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Monday 7 January 2013

Zaid Ibrahim on Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim.

 Dato Zaid mentioned to me the other day, that he is coming out with an article rebutting what Dr Mahathir recently wrote on the topic of change. Zaid's main contention is we should not take Dr Mahathir seriously. Dr Mahathir is not capable of forming an objective opinion on Anwar anymore. Zaid Ibrahim has more credence on that aspect. he has not always enjoyed Anwar's confidence when he was in the PKR and should be the last to support Anwar. That he is able to do so, gives Zaid more believability. My own thinking is, despite what Mahathir thinks of Anwar and despite how UMNO denigrates Anwar Ibrahim the man, if more people believed in him, there is nothing all of us , including Mahathir can do about that. whether we like it, or we don't, learn to love it. As Zaid puts it in a more colorful way- what do we have against some people? some do it from the front, some like it from behind.  

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s lengthy article entitled “Change” has once again set political tongues wagging. Not that Dr M has written anything new – it’s just the same, old tirade against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat.
Whatever Dr M says however, must never be brushed off as inconsequential. Like Robert Mugabe and Hosni Mubarak, he has a large following and some rebuttal is required lest people believe him.
He first flogged US President Barack Obama as someone who did not deliver on his promises of change. He forgets that Obama was re-elected with an bigger margin than the first time he won the presidency. Dr M also ignores the fact that American citizens are in a better position to judge their President than a wealthy but old and retired Malaysian Prime Minister.
He then went on to say that Anwar and his friends in the Pakatan would bring havoc to the country, even if they rule for only five years. Anwar and the Pakatan, he said, would make all kinds of sweet promises but would not be able to deliver them. Why? The main thrusts of his argument were as follows:
Anwar did not accomplish much when he was in government, and even when he tried to do something, he was a disaster. During the 1998 financial crisis, for example, he wanted to follow the solutions prescribed by the International Monetary Fund, solutions Dr M said would have only bankrupted the country. He then said Anwar is not as pious or religious as he appears, and is a corrupt politician who practises cronyism to enrich his friends and family.
For now,  my  response to these allegations is to say that even if all of the above were true, we should still give Anwar and his friends a chance to rule. This is because Dr M is unable to give an objective assesment of Anwar. He is dumfounded that his nemesis is not only politically alive, but will probably be the next Prime Minister. Dr M is unable to accept this possibility as this would be a devastating defeat for him. Dr M is unable to accept that the person he targeted with the whole machinery of the state is still an active political leader  who is more popular than he is. In other words, Dr M is too disturbed by Anwar’s thriving success to give a balanced view .
I have been an Anwar follower from afar for a long time. I was never his friend, but my interest in politics made me especially interested in him when my first preference, Tun Musa Hitam, pulled out of the political arena. When Anwar was sacked in 1998 and the black eye incident became worldwide news, I felt really sorry for him. I could not do much except to quietly support the Free Anwar  campaign. I even named my horse “Deputy Coming Back” in 2000 as a symbolic  gesture of support.  Unlike Dr M, I can give a better and more detached assesment of both Anwar and his friends in the Pakatan, which voters in the upcoming General Election can rely on.
Yes, Anwar did not do much good when he was  in UMNO. His tenure as  Education Minister   was poor and even as Deputy Prime Minister, he  was not a trailblazer. He was  imperious,  feudalistic, strong willed and more interested in strenghtening his position in the party than pushing for real reform. But he was obviously good enough for the job; Dr M would not have picked him as his successor otherwise.
Anwar was never shy about showing off his Malay and Islamic agendas, even if these made non- Malays/non-Muslims uncomfortable. His “slaughter” of Tun Ghafar Baba manifested the rapacious character of a man who was willing to abandon friendship and good behaviour so long as he could become Prime Minister. He had friends and allies who were given concessions and allotted shares in public companies. There was no doubt that he was filling up his war chest. In short, he did what a typical UMNO leader would do if he wants to move  up the ladder and be Prime Minister.

However, I believe that tragic and traumatic experiences can change a man. Anwar has suffered more than any political leader I know and because of these hardships, he is a different man today. He still wants to be Prime Minister (who doesn’t), but he knows Malaysians have also changed. Today the people want a cleaner and more responsible Government. They do not want a corrupt leader who would only enrich himself, his party and his family. Anwar and the members of his family are not rich, and live modestly.
Stories of him having billions stashed away are lies. He has wealthy friends, of course, and they have kept his struggle going. I don’t believe money is terribly important to Anwar and his family, so I don’t think we will have pilferage on a huge scale when he becomes Prime Minister. So one up for him.
Malaysians also want to coexist in harmony. They are tired of UMNO’s divide-and-rule system. Anwar has  travelled  far and wide in his political campaigns and has seen for himself how groups outside the gated communities live. He relates well with the rural as well as the urban poor and emphatises with the grievances of the marginalised. His concern for the less fortunate is genuine. His strong sense of justice is perhaps due to his own experiences, but they are real and something we can trust him with. He has changed, but Dr M has not. Two up.
An important point to remember is that Anwar has a close relationship with PAS. I was initially sceptical that PAS could ever be a strong political force in a moderate Malaysia because for many years, they were hystericaly extreme in their views. Today Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is no longer the firebrand Islamic leader from Rusila of the 1980’s, but a moderate and practical politician. PAS has many young and moderate leaders, and they inject a strong ethical amd moral dimension to governance, at least more so than UMNO.  I believe Anwar’s influence on PAS and political Islam as a whole is positive. Three up.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was an extreme and different political organisation in the early days when Hassan Al-Banna was at the helm, but its moderate policies are acceptable to Egyptians now. Under the influence of Hassan Al-Turabi, Sudan is no longer at war and is getting closer to the international community. Tunisia too has not become an extremist country, although it is ruled by an Islamist party. The dynamics of political Islam have changed and we can look forward to a more vibrant and peaceful version in  Malaysia.

We must not get too worried about the occasional reference to hudud  law and PAS’ aversion to short skirts and concerts. The constituency in political Islam is varied and covers a wide spectrum of believers.  We must expect this diversion at times.
Dr M warned us that if Anwar comes to power, he will be a dictator who will be impossible to remove. I doubt it. If the people of this country can remove the mighty Barisan Nasional, then Anwar will be easy, if the situation warrants all of us to do so. Anwar has  to share power with PAS and DAP, and he can only govern effectively by finding genuine consensus. Let’s also not forget the strong voice of the NGO’s which he cannot ignore, and which can temper his ambition. It would be neither conducive nor practical for him to govern in the style of his old UMNO ways, even if there are still remnants of it in his blood.
So I hope people will dismiss the fears that Dr M tried to raise, and instead will work together to achieve real change that Malaysia desperately needs.


monsterball 7 January 2013 at 18:22  

It seem like ....Zaid Ibrahim have changed for the better...supporting Anwar Ibrahim solidly.

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 19:15  

Dato Sak, you are reasonably good and I agree with you.

STEADYAKU47 7 January 2013 at 19:30  

A masterpiece by Zaid. I took the liberty of posting this on my blog because I think we should have as many of our people read this as is possible. Salam.


Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 19:41  

Y Bhg Dato,

I remember that you once considered Anwar as 'damaged goods'. In what way has this opinion changed?

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 21:39  

How to trust the words of a man who has stolen US44 billion from a developing country where majority of population are earning below RM5,000 per month.

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 21:44  

You know how much I like UMNO and BN politicians, I just cant stand the sight of them on TV and newspaper.

I either change channel or look at other more interesting news

Pok Li,  7 January 2013 at 22:02  

Well said Zaid.

Of course Anwar is not perfect but I believe he has many many 'ups' against Mahathir. The only way we can make a fair comparison between the two is when Anwar becomes PM and judge his accomplishment. No DPM can accomplish as much as the PM as in our system as the PM has the ultimate say in almost every major decision. Even Finance Minister is not in total control of the country's coffer. Petronas & Khazanah Nasional report directly to the PM.

Whether Anwar has accumulated billions of RM or has been corrupt or is a sodomite, for as long as the accusations cannot be proven beyond doubt, its not wrong if we believe he is not guilty.

And I think Mahathir is really really scared that a change in regime will uncover the whole dirt behind his so called accomplishment as the 4th PM of Malaysia.

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 22:10  


Today only few of UMNO members believe Mahathir. That was only their cronies and who benefits from him. The majority of Malaysians are disgusted with this "orang tua " called Mahathir Mohamad.

When a case of former Selangor Menteri Besar are accused of incest with her ​​in-laws, this MB were asked to resign. He admits not of respect for Mahathir but he knew himself innocent and did not have the strength to fight. Innocent people typically do not have the strength to fight. Same with Najib, who was only able to swallow the saliva in the case of Deepak ... so cowardly.

Mahathir, who headed his senile always attacking Anwar Ibrahim. UMNO owned media since the beginning until now only say negative things about Anwar. Anwar pro Yahudi Israel, Anwar sodomite, Anwar corrupt and many other negative remarks. Even 1 Malaysia know Mahathir accused Anwar punched his own eyes in the eye bruising issue. Even UMNO BN under Mahathir since past 20 years more and up to Najib era still in power but Mahathir and UMNO BN failed to prove all the allegations of sodomy, corruption, crony related Anwar. Even all Malaysians know who is behind the sodomy I and II cases. Although Mahathir and UMNO BN had manipulated our law and institutions including the judiciary, but they still failed to prove their allegations. Anwar's not only fighting Mahathir but against the entire corrupt goverment leadership of Mahathir. That was Mahathir failed to prove anything. Anwar was abused by Mahathir. Every one knew that!

Weird and strange! Even insulted and attacked endlessly by UMNO BN, Anwar did not falter even more intense. More and more Malaysians now believe in Anwar, joined and struggle with him.

The same reasons that lead ultimately a Johor well known political writer begin to see the truth as advocated Anwar. He said .. he has never met a leader who continuously attacked and humiliated by the authorities can be more powerful and supported by the majority of citizens but Anwar.

So no wonder why UMNO BN especially Mahathir more anxious and having nightmares now. Pity. Mahathir on the verge of old age and senile forced to work harder, haunted by his past sins and stains. Anwar for him like the angel of death!

Mamak Kutty! Where to run?.

Ini kalilah ! Mahathir will be able to occupy the iron grills room if God extended his life.

-Pattani Warrior-

John Lee,  7 January 2013 at 22:20  

Good write up. Eventho' it is not a thorough analysis but that will do. In any aspect Mahatir is in no position to comment on anyone when he is "fully dirtied". Anwar should be the next PM but rakyat should now be wiser and demand a change in the constituition whereby no PM shall overstay by more than two terms. Long duration as a Premier position enhance power.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 22:27  

so I don’t think we will have pilferage on a huge scale when he becomes Prime Minister

Dato, I think you didn't quite mean how it sounded.

Anonymous,  7 January 2013 at 22:47  

h2 senile comments from an indian from kerala who plunder the country. he is real scare he ends up like marcos or mubarak. thieves are thieves!

joehancl/PRAY, it works 7 January 2013 at 23:10  

mahathir will rue his long life.

ordinary malaysian 7 January 2013 at 23:30  

Not only what you have elaborated, Dato. As the deputy, the second man, what much could Anwar do? He was not the one to set the agenda, he was not the one to say, do it my way! If he did that, he would have been out the door faster than you could say 'My Way' You know, no number one wants to be outshorn by no 2. Look at Musa Hitam. What did the man people called 'pharoah' do? He got rid of Musa Hitam. And he got rid of the rest, too, including Anwar himself eventually. So Mahathir was, as usual, just talking cock, as some people would put it. What else could Mahathir do? That guy talks good only of himself, the man who allegedly knows everything. He even knew that 9/11 was just a CG wayang. That was pure erudition - yea, of the CG kind! By the way, CG means computer generated. Ha ha

walla 7 January 2013 at 23:50  

Mahathir is trying to stoke fears because he cannot supply any good reason why people should not vote for Pakatan.

He said PAS members are devils but forgot it was his Umno which has been trying to cultivate them in order to create a common front against the non-Malays and those not of the Islamic faith.

That itself is already flat-footed self-contradicting tactics. If PAS are devils, why did Umno try to win them over, unless of course his Umno are bigger devils? And if Umno is for 1Malaysia, why did it try to win PAS over to create a Malay/Muslim front against the non-Malays/non-Muslims even to the extent of creating havoc space for the two Ali's?

He has no answers.

He next said Pakatan will give too many free things out to the rakyat but omitted to add they can afford to do so because they will be running a cleaner federal government with more surplus funds to spare for the rakyat, unlike the present irresponsible popularist moves by his Umno to retain power for personal ill-gotten gains through deficit-generating corruption that remains the root of all problems.

Pakatan can give confidently because the money will come from all the billions saved from corruption.

On the other hand, Barisan, effectively Umno, cannot afford to give anymore because each disbursement is now off-budget and unprovided for which means the next budget will run an even bigger deficit, pointing to higher sovereign financing costs on inevitable de-rating that will culminate in real bankruptcy.

And failing to stop Anwar, he next and now goes after a much mellowed Hadi, thereby disqualifying himself from talking about change because he himself has chosen not to see changes happening in others and that because he himself has not changed.

Again, he has no answers.

He has no answers, no antidote, no counterpoints left. Because he has remained intractable in not wanting to winnow signal from noise. And that is because all the noise has been generated by his Umno to try and bury all the signals generated by the rakyat.

What are the rakyats' signals? The answer was revealed in the tsunami of GE12. That tsunami brought to the surface all the anxieties and anger of the rakyat who wanted three things for every vote they put in for Pakatan against Barisan.

One, the return of Malaysian-ness (PKR). Two, the return of efficiency (DAP). And three, the return of moral values(PAS).

These three things only Pakatan could deliver because that's how it is structured.

And it has done so swimmingly well in the states that it runs until their debts have been cleared and surpluses built for their rakyats' welfare.

These three things Barisan cannot deliver because it is structured to defend high-level corruption, to use race traps against malaysian-ness, and to maintain the status quo of no-real-change which in turn blocks any attempt to create a cleaner and better Malaysia. much the same way the pro-Umno Stadium Merdeka management are right now blocking the January 12th mass rally.

Surely there must be a qualified structural engineer left in the country who can attest that the reverberating rally in the stadium won't ruffle the foundation of the land next to it on which PNB's Menara Warisan is to be constructed.

And that is why the rakyat must be clear-headed and focused from now on. Do not be disconcerted by any noise that Umno creates. Rise above it with the confidence of knowing the time has come to once and for all do the right thing. Because enough is enough.

walla 7 January 2013 at 23:51  


For instance, isn't it enough to know this recent LTATgate has a precedent in the Shah Alam hospital project where another pro-Umno blue blood was involved which has resulted in massive cost overruns and delays against the welfare of the rakyat?

Isn't it enough to know this LTATgate is also enjoined to Deepakgate which is being buried alive by Umno and its MSM because Deepakgate is conjoined to PI Bala's statutory declaration which exposes malfeasance at the highest levels in the Altantuya murder case and implies complicity of the judicial and enforcement arms right to this moment?

Maybe that explains how wearing the tudung in Cow-gate can now transform to giving croissants in Scorpene-gate.

The other type of transformation, you can add.

Ropiaah of LTATgate is Umno Wanita Selangor chief and a senator in Najib's JPM entourage. Yet until today he maintains a stony silence on her. If he has lost his nerve there, why did he not also lose his nerve on New Year's Day when he made his speech that had called upon the Rakyat Of Malaysia to give Barisan another five-year mandate?

What kind of mandate should the rakyat give Barisan if it must mean turning a blind eye to outright high office corruption at their expense if not felonious accessory to murder?

Last week it was PKFZgate. Yesterday it was Cowgate. This morning it was Amangate and Taibgate. This afternoon, LTATgate. Tonight, Scorpene-gate. Tomorrow? There are at least two dozen other gates to be opened.

As in Jaws when it was said a bigger boat is needed just as the beast surfaced from the depths, you will need a bigger calculator for the task on hand to tote up all the massive plundering of state wealth and rakyat money that is yet to be revealed.

And Mahathir says change need not be good. Is he saying the present state of Umno's federal administration of this country is to his utmost satisfaction? Maybe he can share his benchmarks and standards for what constitutes corruption and ill-boding governance.

Talking of benchmarks and standards. Of late Umno's MSM has been parading that Malaysia has gone up some of the ranks. One must however be wary of such artifacts. Who doesn't remember one year when the dot had dropped from number 1 to number 5 in international competitiveness, and that just because of some recessionary pressures on her economy owing to globalization?

Similarly with us. It's not about external relative pegging's, for even if one stands still, one can still go up in ranking if others have fallen. The scale is dynamic, the goal-post shifted by market forces.

What is important is intrinsic ability and worth. This quality has to be groomed and grown. Land plays like the Iskandar corridor with its elitist Marlborough school and Lego Land do not contribute to the massive transformation that is needed on a society that half a century of Umno misrule has denuded until the exchange rate has fallen 33 percent against HK, 44 percent against Taiwan, and 66 percent against Singapore.

Therefore, no government worth its salt should take its own internal readjustments through KPIs and ETPs to reflect national progress.

Those are just things it must do to make up for its own excesses causing bad services and billion-ringgit siphoning. They are also the Malaysia Plans of yonder days recast in new cloth for an unsuspecting populace made of new generations.

walla 7 January 2013 at 23:52  


The important things are what percolate to society and rakyat on a continuous basis that leads to real improvements in society which however cannot come about when a government steals from the rakyat and then uses its own management program to sell itself as having delivered.

Only those who bend their bodies until right angles to kiss hands to try and impress the brown rajahs of Umno for future favors and recognition will see otherwise.

Only those who shed tears at general assemblies in the hope of getting another bag of fertilizer or some pocket money despite rm250 million and rm190 million of the rakyat and ex-servicemen savings stolen away by the same gang of hypocrites will see otherwise.

One is therefore reminded of monkeys and their organ grinders that troop with touring circuses.

How else can one otherwise explain the excuses emanating from some syoophant in Jerantut and given for LTAT-gate, namely: one, the decision was made by a prior cabinet (however with the same minister in tow), and two, it's NEP which means one should overlook such things.


Moving to new insights. Anwar. He is not just the next PM. He is also the embodiment of Malaysia's journey from the darkness of Umno to the light of a new future with a Pakatan open to the rakyat simply because the people in Pakatan are after all people like you.

It is also because he has gone through a fuller life-responding cycle that he can help usher a better Malaysia, not a nation delivered by people who took the post unelected nor by people who were pedigreed into it by blood line or by people who climbed into it from the racist's ladder.

The Rakyat of Malaysia must claim back this nation for their future generations, not for the cronies and triangles who crave with beady eyes of greed and sweat with vacuous brows of fear. A good Malaysia can revive a new and modern "caliphate of reason".

You have only one chance in GE13 after which if Barisan especially Umno remains holding the key to treasury, all gates will be opened for the last time.

Show them since they don't want to practice the ABC of accountability, the rakyat will deliver the 123 of Pakatan seats for the next Government of Malaysia.


samyap,  8 January 2013 at 00:04  

Dato Sak,

I hope this statement about Anwar " so I don’t think we will have pilferage on a huge scale when he becomes Prime Minister. " was a Freudian slip on your part?

Ariff Sabri 8 January 2013 at 00:17  


excuse me- in this article, my portion is the one in italics. the rest of the article is reproduced from Dato Zaid's article, verbatim.
it not a whatever slip from me.

Cahaya Qalbu,  8 January 2013 at 00:17  

Time To Leave Race-Based Parties; 1 of 2

With acuity after the fact, the event of Bersih 3.0 and the 31st of August 2012 Merdeka night ‘yellow-theme’@JanjiDemokrasi gathering, shows that there is already a permanent fissure between many rakyat and the BN-led government. Except for those who want to remain deluded because of personal reasons or inadequacies, most of the rakyat don't trust the Umno/BN govt, any longer. The Barisan scale is crooked and not balanced. The Umno keris is jagged and pointing at the heart of the nation. One should also ponder how BN tried to muddy away the essence of the Bersih3 marched; the demand for a clean and fair GE13. Because BN knows, if it’s clean and fair, they will surely lose.

More than half a century under BN, there are still Msians bogs by the primitive mentality. Ancient people have to resort to primeval heuristics to determine friend or foe. As in a primitive world, if we are of the same race, we are fine, if we are not, we must be suspicious and try to subjugate the other races. The attempt to create a "Truly United Malaysia" is an effort by PR to erase this antiquated mindset and moves Msians one step forward. However, most people do behave in certain stereotypical ways based on their ethnicity, so it is difficult to find any common ground, because Malays have a totally different culture than the other races and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that increasingly there is a new common ground being achieved amongst the races, and that is to vote out UMNO/BN. This is a statement of fact. Not only did Bersih3 attracts thousands of Malays and other races to come out even in blue blooded places like Johor, most Malaysians of all races now are beginning to gather in thousands to attend rallies benefiting the nation.

BN is wrong to look at PR from its jaundiced political point of view. While BN is a coalition of race-based parties, PKR and DAP are multi-racial parties. Even PAS for that matter sitting on a “religious” platform has invited all Muslims and non-Muslims into its fold. PAS even has a non-Muslim wing that is aligned to the party.

DAP, PKR and PAS have together steered the states under them steadily without neglecting the various races and religions and are now noticed by many people as a coalition that has high integrity. PAS does not believe in race-based approach to politics, as this is not in line with Islamic teaching and has also shown to all rakyat that though it is an Islamic party, the rights and privileges of non-Muslims have not gone unheeded. Kelantan is an exemplary state under PAS rule: the non-Muslims there are generally contented with the government.

BN undoubtedly started as a coalition of parties that cared for the various races but it has since evolved into an entity that is power crazy and greedy which only enriched their families and cronies. Most rakyat have assessed BN enough by evaluating the 4 states under PR. When the people observe BN failing them they see PR giving them a new hope. Rakyat do not have to go far to evaluate the good work of PR. The Auditor General reports, has confirmed and commended the excellent achievement of Selangor and Penang, while Kedah and Kelantan have been ticked as satisfactory

Ariff Sabri 8 January 2013 at 00:18  


excuse me- in this article, my portion is the one in italics. the rest of the article is reproduced from Dato Zaid's article, verbatim.
it not a whatever slip from me.

Cahaya Qalbu,  8 January 2013 at 00:19  

Time To Leave Race-Based Parties; 2 of 2

There is no reason for PR to hate the Malays or other races. PR, or for that matter the Msia federal govt alternative party, is only against individuals who are dishonest in BN and those who have failed the nation by squandering the nation’s wealth. DAP, which was portrayed abysmally by BN propaganda machines, in truth and reality supports the honest Malays and Muslims as can be seen in the states under PR today. “The Malays see DAP working together with PAS and PKR to bring progress and racial harmony to these states,” said a political observer. “Thus the “mutiny” now is not against Malays but UMNO/BN and corruption. It has nothing to do with race or religion,” he added.

When UMNO/BNBN squanders billions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money, must PR just ignore this for fear that they will be branded as anti-Malay or anti-Islam? Of course Malaysians cannot expect any decree on those unlawful activities from those “ulamas” on government’s payroll. The only exposure and condemnation of UMNO/BN misconduct must come from PR.

BN is actually manipulating and exploiting on racial and religious sentiments to hoodwink the innocent rakyat. To some BN leaders and members; “PR does not have the right to criticize BN leaders even if there are corrupt to the core”. It’s BN arrogant and egotistical nature for being too long in power that made them deny any wrongdoing, as if Msia belongs to them and only they can decide what’s wrong or right akin to dictatorship.

BN is weak and fragmented today is not because of PR but its BN many oppressive and anti-democratic policies that have brought it down naturally. BN too must stop negating the rakyat aspiration of a truly united Msians by their non-stop propagating of racial hatred via their controlled mainstream media that has only caused the community to be further split. In fact, it has contradicted whatever unity slogan they have churned out.

And BN must also realize that there is no nation in the world, no single leader in the world, no political party in the world and no battalion in the world that had succeeded going against or thwarting the rakyat final decision that enough is enough. Your enemies are not the rakyat of this land. Your enemies are those inside BN who are hypocritical, liars, plunderers & corrupt to the core!!!

loveMyKris,  8 January 2013 at 03:21  

So, while Bijan slumps on his throne, crown askewed, bewildered and paralyzed by the current turns of events, the old black mamba works feverishly to protect his egg nest. Heheh. We truly live in interesting times.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 05:39  

With all due respect the comment in italics about some 'some like it from behind ' was uncalled for It's been proven that 'from behind ' were trumped up charges created to discredit DSAI by mahatir
All in its good you posted this excellent article by Zaid even though you have hinted many times before as to not been a great fan of DSAI

monsterball 8 January 2013 at 05:55  

94 days balance to 13th GE.
That will be the most interesting and tense GE in the history of all elections.
You can expect fireworks....dancing in the streets all over East & West Malaysia....all night long..with BN voters staying home quietly watching TV programs.
Positive thinking is good.
Do not copy or be like Mahathir.
This shameless piece of shit loves disuniting divert attentions...away from the real his 2 sons are billionaires.....and one is a billionaire....selling beer!!!
Change of government gives nightmares to Mahathir and Najib.
That's a fact.
They are not afraid to be defeated.
They are afraid to be investigated for stealing billions.
Najib is daily haunted by Alantuya's ghost.
He knows a murderer cannot be PM for sure.

Mark Dean,  8 January 2013 at 10:13  

Dearest Walla,

You sure one of a kind. Masterpiece after masterpiece. Boleh pinjam you punya brain sekejap tak, so that I could add some minute things not covered by you.

Pok Li,  8 January 2013 at 12:36  

Agreed, we should put to rest Anwar's sodomy story. If we had followed closely the two trials, we would know that there was no case from the beginning, except conspiracy to discredit Anwar. For Muslims, even insinuations without proof tantamount to fitnah, something Islam likens to eating fellow muslims flesh. As I've said earlier, its not wrong to assume Anwar is not guilty when there's insufficient evidence to prove otherwise.

Let's move on with our struggle to topple the corrupted UMNO/BN regime for a better Malaysia!

samyap,  8 January 2013 at 14:01  

excuse me- in this article, my portion is the one in italics. the rest of the article is reproduced from Dato Zaid's article, verbatim.
it not a whatever slip from me.

8 January 2013 00:17"

Sorry, it was my bad. I had meant "Zaid's part" and not to imply you. Its your blog, so when I wrote the comment, I subconsciously referred to you rather than Zaid.

No offense meant ya?

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 16:15  

In a nutshell - Mahathir is a personification of EVIL.
Need I say more.
This man should never have been born!!

zopinion 10 January 2013 at 21:23  

i m sorry for u Dato Sak.. tak telus jugak orangnya... komen yg sokong TunM sikit pun tak pamir..
he he.. forgot u are human too..

monsterball 11 January 2013 at 08:23  

"what do we have against some people? some do it from the front, some like it from behind."....said Sak.
Mahathir is born to victimized pave his way be PM.
First..he went for the front man of UMNO...Tunku...then from behind..he got Anwar in jail for nothing.
That's Mahathir's pleasures front or from the back.
He is an expert in dirty politics.
His Umno b.. are ten times worst...than Anwar....rape...steal and commit long as they do as he said for 22 years.
Everyone knows Mahathir was a PM.. a doctor that kills more than curing.
Malaysians love Anwar Ibrahim...because he is loves all sincerely.
Because Anwar keep fighting for REFORMASI....for CHANGE.
Zaid backing Anwar at this time good news.
It does prove Anwar's faith in Zaid in the past...being repaid by Zaid willingly.

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