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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 27 January 2013

Let us Punggol East the BN Government.

A former deputy MB of Pahang was seen kissing Najib’s hand in an embarrassingly servile manner. He was among the ‘thousands’ waiting on Najib at the KLIA. Like others, he wants to be selected as a winnable candidate in Rompin. The UMNO president has just come back from Davos and from Gaza where he committed a diplomatic blunder. Najib promptly said he had not expected the welcoming crowd but was pleased and therefore endorsed the gathering. He must have been through a serious drought recently in terms of people waiting on him.
I hope somebody has given him a report of the outcome of a by-election in super rich Singapore. For his reading pleasure while going back home in Putrajaya. A seemingly unassailable government, superior than Najib’s government in so many ways , was humbled by the Workers Party. UMNO and BN, riddled with so many crippling issues, should be circumspect instead of bragging about getting 2/3 parliamentary seats.
Across the causeway, the ruling PAP of Singapore suffered a shock. It lost in a crucial by-election in a recently created electoral seat known as Punggol East. The seat was vacated when the incumbent, Mr Palmer the former speaker of the Singapore parliament resigned. The reason for the resignation is perhaps lost on so many of us- an allegation of extramarital affairs with a party worker. Mr Palmer owned up and resigned.
In wasathiyah Malaysia, a  current senior minister in Malaysia was alleged to have something close to that involving an Indonesian maid. Instead of doing the honourable thing, the minister used his powers- money and the bullying tactic of the government to pummel a blogger who raised the issue. Even though the blogger is pro-government, we defend his right to expose such unbecoming conduct of an office bearer. The maid who has returned to Indonesia has since earned the honorific title of Datin Sri Utama Robengah. She is living a comfortably wealthy life somewhere in a village in Indonesia. Now, that is what we call practical wealth distribution.
The loss by PAP is also a shock to us over here in Malaysia. The PAP has ruled Singapore since the 1950s and it alone has been responsible for creating what Singapore is today. Singapore has a per capita of S$70,000. It is the wealthiest country in the world and is expected to stay as the richest country in terms of per capita up to 2015. On almost all counts and measures, the PAP was expected to get unqualified support from Singaporeans in Punggol East.
But the Singaporeans in Punggol East chose to differ. With all the signs of wealth, progress and efficient government machinery, the Punggol Easters showed that other things matter. These include such intangibles like honour, dignity, the right to partake in the progress of the nation without surrendering the right to affirm and assert personal choice. We don’t go around demanding people to show gratitude by giving us unqualified support do we? The material and resources you build up this country do not belonged to you but us collectively, the people.
It showed that a government that has lost touch with the basic aspirations of people, can lose elections. And a most crucial element in basic aspirations is the desire to affirm one’s personal freedom and a corresponding refusal to let others run their lives in a paternalistic manner. This is a bitter lesson for the PAP government. Achieving and accomplishing so many things have desensitized the PAP leadership. Success and so much of it, does not confer absolute license to do what it pleases without taking into account the basic and fundamental claim of the individual.


Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 21:12  

Dato... Boleh tak semua tulisan dato di buat dalam 2 bahasa (BI & BM) lagi power org yg membaca nya terutama org2 kampong cam kami.... Mane lah tahu BI. Faham2 je dato.... Dl kami sekolah pun xtinggi. harapan pada anak2 untuk terjemahan - itu pun kalau mereka bailk bercuti dari U.. Boleh di fikir2 kn ya dato... Apa2 pun kami tetap akan bersama PR untl merubah masa depan kita & anak2 juga untuk bangsa; agama & negara tercinta.. Amin

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 21:51  

Dato, S'pore by-election is a sign and umno/bn should read between the line.

Sam Yap,  27 January 2013 at 21:58  

I am not a sympathizer of PAP nor do I like the Singaporean snobs (generally that is, there are some who are quite nice decent people).

But one thing I am sure about is that PAP wouldn't cheat to win an election. To the leaders of PAP they'd rather have an honest assessment of themselves through the public ballot. It is a barometer of sorts for PAP to see what are the real issues which are affecting the citizens and what they should do to address it.

Over this side of the causeway, winning is everything to BN because it means access to public money for the candidate.

Three Trees,  27 January 2013 at 23:05  

Dato'Sak, I think the end is near,very near for BN,with all the bad news happening one after another,is time PM Najib seriously think about the day after the GE13 rout by PR.He should practise the role of Gorbachev for the smooth transition of power.History will remember him as the gentlemen PM who handed over the gomen administration intact to PR.

bruno,  27 January 2013 at 23:12  

Dato,those that kissed the hands of their political masters are mostly politically inferior hasbeens or minnows.Kissed the hands of parents,grandparents and elderly relatives as a form of respect yes,but not kissing the hands of politicians.Why not go kissed their dogs dicky's too.Afterall dogs are a man's best loyal and faithful friend.

Last year an opposition MP also resigned in Singapore besides this MP.To get involved in extramarital affairs is not a crime.It is a social and personal issue involving the spouses and a third party.But for an elected official lacking such moral principles,is unacceptable on the island state.Had they precticed corruption instead of extra marital affairs,they would have flew out of high rise windows like UFO's on their own accord.

But in Malaysia to be accused of raping your maid and paying off your victim is not a crime.To be accused of statutory rape and silencing and putting the parrot into a cage is not a crime.To stick that little prick into your mistress for 200k a pop is not a shame or a disgrace.

And in Malaysia it is an achievment and pride for a minister to outgrabbed the next one for more grub from the cookie jars.There are no more accoutability and principles left in these shameless despicable vultures.

These are the differences betweem politicians from this country to the island state.Principles and accountability.

Cahaya Qalbu,  27 January 2013 at 23:43  

The whole nation has been taken for a ride so that the BN elites can pillage this country even more. It’s time we the rakyat of Malaysia are not deceive by BN's propaganda any longer. To vote for BN is to give them a license to steal more, amend laws to their whims and fancies and a barricade for human rights to flourish.

BN had been given 55 years of uninterrupted power, but its conflicting policies, hatred speeches and obnoxious actions against ordinary citizens only prove; they are more interested in dividing the rakyat further rather than uniting them closer.

Doesn’t it make one wonders; with all the resources and energy of the government’s machinery as well as BN ministers fully deployed against PR and other dissidents, when are they actually have the time and energy left to run this country to their best abilities?

The PM and his cabinet ministers duties are solely for the country and its rakyat but they are spinning rubbish all the time? This is one of the reasons why we as a nation, is slipping further and further behind to countries such as Taiwan, S. Korea and Spore; countries, previously that are at par or behind us.


Irene Chin,  27 January 2013 at 23:49  

The voters in Punggol East may want to see a strong opposition in Government. They have used their brains and voted and will evaluate the results later. The next election may have a different results as is expected in a decent democracy. But in Malaysia, the voters are of different mind sets. In Malaysia, when someone shouts for his race, religion, sultan and country, most people will foam at their mouths and are in arms to fight against supposedly anti Islam, anti Malay, anti king. So Najib/UMNO may still win, even though I wish ABU will blow the wind of change.

Enough is Enough,  28 January 2013 at 00:27  

Dato., After 50+ years ruled by the PAP I think the people of Singapore to a certain extent had enough of the..."I think for you; I know what is best for you;Do what I tell you; Don't ask why" and all those type of robotic regimented life-style. Most important the Singaporeans have lost their freedom of thoughts, voice,feelings of team-spirit and self-belonging. To them having high per capita income and being the richest country in the world has no parallel to what they had lost after all these years. So, what happens? They just want to "break-free" and want to lead a life without all the restrictions by the Govt. In short the people wants to be part of Govt decision making esp on national policy matters like immigration, labour and development.
The same thing can be said over here. UMNO/BN has ruled us for 55years and not getting better in all aspects. So the people just want a change for better or for worse. But the argument is that it can NEVER be worse than the UMNO/BN regime. And this time come GE13 the people will walking to their polling stations full of confidence that they will boot-out the corrupt UMNO/BN Govt. This will be a major Ponggol tsunami+ earthquake.

monsterball 28 January 2013 at 03:39  

74 days to 13th GE...and the golden silence from Najib speaks for itself.
Smart ass went to Gaza...looking for Malaysians Muslims praise him as a hero.....and give him their votes.
Came back...thousands paid Umno b racists welcome him back from the airport.
Last bright idea pRomotional work..and hailed by Umno b goons as a very brave PM.
He is not brave at all....and even hope to be wounded!!
His life after 13th GE being defeated is worst that visiting Gaza....and so he see how many Muslims will vote for him.
All must forget corruptions and Alantuya...and the many unsolved murders.
It is always look forward....forget the past.
In that case...all prisoners must be released and break down all jail houses....and retire all judges.
Only that the mask "Batman Arises" .can Najib hold on to power.

monsterball 28 January 2013 at 04:08  

The one I recalled kissing the hands of Najib was an MIC man.
He was out of deep respect....which all Malaysians was a puppy.. kissing his master show dog.
Singapore govt. rules Singapore with an iron fist....and yet...S'poreans keep electing PAP to govern.
There is no phantom bribing unsolved murders.
Corruptions is everywhere.....but not like our Umno b kind of corrupted lot....stealing billions..openly with no fear.
You can say...every government is corrupted....for they hold the opportunities...and the advantages to make money.
But our Umno b leaders like Mahathir encourages corruptions openly.
If our electorate rolls are clean and honest...we would have seen the defeat of Umno b at the 12th GE.
Up to now....4 years later...the exposed phantom voters are still there.
PAP won with honesty.
Umno b won...out of cheating.
And it is race and religion politics again...and again and again.
74 days and counting.
Lets watch closely....what is Najib 's next move.
He has lot of so call bright ideas...all backfired.

bumi-non-malay 28 January 2013 at 06:03  

Rais Yatim = Rahim Thamby Chik (bekas MB Melaka) = Sultan Pahang

Beginilah watak dan perangai angkuh dan sombong orang Islam UMNO mealyu....Yang Hina Islam dengan kerja sulit mereka.

Yang sedih juga adalah orang Islam yang boleh disenyapkan dengan $$$$$$.

Bukan saja orang Islam yang boleh disenyapkan dengan $$$$$....banyak juga orang Kristian kat Sabah/Sarawak macam Pairin, Ongkili....Macam Orang agama Hindu - Samy Silu...Macam orang Buddah Chua sex Lek........

Jadi kita harus Bangkit/TOLAK sesiapapun yang tak Iklas, angkuh, sombong, munafiq tak kira bangsa, agama, atau Status (seperti Kesultanan).......Allah ada mata!!

ABCD - Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing!!!

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 07:36  

bumi-non-malay -ABCD - Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing!!!

Correct, correct, correct!

Korup, korup, korup!

Arab spring, Singapore small spring.

Now, Malaysia spring this time

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 08:11  

One can run a relatively open, transparent and clean government and still lose convincingly in the face of a credible opposition candidate; there were at least two from Opposition this time. If Kenneth Jeyaratnam could lose, Chee Soon Juan, the loud mouth forever oppositionist, would have lost his pants had he been allowed to contest.

What's the lesson for BN? It is time to go. Whether it will go with or without bloodshed is still UMNO's choice, sadly.

What is important is for the Chief Constable not to play into the hands of the present leaders because the signs are all there to show that he is not UMNO's Chief Constable because he is wearing 'the King's uniform', not Mahathir or Najib's sarong.

To the Chief Constable please arrange for a meeting with the Rulers' Council to send a clear message to Najib and gang what Islam, peace, progress, good governance and honour means.

Good luck to you, Sir.

(I don't kiss hands because I was told, once, when I shake a Ruler's hand, I should kiss my own hand - a Ruler's hand should not be soiled and contaminated by the saliva of a million fawning spineless citizens)

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 08:23  

from the STAR 28 Jan: "Mohamad Nor Arshad, the traumatised owner of Siti, a five-year-old mare which is believed to have been “raped and murdered” by an Arabian stallion, wants to know what really happened to his pony."

This stallion must have been tutored by somebody (or many bodies) from BN politicians. He! He!

Malaysia boleh, Malaysia punya kuda jantan pun boleh. Cik Siti, the mare, from Indonesia?

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 10:43  







The effect of the Singapore spring

cannot be ignored by PR or BN.

It is a matter who react

correctly to the phenomena.

If PR wants to make the most

out of the The Singapore

spring, it must show

all seriousness as to how it

would want the country to look

like after winning the election.

Some suggestion to be in the


>Give kelantan and ganu

their rightful oil revenue

>correct all the wrongs

that successive that

BN gomen

had done in Sarawak and


Whatever immoral acquisition

of native lands must be


natives must not be deprived

of their rightful land even

if acquired under

legitamate gomen means

One example, Ramli's ill-gotten

land got to be

given back to the 'rightful'

occupiers of the land whether

or not he is a

big supporter of PR

Brader Nuar /DAP cannot be practising

gangnam style 'gansterism' of the 'ole

BN ' days and these must be made

into a manifesto

Be brave in the simple religous

issue. Stand with the Melayus

in the semenanjung. There is no

place for church interference

/lobby in the use of Allah
for the sake of ' human rights' BS

Just google to find out

`how extensive the vatican

and their malaysian rep [the

roman catholic church ] here is

entwined in business. Najib's

gomen is entwined in cooperation

with the vatican. Now vatican has

an ambassador here in kl.

This could be used as a

poison pill for the BN winning


So all the BS about gomen

bullying christians

can be flushed down the toilet.

The roman catholic church is

backed by a business entitity

[vatican body corpus] is

so big that can

make the melayu led gomen look

puny shit!

No more dap using gomen

bullying christians

when the actual fact is the

other way round!

If PR were to be honest

at the outset,

a melayu spring willcome as

clear as there

will be sun in the morning!



khong khek khuat




Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 18:37  

The Singaporeans are "Maslowing" up.

monsterball 30 January 2013 at 16:15  

To compare Singapore to like comparing krenkeng {local mata kuching...not imported ones} durian...both have seeds..are nice.....but totally different fruits
Politically....socially....economically.. Singapore and Malaysian's people mentalities are totally different.
Singapore is free from massive corruptions and have no unsolved murder cases.
Malaysia has 3 distinct strong races...with the government keep cashing in on race and religion politics...fooling the majority...the Malays...for 55 steal billions and kill anyone with no fear.
We must get rid of these robbers...thieves...murderers...governing the country..first.

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