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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 26 January 2013

UMNO and the Politics of Religion

Maulidur rasul is the day we celebrate the birthday of our Holy Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). It is supposed to be solemn day when we take lessons and insights from the struggle of Muhammad. It is also a day we give thanks to Allah for choosing Muhammad as his messenger.
Now if someone tells you that if Allah has not chosen Muhammad to be the messenger of Islam, He would have chosen someone else to do it, - that is blasphemous. It’s like saying that Muhammad is not the last or seal of the prophets. We are taught to believe as one of the tenets of Islam, that Muhammad is the seal of the prophets.  Yet Mahathir could get away with it and the Malays were hypnotized by this man.
Religion it seems is the last frontier UMNO has chosen to do battle. This is the only area it thinks Malays will rally behind it. So what does UMNO do? It goes to town trying to show it alone defends Islam. Hence it makes noises about Christians using the term Allah. It makes noises but dares not take the hard-line action since it is the government, to ban the usage of the term. What hasn’t UMNO done it explicitly?
Instead it explains its inability to do that, because it says PAS teaches that the term can be used by Christians. It justifies its inability and its own impotence in this area by blaming in on PAS. PAS is not the government. And PAS has explained its stand on the usage of the term Allah. Even if it wants to, PAS will not be able to prevent others who have used the term to discontinue it. If others use the term not in the sense Muslims use it, then the non-Muslims answer to the One Almighty.
UMNO goes in circles in making its own stand on the issue. It uses clandestine organizations to whip up Muslim frenzy which is a powder keg that will blow up into something more serious. UMNO countenances that, because it profits them politically. It’s all politics with UMNO.
It is willing to go to war with Malaysian Christians who account for around 9% of the population. Hence UMNO keeps quiet and silent when its political subcontractor headed by Ibrahim Ali seditiously exhorts Muslims to burn bibles. Who will stop wild eyed political extremists from burning ALL Bibles? Yet the government does not take firm legal action against its subcontractor. Why? Because it thinks by taking the position it now adopts, Malays will be whipped into a universal frenzy and rally behind UMNO forgetting that this is an UMNO ploy in the first place.
UMNO must appear more Malay than anyone else. It knows it no longer has unqualified support from non-Malays. 15-20% is about the level of support from the Chinese community to BN. the Indians maybe 20%. Non Malays want good government and good governance. They want transparency and they demand the rule of law. All things represented by the theme of this year’s Maulidur Rasul. UMNO’s record in these areas is dismal and yet it shamelessly champions the theme. It’s all a political game for UMNO.
It must be clear immediately that our objection is directed not at the actual celebration but at the theme which UMNO uses to set the tone of this year’s celebration. Why choose wasathiyah?
Because, UMNO thinks the theme represents what UMNO is and differentiates UMNO from the other political parties. The crucial element of the terms which UMNO thinks fits it perfectly is moderation. UMNO is a moderate party and because it thinks society prefers moderation, they should support UMNO. Society does indeed prefer moderation but the issue here is, does UMNO as the author of the theme, qualifies to represent the theme? Our contention is and we shall argue it, UMNO fails miserably when judged by the year’s theme.
Let us first be clear what the term means. Then we judge UMNO first against the term. The term wasathiyah shortened from the phrase ummatan wasatho is taken from verse 143 of the surah Al Baqarah.(Quran 2:143)  The first part of the long verse says that the Muslim community is a community justly balanced. It eschews extremes in actions and in deeds. It is also taken to mean a community that upholds moderation, is balanced in the sense that it partakes in the affairs of the world without abandoning spiritual matters and also a society that is exemplary so that it can judge others and adjudicate others. Taken as a whole, the elements of being justly balanced, just and moderate make the person, organization or political partys upholding the concept , exemplary and deserves to be emulated.
Ask yourselves in dealing with prudent spending for example has Najib been exemplary and therefore reflects wasathiyah? Has UMNO in its political conduct been exemplary and therefore reflects wasathiyah? When UMNO is not capable in engaging in civilized debates, does its action condoning violence, stone throwing, making threats of physical harm – is this kind of conduct exemplary and therefore reflects wasathiyah? If wasathiyah has been second nature to UMNO, why is UMNO incapable of stopping widespread corruption, pillage and plunder of public money and wealth?
It’s all politics when UMNO does things. Its own devotion to the real maulidur rasul celebration is not superior to the piety others not in UMNO attach to the celebration of our Holy Prophet.


zulkifli 26 January 2013 at 12:14  

Najib is so unconvincing when he spews out Arabic terms. Will Jamil Khir will be brave enough to tell him that?

sri hartamas

bruno,  26 January 2013 at 12:32  

Dato,Umno is all out using religion as its last card up its sleeves in this coming elections.Umno's howling dog,the katak Abrahim Ali wants to incite the Muslims against the Christians,by urging them to burnt bibles with the words Allah on it.

Any non BN supporter Ahmad,Ah Beng,Thambi and his dicky or even his dog would have been thrown into the lockup,beaten blue,black and purple or even ended up dead,had they played the race or religion game.

But nowadays Malays are not that easily fooled by Umno/BN playing the race and religion cards.Umno/BN being the incumbent gomen has sunk so low as even ordering their thugs to go make trouble at the opposition's ceramahs.

Mahathir,the master politician has even given up hope,and has lost all options of getting the leaderless Umno ready for one last stand.The talk going around is that the bookies has a PR win against BN at 1/2.

These are the early signs of an desperate unpopular ruling regime,seen losing the trust of the people and on it's way out.

monsterball 26 January 2013 at 12:42  

Mahathir is not a Muslim...per se.
He wears the label embracing the a Islamic religion...for show only.
There are millions like him....from all religions....but Mahathir was Malaysia's PM for 22 years....and as such...have full power..being a sinful...Mahathir has created millions of Malaysians like him...being greedy and hypocrites too...he is a very sinful and cruel man indeed.
Keep...promoting race and religion divide and rule...Mahathir was practicing British slave driving era....some 100 years ago.
Wise ex Chief Judge Ian of Sabah said..Mahathir is the devil reincarnated. He is right.
No politician can compare with the dirtiest politician in Malaysia.
He was a dictator and uses money like drugs to tempt all Umno b law makers...successfully.
All became millionaires....and he stole billions to make his sons billionaires....and some diverted to the party's kitty be strong with stolen use buy votes.
If one can SEE clearly....Mahathir is selfish..heartless and cruel.
Najib is his best student.

Anonymous,  26 January 2013 at 14:30  

Since when was the copy-write to the term Allah given to UMNO or PAS?
Can a Muslim tell a Christian how he wants to call his God?
Now, how is UMNO and PAS going to enforce this unwritten and stupid law (or injunction) if Christians continue to use the term Allah?
Only a fool, imbecile and moron will attempt to define God, who is beyond human understanding.
And here we have defenders of Islam and Allah, as though the religion and God needs to be defended.
If they keep saying the Muslims will be confused, then why are the Muslims in the other parts of the world not at all confused.UMNO thinks the Muslims in Malaysia are real dumb.
It is this Allah isuue which will burn UMNO in the next GE.

Anonymous,  26 January 2013 at 14:31  

Just look at the morality and uncouth behaviour of those who are defending Islam against Christians?

Cahaya Qalbu,  26 January 2013 at 17:56  

This Allah topic and other issues related to Christian is nothing but UMNO leaders attempt to permeate the Malays minds instilling fear that Islam is threaten if the Malays support PR.

Christians are outnumbered and outvoted in Msia.

How cans only 9.2 percent of the population, a minority group, set up a Christian nation? How in the world this could happen.

Factually, Malaysia had more Buddhists than Christians. UMNO should be saying that Buddhists want to create a Buddhist state as they constitute about 16 percent of the country’s population.

Msian's Citizens Plus Foreigners In Million

>Islam>>17,375,794>>>61.32 %

>Buddhism>>5,620,483>>>19’84 %

>Christianity>>2,617,159>>>9.24 %

>Hinduism>>1,777,694>>>6.27 %

>Traditional>>356,718>>>1.26 %

>Unknown>>271,765>>>0.96 %

>No religion>>202,763>>>0.72 %


Total Population: 28,334,135 million

Source: National Census 2010

The simple explanation that the notion of nine percent of Malaysians that are Christian trying to take over the rest of the population in their own image is inherently, mathematically absurd!!!

UMNO and Perkasa preposterous statements are yet again zilch but cheap propaganda and only the dim-witted Malays will believe!!!


Anonymous,  26 January 2013 at 21:53  

UMNO will continue its campaign against Christians and other non-Muslim groups so that they can continue to steal big time, and as more and more retired civil servants begin to move over to PAS, PKR and DAP, it will cook up even dirtier plots to destabilise the nation so that Emergency will be declared on the flimsiest excuse.

Mahathir will do everything necessary to make sure Najib doesn't deliver him another lemon like what Abdullah did. But Abdullah had nothing to hide. That Najib pushed him out to take over proved there was plenty at stake for him if Abdullah was allowed to finish his term. So now Muhy is giving Najib a dose of his own medicine with Mahathir pushing from behind - never mind that Muhy is bringing back the use of Malay to teach Maths and Science, Mahathir's pet educational project.

See how Educational issues are allowed to be cast aside while the politicians slug it out. A world class education system in the works - I don't think so.

It is all clear Islam is not UMNO's priority, UMNO survival is. With or without Wasathiyah ala UMNO, UMNO is the agent of destruction in everything we hold dear in this country.

Nothing matters as long as UMNO can continue to steal in the name religion.

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 08:18  

Dear Datuk Sak

Playing up racial issues -- failed.
At least 50% of Malays support Pakatan Rakyat political parties.

So now they are continually trying to play up religion issues in the Karl Rove "wedge issues" style of divide-and-conquer. Irresponsible scoundrels (especially prominent in the upper circle of the MCA) !
This too will fail e.g.
cow head incident failed to fool (incite) the Hindus, pig heads at mosques failed to fool the Muslims, church burnings failed to fool the Christians.

Actually, these scoundrels are further alienating the Christian bumiputeras of East Malaysia against the regime.

Phua Kai Lit

ordinary malaysian 27 January 2013 at 11:18  

If not chosen, someone else would have been chosen...I thought that was merely stating something logical? Oh my!

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 14:06  

Merely Malaysian government uses religion as tool to fool its people politically in the world. Certain Muslims buy it to believe in it, it means these Muslims are not evolving themselves up to date politically. They can be easily played up by Umno and being pushed to dance on its tune unconsciously. Many people will be definitely situated at stagnation economically if allow Bn/Umno to stay on power again.

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 15:56  

mana ada melayu sokong pakatan sampai 50%....
cina2 ni asyik nak lagakan melayu je

Anonymous,  27 January 2013 at 17:41  

Saya, seorang pensyarah sains statistik, "lagakan melayu"?

Check out website ini dulu !

Dasar-dasar UMNO Baru-BN dan janji-janji nya (yang banyak tidak di tepati) yang
lagakan Melayu, terutamanya
penyokong-penyokong PAS dan PKR !

Profesor Madya Phua Kai Lit

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