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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 31 January 2013

PM Najib's AWACS on Permata.

 Sung with a Liberace Piano?
Dato Najib must have a death wish. Or something like that. Or he has political mental retards as his advisors. No one has raised the issue of Permata for some time. Suddenly he has taken the pre-emptive strike. He accuses the opposition for future attacks on Permata. It’s similar to handing your opponent in a badminton game, a bola tanggung or a return that will allow your opponent to smash. Of course, we will respond since it is he who has suddenly gotten itchy in raising the issue.Or maybe he has a personal airborne warning and control system( AWACS). How much does it cost Mr PM?
Why has he made pre-emptive strike? Could it be that Permata has gotten allocations and is asking for more? To do what? It has opened up 56 centres for incubating 4 year olds to become some sort of gifted children. Since 2009, Permata has received on average RM 130 million a year. It has received probably more than RM350 million.
Where does the money come from? It comes from parliament which makes it the responsibility of MPs to ask how was the money applied. What has Permata achieved thus far? What happened to the children who have graduated in 2012? Where have they gone to?
Of course, we will ask how the money was spent. Never in our history, has any wife of a sitting PM gotten allocation from parliament to promote a pet idea. Will feeding the children croissants each morning or having English or American breakfast with toast, eggs and beef bacon and baked beans turn these children into super clever youngsters? Will they go to Harvard, Yale, and Chicago and to Cambridge and Oxford? Remember Dr Mahathir likes to eat croissants every morning and he has said, if you don’t graduate from Oxford, you have no future.
The rakyat deserves to know how Rosmah Mansor spent the allocation. Given her penchant for spending and shopping, of course we have the right to know. Has the bulk of the money gone into the construction of the 56 centres or are they existing premises belonging to others that have been refurbished and renovated. How much was spent in the construction?
Has the money been spent on stupid things such as buying a Liberace piano for RM 80 million? That’s RM80, 000,000. Is that piano used to serenade the PM’s wife with the song memang aku ini, anak orang kampong? Wow!


Anonymous,  31 January 2013 at 10:07  

This is the epitome of Najib's Wasatiyyah that's been brainwashed into every Malay Muslim voters of Malaysia as recent as last week Maulidur - Rosmah can and will get away with anything including possibly the C4. So a couple of hundred millions of duit rakyat a year for the missus's pet project to clone our own Frakenstein is kacang-putih! Some more free from Audit Negara.
Previously, we were treated with Hadhari only to realise that it is nothing but a giant smokescreen for Pak Lah, KJ and co, Kamaludin, Kalimullah, Patrick Lim et. al to raid the national coffers and present spectacular shows such as cows grazing in Bangsar condos and disastrous fallout of brand-new, hi-tech stadium.
It is game over for Pak Lah and Hadhari in PRU12. For PRU13, we need to put a big NO to this Wasatiyyah mockery and dispatch Najib and Rosmah off to Mongolia to collect their hard-earned dues!

Anonymous,  31 January 2013 at 11:04  


Betullah kata AI, zaman UMNO baru ni zaman "edan".

Nak masuk Oxford, Cambridge atau MIT, kena makan ala Barat? Bagi saya tak salah, makan khasiat, ala Barat kah atau Makan ala Kelantankah, Sarawakkah, tapi tak menjamin masuk ke prestigous universities. Di MIT sendiri, bukan semua anak Mat Salleh, banyak juga dari Asia, bahkan IQ tinggi.

Ini Kak Mah punya mindset ni, menghina sangat anak di hulu dan kampung terpencil. Ada antara anak kampung, mak ayah baca pun tak tahu, boleh masuk top universities. Ini kenyataan.

RAKYAT hendak pemimpin beri pendidikan BERKUALITI percuma sehingga universiti dengan bajet kemampuan negara. Yang beli piano sehingga berjuta-juta buat apa? Mana yang UMNO kata muflis negara kalau beri pendidikan percuma?

Ini kerja puak UMNO baru, kalau beri makanan percuma di Hotel 5 bintang kepada anak yatim, setakat satu dua mangkuk, kalau untuk orang raja kaya raya, diberi pulak kek besar-besar?@#$%

Ini kekanda Najib, memang syok sendiri. Kalau ada untuk kepentingan dia sendiri, "paksa" orang hadir ceramah dia.

Contoh : Macam tak pernah dia hadir ke stadium negara kita sendiri bila ada perlawanan besar antarabangsa bolasepak melibatkan Malaysia (Pak Mohidin adalah). Dulu Presiden Indonesia ada hadir di stadium jakarta masa perlawanan Indonesia. Ketika banjir besar di Jakarta, Presiden Indonesia turun padang, naik bot di tengah bandar besar.

Kalau Najib, cuma naik helikopter ketika banjir. Mana dia kata dia berjiwa rakyat??? Lagi bagus almarhum bapak dia yang menyingsing lengan turun kampung naik basikal dan duduk berbicara dengan rakyat secara santai.

Kepada Kak Mah : Untuk anak bangsa berjaya ke peringkat lebih tinggi setaraf dunia, bukannya PERMATA. Tapi usaha Kementerian Pelajaran dan Tinggi untuk menaik taraf mutu sistem pelajaran sekolah dan universiti di Malaysia. Bukannya universiti menghasilkan graduan tukang pak angguk dan pengecut sahaja.

Rakyat tidak mahu ada ala Hitler dan Gestapo bersarang di IPTA Malaysia. Kasihan anak bangsa kita.....

monsterball 31 January 2013 at 15:47  

Najib may have a death wish...but God will not allow him to have his death wish comes true without going through proper procedures...going to court and confess everything.
His death actually..wishing a repeated of May 13th 1ncident under his STAY ALIVE!!!
Rosmah...ROSMAH????..supposedly smarter than Najib...and is Najib's most trusted adviser in politics.....brain also shot circuit..
Too many worries hidden..and now speaks nonsense.
She is busy with girl guide time to even watch Lee Chong Wei
s final.. in the before.
Simple la....she knows she is not wanted. Thick skin has it's limits.

Donplaypuks® 31 January 2013 at 15:53  

Once again your timing is uncanny!

Just 2 days ago, in the wake of Najib's suspicious "pre-mptive" strike against the Opposition possibly questioning Permata, I asked for transparency and accountability from Rosemajib:

Will $300 million produce Einsteins and Newtons or a single Nobel Prize Winner eventually? - I doubt it. Rosmah's pet project will be like the $250 million Condogate financial fraud affair - the rakyat will end up the sore loser once again!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  31 January 2013 at 15:59  

In today's Malaysia, the ruling party is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly dont walk the talk whilst claiming the first role in the pulpit.

There’s never a right time to change anything, or more accurately there’s always going to be a voice for the status quo. So let's the boat rocking by bringing in justice and fairness to all Malaysians in the next GE!


Anonymous,  31 January 2013 at 17:50  


Permata is a sham. This is the only way where they can "divert" money.

Allocation like this should be channeled thru Ministry as the Minister will have to account for the funds and there will be Audit every year.

Does the Auditor General audit Permata and mak it pblc as to how the fund are being spent?

IMHO, BN has to be taught a lesson again. Only this time,the rakyat will rottan them by voting them out.

Darth Vader

Tak Sabar Lagi,  31 January 2013 at 19:49  

Dato' Sak,
Knowing more of such sinister stealing and robbing from the rakyat's coffer makes me wants to have the GE13 TOMORROW, juga...shit!
Just sickening! Can't wait to kick these scum bags out once and for all.

Anonymous,  31 January 2013 at 21:49  


most of your comments are half finished sentences.Readers will have to figure it out ,till their hair turned gray what u trying to say.

Anonymous,  31 January 2013 at 22:15  

Dato, Latest news. Deepak wants to play ball again with new bombs, last payment is ciput. Expects our new Wira Palestin and wife to stay out of the radar for a while.

Juga tak sabar,  31 January 2013 at 22:41  

Darth Vader, the Auditor-General wouldn't dare if Najib himself doesn't dare.

On Liberace's piano, the famous white one was bought by the white-hair sage in Sarawak in the mid-80s. It was air-freighted from the US. This was revealed in the now defunct Asiaweek interview with the amateur pianist. When the reporter remarked that he had expensive taste, hinting perhaps to newly acquired habits from new-found wealth, the sage replied that he always had expensive taste even before he became a politician, thank you very much.

Vote BN and we allow the country to continue to be run by people with expensive taste. And Najib now pleads for another term to strive harder for the country.

Let's do a deal - if BN wins again, Najib should keep Rosmah at home for house-keeping chores - that way the people will not get high blood pressure.

Anonymous,  1 February 2013 at 01:35  

Salam Dato'

Permata has gone secondary school level. New campus in UKM Bangi.


monsterball 1 February 2013 at 04:51  

Don't crack your head reading my comments Anon 21.49.
Only smart ones can figure them out.

tokio_rain,  1 February 2013 at 05:21  

Anon 31 January 2013 21:49

most of uncle monty's comments are like that lah.

check out his rants in the comments section here. also bruno's. hehehe.

Anonymous,  1 February 2013 at 09:01  

As I know it, Permata has taken over many of the KEMAS owned taskas and tadikas.
RM350 million, is more than enough to open between 350 to 700 kindergartens depending on the locations. The question is rightly asked. Where did most of the money go?

monsterball 1 February 2013 at 09:45  

hi tokio-rain ...have you found out why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?
No night shifts at Alice Cafe washing toilets?
Are you talking to yourself?

Anonymous,  1 February 2013 at 12:18  


Monty,it is not nice to make fun of your old friend tokio-rain.

Next time do not forget to take your dentures home from Haadyai.The cleaning lady said that if you leave your dentures behing again,she will throw them away.Hehehe.

monsterball 1 February 2013 at 17:35  

After a good sleep or bath ...I will click to the "Anak Kampung" song..siok sekali.....very relax and soothing...melodious keronchong.
The video is world class.
I hope Indonesians love it...for singers in Malaysia cannot earn a good living without Indonesians support.
This reminds me..."Madu Tiga"... sung by P.Ramlee.

Anonymous,  2 February 2013 at 00:13  

Dear Dato Sak, another fiasco merompak duit rakyat. Frankly, I am tired of having to swallow all these shits yang di lakukan oleh penyamun2 tarbus ni.But the irony is masih lagi ramai Melayu2 yang bahlul ni menyokong dan menjilat jubok penyamun ini. Lihat saja pada ketika sambutan yang di buat semasa Rosmah Najib pulang dari Davos dan Gaza. I bet yang datang 90% Melayu bahlul ini. Sometimes I ponder that bangsa Malayu ini telah kena sumpah supaya akan hancur dan pupus untuk selama2 nya. Dah sampai tahap ni pun Melayu2 ni masih tidak nampak akan kebrokan nafsu syaitan pemimpin2 UMNO ni. Salam

Anonymous,  2 February 2013 at 18:46  

May there be a divine intervention for a bigger change.

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