a legal dispute with a company called Awan Megah Sdn Bhd. All it has is a claim on the rights to 3 parcels of land totaling 200 acres which once belonged to MINDEF/kerajaan Malaysia. Its madness to pay RM30millon of LTAT’s money for a messed up company. Quick! get a psychiatrist or the son of a particular psychiatrist.
In an earlier article, I asked why buy 80% from Deepak and other minority shareholders? What about the balance of 20%? It must be held by a friendly party. The name of the 20% holder is Putra Nazrain bin Abdul Jalil, presumed to be a close friend to Raja Ropiaah or some proxy for people within LTAT itself.  
It was not LTAT that gave the land to Awan Megah. It was the government through MINDEF. MINDEF screws up. MINDEF can sue RR for the return of the 200 acres. It can further sue her until she’s left with her panties for failing to deliver the RM100 million Puspahanas. Nothing to do with LTAT.
Ask her back for the 223 acres since she and Awan Megah have not delivered the Puspahanas. Ask her to return the RM27 million too given by the government.
Next please send a psychiatrist to examine the state of mind of the LTAT spokesman who went on record saying they bought 200 acres from Awan Megah to expand their land bank. Expand its land bank? It already has 700 acres next door. If it wanted to expand, it could have asked the government a long time ago for the 200 acres or ask LTAT to buy from the government.It could have purchased at a cheaper price.
The land in question, 223 acres initially, belonged first of all to MINDEF/Government of Malaysia. LTAT is majority owned by Koperasi Angkatan Tentera. So many generals sit on the board of LTAT. If LTAT wants to expand its land bank, why not ask the government to sign rights over all the land MINDEF owns? It could get the land cheaper on go on JV directly with the government. So why spend another RM130 million to buy the land that belonged to the government?
The issues with LTAT in this particular case involving Astacanggih and Awan Megah are whether it has exercised prudence and exercised proper fiduciary duty. It appears the decision to buy Astacanggih and Awan Megah was made not on sound commercial reasons, but caused by mental breakdown- hence the need to procure the same psychiatric services Ong Tee Keat recommended for Chua Soi Lek.
The next big issue is one vote for UMNO means you elect thieves to guard our treasury, robbers in charge of our assets. One vote for UMNO means putting into office people who makes use of their office to steal and plunder and plot their way to personal riches.
Raja Ropiaah, a wanita UMNO leader, a member of the infamous fraternity of thieves usually dressed in white and red scarfs, owns Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd. Awan Megah was given a contract by the government to construct the National Defence Research Centre (Puspahanas) in Putrajaya. As agreed, the Defence Ministry would pay the company RM27 million plus 223 acres or 90.24ha of land in Klang worth RM72.5 million.
Awan Megah cannot come up with the land bond of RM72.5 million. So, RR shops around and she spies the Hindustani Hero- Deepak Jaikishan. Ah ha- that Sahrukh Khan got money. Maybe I can make a deal with him.
Mr Deepak love- I have this project ma. Najib your friend has awarded this big project to me. Why don’t you help me out? Since I have 223 acres- I sell you 200 acres. You pay me RM 23 million. Then you tolong I pay land bond of RM 72.5 million. Maybe you do development there and sure boom one.


Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 14:44  

The more this PM delays announceing the date for the GE, the more shit will surface.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 14:57  

With all these expsose's eversince, I am wondering why the Malays are still not wanting for a change of government that would deliver good corporate governance, honesty, transparency, accountability and all the other traits so much required to serve the rakyat hence putting back Malaysia on the right track to be fully developed and enriching its rakyat. Malays and Malaysians must be blind or/& blinded.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 14:58  

I truly believed that you have done the right thing by leaving UMNO even if you do not join DAP.
This is really madness.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 15:35  

Sak ,
It is not the thieves,plunderers and robber barons that urgently needs the psycho doctors But the members of umno, the voters who voted bn, mca,mic,ppp and a host of unknowns from sabah sarawak ,the umno and bn bloggers who are motivated by the money handed out to them, The editors, reporters of the star, utusan and a host of nuisance mainstream media etc.
Also we need a psycho doctor for the old doctor.
What a sorryful combination bn is made of . WTBF is happening.

bumi-non-malay 31 December 2012 at 15:45

All UMNO Cronies infrastructure and Wall are collapsing.......starting with bukit setiawangsa.

Media trying to cover up story with lucky escape, rain, types of wall structure....but not the inept, corruption and incompetence and danger of such corner cutting development by UMNO-BN leaders in cohoots with cronies...ruining Malaysia in the long run...Padan muka to those who bought there and to ex-IGP Tun Hanif Omar Son .... Tunggu yah...nanti jumpa kat Legoland Sg Buloh.....INI KALI LAH...ABU

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 15:47  

This is one of the many deep pits they are digging for burrying themselves later.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 16:34  

Umno is shitting everywhere..

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 16:35  

I wonder what Zahid Hamidi has to say about this? That Putra Nazrin-is he RR's son? If the ordinary UMNO member and Malay cannot see the daylight robbery right under their noses and reject this pack of thieves, they must surely be blind. This expalins why Najib and Zahid have been very generous to the armed forces and the retired soldiers recently.

sri hartamas

bruno,  31 December 2012 at 16:58  

Dato,Ong Tee Keat is correct.His successor CSL needs a psychiatrist as only a crazy fool would get himself caught with his pants down on videotape and with a whore too.And all his partners in Umno/BN are the same kakis.So let them enjoy the rambutans and let us normal people enjoy and cheer in the coming new year.

So Happy New Year to Dato and family.And to all your readers too.

Pok Li,  31 December 2012 at 17:16  

OTK said that CSL was himself a psychiatrist prior to joining politics. Make sure those people at LTAT are not sent to see this psychiatrist... Looks like Malaysia today is a mad mad world.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 17:36  


I just can't imagine how "thinking disorder" are the hard core supporters of UMNO Baru nowadays, with the advancement of IT technology, internet information from genuine statistical sources and yet they support blindfolded.

I remember a classic Malay film of "Hang Jebat", where Jebat (acted by Late Nordin Ahmad ; my top favorite actor) trying to convinced Hang Tuah of his sincerity to support his good friend as he was betrayed by the Sultan....and sad enough ... Hang Tuah still blindly support the Sultan and easily killed Jebat, his most loyal friend Hang Jebat who support him every second of his lifetime.

It seems irony that even the scandals of some UMNO leadership in the spotlight under the sun, but still these supporters (who themselves kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang) accept the millions of ringgit robbery by this UMNO as nothing happen.

So pity to see these kind of Malays after hundreds of years under rule by European nations, yet cannot see what are they supposed to do under irresponsible bad regime rule now (disguised as Malay nationalist) in this 21st Century.

Maybe all RAKYAT have to revise the real meaning of Merdeka.

(Note : Tidak ada orang putih jajah kita lagi, is not relevant now.)

Ayba,  31 December 2012 at 19:34  

Anon 14.57...

You wonder why 45% of the Malays still rooting for UMNO . The answer is because these are the people getting the leftovers. Over 50 years, from generation to generation,they support the system that sustain their livelihood.However, this group is dwindling in numbers

monsterball 31 December 2012 at 20:31  

kaki koo kaki
nan boor ti nan
kui borti kui
Each help himself/herself
Not human
Not devil
Trying hard to fool Malaysians.
DPM said diversity is best..yet....
he said he is Malay first..Malaysia second...with means .to him..race first..diversity second.
HAPPY 2013 to Sak and all visitors!!!
Malaysians are waiting to let their votes do the talking.
Najib all much so...Bishop Paul Tan hentam him chukop kuat...pun tak tau malu.
People say.....if you are not thick cannot cari makan as salesmen.
UMNO b leaders put out very thick skin faces....not to cari makan...but to hide their real identities...feeling no shame to steal from all Malaysians...poor and needy included.
Once again............
It will be a year...I can asked for voted what you get....or ..finally smart Malaysians you all are...better late than never.
2013 will be ... People Power year!!

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 21:08  


It is not that those in LTAT are void of reasoning and IQ.

They have to nod their heads to instructions and decisions handed down from the top.

Najib is desperate and he asks Zahid to selesai. A desperate man calls for desperate measures which defy common reasoning and logic that you and I would normally apply.

They are desperados.

all those army veterans need to wake up and boycott at Boustead.

Those army veterans who shook their booty outside Ambiga's house several back.....they should repea.t their famous booty shake outside Boustead. Otherwise, padan muka lah.....

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 21:13  

Dato ,
The clock is ticking away for bn,
the rats are cautiously slipping out of bn its just 120 x24x60x60 seconds away at the most.
Bn bloggers have lost their plots and are putting out crap and cheap posts such as outsyed the box, whose posts were rational at one time but now his posts are full of aids infested venom and shows panic driven posts.
Chua soiled legs got f$$ked by outsidethecoffin .
I bet their commision per hit is reduced.
The Deepak matter will finally wake up the fence sitters.
My score 70% PR wins ge13.


monsterball 1 January 2013 at 03:15  

You can be sure...Najib and Rosmah are not enjoying 2013..right now.
Mahathir knows he cannot worry or else his heart will stop beating.
Dollah enjoying new wife with blue pills.
And all the Umno b's men and women are praying hard for a miracle.
HAPPY 2013 YEAR all who loves freedom.
To all supporting no change like idiots...go to hell with them.
As for me....keeping fit to vote the most important 13th GE.
Umno B will END with Najib...the "N" in "RAHMAN" it was foretold and it shall be done...Amen.

Jong 1 January 2013 at 14:32  

Are you ready BN, ...packed your bags?

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