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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

O Allah. Lord- Deliver us from Temporary Insanity.

Almost every day I hear advertisements on radio airing how pleased parents are at getting PTPTN and their children now do the civic duty to repay. Everyone seems to be rejoicing at the idea of paying money for getting education. Malay parents who are more likely to demand many free things are now defending the need to pay?
At the end of each year, Malay parents especially in rural areas, will go begging around and demanding from elected reps money to pay fees and what not. And here is a proposal to give free education up to university level and parents who normally find it extremely difficult to make ends meet, are rising up in arms insisting they want PTPTN?Debt is preferred? Where is the psychiatrist please? Dr Chua?
What kind of madness has seized them? PR proposes to provide free education and the brainwashed people insist they want to pay. Can the children please advise your parents? Elect Pakatan to get free education. The country will not go bankrupt. The country goes bankrupt when the country is not frugal or when it is incompetent like the Najib government. Even in times when the economy is good, he goes on piling up debt.
PETRONAS employees- do your civic duty to the nation and the rakyat. Each year, PETRONAS, the organization where you work gives cash to the government. Where has the money gone to? Stop PETRONAS being turned into UMNO’s ATM.
Since 1974, PETRONAS has given out RM 529.0 billion in the form of dividends, taxes, export duty on oil and gas. PETRONAS has given out RM 136.5 billion as subsidies to TNB, IPPs, commercial bodes and others.  (See Laporan Tahunan PETRONAS 2011)
Stop the internal hemorrhage on PETRONAS earnings. Since 2007, PETRONAS has paid the government on average RM 61.0 billion a year. Dividend payments have reached 53% of PETRONAS’s profits. Other oil and gas companies in the world pay on the average 38% of their profits to their respective government. Here in Malaysia, the UMNO government sucks up half into their financial black hole. PETRONAS money has contributed on average up to 41% of government revenue.
Where has the money gone to? It has gone to bail out several GLCs and companies belonging to some fortunate sons. PETRONAS money of RM2.5 billion was used to guarantee Bank Bumiputera in 1985 and in 1991, another RM1 billion was pumped into BBMB. In the end, BBMB the pride and joy of the Malay commercial community vanished into thin air and was replaced by CIMB. With that, Malays lost their sense of self-worth. Malays lost their bank because of rapacious greed of UMNO politicians, and they still want to support UMNO. Are Malays deriving pleasure when pain is administered on them? Why are you subjecting yourselves to torture from UMNO?
PETRONAS bailed out the fortunate son with a RM2-billion bailout. He was freed from debt and probably made some money selling his assets and `goodwill’ and used the money to invest in San Miguel. Now the fortunate son is back buying Esso’s business in Malaysia and turning them into Petron. The triumvirate of evil is emerging- Kencana-Sapura-Petron. PETRONAS employees! Your livelihood is next.
PETRONAS money is used to build the PETRONAS twin tower so that Mahathir can have his perpetual erection. It cost PETRONAS RM6 billion to construct the two humongous phallic symbols. PETRONAS financed the construction of Putrajaya at a cost of RM22.0 billion.
The fact of the matter is, while you toiled and take pride in doing your work with PETRONAS, you don’t know here the billions have gone to. The civic duty is to elect a fiscally responsible government. Elect a new government that will retire your adviser. Otherwise your own livelihood is threatened. Kencana?Sapura/Petron will one day take much of your business.


Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 08:45  

Dear Datuk Sak

Dr M could be much less influential than we think he is:

Consider these

1) When Anwar Ibrahim was deposed and bashed up (nearly to death) in detention, lots of demonstrations by Malays occurred in the Kuala Lumpur area. The public's opinion of what he did to his former DPM was very negative.

2) When he left office as PM, there was a great sigh of relief in Malaysia. His successor Abdullah Badawi and BN did very well in the General Election. Contrast this with the previous GE under him. The non-Malay vote saved UMNO Baru-BN at the previous election.

3) After leaving office, he even had trouble being elected as an UMNO delegate for his old electoral district Kubang Pasu in Kedah!

4) His supporters nowadays are reduced to the neo-fascists and the highly corrupted from UMNO Baru and BN.

5) These days, unlike the late 1990s, the non-Malays are joining
the urban Malays to express their great dissatisfaction with the kleptocratic UMNO Baru-BN. Hence the multi-ethnic series of Bersih demonstrations that have shaken up the kleptocracy.

6) The increasing shrillness and neofascist, race-baiting tone of Dr M's barrage of propaganda is clear evidence of his fear of regime change and all that it implies for him

7) It is time for all Malaysians of goodwill, at the next General Election, to unite and tell the world that we totally reject Mahathirism (and UMNO Baru/BN)--- an ideology that condones state-sponsored racial discrimination and semi-apartheid; drives lots of talented Malaysians overseas to seek a living; promotes corrupt & economically inefficient rent-seeking capitalism; promotes divisive social policies and increases social tension; engages in gross wastage of the wealth generated by our oil exports etc

Phua Kai Lit

bruno,  8 January 2013 at 09:24  

Many of the people who blindly support the Umno have gone bonkers,crazy like hell and are ready for the sick crazies sanitorium.Because Umno has brainwashed these poor people who depend on them,that they do not know the difference from right or wrong.

If they do know the difference from right or wrong,these people would have nothing to do with the corrupted Umnoputras.That is the reason that they suffered from a terrible disease cursed on then called "Temporary Insanity".

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 10:11  

The writing's on the wall, but, the rural masses are kept ignorant and in the dark. I was simply stupified when I watched a YB explaining why money is given to flash flood victims also- because BN cares. Then the reaction of receivers is broadcast- typically one Chinese,one Indian and one Malay..alas singing the same song of rakyat didahulukan etc.etc. The acts of desperation is clearly visible. The sad thing is that in this 21st Century in Malaysia it still works. In every five years you could do this and also get away with it. The poor farmer, rubber tapper,small holder,shop keeper will again get his/her judgement clouded and....the evil cycle repeats. IS THIS GOING TO BE THE END, I MEAN TRULY THE END, OF DECEPTION. I really wonder.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 10:46  

Sak ,
This GE13 is going to be the swan song for Bn.
Some umno members i know are openly telling about how pissed up about the raja popiah con.
They are saying umno is only for those thieves ,robbers and con man/woman.
To my surprise they confidantly said that they are going to vote for pas, pkr and jeng jeng jeng "Dap pun bolih lah apa salah"
These are the guys who went house to house and spent countless hours doing party work for umno.
PR must thank raja popiah for the leg up or is it spread her legs opps make sure one would have tons of maggot powder.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 10:46  

Sak ,
This GE13 is going to be the swan song for Bn.
Some umno members i know are openly telling about how pissed up about the raja popiah con.
They are saying umno is only for those thieves ,robbers and con man/woman.
To my surprise they confidantly said that they are going to vote for pas, pkr and jeng jeng jeng "Dap pun bolih lah apa salah"
These are the guys who went house to house and spent countless hours doing party work for umno.
PR must thank raja popiah for the leg up or is it spread her legs opps make sure one would have tons of maggot powder.

Hopeful,  8 January 2013 at 16:40  

Salam Dato

Yes I agree, the country will NOT go bankrupt by giving children of rakyat free education!!!

But the country WILL go bankrupt if UMNO/BN continue to run/ruin the country through pilfering, wastage, lining pockets of UMNO crooks and cronies and hiding their loot by siphoning money to offshore havens and caves.

GE13 is the last chance as we approach the "cliff" for IF the rakyat do not vote PR into government then Malaysia, as we kwon it today, will go past the point of no return.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 16:52  

Go further than just stop the bleeding of Petronas. When your team is in power, repeal the PDA and disband Petronas. After all the PDA is being challenge in court by sabahans as being against the constitution. Give back the full rights of the oil to the states. Now that would be something

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 17:13  


Sorry for the digression in topic.

'Zahid asserted that the planned acquisition of a piece of land from Awan Megah Sdn Bhd for RM130 million and a 80 per cent stake in Astacanggih Sdn Bhd by Boustead Sdn Bhd is a corporate decision by the firm, with no influence from his ministry or the Cabinet. The Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentere (LTAT) armed forces pension fund owns 60 per cent of Boustead.'

This is a topic that is dear to yr heart, as u have quite a few blogs over the similar subject.

The weeks of silence, MUST have given these suckers enough time to formulate a cohesive reply, under the supervision of some international con-sultants.

Let's put on the thinking hat & see whether holes could be poke, to shame these pariahs.

It would be a salt onto wound affair if the fee for the con-sultants would be paid by the tax-payers.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 18:01  

People must decide whether they want more of the same or take a risk for change with PR.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 19:07  

Hello Sak. I know you will do a better job 'cuci pantat lks' than writing nonsense.

bruno,  8 January 2013 at 22:26  

If the tongkat and crutches people will just wake up tomorrow morning,and realised that they actually have the balls for change,the day after the GE Sungei Buloh hotel will be fully overstocked.

Anonymous,  8 January 2013 at 22:43  

Dear Dato,
Though I would not say I represent the majority but I guess I speak for some segment of society when I ask this question. How is the voting tendency of the majority race in malaysia? Are our Malay brothers n sisters in a mood to change? As a minority, I do not harbors any political ambitions, but to see that red dot down south doing so well with so little resources makes me fume. Witnessing our Sabai Sabai neighbor up north becoming an economic power house is gut wrenching and the prospect of our big brother Indonesia emerging as a regional economic threat to my beloved malaysia make me sad. Will the real bumiputra of malaysia please stand up! We the minority need your leadership and responsibility. Aku cinta kan negaraku.

Cahaya Qalbu,  8 January 2013 at 23:37  

1 of 2

Dana rakyat yang sepatutnya membina lebih banyak Universiti Awam telah diletakan disebuah tempat bernama PTPTN, yang berpura-pura membiayi pembelajaran pelajar2 akhirnya ke kocek kroni2 BN sebenarnya. Majoriti pelajar bukan hanya dibebani hutang, tetapi diploma2 atau degree2 yang diperolehi tidaklah begitu berkualiti diperingkat antarabangsa. Kebanyakan IPTS memasuki pasaran pendidikan bukannya bertujuan meningkatkan mutu pelajaran rakyat Msia, tetapi hanya untuk menguntungkan elit2 BN.

Sebagai contoh:

IPTS manakah yang menerima pinjaman PTPTN tertinggi di Malaysia? Kolej Masterskill. Pada tahun 2009 sahaja, ianya menerima RM 145.5 juta. Pengerusi Masterskill Governing Council ialah Mohamed Nazim bin Abdul Razak iaitu adik PM Msia. Untung kolej ini pada tahun tersebut ialah RM 97.4 juta.Ini baru 1 IPTS keuntungan 1 tahun.

Statistik terkini menunjukkan lebih kurang 37,000 pelajar sedang mengikuti kursus kejururawatan di IPTS,tetapi pasaran swasta hanya memerlukan 1,400 orang setahun. Jika 37,000 penuntut ini dibahagi tiga untuk nilai keluaran ke pasaran setiap tahun, maka lebih kurang 12,000 pelajar ini akan membanjiri pasaran untuk 1,400 peluang pekerjaan. Apakah nasib mereka yang tidak mendapat kerja sebagai jururawat? Bukankah ini satu skandal/penipuan kepada anak muda Msia hanya kerana mencari keuntungan melalui pinjaman PTPTN utk Kaum Kerabat & Kroni2 BN Sdn Bhd ?

Siapa yang untung? Satu kiraan ringkas menunjukkan utk 12,000 pelajar kejururawatan yang dikeluarkan setiap tahun, jika didarabkan keuntungan kasar sebanyak RM 25k seorang, maka pihak IPTS mendapat keuntungan RM300 juta. Bagaimana pula kursus2 yang lain? Berapakah keuntungan yang masuk ke kocek elit2 BN? Pembocoran skandal ini oleh Gerakan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma yang diterajui oleh Pemuda PSM dan Ahli Parlimen Sg Siput masih tidak mendapat jawapan daripada Kerajaan BN.

Jibby & Mudin melatah meroyan bila PR cadangkan PTPTN dihapuskan. Pelbagai sebab diberikan termasuk negara akan bankrap, kerajaan akan rugi, Petronas akan tergolek, kolej swasta akan ditutup dan akhirnya kad rasis dilayangkan dengan kenyataan pemansuhan PTPTN akan menjejaskan kepentingan Bumiputera. Semua sebab2 ini tidak mempunyai asas yang kuat kerana Laporan Audit Negara oleh pihak kerajaan sendiri mengesahkan ketirisan pengurusan kerajaan akibat korupsi, kronisma dan salahguna kuasa, mencecah hampir RM28 billion setiap tahun.

Kerajaan BN tidak kisah “write-off” hutang RM589 juta bekas Pengerusi MAS, Tajudin Ramli. Tidak juga kisah memberikan dana besar RM250 juta kepada kroni Umno dlm projek NFC dan perkara2 lain yang membazir, tapi isu kebajikan pelajar dan rakyat , pemimpin2 UMNO/BN amat kedekut sekali. Bukankah RM28 billion itu boleh melangsaikan pinjaman PTPTN setakat hari ini yang berjumlah RM23 billion ?

Cahaya Qalbu,  8 January 2013 at 23:38  

2 of 2

Belum ada kes atau rujukan negara yang muflis atau mundur kerana pendidikan percuma, sebaliknya pendidikan tinggi adalah modal/pelaburan utk pembangunan negara, malahan negara akan bertambah maju jika ramai mahasiswa/siswi dapat dihasilkan. Memberi pelajaran yg berkualiti dengan harga yang paling murah atau percuma ketahap Universiti kpd rakyat adalah salahsatu tanggunjawab kerajaan, bukannya untuk diperniagakan supaya segelintir manusia menjadi kaya raya.

Mahasiswa/siswi atau graduan2 yang sedikit atau tiada hutang akan menjadikan mereka lebih fokus untuk memajukan diri, industri dan negara bukan sekadar bekerja bagai nak gila siang malam untuk memikir membayar hutang keliling pinggang yang akhirnya akan menghasilkan modal insan robot yang bekerja hanya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri, bukannya masyarakat.

Kesimpulannya, UMNO/BN pertahankan PTPTN kerana majoriti IPTS di mileki oleh pemimpin2 mereka via kroni2 & proksi2 mereka. Kelayakan memasuki IPTS juga direndahkan supaya IPTS dipenuhi utk untung ketahap paling maksima mengkayakan elit2 UMNO/BN. Begitulah tiada berakhirnya tamak UMNO/BN sehingga pelajar2 pun menjadi mangsa mereka, sedangkan mereka mengetahui majoriti pelajar2 adalah Melayu dari kg2 dari keluarga2 susah..Slogan mendahulukan rakyat adalah propaganda penipuan mengaburi mata rakyat. Akhirnya yg menjadi mangsa adalah rakyat tetapi elit2 BN menjadi bertambah kaya. Golongan elit2 BN hidup senang lenang menyalahguna kuasa, memanipulasi dan memonopoli perniagaan, rakyat dikelilingi hutang piutang.

WIKIPEDIA senaraikan 26 negara yang menawarkan pendidikan percuma ketahap Uni;

Barbados, Brazil, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary,Kenya, Libya., Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Norway, Scotland, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Brunei, Turkey, Oman dan Saudi Arabia

Banyak negara senarai diatas tiada mempunyai hasil bumi yang kaya seperti Msia dan ada yang lebih miskin dari Msia, tapi kerajaannya boleh memberi pelajaran percuma ketahap Universiti. Pelajaran percuma memang boleh dilaksanakan sekiranya kerajaan bijak, adil, telus,berintegriti dan efisyen mentadbir negara.

monsterball 9 January 2013 at 01:53  

93 days and counting.
The nearer to the polls...the more ridiculous Umno b politicians are behaving.
Imagine...claiming the word Allah is exclusively for Muslims....when Indonesia Christians have bibles translated into baasa batu...using the word freely...81 times...I think!
And the Sikhs have been chanting ..using the word Allah....2000 years ago....up to now.
Selangor ruler said...he is beyond politics...and now support Umno B..dirty religion politics.
PAS Mat Sabu said...go ahead..use the word Allah....contradicting Umno b's claim...that got Bishop Paul Tan very happy.
I's a fact...Muslims are split in thoughts and behaviors...and those supporting Umno b are racists....fanatics and corrupted lot....all thanks to Mahathir 22 years doing his devilish job....diverting attentions....s that he could steal billions.

Anonymous,  9 January 2013 at 09:10  

Your current topic mentioned "O Allah...

Please dont use the word Allah in blog bcause non-muslim cant used them. It is haram...

Talk about stupidity, this is a good one. How can we stop anyone from using such word. Zip their mouths?

We cant stop people from having extra marital sex, raping, robbing, corruption, a real hero from accummulating US44billions ... can we stop such stupidity...

How can the country move on and become a more matured country if we all continue to argue such non issues...

Hope PR can takeover and take the country to a greater height

Ariff Sabri 9 January 2013 at 09:12  

anon 19:07

i can do better than cuci pantat LKS. if you show and argue which part of the writing is nonsensical, i will cuci your pantat.
i am sure you cannot- this blog is the Lumpini stadium for Muay Thai, the Madision Square Garden for Boxing, the Wimbledon for Tennis. you and your kind are only fit to play at the TPCA stadium, if UMNO has not demolished and piratized it yet.

Anonymous,  9 January 2013 at 09:13  

Don't be so quick to conclude it is the Selangor sultan's edict. All we heard is some bloke from MAIS who claimed to speak on behalf of the sultan. As we all know, the sultan (and every other sultans) is surrounded by people from UMNO. These people makes controversial statements purportedly on behalf of the sultan but we never know whether they actually got approval from the sultan to say them.

Anonymous,  9 January 2013 at 09:45  

Anon. 09.13,
Do you really think that bloke from MAIS is wrong and dare go against the Sultan ?
He made his displeasure mentioning LGE and please lah ...stop beleiving this royals...

Anonymous,  9 January 2013 at 12:14  

a nation robbed by pirates n thieves -- bankrupt of ideas-- these are the sound policies of the grand party-- ha ha hi hi-- isnt now our nation BANKRUPT

Sutan Nahu,  9 January 2013 at 15:01  

Dear Sir,

Yes, we should reject and ensurethat Mahathir is history....a bad history that is....

However, would apreciate your commentaries on how the Malays should be represented well in the DAP.

I support DAP.

Thnak you.

Sutan Nahu

monsterball 9 January 2013 at 18:04  

Join DAP. It is not a Chinese political party at all.
The problem was....DAP had to defend the minorities....when UMNO keep defending the majority...and focused on the injustices done to the Malaysia Chinese.
Please remember....Lim Guan Eng went to 2 years jail...defending a young Muslim girl....being raped by Thambi Chik.
Back to DAP...I am very very sure...the party welcome lots of Muslims and Hindus to join the party.
Sutan should sign up as a DAP member..and ask all your friends to do so too.
That way...Malays will become a force in DAP.
If I wish to join a political party...I prefer PAS or keDAILan than DAP....because I am a Malaysian Chinese.
However...I stayed away being a member..for I love to be a freedom fighter in my own way.... all my life.
First thing for change and fear nothing.

Anonymous,  10 January 2013 at 09:05  

Dear Sutan Nahu

The DAP is a member party of the Socialist International. But don't let the word "socialist" worry you.
The SI consists of parties that follow the ideology of Social Democracy (a very mild form of socialism). For this, we social democrats often get verbally knocked about by Communists (Marxist-Leninists) and Marxists
(some of whom are actually quite democratic and reformist such as the Japan Communist Party and our very own Parti Sosialis Malaysia).

If you want to learn more about social democracy, you can read the writings of the late Tony Judt.

For an idea of what social democracy has achieved, just look at the Northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Politically free, economically competitive, socially tranquil (except for isolated cases like the neo-Nazi Norwegian guy who shot and killed many Norwegian Labour Party youth leaders), recognises and protects ethnic minorities, women have equal rights, rank among the world's best in terms of health & education indicators, protects the environment etc.

DAP needs to emulate our social democratic comrades from Northern Europe more closely. It also needs to re-assure working class and underclass Malays (and Indians, Kadazandusun, Iban etc) that social democracy will be good for them, unlike the policies of the current kleptocratic, Mahathirist UMNO Baru-BN ruling regime.


Phua Kai Lit

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