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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 23 January 2013

There is a Better Life after and without UMNO.

The signals are all there. Mahathir, the man who can walk on water has said it again- Najib is a weak leader. Daim was more perceptive- saying that Najib, despite an army of advisers working often at cross purpose, protecting turfs hasn’t got what it takes to run the country.
There was also an earlier attempt to sound out Najib that his time is up. He was reported to be ill. Najib seems to be forgetting that to Mahathir, kicking out Najib  is just like eating kuaci cap helang.
Because the missus is screaming- don’t give up darling. The world for us will come to an end if you do.  So Najib puts on a show- he is made of steel and his nerves of titanium. He goes to Gaza, Palestine probably not before asking USA to tell Israel not to launch any plane attacks while he is there. And the UMNO paid bloggers, the mental retards hiding behind anonymous names scream, Najib is great.
Najib is in Gaza, the Palestinian territory. He is where no one had gone before therefore he is a great leader. He must be thinking, we live in a planet where there are no signs of intelligence. We will humour him if he wants to reprise the role of Captain Kirk and also allow him to say the popular line- Mr Scotty- beam me up. There are no signs of intelligent life here.
Or maybe Najib wants to appear more hip to the Y generation; he can rap and dance to Nicky Minaj’s, Scotty Beam me up.
Ahh beam me up scotty
my wa-wa wine my wine it too dutty
Beam me up scotty
my wa-wa wine my wine it too dutty

We ‘stupid Malaysians’ know otherwise. He is the PM with the most baggage and has compromised the office. He will lead UMNO to its defeat, welcomed even by some cynical UMNO members. By now people already believed that Najib is involved in many financial irregularities and certainly was behind people who murdered Altantuya.
He has come to offer Palestinians moral support. Or maybe he has come to offer Palestinians the chance to use our armoured personnel vehicles. We have a surplus number after spending RM7.7 billion (during his watch as Defence Minister). The APCS are suitable for desert warfare. If the APCs are not suitable what about our Rapid Intervention Vehicles bought as RM 690,000 apiece, almost RM500k more than the market price. Mentally slow Zahid Hamidi has not explained to the public why the difference.
Or maybe he has come offering Palestinians the use of our Sukhois, submarines maybe or the tanks built by Deftech or the ones we bought from Poland? Then he can justify all those spending he made on the purchase while he was Defence Minister were justified.
The 2nd OPVs can patrol the coast off Palestine. Maybe bombard Tel Aviv with Malaysian made artillery.
He can do all that. Put on a great show. Najib being in Gaza does not obliterate the now much accepted thinking that he is a sissy. Mahathir knows that. We all know that.
Najib is the biggest recipient of subsidies. He was made MP and immediately became a deputy minister because the father passed away. By default he got the job because the saddened class of sycophants in Pekan was so overwhelmed at the passing of Tun Razak. They insisted his progeny take over so that the spirit of Tun Razak lives on. He was made deputy minister because Uncle Hussein Onn was the PM. He became deputy UMNO youth leader because he camped with Anwar Ibrahim. He was made so many things without working hard as others do. Thus he finally became Prime Minister of Malaysia by default, a position most Malaysians feel he does not deserve.
As MB for Pahang he was busy with other things. Like entertaining one Puan Rosmah Mansor for instance. Or like busy emptying the coffers of Pahang selling and disposing of assets very similar to the French aristocrats before the Revolution. It was under his watch that the now Berjaya resort in Tioman was sold off to Vincent Tan. It was also this transaction that forever made Najib enslaved to Mahathir. Mahathir can squeeze Najib’s balls at any time the former chooses.
He was dishing out timber concessions to cronies and supporters. JJ got a big break when he was given a timber concession. He also have a timber concession then worth RM30 million to a recipient whose address was a low cost home. Najib was indeed a kind hearted person and he shared this trait with so many people including a then Puan Rosmah mansor.
Was he good as our defence Minister? He spent billions and billions to expand our defence capabilities. As far back as  2002,  Najib wanted to buy tanks from Poland- the PT-91M. A company called Bumar Łabędy built 48 PT-91M and 15 support vehicles, armoured recovery vehicle, 3 MID-M engineering tank, 5 PMC Leguan - armoured vehicle-launched bridge and one SJ-09 driver training tank), ammo, spares and support for $370 million. At that time 1USD =RM3.80. RM1.4 billion. The tanks were delivered to Malaysia in 2007–2009. Are these tanks performance capable or are they mothballed somewhere? Maybe it was a wise thing at that time- spend on equipment that can hardly be used for battle here in Malaysia, unless of course we are anticipating desert warfare. Or maybe now Najib will finally act on his earlier plan to send our tanks to fight alongside the Palestinians against the Israelis, now that he is Gaza?
Then there is the submarines scandal one that will never go away as a murder has been linked to this scandal and most Malaysians are convinced that Najib has had some involvement here. More and more people now believed that Najib and Rosmah have something to do with the murder of Alatantuya Shaaribu. The Merdeka Centre can perhaps do a poll asking people about this?
Najib has become easy meat for the UMNO power brokers because he is in fact weak, and is compromised by his failure to come clean, and as a result lost the ability to lead.
We move on to the next phase- the one UMNO fears most. There is indeed a better life after and without UMNO.


Asrul Sani 23 January 2013 at 13:37  

Mentally retard, sorry.... slow thinking Zahid Hamidi did explain about the ridiculously exorbitant price of the APCs....he said MINDEF was duped by the supplier about the actual price .....Please tell me Dato' was is a retard or just slow brain...moronic answer yes ...coming out from a MORON....most likely......

Dengar cerita Najib tengah berlatih memanjat kelapa dan membajak sawah so that one of these days he could put a show to enable mentally challenged paid bloggers to sing praises about his humble background.

"....Makan nasi daun pisang udah, amik wuduk witnessed by a flock of ass lickers pun udah, malah pegi Gaza nii...masihkah rakyat meragui akan kemampuanku terus meneraju .....entahlah Rosmah, barangkali rakyat dah cerdik kut...." najib's inner voice lately.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 14:13  

More likely he's in Palestine to open a personal bank account.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 14:17  

To conclude the analysis of without BN:

If PR/or Anwar Win, the rakyat will directly and indirectly will save a lot of money rather than benefit the cronies pocket:-

1) Petrol Price reduce and transport, goods will automatically reduce.

2) TNB price will reduce and other related expenditure cost (industrial/commercial) will reduce.

3) Toll rate reduce.

4) Car price reduce.

5) Abolish PTPTN.(education loan)

6) Free wifi internet at city area.

7) Lower sugar and rice price due to cronies.

8) Reduce the nation debt. (At this moment at RM 500 billion, its mean that every rakyat (28 million) own the world at RM 20,000.00 per person)

9) Better nation with more transparency and less abuse of power.

10) More cost to save..... With indirect cost for goods.

If BN win, GST will imposed and continue to feed the cronies till the nation bankrupt. Who will suffer if all the GLC took over by IMF?

From what I observed, only cronies and high post official (little napoleon) and stupid rakyat will continue to support BN to corrupt, abuse of power...etc

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 14:38  

Really well said Dato. Lets just wait for the fat
lady to sing!

monsterball 23 January 2013 at 14:58  

Najib is the first so call "PM" to visit war torn dangerous Gaza for two main reasons.
He knows his life is in grave danger...when he loses the 13th GE.
Visiting Gaza...the danger is nothing compared to the danger at home..when he loses the 13th GE...and maybe hoping in Gaza...he gets wounded....becomes a sort of a Muslims.
Secondly..he wants to show to the Muslims...he is brave...very brave....the first Malaysian "PM " hero...hoping more and more Muslims will come back to support him.
He has given up the hope of getting Malaysian Christians votes...and so might as well use his puppet..Ibrahim Ali to provoke for fights.
Every move Najib makes in these last few weeks before he announced the 13th GE date....are moves of a very very desperate man.
He knows he will be forced to resign....and so visit to Gaza is to shut Mahathir's mouth...and all Umno B rouges and thieves in the supreme council....any to force him to resign.
It's a game of deadly chess...for mices and rats....mongooses and snakes....all now in the open...fighting for survival.
"RAHMAN" prophecy.. will be fulfilled.
Tunku Abdul Rahman...can in peace.
So will that poor poor Mongolian lady...where Malaysians have witnessed the cruelest can possibly imagine.
Corruptions can only put him to jail. entirely ...a different story.

Cahaya Qalbu,  23 January 2013 at 18:05  

BN has been ruling Malaysia ever since its earliest guise; it is now the longest serving elected ruling party in the world. The only longer serving governments are the non-elected communist regimes countries.

After 55 years of independence, Msians are still racially divided and fragmented. It is a national shame that BN has used race and religion as their evil craft to keep this nation divided along racial and religious line. It is the divide and rule politic that has destroyed national solidarity and patriotism amongst the rakyat.

However, Msians do learned to live in peace and harmony but that doesn’t mean we are truly united as Msians. From schools, universities, offices and businesses, to the factory floor we only witness racial polarization and division. It is also a reflection of satirist George Owell “ANIMAL FARM”.

Msia will be destined for catastrophe in the making should we still harp on racial issues, continue with our old ways of existence and a tragedy for this nation’s future should the power that is kept, keeps propagating racial disharmony.

Divide and rule is an ill-conceived and evil doctrine that has drained this nation of its spirit.

We must change after 55 years of independence to think and act as true Msians since BN leaders won’t change their evil ways!

Why vote for BN when they treat ordinary Mians as 2nd class, 3rd class and some even pariah status citizens while their families and gang of cronies as elites and 1st class? And would we vote for a party that has pillaged this country to near bankruptcy and polluted the pillars of democracy that was entrenched in the Federal Constitution?

Msians should not support a party that is going backward. We have to move forward for a new era in Msia.


Proud2bMalaysian 23 January 2013 at 19:46  

Well said. Najib is just avoiding for face up the mounting challenges of his office by going away and let silence be golden and hope people will forget by the time he returns from spending millions of ringgit of our money.

Najib in Gaza - Good for him, bad for Malaysia

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 20:05  

Najib thinks the Malays will go gaga over his Gaza visit.
As for Najib stepping down. No way. Remember Lady Macbeth in the form of Rosmah.
As for Merdeke Center. It will not do any poll damaging to Najib and BN.

bruno,  23 January 2013 at 22:59  

If PR comes into power after GE 13th,whoever maybe a dumbo(elephant0 becomes PM cannot do worse than Najib and Umno/BN.

First of all there will be less corruption and cronism,maybe on a very much smaller scale.There will always be corruption and cronism, like there will always be ladies of the night plying their trade.That is human nature,power,greed and lust.And all this will be done as quiet as a tikus to avoid detection,as the players will be afraid to be caught.Not as openly as Umnoputras and cronies,daring and thumping their noses at the rakyat,challenging them to catch me if you dare.

Less corruption means that there will be less illicit outflow of the ringgit to offshore bank accounts.Less outflow of the ringgit means a stronger ringgit.A stronger ringgit means imported cars,appliances and goods will be cheaper.Cheaper goods means less inflation,and that the consumers or rakyat will get a bigger bang for their hard earned ringgit.

There will no longer be any Abrahim Ali or racial and religious bigots of his likes around anymore,as they will be wearing pinstriped pajamas and eating nasi kuah kari in Kamunting.

There will be a revamp of the public institutions,and all the politically appointed cronies will be sent for rehabitation.Illegals and criminals running wild on robbing sprees will be rounded up and banished to Pulau Jerejak.

The streets will be safe and once again belong to the people,who can walk and stroll the streets and not feel afraid of robbers and rapists.

The education systems will be revamped.Our educational standards will be upgraded with better trained teachers and lecturers, and will soon be on par or better with our neighbours and will be affordable to all deserving Malaysians.

fidel castro,  24 January 2013 at 05:07  

salam perkenalan dato.
Dato Najib/Rosmah sedang melihat di kawasan mana yang bersesuaian di israel untuk tinggal selepas PRU 13..beliau saja saja meninjau melalui palestin

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 09:59  

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced on Wednesday the Malaysian prime minister’s recent visit to Gaza, saying that it “enhances division and does not serve the Palestinian interests,” reported local news agency WAFA.

Malu tak terhingga siNajib ni.

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