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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Mahathir says Najib is a weak leader

Look East Pilgrims!

There must be something terribly wrong with popular ratings made on Najib. The polls say he has a popular rating of 60-65%. If you ask people in the street, most of them could not give a rat’s ass about Najib. If he is so popular and much loved, why was the number of Malaysian Indians celebrating his Ponggol event so dismal?
Because the Malaysian Indians haven’t recovered from the greatest insult Najib dished out to them when handlers were just throwing hampers and rice to the outstretched hands of Malaysian Indians. That was a pitiful site. This is not Zimbabwe or one of the African countries. 
It must be heart-warming to aristocratic and bourgeois Najib to see many of the wretched of the earth scrambling over one another affirming his own pedigreed background. All those ‘I am one of the people’ antics, face booking, twitterings, eating daun pisang, walking around in Petaling Street, busy-bodying in Pasar Khadijah Kota Bharu- everyone knows are all publicity BS. People can see through the hypocrisy.
The majority of Malaysian Indians are so caught up in the beggar mentality that they forgot the insult and humiliation Najib treats them with. Will they still want to give Najib their nambikei? Don’t!
So how come he has a rating of 60%? The population sample has never read newspapers or what? Or is the population sample made up of the deejay I was listening to one day, who pronounced George Town as Jorjee Town? Which school did she go to? RTM employ mental retards or what?
Now the man who can walk on water has said it again. Najib is a weak leader. Because Mahathir can and because Najib is. The usual Najib way of dealing with accusations is to keep silent hoping that silence and maintaining stoical disdain will make all these nasty things go away. His minders and all the UMNO paid bloggers including those who affectionately call the PM’s missus- kak Rose will hail Najib’s actions as that belonging to a great man or even, God forbid, statesman-like.
To which we will say- but of course, Deepak also refers Rosmah as Kak Rose.  
These nasty issues will not go away. Deepakgate has made people become entrenched in their thinking that these two people have something to do with the Alantuya murder. They won’t until you take an iron fist approach the legal way. A nobody like Deepak can besmirch the position of our PM and damage the reputation of Najib and the missus in their personal capacities and all they did, was to respond in a weakly and enfeebled manner. “Deepak cannot be trusted and I swear I do not own such a ring”.  The people are not all impressed and indeed are even more convinced that you have so many things to hide. The UMNO people know all this. But they are polite enough not to tell Najib in his face or will try to save him by laying all the blame with Rosmah.
I have said it a long time ago- Najib is a political invertebrate. If he were a Lee Kuan Yew or Hsien Loong or Chok Tong, the people who make allegations will be hauled to court. But then the court is the last place Najib and Rosmah want to be. Because then everything will have to be said in the open unless the DPPs prosecuting are dumb asses or the judge one of the candidates I propose to have cashiered once PR comes to power.  As an aside, I say this again- in order to restore our judiciary, all we need to do is to pension off most of the senior judges.
Najib with all the skeletons in the carpet has compromised the office of the PM right from day one. Many UMNO member and leaders know Najib is one bloody hypocrite. In the past he has given advice to so many UMNO second liners to rein in their wives but when it comes to him, he is a hopeless case. He is an ow-ow PM just like his not so intelligent cousin.
Why has Mahathir come out so many times to say Najib is a weak leader? Less in the open, but in private, I am told, so many times. Mahathir refers to Rosmah as that woman. Others catching on to what Mahathir say, that evil woman with the insatiable lust to swallow up any business deals. Deals that will make Imelda Marcos looked a dwarf standing beside her not so tall structure.
Because Mahathir knows Najib has so many things to hide. All his indiscretions, business deals and so forth. Or maybe Mahathir knows, Najib has accumulated more money than Mahathir could ever did.
Apart from Isa Samad and Rahim Tamby Chik who Najib fears, the man he fears most is Mahathir. Because the old man knows who the real Najib is from the day Najib abandoned and did a Judas to Tengku Razaleigh when Razaleigh was fighting Mahathir for the UMNO presidency. He had Najib in his palms.
Mahathir decides who can hold office and not Najib. The only reason why Khairy Jamaluddin does not hold office is because Mahathir does not allow Najib to appoint KJ. If the Pemdua UMNO has got any semblance of amour-propre they would have pressured Najib to appoint their leader. The leader of UMNO’s girl scouts is a deputy minister. The deputy of Pemuda UMNO holds an office. The leader of UMNO’s Auntie’s Club was a minister until she was caught out by the NFC scandal. And the man KJ vanquished for the post of Youth Leader is made a minister.
And still people insist that Najib is visionary! The visionary is asking Mahathir for a lifeline.


Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 08:50  

Malaysians can eat cakes, that's all Najib would care. He is all for higher calling, the international issue of Palestine. Hamas and PLO would listen to Najib like herds of sheep and resolve their differences prompto.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 09:00  

He is a popular PM.....never in history a PM had to work so hard.

After decades of failed policies, no one in BN could properly and effectively reform the country.

A total overhaul, with new, capable and not corrupted team, of the present systems is required to give the country a little hope of recovery.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 09:25  

Datuk Sak

Can we say that the future of Malaysia depends on the outcome of the three-cornered battle between these three parties (Dr M versus Rosmah-Najib versus Anwar Ibrahim) ?

If Anwar Ibrahim wins, Malaysia may have a brighter future with, at the very least, better governance and less corruption.

If either of the other two parties win, Malaysia will continue on its path of continued economic decline to Third World "failed state" status, gross abuse of state power and political institutions, outright massive & unashamed corruption and misappropriation of public funds, increasing lawlessness, etc.

Through the power of the vote and through mass mobilisation of concerned citizens, WE can prevent
the two worst parties mentioned above from winning this three-cornered battle for political power. The future of the nation is in OUR hands !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 09:26  

The visit to Palestine is
a public relations exercise to get the Muslim vote in Malaysia.

Look out for a religious trip to
Saudi Arabia before the General Election too !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 09:41  

Lets pray that we see a new accountable government comes next election..
Enough of those maha and najis shits..

monsterball 23 January 2013 at 10:04  

We are witnessing the rouges and thieves dirty politics each the end is approaching.
We are witnessing the two top rouges and thieves..caught in their own dirty avoid investigations.
Money is the root of all evils....and stealing billions from will be money that will destroy the two chief rouges...each one...trying to protect the loots stolen.
For Najib...he is unlucky Mahathir did not succeed to see Anwar died in prison.
Both have killing instinct for power.
Everyone knows Mahathir put Najib as repay Razak.
Najib is the most unqualified Umno B person to be PM at all.
As we can see....Najib was never PM at all.
Najib's chance to win an election under his so call a foregone conclusion.
Mahathir knows it..Nsjib knows it.
What voters are seeing right now...are two selfish bastards...fighting for power.
Their grips on judges and police force are getting weaker and weaker.
Najib will try his utmost best..not to have 13th GE.
He has 78 days left to think of good ideas.
Ibrahim Ali wants all bibles with "Allah" word to be burned and starting the ritual from Penang...his Najib's new idea.
It's testing the patience and tolerance of Christians in Penang..and we can see...Najib is not disapproving anything..what Ibrahim Ali is doing...against the minorities.
Meanwhile..Najib is at please the Muslims.....just as his father went to China to please the Malaysian Chinese...all for politics and votes.
Mahathir???....not worth one sen to Malaysians except the balance of diehard Umno B members.
BN?? what BN?? mca.. mic ..gerakan are show dogs and leeches...powerless.
13th GE can settle all doubts...accusations...still not announced.
Mahathir is only concern about his son's billions and positions.
For that...Mahathir have to be at his best in telling half truths...trying very hard to convince Muslims to support Umno b.
It is a foregone conclusion...he knows it...Najib knows it...leaving the last option..Najib to resign..put the lead and pray to all the Gods.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 10:15  

Another stunt by Najib to visit here and there.

So the latest place is Palestine. Even the government there chided him for going behind their back.
Bini tak ikut???

PM after this, visit mana? Saudi, Pakistan, Libya, Algeria? Masalah negara pun tak boleh settle nak sibuk dengan masalah global.

PM doesn't even have the guts to comment on Lynas. Lets see where his next trip is. I can say when something hot comes up, he will conveniently disappear for a week and then on come back. PM yang tak ada tulang belakang.

Sickening person!

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 10:17  

Is the trip to Palestine a divertion tactic. Maybe Israel is his actual destination......Remmember Mahathir's letter to the Israel PM in 1999...asking for funds...

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 10:21  

Wow Datuk,

You hit Najib from all angles,left,right,centre. Uppercut,cross and even below the belt.

Tom,  23 January 2013 at 11:41  

Let's not forget Najib and Pak Lah were both anointed by Mahathir. He knew they were weak men yet he anointed them - so obviously he thought he could be their puppet master. That they decide to be their own man and did not dance to his tunes all the time must be the reason for his open anger. The cunning fox is actually a dumb ass!

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 11:48  

Even though I think Najib's personal numbers don't mean a thing for UMNO/BN, I am flabbergasted at it.

The fact of the matter is that no way even in the villages they don't know what Deepak revelation means - there is absolutely no doubt that Najib-Rosmah is guilty something horrendous. Given the history of Malays with prodigal rulers, it boggles the mind they are not enraged in these modern times. It simply NOT possible for most of them, even in villages, not to know - when Anwar or Mat Sabu goes into the villages and talk of "cincin" and "Altantuya" - even the hill tribes of Sarawak and Sabah knows.

Something is simply NOT right...

Donplaypuks® 23 January 2013 at 11:54  

I think we give too much credit to Mahathir and his so-called Machiavellian intellect. All I see is him lurching from one foot-in-mouth incident to another, stumbling from one crisis to another and reacting and trying to cover up, rather than initiating anything new and postive for the benefit of all Malaysians.

Doesn't say much for him does it, when he got snookered behind pink lips and ball with the Sabah RCI, and then tried to pass the buck to the Tunku and Rulers?

Najib, we all know - a plain ditherer and hand-wringing proccrastinator who allows the husband in pants to do the thinking! BUMNO/BN still wants him? Please let them have him!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 11:58  

Mahathir is just having an extended hangover after becoming PM for 22 years.

Najib is doing just fine with his PM role.

OneMalaysian,  23 January 2013 at 12:17  

Dear Sakmongkol

Najib’s weakness and BN’s weakness are finally bringing jitters to the stock market. Monday’s drop was nerve wrecking. Everyone knew GE13 is only weeks or at most 3 months away, yet the market was waltzing away like passengers on the Titanic after they had been told that gigantic icebergs are likely to be encountered that night. Finally someone shouted that he had seen a big white thing through the fog. And so it seems GE13 will finally be here on 30 March, with the dissolution of Parliament on 22 February. They have sighted the iceberg.

But how is the captain doing? He has not been on top of things, suffering from some general weakness of his system. The prognosis is not good. Whether the UMNO Titanic hits the iceberg and sinks or not, he will have to go. There will be chaos on the captain’s deck as to who might replace him. Uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty. The stock market doesn’t like this; that’s why it is nervous. But there is a worse scenario out there. UMNO Titanic will sink. This is something of a black swan to most people – most unlikely, unthinkable but has dire consequences. But it is time to think about black swans.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 14:19  

You said it all Dato.

Anonymous,  23 January 2013 at 17:27  

Using religion and racial issues is a proven strategy that works well throughout history of mankind. Why it works is well understood by psychologists and has been scientifically proven. When we are emotionally affected our cognitive processes are impaired. Emotions such as hatred, love, anger, depression etc will cloud our judgment and affect our thinking.

Logical Intelligence will in many causes be overwhelmed by emotional intelligence which explains why smart intelligent people can do stupid things. There are many examples but one case spring to mind – a PHD qualified highly intelligent man in UK lost hundreds of thousand dollars by an email scammer from Nigeria.

Why would young men sacrifice their life on earth for a better after-life in the name of God. Is it fear or love for God that motivates such action?

Intelligence can be “improved” via education and so can emotional intelligence. In Malaysia, institution such as BTN’s propaganda brain washing tactics can be counter balanced with education in critical thinking processes but will BN/govt allow or even encourage such activities in our Universities?

The actions by BN and its supporters to use Religion, Race and Royalty instead of focusing on the basic issues that Rakyat faces every day such as education, housing, inflation etc will hinder the nation’s progress but enrich a small elite BN-UMNOputra.

- A Malaysian residing oversea

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