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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Wow! The UMNO System- Best in the World

Deepak is now a writer. He has come out with a book The Black Rose. Wow!  What a topic.  We look forward to reading that book.
He is also a businessman who will not hesitate to spend if there’s more money to be made. So Deepak through Astacanggih Sdn Bhd issued  a RM72.5 million land bond on behalf of Awan Megah (M) Sdn return RR must have promised Deepak she will transfer the titles to Deepak on 200 acres. RR will keep the 23 acres balance. RR assures Deepak he is safe. The owner of the 20% shares in Astacanggih Putra Nazrain bin Abdul Jalil is also a director in Awan Megah together with one Raja Rabiatun bt Raja Abdullah( sister lah). Wow! All blue blood suckers.
So what did Deepak spend on? He has paid RM 13 million, RM8 million in political contributions, RM7million in legal costs and RM2 million in miscellaneous. Total RM 30 million. He will issue RM 72.5 million in land bond on behalf of awan Megah. He would have to pay another 10 million to Raja  Ropiaah.
So now all Deepak has to do is wait for RR to complete the transfer.  He looks forward to pay the balance RM10 million to RR personally, when titles over 200 acres of the land in Kelang are vested in his name. Raja Ropiaah will keep the balance 23 acres for herself to build a ranch or something to keep all the cows bought by Shahrizat. Or something like that.
But you know the cilaka wanita UMNO leader went to do another deal with someone else. She wants more money. She took RM2 million cash and RM16million OD facility from one Guppyunit Sdn Bhd. we don’t know what Raja Ropiaah agreed. But she sold one of the 3 lots to guppyunit sdn bhd.
Maybe RR sold her portion of the land- 20 acres and invites the plastic manufacturer to become her JV partner to build the RM100million Research Center. That would explain the RM2 million and RM16 million advance. A private company with OD giving facilities?
 Our Hindustani hero placed a caveat on the 3 lots jamming the whole project. Then all hell broke loose. Deepak ratted on everyone. He went after RR. He said he had paid her RM21 million (13 + 8) and paid RM9 million for legal fees and miscellaneous. I am sure he has signed some papers to the effect. When everything is transferred he will pay RM10 million cash to RR. He went public with details and blasted everyone.
He must have reported these things to Najib and had expected Najib to rein in RR. Apparently Najib did not do as expected. So broken hearted Deepak went on the offensive and revealed that Bala’s frst SD was in fact the true SD and that a second SD was fabricated in a drama-like setting. We know the rest of the story.
Suddenly LTAT which has nothing to do with this quarrel steps in. it was suddenly seized by a bout of temporary insanity and elects to spend millions.
The question now before us, is why must LTAT get into the fray? They are not privy to the contract between RR and Deepak. The object of the whole exercise seems to be to save Raja Ropiaah. And save people from MINDEF and even LTAT who may have their hands in the sting job. Since we do not have a RM100 million Research Center, the vesting of the 223 acres of land belonging to MINDEF must be a massive fraud. Why the need to save her unless she is fencing for UMNO leaders? Has Raja Ropiaah infected LTAT with a virulent strain of mad-cow disease that has gone undetected?
So LTAT asks its son- Boustead Holdings to buy off Deepak for RM30 million back. You know how GLC screws us. In order to deceive people, they build themselves a byzantine maze with sister companies, brother companies, son-companies, grandson-companies and great-great grandson- companies. It will take the financial sleuth sometime to trace the trail of deception and corruption. Example. LTAT is the parent company. Boustead Holdings is the son-company. Baktiwira is the grandson company. Jendela Hikmat is the great-great grandson company. UMNO has a system already. At every level, the UMNO GLC infuses the culture of deception and corruption. every level skims off the milk.
But the bugger Deepak latches on and on. The issue isn’t the money he spent says Deepak. He invested the money on the expectation that RR would deliver the 200 acres. He knows he can make more money with the 200 acres. And he claims, why should RR make all the money? Even if got back his RM30 million, what did RR do to get her RM21 million? LTAT is actually paying what RR took from Deepak by cheating him. Why is LTAT so friendly with RR?
Why is RR so special to MINDEF and its minister then? What has she done to get RM27million from MINDEF and keep 20 acres of land worth RM40million? RR also got RM18 million from Guppyunit. How can this lady make the money? Deepak is livid.
Raja Ropiaah becomes a rich lady of leisure. RR gets RM 27m from MINDEF + RM 13m from Deepak + RM8m in political contributions + RM2m cash from Guppyunit and RM16m in OD facility from Guppyunit. Finally she gets RM130m from LTAT through Baktiwira.  All in all- RM196m. not as much as RM250m.
See how UMNO people treat property belonging to the people as their private property. They conspire openly to steal from us. We now know, this is what UMNO leaders do. They get land on the cheap from the government or GLCs, then without even transferring the name of the title, sells it to a 3rd party.
That was what the wanita UMNO leader tried to do. She got the land on the cheap from the government and entered into agreement to sell it to Deepak. She got some money from the carpet merchant. But she has also agreed to sell the same land to several other parties and if she behaves like a true blue UMNO person, she must have collected money from other people too. This is how UMNO steals from us while shouting Hidup Melayu here and there!
Wow! UMNO system- best in the world.


Samson 1 January 2013 at 03:32  

UMNO fantastic boombastic.

bruno,  1 January 2013 at 04:23  

Dato,before Mahathir became the PM,corruption in the gomen was kept on the quiet.Like mice stealing cheese from the pantry.Of course from the time from Tunku down to Hussein Onn there were some federal ministers who were dirty.But they took bit by bit and even kept it a secret from the missus.Because just to get accused(not caught) of corruption is already a disgrace and shame to the family.

When Mahathir took over he was gobbling up anything he could get his hands on.As the boss was so bold as to rob the bank in plain sight of the tellers,every minister and bitches and whores joined in.It was open season robbing banks and national coffers.

And till today not a single thing has changed,although Mahathir is no longer the boss.It is already entrenched into the Umno
putras/putris heads that it is their rights and they have a licence to rob and raped.

2012 can go out with a bang as the year of the rats,as scandal after scandals involving Umno putras/putris are being leaked to the opposition,on a very regular basis by insiders who felt left out of the gravy train or Najib's winnable candidates list.

Cahaya Qalbu,  1 January 2013 at 05:17  

"There is nothing permanent except change", said Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. History has proven that changeless is the downfall of many major civilizations. Malaysia as a country is no exception. Without change, Malaysia in the future will continue to be bogged down by the same issues we are currently facing. The symptoms of putrefy are already obvious for all to see.

For the future, Msia needs a clear vision. We must ask ourselves where BN is taking us? Not into a sandpit of increasing indebtedness; not into a region where corruption is rampant; not into a state, where the law seems to work favorably only for the rich and powerful and not into a nation where the people are frequently deceive by a melting pot of acronyms that translate into nothing but excuses for cronies to get much bigger share of the country’s wealth.

Msia has to rewrite the entire blueprint. We need a new RENAISSANCE. Sweep cleans the nonsense and filth of UMNO/BN to start anew with a better and cleaner foundation for the next generation who depends on us. They DIDN'T CHOOSE to come into this world. WE made the choice for them. Lets do some real responsibility like a man and woman of true substance!

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 05:18  

Remember Tun Hussein Onn put DatonHarun ,the Selangor MB and UMNO youth heand,in jail for corruption.Dato Haun received $250k donation from HSBC for alineting a small piece of land for HSBC to built extension to his main building .Dato Harun didnt take the money.He gave it to UMNO Selangor.
Today we have Musa Aman with. his $40 million paid to UMNO Sabah from questionable source.Surely then chinaman will not paid $40 m to UMNO Sabah unless he got his timber deal more worth more than $ 40 m.
What about the IPP deal with Genting and Ananda Keisnan.I was inform more than $650 million paid by Ananda to bikin hand bag lady.

What about Syed Mokhtar billion of ringgit contract to supply armor vehicles to MINDF,the contract price was way above normal market price for the vehicles.
What about Ampang LRT contract given to George Kent.
What about Felda Global listing.

And the list go on and on.
How I wish somebody write a book on this corruption pratice by UMNO and Najib govertment.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 08:43  

Tanya sama Mahadir dan Daim. Dua orang ini lah guru segala putar belit dan penipuan UMNO (baru)... 'Malaysia, Politics and Business'. Keduanya Persis Bendahara Tun Ali (berdarah mamak) pembelot yang menyebabkan kekalahan tentera pertahanan melayu melaka seramai 21,000 orang ketika diserang 1500 Tentera Laut Portugis pada bulan April, tahun 1511. Sejarah ini akan berulang...

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 09:03  

Salam dan selamat tahun baru Dato', kita orang kampong ni suka tengok cerita hindustan petang sabtu. Tapi cerita hindustan yang Dato' tulis ni lebih meriah lagi....nyanyi lagu zendenggi naik bukit turun bukit...guling2 antara hero hindustan dan heroin sampai terlondeh semua hero mengamok kerana kena lanyak oleh heroin.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 09:14  


Now is the time for all Malaysians to kick this kind of " Raja Kapoor " down the drain. Pariah-minded king like Najib and the gang should also kicked far away. All the devils are damaging the country.

Wake up all Malaysians !. Do not allow these pirates continue robbing national treasures or we will remain languish forever. They must be arrested and punished accordingly. Make sure UMNO BN lost GE 13, so these pirates can be dragged to the court.

Do not let yourself be fooled continuesly by these pirates. This is the time to beat them.

- Pattani Warrior -

OneMalaysian,  1 January 2013 at 09:18  

Dear Sakmongkol

“This is how UMNO steals from us while shouting Hidup Melayu here and there!”

The New Year has started with a bang. We now have this Deepak book. It will sell especially if translated into Malay. 2012 has a great story too – the RM250 million cowgate. But this RM190 million, though a wee bit smaller in size beats Cowgate because of the political conspiracy and complexity, and the involvement of MINDEF, LTAT and the former Defence Minister (who has remained conspicuously silent).

When the Cowgate story broke it gave Pakatan Rakyat about 6 months worth of political ammunition. This Deepakgate story, if we can call it that, is guaranteed another 6 months worth of ammunition on the campaign trail. What a godsend. But for the simple rural folks, the story should be made simple. It was easy to picture cows living in condos. So this complex story must be boiled down to some simple graphic caricature.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 09:47  

Umno sucks...yg baik datang dari allah..yg jahat dtg dari umno...

monsterball 1 January 2013 at 10:00  

Umno b has a bunch of Muslim hypocritical leaders.
A mastermind for all things evil.
A bunch of expert
spinners....actors...diverting attentions from the real important fool Malaysians.
Making UMNO b members crazy for drug addicts...want more and more.
Hundreds of billions stolen from National wealth....belonging to all Malaysians...especially the poor and middle class made to struggle for nothing.
From UMNO b....Mahathir's party...all evil acts have been performed.
It is still Mahathir leading behind the curtain.
He is still the most evil of all.
Today is the first day of 2013.
It will be a historical year for Malaysia and Malaysians.
Tis the 13th GE that having been delayed so long by Najib...hoping the longer the delay is....the voters will forget..murders...submarines.. invisible laundering...massive corruptions and look at the present actions and deeds...performed by Father Santa Najib....most generous...happy..concern for all Malaysians.
Look at that.
Why want change???
Prayers are hopes to be fulfilled.
Najib's prayers are totally selfish.....insincere....cunning... and will never come true for him.
He acts like a PM....but he is not.
It's UMNO b show of many Mahathir's smart idea.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 10:17  

A good one Dato! Crooks is too mild a word to describe them. They are like a handbag snatcher who kill their victims in the process of snatching their handbags. I say let them go to hell. For the rest of us, we shall not rest until they pay for their crimes.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 10:44  

The state govt kicked the army out of Paroi Camp, saying they wanted it to build the sports complex. No sports complex, but shopping complex with the land transferred to private ownership. It never ends, does it?

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 10:49  

A book written is not enough, i thought the story can produce a class A Bollywood movie.

The story is interesting with a cock teaser (can see but cannot taste) to fool the guys with her asset, a fool who think RM30m can buy a 200 acres land and many more...

Must produce and watch movie of 2013 - Bolly BN KangKang Style

Mouth watering show ...

bumi-non-malay 1 January 2013 at 11:35  

Is not about writing book on how UMNO robs, rape and SHAM rakyat Malaysia.....Its how Rakyat Malaysia Retaliate with Mat Kilau Power.....Go and show her some lontar or zap or cat warna warni and to all UMNO Leaders.....corner them like they did to Gadaffi. Malaysia is bankrupt and stuffed anyway......You mean they get to enjoy and keep their ill gotten gains...not on my dead body!!..Ayuh Mat Kilau sekalian....jenayah hari ini, Wira Esok!!

Raja Ropiaah binti Raja Abdullah, Y.B. Sen. Datuk
Jawatan dalam Kabinet
Parti BN - UMNO
Tempat Duduk D-11
Tempoh 09.04.2012 - 08.04.2015
No. Telefon 03-78062485
No. Fax 03-78062485
Alamat Surat-menyurat 35, Lengkok Setiabudi, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 11:58  

Assalammualaikum Dato'.. harap2 Dato sihat walafiat ditahun masihi yg baru ni bersama keluarga tercinta dibawah rahmat dan berkat ALLAH s.w.t.. meh sini kawan nok mengomeng sikit :)

Tqvm for your post here. Very2 intelligent and brighten up my mind for the way how the sneaky umngok leaders play their tricks. "Sgt bijak" pttttuuiiiihhhhh!!! They dig here and they kambus there. Baser melayu, dier pukoi keliling. For me, that have a little knowledge to understand what you had posted here, make me looking outside of the window and thinking, Dem!! I still rent a house for 2 years while the "brilliant" scumbag in umnGok generate money on-the-fly.

How about the pakcik makcik tok wan tok cik at the kampong2 and felda.. do they know that they have been cheated by this blood sucker moron??? Ape yg diorg tahu dekat pilihanraya dpt la kain batik kain pelikat, duit rm50-rm100.. then, long live umngok-BeNd.. poor them! the problem is with the awareness. This kind of people need to be exposed with all the real facts. Fakta! bukan auta.. Pong pang pong pang kt Radio TV Menipu dan TV3Suku doesn't make sense at all. Same goes to Utusan Meloya and Berita Hairan. These kind of kertas pembungkus sampah sarap ni are the mind silent killer. The fact now seems cannot be delivered to these pakcik makcik. So, what we can do now is to keep telling them the fact and truth, but in the way which it is easy to digested and understandable

monsterball 1 January 2013 at 12:32  

In the papers...they show somber Najib welcoming the New Year.
In other news not published in shows Najib keep yelling for a clear mandate to be elected...on 13th Malaysians..and yet no date is announced.
I say..year 2013...Najib is tensed and a convict about to receive the death sentence...the death of Umno B party followed by lots and lots of court cases on corruptions and murders.

maie1958 1 January 2013 at 12:33  

'hidup melayu' but not melayu at large but my son,my wife,brothers and cronies???????

Pok Li,  1 January 2013 at 12:56  

RM2 million, RM7 million, RM30 million, RM72.5 million, 20 acres, 23 acres, 200 acres, 223 acres.. Nice big numbers changing from one hand to another. Hands linked to those who walk in the corridors of power. These numbers seem normal to them compared to what their leaders are involved in.

Here I am, earning five figures but still struggling to settle my RM500k house and to raise my 4 kids. I wonder how those who earn below RM3k (40% of population?) survive.

What's happening in our country today has reached the level of disgust.

Truly UMNO boleh! BN boleh!

Patrick 1 January 2013 at 13:01  

Frankly, all these corruption and closed-doors wheeling and dealing has been going on for many years. Its just that UMNO/BN has gotten extremely complacent and arrogant in robbing the govt for personal benefits. They are assuming that they will be in power for perpetuity that they are now openly enriching themselves at the expense of the government and the people. Now that the lot of them are getting caught in the open only serves to remind the public of extreme prejudice and corruption, despite all the govt's public propaganda and rhetoric.

There is no minister in Malaysia that can openly declare that they are free of corruption. Its a ticket to riches beyond ordinary life. Its easy and fast money without the sweat and toil. Everybody wants to be the boss or '30% broker'. The institution of checks and balances like the Auditor General's office is lame and impotent.

If it wasnt for the current 2-party system, with a strong alternative political party in govt, the public will not be privy to such lurid details. These are constant reminders that the public has to vote carefully for our future. These scandals that are surfacing in increasing amounts like dead fishes only serves to reinforce the need for a new govt. And be wary of the current govt's desperate attempt to thwart the next GE with all possible means imaginable.

Sumpitan Emas,  1 January 2013 at 14:09  

(Anon:10:44) No,it doesn't. It started a long time ago.

'The Unmaking of Malaysia' - Insider's Reminiscences of UMNO, Razak and Mahathire - by Ahmad Mustapha Hussan - ex-Press Secretary to Tun Razak and Tun Mahathir, and nephew of Dr.Mahathir bin Mohammad Iskandar (youngest sibling of Ahmad Mustapha Hassan's mother). Pg. 71-72:

'After Dr. Mahathir took over as the Prime Minister, tender exercises as had normally been the practice, were done away with. It was now direct negotiations all the time and that too after the projects had been given the nod by the higher-up. As that was the culture, I had to follow suit. I did approach the Prime Minister with numerous proposals. Those involved in processing the proposals would eventually say that it would help if the Prime Minister were to jot something on the proposal documents'.

'I knew that this could never happen to my proposals. I did put up proposal to utilise the Malaysian government land in Gallup Road in Singapore. I proposed that we should build 18 villas on a six-acre lot and that nine villas should be transferred to the government. The value of each villa would be in the region of Singapore Dollars 10 million plus. I received no reply. I found out later that the land was privatized to some other group'.

'Every time I approached the Prime Minister, a number of excuses were given to me'....

'Only certain people seemed to be eligible for whatever proposal they presented. These were the privileged few'....

'If only, everything was done through an open tender process, more Malaysians would also be able to enjoy this right and privilege. I know that the open tender process would take time but at least this would give the chance to the others also to take part in this exercise, and there would be greater transparency. There are many competent companies that are qualified to do any work put out by the government. Only if they could take part in open tender exercises, then the government would be able to choose from among the best'.

'An arrogant leader in a hurry had no time for this kind of procedure. The procedure would only be regarded by him as being a stumbling block to the success of his projects and to the quick achievement of his vision'.

'Most projects were therefore the projects of the Prime Minister....He was given power for 22 years in order to help uplift the lot of the bumiputras, and given support when he changed the direction of the policies set in motion by his predecessor Tun Razak, but he failed in prescribing a successful remedy for the nation. Perhaps he should have remained in medicine, and continued in his job of prescribing cures for common cold!!'

That Mahathir betrayed all that Tun Razak had struggled for is tragic enough. The son's betrayal makes the tragedy doubly bitter as it cuts into the beating hearts of those of us who knew instinctively that we were more or less set to be one of the post-World War big success stories.

It was never to be; a dream was deliberately destroyed by greed.

Najib, no thanks to your new promises.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 14:35  

Dato, transactions of this nature have taken place too often by the warlords of UMNO-lead govt. The motive behind NOT transfering / registering title to the new owner is to avoid paying stamp duty which is a significant revenue for the govt. It deprives the govt from legally collecting stamp duty whilst plundering millions from the govt coffers. A double whammy if you will.

Gomer Pyle

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 15:06  

Dr M is retired only in name. He still holds the reins in government. He who thinks that power is forever his, will set his downfall in motion.

Malays must wake up and see how much Dr M has stolen from the people and from the country. All his wealth is not his to begin with. All his billions belong to the people of Malaysia and he must be made to return every sen he stole from the people and from our country. It is time we showed umno and bn where the real power is!!!

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 15:12  

Buying this book from this carpet idiot is giving him more wealth. Get someone to translate the book and paste it on the Net for everyone to read for free.

Not only have these robbers and thieves stolen from us, now they are just buying over big companies and enriching themselves for life, just like Petron. Why on earth should we make Mukhriz richer?? Time to find out which companies belong to the big umno lords and cronies for boycott. It's time we support honest , smalltime traders and businessmen.

antisyaitan,  1 January 2013 at 15:37  

Salam tahun 2013,

Kapada ketua,mantan ketua dan ahliahli gerombolan "Syaitan Yang Dikenali" bersiap sedialah, kebenaran pasti datang, dan segala bangkai penipuan kamu akan terbongkar dan segala kebusukan bangkai itu anak dapat dicium oleh rakyat jelata.

Walaupun Allah mengurniakan kamu usia yang panjang tetapi kamu sia-siakan usia tersebut dan masih belum mahu bertaubat

Nur,  1 January 2013 at 16:41  

And those robbers and thieves goes to weddings and are being honored as special guests and does the merenjis without feeling any shame or guilt...

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 18:45  

As long as those in position of power, trust and influence could make easy money, they don't care!

Many are involved for these scandals to happen.....corruption has become a way of life.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 19:31  

Pm merayu beri masa 5 thn lg kat bn. Dah 55 thn tak cukup lagi?. Ini negara dia ingat untuk parti dia aje, bodoh jika ikut najib. Kita dah tak kompromi dgn parti rasuah.

JinChrist 1 January 2013 at 21:51  

cilaka UMNO goons. God pls help Malaysia.
This is worst then daylight robbery. This is RAPE.
Datuk, pls do what is necessary within your capacity to help save this nation.

Anonymous,  1 January 2013 at 23:17  

dear dato
i believe that the amoun of money involve is soo cheep.
if i was RR i will personaly develope the land and become Billionair not Millionair.

Suci Dalam Debu 2 January 2013 at 01:55  

Rasa malu jadi Melayu UMNO. Ini gara-gara Tun Mahathir yang mulakan budaya Skim Cepat Kaya Malaysia dan sekarang masih berkuasa di belakang tabir.

Ingat ya, Mahathir itu Melayu by definition. Kata dialah, bukan aku.

Paradigmshift,  2 January 2013 at 13:20  

Dear SAK,
For your info, Putra Nazrain Abdul Jalil is the son of Raja Rabiatun who is the sister of Raja Ropiaah who is the sister of Raja Noorashikin who is the wife of Ramli b Ngah Talib the former MB of Perak and Speaker of the Dewan Negara. Abdul Jalil is the husband of Raja Rabiatun.Abdul Jalil was ( I am not sure whether he still is) the Permatang Pauh UMNO Divisional Head. So as you can see, it is all in the family maa! All these Raja's are actually raja's originating from Sumatera and not related in any way to the Perak Royal family. But not many people know. We call them raja Kuala Dipang because many of them are from this area in Perak. many of them work as rubber tappers, taxi drivers and lower level government servants. But because they have the title raja before their names, people call them Yang Mulia. So this Abdul Jalil has gone one step up for instead of naming his son Megat so and so ( or Puteri so and so , if the child is a girl ,as is usually the practice when a commoner man marries a royal family member (real one, not Kuala Dipang raja) he names his son Putera so and so.

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