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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 24 January 2013

UMNO's Maulidur Rasul 2013

UMNO can never carry out a religious event without contaminating with their politics can they? That is why I say, Najib has a team of punah-sihat and punai-sihat. This year’s celebration of our prophet’s birthday is the most politicised as far as I can remember. UMNO is politicising the issue- portraying that it alone embraces and practices the theme on which the celebrations is held. We shall come to this year’s theme in a while. The theme is wasathiyah tunggak kesatuan ummah.  UMNO’s focus is on the theme because it thinks it can make political capital out of it.
I am no longer sure of the religiosity side of the event now that it has been invaded by political expediency. UMNO is guilty of this. Instead of exalting the virtues of the Prophet (PBUH), themes with overt political insinuations are shamelessly imputed into the event by the prevailing government.
Thinking Malays- the influential albeit small grouping which Najib and his boys have never engaged are better off looking at this year’s celebration theme in a critical manner. As far as I can remember and was taught, this isn’t the way to remember the holy Prophet (PBUH). In the olden days, mawlid gatherings will be held, religious figures will talk on the personal and the exemplary virtues of Prophet Muhammad and Muslims partake in the remembrance of the person Allah has chosen to deliver Islam to the world by reciting Quranic verses, performing zikr and so forth . Muslims are reminded of the eternal debt that we owe to the Holy Prophet.
We were never told, like Mahathir told people some time ago, that if Allah has not chosen Muhammad to spread the message of Islam, He (Allah) would have chosen another person. That kind of idea would have been considered blasphemous and eternally condemned.
Everywhere we go; banners shout and scream wasathiyah tunggak kesatuan ummah. Or wasathiyah is the bedrock of unity. UMNO is almost drowning; the water has reached the nose level that is when UMNO finds it suitable to talk about wasathiyah being the bedrock of the community’s unity. UMNO is an opportunistic and calculating animal.
Was this element in hibernation all this while? If the social element of wasathiyah has always been there in Islam, why wasn’t it working to help out the Islamic community and UMNO all this while? Why hasnt it earned UMNO universal support? Why has it failed to unite the Muslim community at least in Malaysia with UMNO spearheading it as a social tool?
The answer: because it has never been a component of UMNO’s cultural, social or political makeup. UMNO has never believed in such religious hocus pocus( UMNO treats it such) until it is now nearly drowning. Now in 2013, UMNO wants to claim it alone champions this element and therefore deserves to be supported. Bull!
Faces of UMNO ADUNs ad MPs adorn the banners. It would be interesting, if the faces decorating the banners are asked to explain and elaborate on the concept of wasathiyah and of Muslims being described as balanced, moderates and just. Let us assume that when UMNO talks about being just, they mean the term as in the meting out of justice in accordance to the rule of law. Now, ruling in accordance to the rule of law- that would be a first for Najib’s UMNO.
Never before has the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday(PBUH) been politicised by UMNO as it is now. Because this is an election year, everything must be politicised so as to give UMNO the seeming advantage. So UMNO must overdo things to show the Malays especially, they are at the forefront in protecting Islamic interests but also insisting that it alone has the authority to interpret Islam.
Take for example, the usual daily poundings and vitriol to those opposed to UMNO on the usage of the term Allah. Since when has UMNO taken up the cudgels to confront others in things Islamic? Wasn’t it the UMNO government that allowed bibles to use the term a long time ago? Now they are misleading the issue by attributing the uncontrolled and 'un-Islamic' usage to PAS’s Islamic teachings. Why doesn’t UMNO show its manliness banning the use outright instead of telling the people they can’t do that because PAS is teaching otherwise?
PAS isn’t the federal government. UMNO is. Please come out with a decree banning the use of the term Allah instead of fudging the issue and making political capital out of it. PAS hasn’t got its own teaching of Islam. It hasn’t got a separate brand of Islam other than mainstream Islam and the One Islam.
So now Naijib is playing up the term wasathiyah which he thinks gives him political capital. He appears before TV presenting a scripted talk not knowing of refusing to know, that people who watch know deep in the hearts, the significance of the term, escapes Najib. They grow more cynical and sceptical- as Hishamudin Rais said, when Najib starts to talk about Islam, that’s when pigs start to fly.
So what does the term wasathiyah mean? Najib wants it to be interpreted as a particular grouping of the community (UMNO of course) being the champion of moderation. It doesn’t take rocket science to know against which grouping/s UMNO compares itself and therefore, smugly appears to be a saint. Other groupings which are not UMNO are religious freaks bent on talibanising society, their members made up of wild eyed zealots soon to be given license to go on a raping rampage targeting the beautiful amoys in revealing cheongsams. The other political groupings especially DAP of course are chauvinists bent on enslaving Muslim Malays, converting them into Christians and taking over Malaysia.
UMNO alone practices wasathiyah or moderation and therefore deserves unqualified support.
The term taken from Quran 2:143 says that Muslims are the middle ummah. The community that is moderate, that rejects extremism, rejects excesses in politics, religious practices and so on. The term can also be taken to mean just and in judging people in accordance to the rule of law.
Where is the operational and functionality significance of the term in UMNO’s politics? We didn’t see any refection of this element, if it has been part of UMNO’s DNA in UMNO’s social dealings. The meaning of the term, taken as a whole- whether to mean moderation, just, or balanced are designed to make a community if it actually practises wasathiyah, EXEMPLARY. If you are exemplary in your personal and political conduct, that qualifies you to judge others. At the end of the day, the Holy Prophet judges you by your actions and on your faith.
Now, ask yourselves whether Najib in his personal capacity and UMNO in its political capacity have acted in an EXEMPLARY manner? If it has failed, if its conduct has consistently been unbecoming, then come PRU13, let us unite in an exemplary manner to kick it out from Putrajaya.


digit,  24 January 2013 at 11:12  

Why are we celebrating his birthday when he did not do it himself. Why indulge in such festivities when our time could be spent on more productive things. I bet the prophet would have frowned on his birthday being declared as a holiday thus encouraging wastage.
Yes we should follow the good examples of the prophet, and the first thing to do is to do away with this public holiday and work hard just like the prophet did. In that way we will follow this example.

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 11:27  


From what i see, the Merdeka Center method in getting their surveys in wrong, it maybe ok to do it in Indonesia but not in Singapore and Malaysia.

Cara dia adalah melalui panggilan telefon secara rawak. Tapi kalau kat malaysia tak sesuai.

Kalau dia call saya pun, saya rasa was2 nak sebut sokongan terbuka kepada PR, kenapa.... risau kene mark out or trace by BN or government. Betul atau tidak? Mungkin saya akan jawab 'Tidak pasti' walaupun saya sokong PR....

Kalau saya kerja swasta pun begini, bagaimana kalau orang yang kena survey tu kakitangan kerajaan?
Most likely he will say 'saya sokong Najib'.

Malu nak cakap begini, Singapura, Malaysia umpama negara kuku besi macam Soviet dan komunis china, tidak bebas....

Saya percaya BN akan tumbang, kalau tidak GE!#, tapi in near future akan tumbang. Same goes with PAP in Singapore.

Nothing last FOREVER......

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 12:57  

I couldn't agree more with the writer. UMNO is going all out to defend Islam and be the champions of anything Islam. However, it does look rather awkward being that what they preach they do not practise! The leaders have been living in all glory of bribes and sins and instead preach that the rakyat do otherwise. It does seems like the crab is teaching its crablings(?) to walk straight. But most rakyat now have realized their ploy and have started to take whatever have been said by them with a pinch of salt.By the way, the Tokoh MaulidurRasul received RM50,000 but the Maharaja Lawak champion walked away with RM500,000 grand prize! This is Wasathiyyah UMNO style!

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 13:06  


Doktor-doktor spin Najib termasuuk APCO Yahudi bagi tip suruh lebihkan imej wasatiyyah untuk coverkan bom Deepak.

Itu sebab tengok Rosmah tanpa makeup dan bag Berkin pergi kat pusat Banjir, event Pandu Puteri dan bersenamrobik dengan Mak2 Felda dan Tentera.

Najibke Gaza dengan tunjang-tunjang wasatiyyah Jamil, Abdullah Zin. Tambahan dengan katak berbayar Umno Zul Nordin dan Nasarudin, ahli PAS berjiwa Umno.

Lawatan keGaza terkantoi sebab Umno tak iktiraf Hamas dan masih ikut telunjuk Amerika anggap Hamas sebagai pengganas kena balun dpd Fatah, Amerika, Israel dan Arab Saudi. Dari lawatan ketua negara siap dengan pembarisan hormat, lawatan tapak mati shahid pejuang, terpaksa spin tukar jadi lawatan kemanusiaan. Ni, Amerika masih tak puas hati entah apa akan dipaksa kat Najib.

Tahun lepas promo twitter dan gambar besar haji kat Mekah terkantoi dengan polemik silap rukun haji.

Pak Lah guna cover Hadhari nak tutup kerakusan KJ. Skang, Najib pakai wasatiyyah.

Rakyat tolak Hadhari semasa PRU12 dan Che Det tamatkan riwayat politik Pak Lah.

PRU13, rakyat tolak wastiyyah, Najib dan Che Det sekali!

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 13:26  

Can Najib last till after Chinese New Year as president of UMNO baru?

What is the latest on this?

monsterball 24 January 2013 at 15:21  

This post is confusing to me.
While Sak puts out a clear good message...exposing Umno b hypocrites...I cannot understand what has the video of an Arab Iman preaching in his own country...has anything to do with Umno b dirty race and religion Malaysia.

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 15:52  

The corrupt and thieve in UMNO Baru are hypocites, wassatiah, visiting Gaza.It is all to hoodwink the stupid Malays.UMNO does not even recognise when HAMAS won the general election. It chose to side Israel an US which consider HAMAS a terrorist organisation.You do not spend millions on rings and hand bags if you practice Wassatiah.

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 16:27  

Dear Datuk Sak

Brother Malcolm X, after going to Mecca and meeting Muslims of all colours from all over the world, gave up his previous racist (anti-white) ideology and joined the mainstream ummah.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, we have the Mahathir-sponsored Perkasa neo-fascists spouting all sorts of racist rhetoric while loudly proclaiming that they are defending the Faith.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 18:06  

The way Islam is used in politic will not benefit Muslims in the long term.

One of the great religions in the world tarnished by a few misguided......majority kept silence.

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 18:24  

Salam Dato,

I have also seen this UMNO Baru Malulidul Rasul style speech.

I think that UMNO now is very desparate and do whatever means to get the support of the Rakyat.

Just imagine, while there are problems with education system in our country and low maths rating abroad, suddenly Pak Modin get ijazah kehormat at the unknown institution in the US, and Pak Jib get the ijazah kehormat at Gaza???

I think these UMNO BN politicans are the only country in the world who went to overseas almost every year, especially Pak Jib and Pak Modin.

I hope Rakyat will understand these factors are all wayang kulit.

And ... these cheap B Rating movie stars will be broadcasted now and then at Rais TV Malaysia and TV3 stooges.

Malulidul Rasul, is never being practiced by the Prophet himself and not even his companions.

I think UMNO ulamak assume themselves as the best Ulamak in the world maybe above then those in the middle east.

We must understand that Islam doesn't mean everything Arabic.

Islam talk more about ethical, science and technology and even strategic thinking in all aspects of life.

tokio_rain,  24 January 2013 at 18:31  

monsterball, why dont you ask your good buddy bruno to explain it to you. hehehe

Cahaya Qalbu,  24 January 2013 at 19:37  

The burning of BM Bible raised by Perkasa is a plot by the desperation of UMNO leaders and they might even use agent provocateurs to burn the Quran.

Their main aims are:

>to attract Malay votes to UMNO in the coming election.

>to provoke non-Malays so that they will retaliate angrily, hence the Malays will despise PR.

>to divert the attention of Msians from the issues of Deepakgate ,Raja Ropiaah, Sabah PATI and other BN scandals .

>to materialize their hidden agenda of creating racial clashes so that Emergency Act can be invoked cancelling GE13.

As UMNO is involved in this plot, Perkasa is not worried and knows that they are protected. To put it simply, Umno is using one of it customary tactics to exploit race and religion to stay in power.

This is an outright dicing with fire, which is totally irresponsible and shows that they don’t care about the rakyat wellbeing but only themselves.

Msians must stay calm and ignore their malicious intention.

And it’s the duty of every Msian this coming GE13 to make sure that UMNO/BN is kick out from Putrajaya for they are indeed despicable and evil !!!

Anonymous,  24 January 2013 at 20:29  

Dato Sak, ini adalah manisfestasi cuba 'memperlekehkan agama Islam' untuk kepentingan politik. Jawapan nya akan'hancur' mereka2 ini. Lihat sahaja pada sejarah Pak Lah dan Anwar Ibrahim. Telah mencuba berbuat benda yang sama tapi akhir nya di aibkan oleh Allah. We never learn. Salam

The Golden blowpipe,  25 January 2013 at 09:00  

Anon 24Jan13 15:52
..You do not spend millions on rings and hand bags if you practice Wassatiah..

Betul, betul, betul.

Skandal lepas skandal, baru sahaja ingat Wasathiyah.

Bijak atau munafik?

C.Qalbu (19:37):"The burning of BM Bible raised by Perkasa is a plot by the desperation of UMNO leaders and they might even use agent provocateurs to burn the Quran."

Precisely. There are lots of jobless goons around who are prepared to cover up their faces and burn the Al Quran to bring fire and hell on Malaysian soil. Desperadoes from UMNO will do anything urged on by their number one AGENT PROVOCATEUR because HE and all the rest will be stripped naked if Putrajaya falls to Barisan Hikmah.

Time to expose the naked Emperor and Empress and all their illegitimate offsprings, (but please do NOT touch Dr Siti Hasmah, my friends - she is a gem: as they all are from the Ali family).

I plead for all the Raja-raja Melayu to intervene, now that the RCI has forced someone to make a confession - there is no time to lose your Majesties.

May God Almighty save Malaysia from UMNO and its privileged group of thieves, robbers and cheats. To those within UMNO who are not so privileged, B.H. will surely give more than crumbs.

Vote B.H. and we shall see where some people who practise wasathiyah will retire,in Jeddah or London.

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