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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 20 January 2013

Mahathir's RCI

This was the unkindest cut of all;
For when the noble Caesar saw him stab,
Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms,
Quite vanquished him: then burst his mighty heart. . . .

This is the best way to describe Dr Mahathir. Mahathir would have done a Brutus on anyone. Najib is a small fry to him. If he can do that to Tunku Abdul Rahman, no one else is safe. That is why we say his 22 years as premier was a nightmare. Malaysians are better off without his legacy- the UMNO of 1988 which is now inherited by Najib.
Tunku Abdul Rahman is not here to defend himself. The granting of citizenship to more than 1 million non-Malays before 1957 was for the purpose of nation building. It was for a higher calling. The granting of citizenship to the Filipinos and an assortment of other nationalities done by Mahathir was directed at consolidating his power. These are two different things.
One served a higher calling and for the advancement of the greater good. The one did by Mahathir serve a narrower interest- his lust for power. The difference should be obvious to any right thinking person. We need not even go to the granting of citizenship as a precondition of the British giving independence to Malaya. Or we were not yet independent when Mahathir started his project IC in Sabah?
But there is a more pertinent point here. When Mahathir mooted the idea of having an RCI, on pre-independence non Malays, I am wondering, whether any self-respecting non-Malay Malaysian today, will ever want to vote Mahathir’s UMNO. Or will they lay silent when the forefathers are dishonoured?


monsterball 20 January 2013 at 04:17  

What Mahathir spoke about Tunku is not worth mentioning....but for him to compare link his actions to what he is...a lowdown rat comparing to a clean cat.
He gave citizenship to Phillipinos and Indonesians to make sure his Umno B will govern the a thief.
Tunku gave citizenship openly to minorities and advised by the British to get Independence.
Without Tunku....Mahathir would not be what he was.
This most ungrateful devilish creature...Mahathir is the scum of the earth that Malaysia is unfortunate to have and to live with.
But it is a blessing in disguise now....that what he spoke out...he will help Malaysian voters to kill his party.
Stealing not enough.
He must bring Tunku to his level.
I wonder how much love the Umno b members have for Tunku?

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 05:09  

This is liken to a present-day murderer who put up a defense that Hang Tuah of the Malacca Sultanate also killed.
This filthy rich criminal who plundered the nation's coffers and poisoned the the nation and its people, should go down in history as Malaysia's most Evil Man.

Suci Dalam Debu 20 January 2013 at 05:49  


We need PR to helm Putrajaya ASAP so that the courts can be reformed and TDM can have his day in court.

No one has caused so much harm to Malaysia. He is a great liar and manipulator and Malaysia had been had!

Cahaya Qalbu,  20 January 2013 at 06:29  

According to the Citizenship Rules 1964, a foreigner who wants to apply for Msian’s citizenship by naturalization must become a permanent resident for more than 12 years and has resided in Msia for more than 10 years.

But, two immigrants; one a Pakistani and the other an Indian, told a conducting officer Jamil Aripin of The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants that they received blue identity cards in less than 10 years after arriving in Sabah in the 1980s.

Mohamed Hussein, who was born in Pakistan, and Aziz Kasim, who was born in Tamil Nadu, India, also said that they had changed their place of birth in their Malaysian blue identity cards respectively to Tawau.and Kunak in Sabah.

Mohamed Hussein, who came to Sabah in 1987 looking for a job was offered Msian’s citizen status just two to three years of residing in Msia, while Aziz Kasim, who arrived in Sabah in 1980 to find work received a blue identity card in 1987.

“They indeed gave me an identity card and a Malaysian passport,” said Mohamed Hussein and added that he has voted four or five times in the elections since.

In the Q&A session, Aziz Kasim said a government officer had approached him and his fellow workers in a restaurant in 1987 and offered them blue identity cards, but could not recall which department the government officer belonged to. He has voted four times, including the Likas state constituency in the 1990 and 1994 state elections. He now considers himself a Malaysian citizen and has no intention of returning to India, adding that his three children all have MyKad.

Both of them did not have birth certificates from their country of origin.

These two migrants revelation are only the tip of the iceberg for there are thousands of foreigners more that were given Msian’s citizenship by the same modus operandi.

Previously, former Sabah Chief Minister has denied the existence of “Project IC” but Dr M now admits that thousands of foreigners in Sabah had been given citizenship. This means Harris Salleh is a liar; hence his appointment as Chief Minister then was a fraud and illegitimate.

Msians, especially Sabahans were indeed swindled big time!!!

In the interim, PR must demand that GE13 must not be held until the SPR overhauls it voters’ data base and clean-up all the dubious electorates to conduct a free and fair GE13 and the Project-IC culprits face the law for it is the highest form of betrayal to the sovereignty of Msia !!!


Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 07:29  

With more and more revelations of serious misconduct while holding high political office, the circle of Mahathirists will eventually diminish to only neo-fascists and the massively corrupt.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 08:14  

As usual, he is saying what the cheat, liar and racist wants to hear insult and bully innocent, peaceful and decent ordinary non Malays.

Ever wonder why his 'kind' is preferred in public service in position of power, trust and influence?

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 08:16  

Dear Datuk,

I truly like your articles, they are to the point and short, makes a nice reading. I hope you can post your ceramah on youtube with the link on your site, so we have a chance to see and listen to you. I believe it maybe more effective.

On the point of granting citizenship to chinese and Indians who were in Malaysia prior to independence, Mahathir should ask himself who would run the mining and rubber industry if Tunku had declined the citizenship of these communities.

Britain would not have given independence if Malaysia did not accept this condition. Otherwise, Britain would have had to absorb these communities, they would have been british citizens.

Thinking back, these communities could have been better off if Tunku did not offer the citizenship. I too would be a British citizen, maybe I would be better off now.

I use to have a lot of respect for Dr M, the respect has declined gradually but after this, there is none left. Someone, someday will throw a shoe at him in public, a Bush treatment.
It is clear that he is the cause of the rot in UMNO. Manipulating facts to safe his skin, he deserves to be behind bars. "Tiada Maaf Bagi Mu".

Finally please upload your videos.

muzium padi gunung kheyang,  20 January 2013 at 09:00  

mahadeath, THE KERALA KUTTY,the big evil on the earth!

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 09:20  

I am wondering who granted citizenship to TDM????

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 09:34  

Dato, don't worry we are not blid or deaf, the more these "past their expiry date" politician insult us there will be more more of us voting for Pakatan including the so called fence sitters. As i have said if each of us can do our part and just influence our immediate family members and then follow by our friends, rest assure we will reach a tipping point in ousting this corrupt and racist government. So please lets do our patriotic duty and start talking to our family members and friends. Spread the word now.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 10:23  

It is Umno's legacy of a secret weapon used to stay in power.

What Mahathir did in Sabah was followed by Pak Lah in the Terengganu takeover in 2004 and now Najib is all poised to take over Selangor with the same tactics using Indons, Banglas and Myanmars.

So Mahfuz is spot-on about the Special Task Force operating out of Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Ketua Keselamatan Negara masterminding this covert operation for Selangor and selected parliamentary constituents with majority-Malay voters.

Wan Ahmad, with his background in Keselamatan Negara and now deputy Chairman EC cum the staunchest Umno political scientist in the Public Service is most instrumental and working overtime to keep this dirty tactic stay out of the rakyat radar.

Dato Sak, please highlight Mahfuz's revelations including minutes of meeting etc

bruno,  20 January 2013 at 10:24  

Dato,even Mahathir knows that Umno B is a gone case.That is the reason he has now openly admitted to the project IC scandal,after denying it all these years.He is expecting the worse of Umno/BN,is desperate and confused.That is the reason he is doing one thing while the mind wants to do another.

I think that his mind is playing tricks on him,as he used to be skillful in what he does and says as far as politics goes.Now he is acting like a novice,maybe age is catching up with the doctor.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 10:44  

Boy ! i cannot wait to pee on this evil conniving traitor's grave ....Hell would be a better place for him...

Ernest,  20 January 2013 at 10:49  

Dato, you know what the sad part of all this is, nothing, absolutely nothing, will come out of this. Mahathir will not be prosecuted, or investigated, indeed the PM has backed Mahathir, and echoed Mahathir's reply, at the BN Supreme Council Meeting, and the MCA and MIC, PPP Presidents were there, including all the other BN component party head were all present. Can it any worse than that?
It just goes to emphasize and underline the fact that BN/UMNO can do ANYTHING they want, and get away with it.
My parting shot is this:
After this, if the indians and chinese still vote for BN, they must be the stupidest people on Earth. The UMNO lady wants to chase you out of YOUR country, your own political party presidents, MCA's Presidential Council, MIC's CWC, PBS, etc. are silent, Ibrahim Ali wants muslims to burn the bible if they contain the word "Allah", defying law, instigating civil war, and insulting the courts, as the appeal is still yet to be heard, and if you still vote for the BN, may God have mercy on you all.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 10:56  

Listen. Listen. Che Det tetap kata dia tak bersalah, walaupun ternyata bersalah.

Sila lihat cara UMNO Baru kepada rakyat :

brainwash sana, brainwash sini. Harap mahasiswa-siswi Univ seluruh negara bangkit dengan gelombang ilmu anda sekalian.

Ernest,  20 January 2013 at 11:12  

Even in the face of such overwhelming evidence, Mahathir can still be so defiant, think, what does that mean? Even if if Mahathir is caught with his hands in the cookie jar, red handed, he will still be defiant. He knows no one in Malaysia will ever question him, or make him be held accountable, he is literally a law unto himself. He is untouchable. Khairy Jamaluddin, and Badawi took him on, albeit in a way, away from the public eye, and look where Badawi is now, history, though Mahathir can't sleep because Khairy won the UMNO Youth position over his less than intelligent son, and Najib knows he stands to loose more than just his position if he takes on Mahathir. Mahathir knows that too, and he goes on his tirade against all who cross his path. If a man can instigate the malays against even the revered Tunku, who won independence for us, he is not human at all, he is even below the worse of animals.
Tunku, other senior UMNO politicians, together the heads of MCA, and MIC, negotiated with the British for independence, and he obtained the consensus of everyone before citizenship was given to 1 million indians and chinese. Mahathir did it in a clandestine manner and for 20 over years, he denied he ever did that. Now it has come out in the open, he says, "So what, the Tunku also did that". It is not that Mahathir doesn't know the circumstances under which Tunku did that, it is just that it is Mahathir's way of saying, "f__k off you indians and chinese". Mahathir never spoke out against Tunku's actions in all his 6o years of political life, even when he was PM for 22 years, but he is blaming the Tunku now. In other countries, especially in countries Mahathir hates most, the west, even in the country Mahathir loves most, Japan, he will be charged with treason.
However, in Malaysia, the PM is in a vulnerable position, having been implicated in murder, corruption, etc., the AG has been implicated in corruption, the MACC is toothless, Mahathir knows well he is above the law. I just hope he doesn't kill or shoot anyone, for all he will say is, "Owwwhh, he was in my way".
He is a scumbag, is all I can say. If, after his burial, his grave is open to the public, a million people will want to piss on it, I am sure.
Dato, please feel free to delete the portions of the comment that you think is inappropiate.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 11:17  

The man with US44 billion is the father of corruption, father of all scandals - just too many from PKZ to RCI

Father of all evils

Call him King Syaitan?

Lets bring the Syaitan to his knees
once PR takeover

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 11:19  

I have 1 suggestion to punish this evil, home imprisonment.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 11:23  

The fact is if Tunku did not grant citizenship to 'pendatangs' Mahathir's father Mohamad Kuuty would be sent back;22 yeras of destruction and nightmare could be safe Malaysia would be paradise today.Tunku is part to be blame.

OneMalaysian,  20 January 2013 at 11:28  

Dear Sakmongkol

You have out the issue clearly: the granting of citizenship to non-Malays prior to Independence and this Sabah IC project are entirely different things – one as a condition for Independence, the other a treacherous attempt to stay in power by illegally diluting the political power of the indigenous people of Sabah. Today this kind of nefarious activity continues with the granting of instant citizenship in the Peninsular to Indonesians, Burmese and Bangladeshis to shore up UMNO strength for GE13.

We can all see Mahathir for what he truly is – a traitor and a subversive. But somehow he has this Teflon coating that shields him from the law. He goes unpunished. Many Malays are in love with him. To these people he has almost god-like powers. Just listen to him speak to his fawning audience at the recent talk broadcast by Astro Awami. The former Inspector General of Police, Musa Hassan, asked how come the NEP seems to have produced cronies. Mahathir replied that if Malays succeed in business they are called cronies, but if they had failed then they won’t be called that. So he said, cronyism is nothing bad; in fact it showed the Malays have succeeded. The audience clapped and nodded in agreement.

This is the kind of lies and falsehoods that Mahathir had dished out to the Malays for 22 years, and continues to do so. He has been leading the Malays down the wrong path. Let’s analyse what he said. Those cronies were given endless government-related contracts on preferential terms, so it is impossible to fail – highway toll, power plants, free APs, etc. And these privileges are given to very few individuals, the biggest being Syed Mokhtar Albukhary. So wealth distribution as envisaged by the NEP is concentrated in very few hands. Meantime the vast majority of Malays struggle to get by. Of the 40% of Malaysian households with less than RM1500 per month, 80% are Malay. Yet these Malays seem to support the likes of Syed Mokhtar. Why? Does he redistribute his immense wealth to them? No. Why can’t we have better wealth distribution that directly benefits the poor Malays?

It is time that the Malays wake up to reality. But Mahathir and people like the listen-listen-listen Sharifah have caste a spell over the Malays by their clever but misleading words. Cronyism is part of corruption and is bad for them. Admitting massive numbers of illegals who compete with the poor Malays and depress their wages cannot be good for the Malays. If we want immigrants, then admit the people who bring wealth and talent to create better paying jobs for all Malaysians. That’s the kind of clever policy that Singapore, the US, Australia and Canada practice. Mahathir must be made to pay a price for what he has done.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 12:12  


go ahead and initiate an RCI thru your puppets.
great isnt it to find out how your grandfather/father beacme malaysians. kerala sounds familiar to you. you can delete kutty surname to camouflage but you cant hide your roots, can you kutty?

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 12:14  

do I hear a word from Chua SOILED lek about Maahtir RCI? or is he in a hotel room having a jolly good time wih another woman? too good a time for this?

Sam,  20 January 2013 at 12:23  

This apanama, most dangerous species of a serpent has perfected the art of spinning, turning and twisting. When cornered, it can strike with fangs and eject gallons of venom.

The serpent has spoken. This time it did not say "It happened so long ago, I can't remember anything". What it is saying this time is the same as "Yes, I did it, so what can you all do to me?"
Folks, lets show it what we can do by voting Pakatan Rakyat to form the new federal government and send the serpent to the dungeon.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 12:39  

This article has great significance about the issue. Someone out there, please translate into Bahasa to reach a bigger audience

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 12:51  

"When Mahathir mooted the idea of having an RCI, on pre-independence non Malays, I am wondering, whether any self-respecting non-Malay Malaysian today, will ever want to vote Mahathir’s UMNO."
Direct the question to Chua Sio Lek. He is the right person to answer on behalf of all the Chinese.

Jong 20 January 2013 at 13:30  

You are spot on!
Shall we hang that dirty old manipulator upside-down atop Petronas Twin Tower in downtown Kuala Lumpur for the world to see?

monsterball 20 January 2013 at 13:35  

Race and religion game is back again.
Ibrahim Ali wants all bibles with the word "Allah" to be burnt. usual..keep quiet.
His so call.."I Malaysia" ..
"People First"...proven hollow words again and again.
From recent events....I think Umno B is runing out of new ideas....same pattern...over and over again.
You can say...Sharifah Zobra "ark ark ark" bullying U student..KS Bawani few days ago..was a new one...and up to today....non stop...posts and videos...making fun at Zobra...who should SWIM away from Malaysia...and not Bawani as she suggested.
Immediately...Bishop Paul Tan...gunned down Ali who keeps trying to fan fan fan for fire.
Mahathir/Tunku???....sickening....ungrateful old fart ..trying to score points...leaving Tunku no peace....but Malaysians came out and hentam tetap hentam Mahathir...kuat kuat.
What a shameless bastard Mahathir is.

Jong 20 January 2013 at 13:35  

Mahathir is a dirty coward to want to have his pound of flesh from Tunku who is no more here to defend himself. Guess that's what this bloody rotten Umno rat had wanted to do for decades, to spite Tunku for sacking him!

moggs 20 January 2013 at 14:05  

I am of indian descent and am disposed to having my regular curry-fied bread and rice. But therein ends my so-called ties with India or the general south asian countries. My father's grandfather came to Penang maybe around 1860.s (records maintained of recruitment at a prominent temple in india shows the temple elders' sons joined the search for travel and money) and settled down to spawn the rest of us.

So, maybe, i am the fourth generation having been birthed here - tanah tumpah darah ku (well, not literally since the "misi" at KL General Hospital would have wiped up any spilled blood).

My question to Sikander Kutty's ilk would be: "would they get on the same boat sending me and my brethren "back" to South Asia"? Come on Mahatir, just a simple answer would suffice.


walla 20 January 2013 at 14:18  

Q: 'After this no one will still think he's a statesman.'

B: 'Statesman? He has shown he's nothing but a guttersnipe. Sniping away in his gutter with provocative and divisive racist politics branded with his warped logic.'

Q: 'What will our non-Malays say now, you reckon? While at it, what will our more right-minded Malays think of him?'

B: 'Our non-Malays had supported him and Barisan once when he was in his darkest hour of need.

Even his MCA kaki's had once bailed out the old Umno in its formative years and had held guard over his Umno when it was deregistered.

He now turns on them without even the smallest shred of gratitude, compassion, humility, culture even.

They must be grating their teeth now that he has finally showed himself such an ungrateful and unprincipled wretch.

What have they done to him to deserve such a stab in the front?

He wasn't even born when many of them had given their lives for this country which they had sacrificed with earnest toil and loyal behaviour to build up from nothing.

Just think of it, the real Mahathir has finally revealed his true, core, corrupt, innermost, nature.

He even shed tears signing the Lim Keng Yaik's condolence book. Are those tears as real as the ones he had shed on the stage in PWTC when announcing his resignation?

Only a morally corrupt coward would try to shield himself by twisting in a comparison with a blue blood prince no longer around. Not only that, the same prince had seen through this half-breed and predicted he would break up the fabric of this nation.

Why didn't he answer first whether the British would have granted Tunku our independence if the non-Malays were not granted citizenship?'

Q: 'He knew if he had answered that first, he would have exposed his own cunning attempt to incite our Malays and use them to deflect charges of his complicity in RCI Sabah which remains Umno's most indictable and treasonous act against the Rakyat Of Malaysia, East or West.

How can he then be considered a statesman when he grabs whatever will save himself and his interests first while putting on an appearance and act of supra-concerned cynicism?'

B: 'Our Malays must wake up to what this animal really this. By some fluke of nature, you see a man but this one slithers and flicks its tongue whenever it opens its mouth.

Just make sure it is not near those chinese panda's. They're too innocent for all that poison.

I wonder what the Mahathirites think now. He still their hero or already the biggest zero of culprits? Do they still want to associate with someone like that - cucuking against the future of their cucu's?

If they do, then they have adopted his godless ways. No point praying then. It'll be just inviting thunder and lightning.'

Q: 'What if they ask why not take him up on doing an RCI on our non-Malay immigrants? That despite his scurrilous trademark and barbed qualifying of his challenge as a mere suggestion.'

B: 'Ok! Let's do it then.

But wait a second....

He started it only after RCI Sabah had nailed him and his two sidekick scoundrels personally.

So why stop at RCI Non-Malays?

Why not go on with RCI Malays just to satisfy the curiosity of our Orang Asli's?

Let's see what happens.'

Q: 'What do you think may happen?'

B: 'Logically or anthropologically?

What if the RCI on our Malays reveals that the roots of our Orang Asli's who are asli's and therefore original occupants of this land came from Yunnan China or - heavens forbid! - Kerala India?!

Won't he have to ask to pass him the pepper?'

walla 20 January 2013 at 14:19  


Q: 'Pepper? why pepper?'

B: 'If the RCI on our Malays finds that the original occupants of this land came from Kerala India, he would have cursed himself for putting his own foot in his own mouth and losing an opportunity to wrestle supreme credentials in much the same way he is now trying to mamakize Tanah Air.

You can already see for yourself their numbers at Umno meetings, and as cocky owners of the new Petron petrol stations, for that matter.

These are people who are not Malays but pretend to be Malays in order to shortcut themselves as bumiputras up the Umno crony food chain.

Over the heads of our pure Malays, if we want to be racial about things.

But that's if we allow ourselves to take a leaf from the good doctor. Only.

You see, he tries to portray himself as a pure Malay in order to canvas support from our Malays which he feeds with his brand of racist politics. He tried to hide his Indian roots.

On being found out that his roots are from Kerala India, he became evasive because he suddenly realized his ultra-nationalistic Malay programme of deceit has collapsed on him. He has been exposed.

He can't use the definition of a Malay because there are many non-Malays who also meet the requirements and they remain without the bumiputra status which anyway has been bastardized by just commercial interests.

You can read him like an open book. He is not so much to save Umno for our Malays much less Malaysia but to try and pit our Malays against their non-Malay brethren in order to secure Malay support for the future of his personal interests, and bugger what happens to our rakyat, society and nation by his doing so.

Otherwise, why so many like him have been placed in key positions?

Now, if RCI Malays find that the real roots are Indian, he would in effect be putting his other Indian foot in his own mouth.

By the way, that's only a metaphor, you know. Like, better the devil you know, et cetera!'

Q: 'But....the pepper?'

B: '(sighs). Of course when someone puts his own foot into his mouth, and cannot take it out anymore because his mouth has already spewed nonsense, the only solution is to chew on the leather.

It's easier with some pepper, you know.'

Q: 'Ah, i get it now!'

B: 'No you haven't yet. He should add some tabasco sauce from Louisiana to make it more palatable.

After all, that shoe is one of a pair costing dua RIBU pound sterling at exchange rate tujuh ringgit lima kupang bought for him by one Ananda in London.'

Q: 'As token of some personal favour, perhaps?'

B: 'Look at those transmission dishes atop the empat ratus JUTA ringgit KL Tower which as you know was constructed with rakyat money.'

Q: 'Some will still say who has not made mistakes and he's after all an octagenarian so we must et cetera..'

B: 'But to repeat "mistakes" with unfailing regularity, intense uniformity, pre-deliberated arrogance?

Notice how his memory suddenly came alive again on Tunku? Why, what's the medical secret of sudden memory gain when all the while lupafikasi has been good enough for our AG and Judiciary to pack up and balik rumah, all cases dibatal?

Here's another saying... don't try to teach grandma's how to suck eggs. Don't take the rakyat for fools.'

Q: 'But he has no personal peccadilloes? I am running out of his defense.'

B: 'None? You sure? Why not check with one N9 blue blood what both of them were doing in their heydays one night somewhere near Jalan Alor?

And to think his son is getting a royal award in Kedah. For what, you can ask?!

Please don't assign any blame if i appear a bit nettlesome today. I was just thinking of the other award.'

Q: 'Let me read you. The US Sports Academy award to his Placido Domingo?'

B: 'Ah, now where did i misplace my cloak of invisibility? Yes, how can a cow get a sports award? For charging around in Umno's ring of national strangulation?'

walla 20 January 2013 at 14:20  


Q: 'Hmm, i see you have connected to the other development.'

B: 'Indulge me. Which one?'

Q: 'The column today by Wong of Star that tries to soften our youths' ire on Umno's Sharifah who had berated and bullied their Bawani.'

B: 'What was it again that you had for breakfast? If still have leftover, can pass on some?'

Q: 'Plain mee siam with sambal.'

B: 'Splendid! A capital repast, my perut rumbles.

Sofea, my young, adopted (and still unattached) daughter, is busy helping out at the anak yatim's. I am faint from hunger.'

Q: 'But first what of Wong's column today?'

B: '(sigh). He tried to fault Bawani. Imagine, man, someone who was himself a student before and now making dua juta setahun playing his Barisan component member act by trying to deflect attention away from Umno's Sharifah's crass behaviour as an Umno-linked leader on the excuse that the Bawani student didn't have PR skills and has attended too many pro-Pakatan meets.

One, how did he know that? He attended with her, ke?

Two, having spent hours researching what to say to substantiate her points, the student given the floor in front of a large hall of fellow students can be expected to be a bit nervous and excited.

Nervousness denotes general respect, excitement denotes earnest youthful concern, and walking away after getting an unwarranted mouthful from Umno's Sharifah shows she has given up on Malaysia.

Isn't that what Mahathir, Umno, Barisan, BTN and Perkasa want our non-Malays to do? Hmmm, betul atau tidak?

Wong should too if his USM and the datukship had taught him anything. After all, our education system that he himself had gone through don't produce Churchills and Ataturks. Right?

What Bawani had said and what she had asked are critically important to our youths and to Malaysia.

On the other hand, Umno's Sharifah just screwed up. Like the MCA's tow-truck girl.

What's so difficult about answering simple questions from a student?

Instead of encouraging and supporting them to practise democratic principles and societal concern, why harangue them like some lowly subjects to be lorded over? Who're the real tuan's and puan's of Malaysia's future? Certainly not the likes of Umno's Sharifah. Grey matter, culture and honest concern? Yilek. Malaysia? mampus.

By the way, JPM has a division called MAMPU but...wahahaha'

walla 20 January 2013 at 14:21  


Q: 'Wong, dua juta setahun?'

B: 'Fong, lima, Lee lapan. Anything else?'

Q: 'Talking to you is dangerous, B.'

B: 'I am harmless, Q. We should worry more how DRB-Hicom is going to shoulder Mahathir's pet Proton project now that its Lotus wing has swallowed seratus juta pound sterling and needs another satu billion ringgit in the coming months. And they want to produce 150,000 cars a year, after exporting only 20,000 all these years, furthermore at subsidized prices? Now only cakap about branding. Amboi.

Listen (kekeke), i have a suggestion. It's only a suggestion (hohoho). Why not privatize Proton to the Mahathir clan? They can afford it. The Lotus suspension system that billions of rakyat money had only got for all that Umno manoeuvering of rakyat money can go along as a sweetener. Maybe they can somehow fit it into their Porsche's and other exotics.

After all, it's only rakyats' money, as Umno Baru will sing to you while they lower the national treasury into its watery grave, the last resting place of this blessed but blasted land.'

Q: 'Entertain your suggestion? I am too busy (jejeje)!'

B: 'How can we all be too busy when there is new oil in Miri? That shows it is even more important to kick out Barisan. Sarawak needs that oil for itself. Umno will siphon it away. Oil royalty? For who? For those hundreds of thousands of newly minted illegal immigrants and foreign bumiputras who are now displacing our nusantara Malays in a programme cooked by Mahathir and his cronies to save their own hide protected by those fat asses that can hardly fit into Air Asia's economy class seats?

Those polaroid citizens are going to thwart our rakyats goal to kick out Barisan at GE13 after which you can be damn assured there will be hell to pay. Malaysia will disintegrate. Because its federal government of Umno and gang will be an illegal entity not representing the wishes of the original Rakyat Of Malaysia.'

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 14:50  

Ok fine dr m, you want an rci on chinese and INDIANS. Well, the home ministry better check how was it that you are a "malay" when in fact you are INDIAN muslim.
You like millions others were desendant of those who came from china and Kerala INDIA.
First home ministry must revoke your citzenship for impersonating a malay.
If the 'father is an indian,then the off spring are all INDIANS no matter even if the INDIAN married a malay princess and that princess will be called an indian.
Make a list of all "malays" who are in fact chinese, indians,arabs etc and then sum it all up to see how many orginal malays are there in malaysia.
Most half breeds and hybrids are ruling the roost while all originals are kept in the dark.
Lets call the RCI now.
Kacang lupakan kulit.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 16:45  

To lie, intimidate and insult without fear of the LAW, there must be powerful and influential people behind him.

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 20:00  

.....the trouble is that hell wouldn't want him there because he is worst than hell!! That's why that scum is still hanging around creating havoc on this part of the earth!!!

rance,  20 January 2013 at 20:53  

Dear Dato'Sak,
This old man has completely lost his dignity. Best retribution-vote out BN n place DSAI in putrajaya as PM. He will have untold nightmares....

Anonymous,  20 January 2013 at 20:57  

" sorry, not free. Am at ABC hotel, room 224. Busy with new gf"
Yours truly,
Chua Soi Lek

Anonymous,  21 January 2013 at 09:01  

Mamak Kutty a nightmare ?

Dato' you are being too kind to this despicable man.
Many people in fact consider MK as a curse upon Malaysia!

moggs 21 January 2013 at 11:23  

Was it not Lee Kuan Yew who released the information that this half-breed entered King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore under his original name of Mahathir s/o Mohamed Sikander Kutty with his race being "indian".

Betul2 kacang lupakan kulit. Or maybe he is so traumatised about being a half breed that he needs this catharsis to have a sane life.


Anonymous,  22 January 2013 at 00:52  

Datuk, please upload your videos on your Ceremah.

Sumpitan Emas,  25 January 2013 at 23:44  

Walla, keep writing. Always a pleasure to read your posts. This dialogue format makes us ask for more.

(Was out of action for many days - the air has been full of toxic fumes from Sabah lately)

Alan Newman 2 February 2013 at 14:30  

Some people commands zero respect from the transparent, democratic parts of the world. Often the mere appearance or utterance of someone can be nauseating; self-aggrandizing, super-racist…. A long string of racism, mismanagement, nepotism, cronyism, financial fiascos, plunders….

Alan Newman 2 February 2013 at 14:30  

Bill Gates & Warren Buffet made their money honestly and gave tens of billions to charity. Even Soros whom you disparaged gives to charity and human rights NGOs. They address each other as Bill, Warren, George, Barak Obama, David Cameron. You stay in power for 20-40 years (Taib for 31 yrs now), control the media, undermine the opposition, deceive & steal from the people in tens of billions, making them poor and destroying their lives and you call yourselves: Abang, Patinggi, Seri, Datuk, Tan Sri, Tun….making yourselves at best laughing stocks to the world, and at worst – criminals who indirectly ‘stole’ from the people.

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