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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 7 January 2013

The ABC of Public Trust and Accountability.

 Let us teach UMNO people some ABC. How to conduct oneself in a transparent manner and show people we are committed to the principle of accountability.
The UMNO people are going to town ridiculing DAP for making an error in counting the votes for Zairil K Johari and coming out in the open, owning up to the mistake. They would rather keep people in the dark, stealing from the country, making stupid statements when caught. A party coming out in the open showing all that its committed to the principle of transparency and more important on accountability is demeaned because of that?  clearly then, it means transparency and accountability do not exist in UMNO’s vocabulary. Deceit and irresponsibility are.
What would UMNO do? Use mistakes to defraud people? It’s better to keep and hide things from people? It’s better not to answer or even pretend not to know, the whereabouts of Puspahanas? Where is that damn thing? The government is not answering despite having given the leeching lady RM27 million of taxpayers’ money. Is Raja Ropiaah milking money on behalf of UMNO?
It’s better to keep quiet and hide from people the whereabouts of the RM207 billion or whatever amount paid by Japan to some 30,000 death railway conscripted laborers? UMNO supports and condones silence and hiding malpractices such as the RM500 million commission earned by middlemen in the purchase of malfunctioning submarines. Or defrauding the people into believing that the proposed west coast expressway breaks new ground in the way piratization privatization is made? Whether the new west coast expressway of 223km costs RM31 million or RM 22 million per kilometer, people want to know what kind of stones and premix go into the building of the road? Why can’t JKR do it and make it toll free too? JKR can make it at probably a fraction of the cost. I am told by some JKR engineers, maybe at RM2.5 billion, much lesser than the soft loan given by UMNO to the contracting company. Are the bridges made of gold?  People want to know how could a person associated with failure to pay debts owning to the Selangor government and having a company with a dismal business record can get the award for the highway?
Even Muhyidin Yassin is talking a lot about the issue when there are so many other bigger issues. If Muhyidin takes over, the whole country is for sale. It’s a mistake to assume that just because Muhyidin seems to make the right noises in line what the majority of UMNO people feel, therefore MUhyidn in better than Najib. Muhyidin would serve as a better leader of the opposition in the next parliament compared to the political invertebrate people knows as Najib.
Why should UMNO be concern with the number of Malays in DAP or at the failure of 7 Malays to get into the DAP’s CEC? UMNO should be more concern at why over 1 million of their members rejected UMNO candidates in2008? Or more concern why more than 3 million Malays rejected UMNO in 2008.
The elections commission should take the willingness of DAP to own up and come out in the open admitting its mistake and correcting it, as an object lesson of public accountability and responsibility. If the people helming the election commissions have any iota of self-worth and understand the concept of accountability and public responsibility, they should resign from their posts. The people at the elections commission, answerable to the King must not actually be neutral but must be seen to be neutral as well. If they were UMNO members, they should come out in the open. We are not asking you to commit seppuku- just own up and be a man. But then you were the products of a party that eschews accountability and truthfulness.
Because UMNO thinks by focusing on DAP and making it out that DAP is anti-Malay and Malay interests, Malays will by default, come back into UMNO’s death embrace. You go back to UMNO, you die is my simple message. It will be another 5 years of being bullied into believing you cannot exist apart from UMNO. What has UMNO done that cannot be done better by other people? It’s impossible for anyone to do any worse than what UMNO has done.
The mistake made by DAP does not affect the welfare of the country nor solve many of the problems faced by Malays as a result of UMNO’s misrule and incompetence. The mistake by DAP does not alter the fact that for 55 years, especially so after 1981, UMNO has misled the Malays. For the same number of years, UMNO has also bullied and misled the Malay Royalty frightening the latter to believe that without UMNO, the institution is finished. So you find members of the Royal House openly supporting UMNO. If they make the bed, so they must lie on it. People will openly express their feelings on such political adventurism.
UMNO prefers defrauding people rather than owning up to a simple mistake. It’s in UMNO’s DNA- defrauding and hiding the truth from people.
It was a simple mistake or like the UMNO people say- a schoolboy mistake. UMNO should be applauding at the idea of owning up to a simple mistake. More important, it’s a matter of principle. DAP is willing to endure ridicule and mockery for the sake of being transparent. Now, that is something which is absolutely alien to UMNO culture. So we should not be unduly perturbed by UMNO’s sanctimony and sudden piousness about being truthful. They never are.


bruno,  7 January 2013 at 11:26  

Umno/BN is making mountains out of the DAP election tallying mistake.Even Muhyiddin is joining the circus clowns,dancing with glee on the streets.What the DPM Muhyiddin and his ball carriers do not understand is that a schoolboy's mistake needs children to make jokes on.Not the principals and teachers.

Don't these big boys have anything better to do.Like maybe washing the dishes or doing the laundry for the missus.At least it is better than making fools out of idiots.If the DPM and the rest of the mat rempits were to go chasing the illegals commiting crimes all over the country,at least they will be doing the rakyat a big favour.At least do something useful instead of behaving like clowns.

With these losers serving as ministers,it is just a matter of time before the rest of the third world countries overtake us.Hundreds of millions a pop taken by two wanita leaders.Just imagine how much more the Umno men will take a pop.For two useless submarines that cannot sink,even with additional tons of weight added.And these two unsinkable subs costing taxpayers RM500 million in commision.

Now the so loudly lauded AES is put on hold until after the GE.If Umno/BN retained federal government,they will come back and skin the rakyat.All unpopular projects are kept in the closet like skeletons,only to resurface after the GE.And taxes added will be back.Beware of your savings as they will soon be in Umnoputras pockets.

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 12:55  

The question now. Can rakyat be fool now? Can rakyat differentiate what are the big issues and what the lame issues about the country? The rakyat have to see the big picture and that big picture is how the country wealth being raped and robbed by umno and bn goons all these years. Only option for rakyat to have better governance of the country is to get rid the bn goons out of putrajaya.

medza 7 January 2013 at 14:10  

Well, they have been silent all this while, they can't even utter a word to defend themselves. This issue gives them an opportunity for them to be heard again, but who cares what these crooks, thieves and robbers says, the rakyat knows how to appreciate truth, honesty and sincerity. DAP's blunder in the election of the CEC can be accepted an error, but it doesn't cost a single sen of the rakyat's money. The rakyat will still support DAP no matter what. We trust DAP more than ever.

Tom,  7 January 2013 at 14:21  

Well said, Dato Sak. The brainless fools in umno and gerakan are once again hypocritically howling at the moon and we know it is out of dire desperation. Each time they open their mouths, it is another nail in their coffin. Let's bury them all for the sake of our nation!

OneMalaysian,  7 January 2013 at 14:54  

Dear Sakmongkol

If we are to talk about public trust and accountability we must begin at the very top. Let’s start with BIJAN and BLACK ROSE, the two infamous, and according to KAPEED, evil couple.

Look, Kapeed has already published his book online. It is a short story that should make it a candidate for this year’s Booker Prize, or maybe the Pulitzer Prize. There is so much in there, with copies of receipts for purchase of jewellery for Black Rose. This is a must-read book, short and punchy, and full of details – details of wrong-doing (murder, bribery, buying off witnesses) – that Hollywood or perhaps Bollywood should consider making into a movie.

Yet, surprisingly the mainstream media has not caught on to the story. Talking about counting errors in a party election, with no implication to any non-party member, has instead received the full attention of the discredited press. And where is the unusually efficient MACC that will jump with alacrity into investigating Teoh Beng Hock’s RM2,000 case or the RM30,000 case involving sexual harassment? These cases seem far more important than bribery, murder and the silencing of witnesses. Since Kadeep’s lurid story has not yielded any investigations, we can suppose the small-time cheating of RM200 million or so by some state Wanita chief does not merit any mention at all. It falls into the same category as the NFC RM250 million involving the husband of the Wanita chief – too small to bother about. See how the severity of crimes seems to cascade down the chain of command in the ruling party?

azmie,  7 January 2013 at 16:06  

how do ameno and its yahoos handle voting error? here's how: sanglang, mar 8 2008. the idiot spr made an error by declaring ameno candidate as the winner. the spr idiot denied the error up until the case went to court. the spr idiot admitted the error in court on may 28 2008. the ameno candidate admitted on june 4 2008. the court made judgement for the pas candidate on sept 16. compare the 2-3 weeks lag time in dap case (involving 68 candidates) vs the 2++ months in the idiot spr case (involving only 2 candidates)(it took ~3 months for ameno but can't blame them for being stoopid)
that's transparency and accountability 1malaysia style

profit 7 January 2013 at 16:07  

Saudara Sakmongkol,

What makes you leave UMNO and abandon Najib?

monsterball 7 January 2013 at 18:31  

I don't think the description... "abandon Najib" is appropriate.
"profit" writer did not notice thousands left BN members left and join PR parties?
Presuming Sak abadon Najib is correct. That's his private business..and need to explain to anyone.
Why be a busy body?

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 10:49  

Yes, you are right. DAP has the gut to admit the mistakes and made public the mistake and not hush it up like UMNO. The cowgate case, if not, someone who exposed it will not be made known today. Cows become condos and 250 millions for rearng how many cows. I think they cannot count at all. Too many millions.

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