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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 14 January 2013

Ending the Tyrany of UMNO Rule

I have to repeat this statement again. Some of my liberal minded and failrly educated friends are against UMNO, in theory. They participate enthusiastically in talking about the wrongdoings and incompetence of UMNO. All in theory. When they realized that UMNO can actually lose, they get cold feet.
Thus we still find analyses after analyses offering various scenarios as to how UMNO can be saved. It only requires the removal of Najib and UMNO will be placed on the right track once again. Whereas the singular objective of the opposition parties, the various himpunan rakyat seeks the removal of UMNO from the seat of power. Hence the internal developments of UMNO, whether Najib survives or Muhyidin rises, are of no concern to us. Let them eat cake for once!
So we ask. How is it possible for such people to hold contradicting views? On one side they talk against UMNO. On the other side, they seem to oppose the actual ejection of UMNO?
There can only be one explanation. As long as people think, the objection against UMNO is only an emotional condition, they are comfortable with that notion. Emotions can easily be manipulated and require only words and verbal jousting. The motional faculties are more developed than the rational in most men, so holding contradicting views- one satisfying the emotional comfort zone, the other the rational side, comes naturally even among liberal intellectuals and educated people.
But as soon as reasons are put forward and appear to win arguments, that’s when trouble start. Suddenly, previously held emotional positions are seen to be demolished, because conclusions arrived at trough reasoning are more stable.
So the exposing of all the wrong doings is similar to the principle behind the theory of permanent revolution. People’s consciousness must be continuously sharpened by exposing UMNO’s bigotry, wrongdoings and corruption. We need 100 more deepakgate to be exposed; more RIVgate to be told, more Scorpenegate,more APCgate and more land deals done through trickery by the GLCs and Ministries.
Najib, the embattled UMNO president, the general without the ground troops.
Have anyone noticed the glaring strangeness? How come no UMNO stalwarts, division leaders have come out in support of Najib in facing all that he facing now?
They are all distancing from him because they know their president has a lot of baggage and lots of skeletons in the cupboard waiting to be exorcised. All UMNO members, except some in Pekan maybe, know that Najib is guilty of so many things. Political alignments have already begun.
Najib is going to perish at his own game. He has never been a visionary or a thinker. His vision and thoughts do not extend beyond the edge of his nose. All this while, people should already realize that Najib is a political careerist. His focus is on surviving in the UMNO political game and ensuring he retains the positions he is after.
Take the case of Kelantan. Why hasn’t he applied his vision and thoughts on how to recapture Kelantan from PAS? Because his vision does not extend to that agenda. His agenda and vision is to corral the support of as many UMNO division heads as possible. So that during any UMNO leadership contest, these division leaders will deliver the delegates Najib needs to stay on as UMNO president. As far as recapturing Kelantan- he isn’t interested.
So do the UMNO division leaders in Kelantan. They secretly prefer to be just ketua bahagians so that projects and funds get channeled through them. More importantly, with PAS in control of Kelantan, they can stay relevant and important serving as support channels for Najib.


Pok Li,  14 January 2013 at 13:50  

Sak, I admire your confidence about UMNO/BN losing power in the coming GE13. Your state by state analysis in a way gives hope. We know that popular votes are now with PR, but I am still sceptical about a change in regime as UMNO/BN still have their last weapons in the form of election manipulations. I do hope that PR is well prepared to counter this, especially with many ex-UMNO/BN who know the trick of the trade, arein the opposition fold right now.

Anonymous,  14 January 2013 at 14:17  

Will Anwar make a good PM....he got a loadful of skeleton in his store room too. The country has much to lose if he is the one

wongty robert 14 January 2013 at 16:09  

After 112, the PR should start issuing public warnings to the fund trustees managing our investments, pension, savings such as EPF, PNB group, LTAT group TH group, etc. not to jump into the market under instructions to hold up the shares prices allowing the UMNO/BN moneymen to cash out in exit preparation! Hold them personally accountable.

Anonymous,  14 January 2013 at 17:03  


As Mr wongty robert said,
"Hold them personally accountable".

After regime change, civil servants can be prosecuted for massive corruption and gross dereliction of duty. And this includes those who did not follow proper procedure in approving environmentally devastating industrial projects.Make it clear to them that the excuse "I was only following orders" is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  14 January 2013 at 17:05  


PR leadership should always be aware of the UMNO Baru dirty tactics now and then.

The most dangerous strategy by UMNO baru is to create "untrust" not between high level of PR leadership, but amongst supporters down at root level, such as issues of future PM.

PR leadership should educate and make awareness to floor level supporters to be alert on any "sudden" issue created especially by UMNO Baru hooligans.

I think I also support wongty robert suggestions above. PR speech should not only give content on current PM's wrongdoings and his wife personally, but there are out there more unknown "black projects" to be dig out clearly and understood by all people.

Issue such as "scorpene", "lembu" is not merely enough to convince people at kampung who only accept something that is near to their homes and backyards. The problem is mindset of certain pak makcik "itu dia orang besar punya pasal".

I think PR thinktank maybe those who have degree in social science and economics should do some more research on very dynamic behaviours on various type of demographics from Perlis to Sabah.

We must realised that UMNO led government is using every machinery up to last hour of voting to turn 360 degrees around in the mind of the voters in the kampungs and ulus.

With just satu kampit beras, kain pelikat, wang RM 500, atap zink ...... can wipe out "wang songlap berjuta-juta oleh UMNO baru". PR leadership should think about this.

Cahaya Qalbu,  14 January 2013 at 17:12  

Msians have to stop this destructive culture of BN's leaders and their cronies’ greed by voting out BN in the coming election so that PR can rectify the situation and implements a better economic blue print for the nation.

We are consumers of true democracy and fundamental human rights enshrined in our Federal Constitution.

We are consumers of professionalism, independence and clear vision.

We are also connoisseurs of genuine feel good factors.

As consumers, we have the right to good governing and choices. It’s not about religion, race nor hatred. It's simply about voting one coalition of party doing much better against another old, tired, tested and corrupt regime.

A progressive and prosperous country is built on the good quality leaders it has, not on the foundation of corrupted leaders.

Anonymous,  14 January 2013 at 17:16  

About is not easy to get Kit siang.Karpal. TGNA. etc ..together...Anwar suffered the most. .change we can.

monsterball 14 January 2013 at 19:59  

It is so simple to understand.
Until now...more than 4 years....Najib is still an unelected PM by the People.
He is APPOINTED by his party...and the sickening ..MCA..MIC.. Gerakan..are nothing but puppets on the strings.
Why does Najib keep delaying the 13th GE?
He MUST WIN..and for 4 years...not one sign shows he can win.
Najib is actually Mahathir's show dog.
Mahathir is still the PM behind the curtain...and that tyrant....that dictator..owes alot to Najib's father.
Mahathir's Umno B is set up...focusing on STEALING much as they can.
Mahathir encourages corruptions.
Never in the history of 56 years have we experience so much dirty huge many unsolved deaths....until the day....Mahathir became PM and up o now.
It is Umno b...his party ...not the original.
Don't change the Govt...means Malaysians love Mahathir and Najib like Gods.

Anonymous,  14 January 2013 at 20:07  

dato sak-- everyone is so confident that pr caN WIN GE13 N GO to putrajaya.. how sure are you/// its like counting the chicks before they are hatched.. dont u think its not easy to ubseat bn.. i wish pr can win too but what is the reality onnthe ground-- sabah n sarawak-- the king makers lah

timor 14 January 2013 at 20:51  

Anon 14:17.

Anwar with loadful of skeleton in his store room too ?

Come on bring them on if you have!
You think Kutty spared him if he has all these years???
All they could, create sex, sex sex videos for people like you to enjoy.


bruno,  14 January 2013 at 22:47  

Dato,the PR components have to concentrate more on the elderly,the poor and especially the less educated.These are the people who will feel vulnerable if Umno/BN goes to the dogs.These groups will have to feel assured that they will be taken care and better off under PR than under the present gomen.

Then we have the Indian leaders toying with the Umno/BN and PR,trying to bargain for goats and chicken.When Malaysians are looking for change these people are looking to try picking up crumbs from Umno/BN or even PR.

The more educated,most have already made up their minds,except the fencesitters(liberally minded) consisting of chickens who will vote Umno/BN anyway,when they go into the voting booths.That is the reason they are called chickens,because they are so afraid of change,that they begged with open arms to be physically abused by the Umnoputras.

But the majority,whether with or without these chickens will vote out the Umno/BN,as the strong turnout on Saturday 112 has shown.

And rumours have been circulating that Umnoputras and some of their component parties ex and present leaders have been negotiating with leaders of outlawed cowboy states for save heaven permanent residency.As things do not look so good for them we have to take these rumours to be true,abeit with a pinch of salt.

walla 14 January 2013 at 23:42  

Let's say we start anew.

We all have just arrived onto the shores of a new land. Uncharted, it's unpopulated and undeveloped. We promptly set up camp, start a community and work to develop the land for our survival. As time passes, our community grows and we find it wise to have some structure of order. What is that arrangement to be that will be acceptable to all?

Rules of law, principles of governance and progress with balance.

Since not all can be leaders of the community, we vote a few candidates up but remind them that our vote and their role must be congruent with the intent of that structure. They must uphold the common rules of law, exercise good principles of governance and provide wise directions towards balanced progress.

If the leaders so voted are true to these remits, the community will prosper in an environment of peace and harmony. Otherwise, disintegrate from top down within a system that seeds its own non-sustainability.

Now let's match the vision of such a community with what is in our midst today. Can we say the present Umno leadership meet those requirements of the original arrangement? Can we say all that they have been doing can be sustained for long?

If yes, they have found the holy grail of infinite wealth and political power - just print more money and spin its distribution merrily to win the heart first and then the mind of the populace.

Let's next consider the heart as seat of emotion and the mind as seat of reason.

We take those who are educated and liberal minded and have voiced against Umno but stopped short of deciding to vote against Umno.

In gist, they are prevaricating from changing their talk to walk. We may say in their apathy, they are merely exercising their heart but when it comes to reckoning, their minds have frozen, to wit calcified by a comfort zone of their own creation whose root is fear of change, essentially in two aspects, namely their livelihood and the society in which they live.

In other words, they have decided to turn a blind eye against any and every thing that goes against rules of law, principles of governance and progress tempered with balance. That's why they can cheapen their own words in turn weaken their own convictions.

How different then will they as learned people be from those less fortunate to be learned whose minds can be swayed by just a bag of fertilizer today, a bag of rice tomorrow?

If all would care to use just the simplest common sense, it would seem a bad deal that your money of RM50 is returned to you today with much fanfare in the form of a bag of rice when it was only yesterday that RM190,000,000, or 3,800,000 bags of rice equivalent, was pilfered through some serpentine deal between cronies of the system that you are now asked to support again.

Until all the money is gone because Najib says helping you up is "work-in-progress", a term that together with "variation orders" can be used to enlarge bills and thus kickbacks.

Yet there are some who still hold fast to the Umno system that seeds its non-sustainable process of warming hearts and closing minds so that when eyes glint with tears of gratitude, and thus become momentarily self-blinded, crooks can cart away barrows of money that should have been used for real progress so that the need to be grateful for bags of this and that will soon become a badge of stupendous stupidity in this land, formerly of plenty.

To them, what can be said save to ask, "will you remain an immovable rock about to meet an unstoppable force?"

Any government can provide what the Umno government has been doing. The question is not what the Umno government is doing but what it has decided NOT to do to clean up its act.

GE13 voters should show their decision is to deliver the coup d'etat on a bad government that has long been bereft of trust and honesty.

It only takes an 'x' to axe out a bad system.

monsterball 15 January 2013 at 00:20  

Hussien said.....Anwar can shout "Merdeka" all night long...who cares.
Khairy said the rally is no big deal.
100,000 so what? There are 8 million voters.
Najib said the peaceful rally is the results of his government reform program and thank PR for prov8ing it.
Chua Soi Lek's time Malaysian Chinese wake up and do not be fooled by DAP.
MIC President said Indians are so few at the rally...proving Indians support MIC.
Hussein dare not admit...Anwar shouting "Merdeka" to most packed Medeka Stadium in history.
Khairy expects all millions in the rally........than that's something.
As usual....Najib love to make a fool of himself.
Forget he puppets what they said....and it is strange these Three Stooges can talk so confidently...yet cannot explain.....why is Najib delaying the 13th GE so long all about.

monsterball 15 January 2013 at 16:41  

The tyrants keep flashing their muzzles...suspending Azrul Azuar Ahmed..speaking against Umno b.
Azrul will have no problem in getting a better job.
International banks do not want balls carriers...yes men...and Azrul have shown he is not one.

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