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Monday 28 January 2013

The Malaysian Indians and Hindraf

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves- where do these so called analysts come from? Which planet? Arriving at some very preliminary and inconclusive summaries based on surveys made through telephone calls are risky. How do we authenticate the answers given? And there are so many other variables to consider- the character of the sample, sample size, the nature of the questions, the questioners. How do we know, the sample population asked is not the same one approached before and the one already existent in the data base?
Political predictions is not the dig-here-fill- there kind. It’s not tear-here- paste there kind. Unfortunately that seems to be the approach taken and journalists eagerly lap them up.
Take the findings on Hindraf recently. Analysts say because Hindraf has lost steam, the Indians will come back into the embrace of BN. how do we arrive at the conclusion that Hindraf has lost steam? Because the government has lifted the ban on them? Therefore Hindraf must have capitulated. It was all hot chicken sheet that has cooled down?
What was the extent of Indian support for Hindraf before? What was the nature of their support? Were they supportive of the physical presence of Hindraf or were they supportive of the idea that Hindraf represents? So now we can safely conclude since the grounds on which Hindraf stands are dug out, the same soil can be used to fill up elsewhere? Behind Najib’s house? Palanivel’s?
This would have to assume that the Malaysian Indians who supported Hindraf were bloody opportunists. They were a lot waiting for the tide to rise and their affairs re-set. Admittedly there will be a portion of the Hindraf supporters who will desert the idea that Hindraf represents and abandon its ideals because they are the group of people wanting immediate gratification. 
But what about those who supported Hindraf because of conviction and belief? They will hold on to the belief that Malaysian Indians are a marginalised lot and the only salvation will be to ally with forces that speak for them and of them in less docile and servile ways. They will not forget the insulting treatment visited upon Malaysian Indians stampeding with outstretched hands like beggars to get a miserable bag of goodies from Lord Najib a few weeks ago.
Will the Malaysian Indians allow themselves to be Semenyih-ed a thousand times more? 
Kadang2 kita bertanya pada diri kita- dari planet mana datang nya para penganalisa politik negara kita? Setakat membuat survey melalui panggilan taipon tidak mencukupi. Bagaimana kita mengesahkan authencity jawapan yang diberi? Dan banyak lagi angkubah2 penting yang diambil kira? Karakter sampel yang diambil? Jenis soalan yang dikemukakan.
Ramalan politik bukan gali sana, timbus sini punya kerja. Koyak sana, tampal sini. Sebagai contoh- para penganalisa kata oleh sebab gerakan Hindraf hilang steam, maka orang India akan kembali kepangkuan BN. berapa peratus orang India yang menyokong Hindraf sebelum ini? Sekarang bila HIndraf tidak ada atau hilang steam, penyokong HIndraf akan berhijrah ke pangkuan BN? gali sebelah hindaf, kambus sebelah BN? begitu? Kabus belakang rumah Najib? Rumah Palanivel?
Itu makna nya, semua orang India Malaysia yang menyokong Hindraf – mereka semua opportunis. Hendak ambil kesempatan buat deals? Tanggapan begini is an insult to Malaysian Indians. Those who support Hindraf are actually opportunists waiting for the rising tide to come. Tentu ada sebahagian yang menyokong Hindraf akan belot sebeb sebermula nya mereka melakukan demkian mengharapkan imbuhan segera- dalam bentuk apa pun. Tapi mereka yang menyokong hindraf kerana keyakinan dan kepercayaan bahawa nasib kaum India diabaikan oleh BN- mereka tetap akan menolak BN. dan golongan ini sebahagian besar dari penyokong Hindraf. Mereka tidak lupa, akan scenario kaum India diperlakukan sebagai peminta sedekah berebutan dan menghulur tangan mahukan sekampit beras dan bahan makanan.
Mahukah orang India di Semenyihkan seribu kali lagi?


KoSong Cafe 28 January 2013 at 09:13  

When I read the news about Hindraf no longer banned, my reaction was, 'so what have they done or undone to deserve this honour?'

I don't really know why Hindraf was banned, other than the fact that it was a catalyst which helped the 'tsunami' in 2008. Their brave demonstration for GE12 despite strong police action showed their determination (out of despair?) to change things. Many Indian friends (estate workers and lorry drivers in Perak) took time off to take part, at the risk of injury and arrest.

It seems so convenient, now that GE13 is near, that our opportunist PM considered this move to placate the Indians. I hope his insincerity is apparent to all. I cannot help thinking this is to help ease the anger, after another death in police custody.

Our Malaysian leaders are known to shy away from resigning to take responsibility for anything. But Home Minister should at least consider IPCMC to show his willingness to correct the appalling security situation in our country.

Whether it is mere perception as Hishamuddin calls it, we are now living in fear of marauding bands of robbers who can visit any house or shop at will and take anything valuable within 15 minutes.

I blame it on the police's record of 'anything can be kautim' (even if this is only a perception) for any crime, no matter how serious. Just imagine, robbers can try their luck and if caught, money can settle (either during custody, in the police reports, when giving evidence in court, and so on). If this is true, they become partners in crime?

The least police can do is to leave the politicians alone and concentrate on fighting serious crimes. Our HM seems more concerned about DAP's CEC election, appearing on tv to give two publicity-seeking members his valuable time, just because it suits his political agenda.

Meanwhile, we are back to this Russian roulette of expecting something to happen (at home, on the road, having our meals in restaurants, and so on) and hoping it will not happen to us.

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 10:42  


These analysts have to cari makan, not in the 'carma' sense but have a job, earn money to support themselves and family.

As you know full well what happened to the Bank Islam economist, if any of these analysts dare to speak the truth, they will end up begging on the streets the next day.

They treasure their dignity and integrity but yet have to make a living. Try talking to them privately and see if their views are different.

In the meantime, we are all smart enough to read between the lines of what these analysts report. I just hope that they do not have to descend to using cyber-mooncakes to send the actual messages.

monsterball 28 January 2013 at 12:04  

Hindraf walk....which I participated few years ago....saw peaceful walkers being arrested....beaten....treated with water cannons and tear gas bombs.....for no reasons.
All the FRU man keep on shouting from the loud speakers..."go not advance"...bla bla bla.
I was there.....breathing two tear gas bombs exploded.
They ruled out Hindraf was unlawful....and now is lawful...hoping to get Malaysian Indian votes.
So it is lawful now? Then what they did were not lawful...or wrong.
Home Minister should apologize to Hindraf.
All sorts of stunts applied...desperately needing votes.

monsterball 28 January 2013 at 12:33  

It is a fact...Malaysian Indian votes...especially from the low wage workers are unpredictable.
They discuss alot....without clear conclusions.
And now comes....Palanivel...MIC new President....quiet like a excellent puppet to Najib....better than Samy to Mahathir.
Lets hope the Malaysian Indians votes are solid as a vote for change and stop discussing...showing their uncertainties ... weak mentalities.

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 14:28  

Now Rocky 's learned idiot friend and him is spinning indian hatred against a Tommy Thomas....
Now the indians must realised even being good and honest there are people so envious that the kelings must always be grateful and poor to the to understand this spinners logic is mind boggling...

Suci Dalam Debu 28 January 2013 at 14:39  


I just don't understand. The Indians (Malaysia punyalah) were royally screwed by UNMO and their own MIC. Now reduced to begging ala Semenyih. Many of them are "slaves" to their own masters.

Ditegur B%D%H dia orang marah. Hindraf pun banya ular juga. Hmmmmm sungguh sakit hati.

Suara Akarumbi 28 January 2013 at 16:16  

Thank You Dato, you are very prompt.I see today there is a Bahasa translation to yr article.

Cahaya Qalbu,  28 January 2013 at 19:54  

Najib is deceiving the Malaysian Indians with his new found Tamil word "NAMBIKKAI" (Trust) and a lot of empty promises just for the coming 13GE and is being supported by MIC Ministers, BN component parties and pro-BN NGOs.

Last year 2 Indian Ministers tried to cheat their community by lying that Najib gave 9% of the places in 20 local public universities (IPTA ) excluded UiTM, and praised him the best Prime Minister Malaysia has ever had. The evil traitor Samy Vellu said Najib gives 100 times more than Dr. M ,but what was actually given, nobody knows.

The Indians should know what is being said by BN and what they really got.

In 2011, the best Indian students enrolled in 20 IPTA only got 3.66% of the places and not what the 2 Indian Ministers claimed to be. The Chinese, 22.92% while the Bumis 72.3%.

In 2012 (taken from the Star), the Malaysian Indian students acquired 3.59% of the places, Chinese 23.3% and Bumis 71.22%.

This means the intake of Malaysian Indians into 20 IPTA is actually decreasing but Najib and his faithful Indian hypocrites claim otherwise. It is also happening in nearly all other fields and what does Samy meant by telling; Najib gives 100 times more than Dr M. What he actually meant, nobody knows.

2011 static/percentage for critical courses given to 20 IPTA are as follows:

>Medical: Bumis 59.1%, Chinese 34.49%, Indians 5.09%.

>Dentistry: Bumis 52.3%, Chinese 44.25% Indians 2.3%.

>Pharmacy: Bumis 53.36%, Chinese 44.17%, Indians 2.47%

>Chemical Engineering: Bumis 70.51%,, Chinese 23.61%, Indians 4.9%.

>Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Bumis79.36%, Chinese 17.97%, Indians 1.55%.

>Mechanical Engineering : Bumis 78.14%, Chinese 19.43%, Indians 1.25%.

>Law: Bumis 60.22%, Chinese 28.61%, Indians 10.08%.

>Accounting: Bumis 63.31%, Chinese 33.46%, Indians 2.24%.

These figures evidently prove how the brightest Msian Indian students are being marginalized and even those who make it are being offered less important courses.

But BN’s Indian politicians continue to spread lies after lies, carry on with their false promises and keep on commending that the UMNO led BN’s government is the best for Msian Indians.

After 55 years of brutal, selfish and corrupt UMNO led BN government, its indeed time for all Indians to revolutionize their minds and the only way possible is to dethrone BN this coming GE13 from Putrajaya,,, FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!



Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 20:20  

With the stroke of a pen, UNMO can ban and "unban" anything according to its whim & fancy. Hisham must have felt like god, to give "life" and take "life"! Time to put an end to this nonsense!

Sumpitan Emas,  28 January 2013 at 22:21  

Anon(14:28)- So someone is spinning hatred against Tommy Thomas. Is this guy crazy or is he a moronic racist?

Here is a note I received regarding Tommy Thomas' latest article,"Putting the record right on Citizenship Issue" (from in Din Merican's blog:

'TOMMY THOMAS specialises in constitutional law. He conducted substantial research in the events leading up to Merdeka in the course of preparing two papers presented at the Malaysian Law Conferences in 2005 and 2007, subsequently published as ‘Is Malaysia an Islamic State?' and ‘The Social Contract: Malaysia's Constitutional Covenant' in [2006] 4 MLJ xv and [2008] 1 MLJ

Tommy Thomas writes regularly in The EDGE MALAYSIA. In June and July 2012, he wrote 'Foreign Lawyers and arbitrators - imperialism in the law?' and 'The International arbitration circuit'. In October 2012, he wrote,'Some ways to improve the government.'

Tommy Thomas, Rosli Dahlan, Ambiga and many other leading lights from the legal fraternity are the very people preventing a total collapse of law and order in this country.

Anonymous,  28 January 2013 at 22:32  

The accuracy of surveys of public opinion depend on:

1. representative sample (which allows one to infer the findings from the sample onto the larger population)

2. very careful wording of survey questions (especially questions on sensitive topics)

3. honesty of respondents in replying to the questions asked

My view is that in Malaysia, (3) above may be a problem. We have too many "sensitive issues" in our society! And this is the result of
UMNO Baru-BN's divisive propaganda and divide-and-conquer policies.

In countries like USA and UK, surveys of voting behaviour
in Presidential elections and national elections are quite accurate.

Phua Kai Lit

monsterball 29 January 2013 at 03:06  

Anon 14.28...Rocky spins in every post he puts out.
He is paid to do that.

Obat Penyubur Kandungan 29 January 2013 at 09:38  

mengunjungi blog yang bagus dan penuh dengan informasi yang menarik adalah merupakan kebahagiaan tersendiri.... teruslah berbagi informasi

tokio_rain,  29 January 2013 at 14:06  

Semenyih-ed. what a lovely word. Hehehe.

Ok here we go here we go now..

One two three four
Monsterball be here no more

Anonymous,  29 January 2013 at 14:16  

All in a day's work for politics. Say this today, that tomorrow. Save Gaza today, save my ass tomorrow. Jibby is dead meat, BN is history together with MIC. Its a joke that they are going to field a good man in Sg Siput to get slaughtered to save the President's arse elswhere. A tragedy to the Indians, but they are waking up from deep slumber. No more, no more they are saying, while our 'Wira" is raving about "Nambikae".

Anonymous,  29 January 2013 at 23:21  

Hindraf still alive.......

monsterball 30 January 2013 at 02:44  

That 4th grade blogger KTEMOC also said I am more.
These idiots must be praying hard...I become no more....which only reminds nice that song..."No more" sung by the late the movie.."Hawaai"

Anonymous,  4 February 2013 at 22:53  

Thanks Dato

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