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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 16 January 2013

The Malay State of M1nd: Get Rid of UMNO to stay sane.

I want to repeat this story. I was sitting outside the stadium Merdeka on the epochal day of HKR12th Jan. One Malaysian Indian approached me and identified himself as someone who comes from Perak. He is a keen reader of my blog. Thank you, after all this blog to blogging is like the Lumpini stadium to Muay Thai boxing, Madison Square Garden to Boxing and Wimbledon to Tennis Tournament. You don’t have to agree with what I write but if you can, please listen to the arguments and message. And then please spread the word around. It’s time to replace UMNO government.
He recounted an incident he had with an UMNO ketua Bahagian. The UMNO leader asked him to rally Indian support to UMNO. The gentleman answered, this time the Indians are keeping their ears close to the ground. In other words, provided the UMNO leader is not thick, the Indians are not going to support UMNO/BN unconditionally. That in spite of the many claims by many BN Indian leaders that the Malaysian Indians are back into the embrace (deadly?) of BN.
He asked the UMNO leader what is the problem with UMNO? If PR takes over, the PM is still going to be a Malay. Right now the consensus is Anwar will be the next PM. If UMNO has objections to that, that is an UMNO problem, not of others. He is a Malay and a Muslim. When PR takes over, Islam will still be the official religion; Bahasa Melayu the official language, Malay kings will still be Malay kings. This means, all the concerns of the Malays regarding these things are non-issues because they remain intact! Malay leaders will replace UMNO Malay leaders- but they are still Malay and Muslims. So, the Malaysian Indians reserve their right to elect leaders whom they think best serve the country. Why should Malaysian Indians deny themselves the chance to elect better Malay leaders? Anwar Ibrahim for example can’t do any worse than Najib.
So Najib can claim through others that his transformation agenda has been successful. We know they are not. His economic policies are bringing the country closer to fiscal ruin. How does he plan to increase revenue? By imposing GST on the people. More people can be taxed.
You should go after the tax evaders. Go after the companies that repatriate hidden profits and carry out over-invoicing to their companies abroad. Each year on average, over the last 10 years, RM87billion was siphoned out of 2011 alone, close to RM200billion. In 2010 it was RM143 billion. And get this- 80% of the capital flight (a sanitized named for plain smuggling of money out) is accounted for by trade mispricing in intra-company transactions. Something similar to say MINDEF buying Rapid Intervention Vehicle from X supplier at RM600k each, while market price is RM150k. X supplier is actually a wholly owned company of MINDEF.
Now , 20% of the illicit transfer is accounted for by corruption, bribery, theft, kickbacks. So if in 2011, the smuggling out of our money was RM200 billion, the amount accounted for by corruption, theft and bribery was RM40billion.
RM20 billion can get us 384, 615 houses costing RM52, 000 each. That’s only half of the amount taken out by corruption. You still have the other RM20billion corruption money.
But UMNO wants to speak about the use of Alllah and Hadi’s edicts.
Why must any right thinking Malay support UMNO. It has been responsible for turning them into beggars in their own country. After 55 years of UMNO rule that made them that, Malays want to still support UMNO? UMNO was responsible for giving the bulk of the RM54billion worth of equity in good companies to Malays under NEP. The titled and privileged people, Datos, Tan Sris, Tengkus sold out RM 52billion. You have betrayed the Malay economic agenda, and you still want Malays to support you?
UMNO alone was responsible for the death of Bank Bumiputra, symbol for Malay economic hope; Malays want to still support UMNO? And in the process of killing off BBMB you have used RM3.5billion PETRONAS money to inject capital into BBMB. In the end, BBMMB was swallowed by Nazir Razak allowing the government through Khazanah to pay him RM1.2 million a month?
And now the coup de grace- the Malays in Johor are slowly turned into the poorest in the country as the economic plans for that state, including the sale of whole territories in The Iskandar Region, are short-changing the Malays. Malays still want to support UMNO?
Malays are raped, pillaged and plundered, and UMNO has no shame asking for another 5 years? Will the Malays excuse and justify UMNO when UMNO leaders and petty rank and filers, come into their homes, sleep with their wives and daughters, the Malays will say, Allah be praised, these people are one of us and UMNO! 
O Allah, Lord, God- Deliver us from this madness!


Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 10:05  

Personally I do think AI was quite a "clean" minister during his tenure in the government, otherwise he would have left the country to be an ambassador or high commissioner in some country when he had a fallout with MK.
He would not dare to take on MK for a showdown as MK would have him charged for corruption immediately.

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 10:40  

Anwar Ibrahim for example can’t do any worse than x100

bumi-non-malay 16 January 2013 at 10:52  

Umno have created monsters like that Ms Listen....we need to obliterate UMNO by hook or crook.

Sama macam najib bila bagi bajet...takut debat.....guna alat2 mereka buat Sorak aje.

Kalau Melayu biar tamadun mereka macam perangai Ms Listen UUM, maka melayu telah hilang tamadun yang sebenar mereka. Kalau Tamadun melayu dibiarkan macam Sultan Kelantan curi thakta bapak, maka tamadun melayu tulin dah hilang budaya mereka.

Since that Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia created Proton ...... Malaysia have wasted $120 Billion ringgit on his failed legacy. Malaysia is bankrupt now and we need little room for sympathy on thse UMNO-BN corrupted leaders, ruling wlite and cronies....Rakyat Marah dan Lapar!! Rape, murder, keeping rakyat malaysia bodoh, lapar, tak bebas bersuara, tak bebas guna perkataan Allah.... adalah Crime against humanity!!

Semua Lang nyayi


- Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 11:28  

wow-- with all the corruption n million dollars scandals--- all the bull n shit in our nation--- one must be mad or insane to support such a system

bruno,  16 January 2013 at 11:31  

Dato,maybe somebody need to ask Najib to watch the video of listen,listen and listen and let me speak,speak and speak to the animals complaining,by his protege Shasifah Zohra Jabeen.But I guessed Najib must have watch it with mama time and times over.Did Najib learn anything from Sharifah.Yes,being rude and ignorant,and zipped the mouths of your adversaries,the everyday trademarks of Umno.

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 12:10  

A lot of rural Malays don't realise they were already beggars in their own country. A RM500 is blind them immediately.

Pok Li,  16 January 2013 at 12:31  

Malays losing power is only UMNO's illusion. But it is real among UMNO members because they have this kiasu thinking that they are the rightful guardian of the Malay rights, not realising that there are more Malays who did not and will not vote for UMNO.

monsterball 16 January 2013 at 12:33  

Umno b love making Malaysians minds undecided..uncommitted...and afraid..very afraid for changes.
Mahathir said U students must study...and not get involved in politics decades ago..and look at how the U students react to that advise....simply treat him like nobody.
I will say....Malaysians state of large and far are just fine.. exposing Najib... a total failure with his low class SHOW DOG acts.
Mahathir is still in control...and that's good....for that old man has turned senile..speaking nonsensical stuffs all the time.
It seems to me...getting rid of UMNO b is made easy by listening to how Mahathir..Najib and Hussien talk nowadays....just listen....listen......listen..observe..observe...observe...etc.. etc etc. ENJOY!!

monsterball 16 January 2013 at 12:43  

82 13th GE...Najib eyes are blur...mind is confused.
After the GE...DANCE DANCE DANCE to the guitar man...on the kampongs...all over Malaysia.
That's my sweet sweet sweet dream and hope Shaifah Zohra listen....listen ..listen and pay respect to an old man.
Her ambilling bodeking Najib's balls days will soon be over.

Rahmat,  16 January 2013 at 12:59  

Umno ministers can drank until mabuk and raba punggung, raped their maids, gamble and involved in murder and yet they claimed to be muslim. Does the Rakyat have not enough of this government?

monsterball 16 January 2013 at 13:07  

I like to "SOCK IT TO THEM!!"
Boxing is not so interesting... without Mohammed Ali.
Muay Thai boxing is like wresting...mostly controlled by Thailand.
It is truly greater than kung fu fighting.
There was a contest between Kung Fu and Muay Thai boxers long ago...and all Kung Fu fighters lost....complaining..oil was rubbed at all Muay Thai boxers....making them to apply the hand gribs...difficult.
All oil washed away...and still Kung Fu lost.
I love watching Wimbledon Tennis Tournament....choosing only the see how they run and trick each other....and enjoy some notable moves by some individuals.
English Football is best...never miss any Manchester United matches for decades. I am a die hard fan....lost alot of money on bets...supporting MU..but MU won the games....I lost the bets...blaming no my stupidity. So I stop gambling and enjoy...and anyone wants to bet in football games...get accurate predictions made by bookies and agrees with them.
Bookies never loses money.
81 days to 13 GE.

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 13:56  

Ini state of UMNO mind kalau melanda budak macam Sharifah Zohra, habislah negara kita ini di penuhi watak Hitler.

"Listen! Listen! Listen!"

Cahaya Qalbu,  16 January 2013 at 14:58  

Retrospectively, GE12 saw the irrelevant of UMNO most important 3-Stooges i.e. MCA, MIC and Gerakan. This coming GE13 rakyat must make sure that the Master of Deceiver@UMNO will bite the dust or ashes of ABU.

While the wind of change is getting stronger and nearer in our country, rakyat must continue uncover those UMNO/BN misdeeds, abused of power, plundering (ahhh..never ending list to be written...) simultaneously working hard together but tactfully to remind all Msians not to fall into BN devious trap.

Again, UMNO/BN is going to bribe Msians with another round of BRIM. These hard-earned taxpayers’ money should instead be spent on long-term projects benefiting all the rakyat. Bribing voters to stay in power only reflect UMNO/BN leaders’ unethical character and desperation to avoid a deservedly long vacation@BambooRiver. UMNO/BN has really lost the plot and their brain’s IQ ‘screws’ are coming off completely. Trust has to be earned not bought by a mere RM500 or RM 1000!

Four years ago UMNO/BN could have done a big ethical boost to the party by cleansing the party from all the sharks, hyenas, leeches and parasites, thus reforming it. But they kept flip-flopping while singing and repeating the same old plundering song that the people had memorized and are sick,(muak, sian liao ) of hearing it.

Just take a look at the capacity of individuals in UMNO/BN (if there is any). None of them can progress themselves as trailblazers of Msia. It’s time for BN to be replaced by PR to be the federal govt. for a REFRESHING CHANGE and a better future for our family and future generations.

No more hesitation or uncertainty, just say: Selamat Tinggal / Au Revoir/ Adios / Adieu / Sayonara / Chai Chian / Tata or whatever lingo one uses, as long as it’s Good Bye to UMNO/BN.


lizabeth 16 January 2013 at 16:19  

I was optimistic when I was at the KL112 rally... but, after a short conversation with a friend, who is a Malay urban upper middle class, and now I am not so sure. The words that come out of his mouth were a repetition of what Tun M or the MSM is saying... no need to chnage government becuz no matter what party, it is still the same of pdrm the same civil service etc.. and then he added, the Malay rights wil be taken away! Despite my reminder that such a change rquire a 2/3 majority which pakatan will not be able to muster to adopt hudud for Malaysia... Oh, and Pakatan cannot be trusted to rule and Malaysia will be ruined even if it is for only 1 term... Anwar cannot be trusted, etc.... Is this person brain-washed or had a brain transplant? I am being transported from hope to despair... what will happen to Malaysia, what kind of Malaysia will our future generations be inheriting from us?

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 18:40  

Majority of Malays depends on the govt. for many things, including jobs and business....change is a great threat and cause insecurity to them.

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 20:31  

It's an extremely difficult task to turn the Malays against UMNO. For the past half century, UMNO is all they known and revered. Love and awed.

But UMNO had exceeded the limitations. Now UMNO will suffer.

PR must punish those who had betrayed Malaysian trust.

Anwar is not an angel, but compared to those countless number of goons in UMNO, Anwar is a gazillion times better for the nation.

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 21:43  


The Project IC thing has officially made the headlines. Why out of the blue?

Just a guess: Is this the strategy on how PM is going to hit at Tun M's invisible forces that are out to dethrone him by focusing on the root cause ie. Tun M?

Najib is taking a dicey path. The cunning fox will hit back with Najib's laundry list of scandals.

Tun Razak would turn in his grave. UMNO at its lowest level of morality.

ben 16 January 2013 at 21:50  

'Abuses' are numerous ... One big challenge is to reach the rural voters - who are quite ill-informed.

thunderstorm,  16 January 2013 at 22:39  

sakmongkol, bravo salute
a critical point in the history of malaysia to have you around, bravo. we are blind, brainwashed and conditioned, your words is bitter yet simple enough for the common grass root to understand. don't be surprised landslide victory has reached critical mass not 50/50, BN is confirmed out, all the reaction is there. HKR112 have showed us not just the gigantic mass gathering. the police no more presume us violent mob, bersih 3.0 has demonstrated with unique carnival atmosphere of different races coming as ONE big wave. maybe it is difficult for the mind to admit yet the sensitive heart feels, unable to deny it anymore. the police is after all Malaysian, is a human too. if PR is to rule, create the only identity, the people call MALAYSIAN where no one is lesser or better ...

bludy busy misybodies,  17 January 2013 at 00:54  

It really surprised me to find out that Umno by-product,ignorant and undiscliplined Sharifah could be one of the main speakers of how to "make your first million" seminar costing attendees RM 200 a pop to show up.

For such an undisclipined lady to lecture on finances,it should be titled "the easiest way to lose your life savings" or "the fastest way to end up spreading your legs".Go figure.

joehancl/PRAY, it works,  17 January 2013 at 06:44  

Your essay especially the title hits the nail on it's head.

Anonymous,  17 January 2013 at 09:01  

Sharifah, the speaker, shud consider a change in career to become a cow girl

She has no quality as a speaker and not suprised is paid by gov and for gov

Another suprised joke is that she is a speaker for "How to become a millionaire" BN style...

I guess she is expert in this area, with Cow Gate, Submarine Gate, Mindef Gate...

nasir,  17 January 2013 at 23:02  

BN can win PRU13 with the foreign voters (Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Myanmaris etc). What is Pakatan doing to stop this? No point talking about UMNO being weak. Look at how Sabah was won by BN thru the foreigners. Pakatan is not focussing on the root of the problem

Anonymous,  18 January 2013 at 10:27  

UMNO children and in private schools and sent overseas to master English and continue the family legacy to steal from the poor RAKYAT. While the rest of the children of the RAKYAT are suffering with the MOE destrying our education system. ABU !

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