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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 27 January 2013

The Chief Constable and his warnings

Politicians and civil servants are saying a lot about religion nowadays. The Malaysian IGP or equivalent to UK’s Chief Constable has come out warning those who make fun of religion and racial issues. He says doing that can create hostilities and disunite the country.
We agree with him fully. He should use whatever powers he has to haul these people in without fear or favour. So why are the police slow in taking up action against Ibrahim Ali? This fellow has made seditious calls for Malaysian Muslims to seize and burn bibles. He should have been called the instance he uttered those words. Are we waiting for some bonfires somewhere before action is taken?
Then, representatives from the NGO which Ibrahim heads deny any knowledge of a planned bible burning event in Penang. Having thrown the stones, you hide your inciminating hands.
Why has Penang been singled out? Penang which is headed by a non-Muslim, allocates more than RM60 million a year for Muslim affairs. It has increased allowance for mosque and surau officials. Gave money to Quran reciters. And so on and so forth.
Perkasa as the self-appointed guardian of all things Malay, Islam and the King should congratulate Penang rather than turning Penang into a Bible burning venue. If Perkasa wants to burn Bibles, it should choose Seremban. The chief minister there, a Malay and a Muslim can only manage to give RM10 million allocation. The same amount he asked one money changer to send over to UK.
But back to the IGP. Having declared it, he must translate his talk into action. Please arrest Chua Soi Lek for making fun and mocking Islam at his MCA General Assembly late last year. The whole of Muslim Malaysia heard what he said. Soi Lek has made so many disparaging remarks about Islam. Perkasa was silent on the things soi lek said about Islam and in fact condoned and agreed to what Soi Lek said. Maybe Ibrahim Ali needs to be arrested too because he has said that one of the reasons why Malays and Muslims lagged behind in business is because Islam is inhibitive.
Please also arrest Najib Tun Razak for being physically present in the event where Soi Lek uttered those words. Later Najib also endorsed what Soi Lek said.
Please arrest Mahathir for saying that if Allah has not chosen Muhammad to be the messenger of Islam, He would have chosen someone else. That’s blasphemous.
Otherwise the public will interpret that Ismail Omar’s statements were only directed to those opposed to UMNO’s interpretation of Islam.
To Muslims please read Quran 5:57. After reading that, will they still want to support Najib? - as long as I am PM, we will not implement Islamic laws. Will they continue to believe what Mahathir says?


bruno,  27 January 2013 at 10:55  

Dato,the IGP was referring to the opposition when he said people making fun of religion and racial issues will be hauled up.What he conveniently left out is that Umno/BN howling dogs,cats,camels,cows,sharks and fishes are excluded and has immunity from the law.

Ask Anwar,Hadi or LGE to called for the fat katak to be burn or skewered,and they will be in the lockup waiting on transit to Kamunting.

This Umno/BN gomen with its crony appointees are a shame and a real disgrace to the democratic and civilised world.After they are chased out of Putrajaya,it is a wonder if third world countries like Zimbabwe,would tell them that they are not welcome there anymore.

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 11:05  

Saya sungguh tidak menyangka......... Chief Constable kita bukan sahaja look stupid but indeed stupid. Macam-macam perangai Chief Constable yang kita ada. Seorang amat kejam dan terlalu ganas. Rahim Noor bukan sahaja memukul dan mencederakan DSAI, tetapi pernah membunuh tahanan di dalam lokap Polis. Tanyakan mereka yang terlibat, apa yang beliau lakukan terhadap suspek rakyat Indon keturunan Acheh yang mengetuai rusuhan di pusat tahan menyebabkan seorang anggota keselamatan terbunuh. The Acheh fellow was executed on the spot in prison cell!!! Ini zaman internet, setiap perbuatan akan terdedah juga akhirnya......

UMNO/BN masih ingin bermain wayang dengan mengapi-apikan isu sensitif sebagai talian hayat mereka. Tangkap dan sepak terajang Ibrahim Ali dulu jika Ketua Polis yang nampak bodoh itu benar-benar bermaksud ingin melaksanakan tugas, bukannya hanya bercakap sebagai barua UMNO!!!

loyal citizen,  27 January 2013 at 12:46  

Dato, In this moment of time, I think the general public expects a high quality of policing. Added to that they also expect the police to be non-political and to be more professional in carrying out their duties.

bumi-non-malay 27 January 2013 at 16:24  

Kudos and I could not have said it better.....trouble is IGP(I Got Paid by umno to be tak adil) - Chief Constable....insult his own position, profession and professionalism as a Rakyat Tax paid bureaucrat.... As an individual malay born Islam, done hajj, he insult his own integrity and religion by being a MUNAFIQ Islam in every sense of duty.

55 Tahun IGP begini... Jangan bagi IGP Hina Islam lagi.....hanya ABCD sahaja yang boleh bagi rakyat Malaysia ERA GEMILANG Baru - ABCD = Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.

It is no secret that CRIME is so High in Malaysia.... I urge ALL Malaysia to report EVERY PETTY Crime you ever encountered to Police as we know the more they discourage you to report, PDRM will use the Statistic as Crime is Falling......and make Home Minister happy...

Ayuh tiap tiap hari Buat Laporan polis walupun jenayah itu Kecil!!

Sam Yap,  27 January 2013 at 16:40  

Hi Dato'Sak,

Haul up Ibrahim Ali, Dr.M and Najib for sedition & blasphemy?

How about something more basic, like putting some discipline into PDRM, stop the constables from smoking while on duty - in the patrol cars or when maning road blocks?

How about stepping up on reducing crime?

How about being honest about the crime index?

The PDRM can't even begin to clean up their act!

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 17:11  

Saya tidak kata semua polis itu jahat.

Saya sangat suka kalau ada polis meronda-ronda di sekitar kampung, di tengah bandar besar, di dalam taman perumahan dalam mana-mana waktu dan jam. Saya sokong dan hargai semua itu. Itu sememangnya tugas polis.

Kita rasa selesa dan selamat membawa anak isteri berjalan-jalan.

Tapi kalaulah ada di antara polis itu, berlagak samseng, naik angin tak tentu pasal, maka ..... apakah rakyat akan pandang semacam bila bertemu dengan pegawai polis di jalanan?

Wahai polis, kalaulah anda semua bertindak adil, maka rakyat tidak akan tergak-agak untuk membantu anda semua jika perlu. Sebab, kita semua rakyat Malaysia, sama-sama menghirup udara di bumi kita tercinta Malaysia.

Ingat, semua rakyat yang berkenaan membayar income tax, hasil dari tax iu, maka polis di beri amanah untuk menjaga keselematan rakayat.

Kalau tidak amanah .... maka lihatlah dalam Al-Quran.

Polis yang menjalankan amanah dengan adil dan saksama akan diberi ganjaran yang besar di akhirat nanti.

**** Nephew bekas anggota polis.

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 19:34  

Apparently, the discipline in the PDRM has gone down the drain long time ago. What is lacking all along is no supervision from the senior officers. Why? Senior Officers are looking after their own interest in doing cap tiga kaki, buttering to get datoship and what not.
Man-power in fighting crime lacking and worst of all the officers given the job are NOT COMMITTED NOR HAS INTEGRITY. So, junior officers like wise pun adopt a tiada-apa attitude also.In my opinion the PDRM has more or less lost their focus and objective.If ONLY they abide by their PIAGAM/OATH of office, there is still hope and a chance to attain their past glories n respect.But it would take a long..long..while with strong commitment and the will to CHANGE. So,the slogan for Hari Polis in Mac 2013 should be "Ubah utk Rakyat dan Negara". Tan Sri IGP, just a suggestion sahaja. Salam!

Frank Serpico,  27 January 2013 at 20:47  

Dear Dato'Sak,
To be fair to Tan Sri IGP, there is no doubt there are still many honest and dedicated police officers whether senior or junior. Not all are rotten to the core but must admit some are really incorrigible. The good ones are few in numbers.As what one commentator rightfully said it all bores down to poor supervision or no supervision at all. Perhaps the senior guys don't have the courage or will-power to admonish or take stern action against indiscipline of junior guys. Maybe cos they themselves are full of shit. So how can he effectively function? So, no supervision everything goes! It's a colossal task for the IGP to put things in order after so many, many years of disorder. One thing for sure IGP and it's senior officers must stand firm not allowing politicians to interfere in police work. From the critics of late I think the bone of contention is that they feel that the politicians are in the "driver's seat" and crime rate is increasing.Wishing the IGP all the best in his endeavour.

Pok Li,  27 January 2013 at 21:58  

Sak, you have already answered your own question why Ismail Noh is slow in taking action against Ibrahim Ali and CSL. He is only a Chief Constable and thus he needs to wait for directive from IGP Najib. And how the heck is he going to arrest his own IGP Najib and ex-IGP Mahathir when there is not going to be any directive.

monsterball 28 January 2013 at 04:54  

Our IGP is a political puppet to the government...and not to the country and people.
Mahathir has amended the constitutions....with so many protect his party..bringing Malaysia back to jungle laws....and our IGP is nothing more than an Umno b puppet...dancing to the all Umno b ministers.
Ibrahim Ali is actually more powerful than the so call IGP.
IGP takes the signals that Najib is not complaining...about Ibrahim Ali..provocations are encouraged....and so...why should he act?
Thank God...not all officers will listen to the IGP seriously.
They will salute him as Chief...but dare to defy him...if he is seen to support anyone trying to upset the country and people...endangering lives.
In a way...the IGP is not that powerful at all....just like Najib.
All are show dogs...depending on each live like kings.
People Power getting stronger and stronger.

Toffee 29 January 2013 at 12:49  

Can I use some of your content uncensored as it is an publish it on my blog.

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