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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 14 January 2013

We Change Government by Democratic Means.

Dr Mahathir says the HKR112 was designed to topple the elected government. Of course it was but not in the manner that Dr Mahathir meant. The one he is thinking of must be formed from the inextinguishable animosity he has with Anwar. Can anyone even begin to appreciate the loathing Mahathir has for Anwar? The hate must be eating into his 86 year-old physique.
This HKR112 is not about Anwar- we are sorry to disappoint Mahathir. We will not play his game. We will have to just ignore attempts to link this HKR112 with Anwar. Maybe Mahathir is envious because Anwar got to say Merdeka 7 times?
This gathering at stadium Negara isn’t about positioning Anwar as PM but unifying all the forces having the singular aim of replacing BN government. The most important point for all UMNO supporters to take note, whoever becomes the next PM is a Malay. Does UMNO have any objections to a Malay becoming PM?
I have written about Anwar before in not so complimentary terms but I have also said, that if more people believed in him, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Not Mahathir, I or anyone.
Well, we don’t know whether we want to laugh at his statement or otherwise. But we know Dr Mahathir can be a comic in a deadpan way. So everyone together now- ho oho ho. We must not disappoint the punters.
Of course the HKR was meant to unite all the forces that have only one aim. To replace the present corrupt government managing the country with its incompetence. But we want to do it by democratic means. That is why we are gathered at stadium Negara. Not there to express our undying love to Dr Mahathir, much less to Najib and the missus.  But to fortify our resolve and to derive strength by being together.
We want to replace the government that has ruled this country that made 8.7 million Malays lived as beggars in their own country. We gathered to tell Felda settlers that they owned the land which they tilled having paid the debt which the government advances. We gathered to tell Felda settlers that their assets are all now turned into paper assets that are gambled in the stock market. Which means your future are in the hands of a few plutocrats!
The HKR112 represents the people who earned an income of RM1500 per month. We want to replace this government that is leading the economy to fiscal ruin caught up with public debt of up to RM503 billion. Of course we want to change the government that has allowed all those selected individuals, yes the titled ones who have sold RM52billion worth of equity allocated through the NEP.
It is no secret that is the whole objective of the HKR. To fortify the resolve of the majority of Malaysians to evict the temporary tenant at Putarjaya. But we are going to do it through the electoral process. We vote the government out.
That was the purpose of Bersih previously. Among other things, to apply public pressure on SPR to clean the electoral roles. To clean the electoral roles from non-citizens admitted by the government as voters for the coming elections. The people demand the electoral roles be cleaned up so that the voting process is actually and legitimately a one man one vote. This is a simple legitimate request that the independent SPR which is answerable to the Agong must accede to. Unless of course the SPR behaves in a partisan party serving as messenger boy for the present government. If they do that, there will be consequences.
The HKR112 cannot be a congregation of people expressing support and adulation for Najib and his government can it? So we must accept that Dr Mahathir must be hallucinating at the idea of equating the peaceful assembly of people at Stadium Merdeka on 12th January as something of a gathering like the one that took place at Cairo’s Taharir Square.
But perhaps more important and relevant to Dr Mahathir, HKR112 was an expression of the collective will of the people wanting nothing to do with Dr Mahathir any longer. 22 years of Mahathir and 55 years of UMNO are enough.


Anonymous,  14 January 2013 at 23:18  

We leave the old goat to fart and eat grass...

Pok Li,  14 January 2013 at 23:58  

Reading Mahathir's statement, I was not only laughing but rolling on the floor laughing. I don't think this man is senile but he is caught in his time tunnel of 30 years ago, thinking the rakyat are still like those days of his time without access to alternative media.

In case he is still not clear, let us tell him again that;

1) Yes, the HKR112 was aimed at toppling UMNO/BN, the Malaysian way through election not the Arab spring way.

2) Yes, PAS-PKR-DAP want to evoke hatred of the UMNO/BN government, because this government is corrupted to the core.

Cahaya Qalbu,  15 January 2013 at 00:22  

55% Federal Debt Legal Limit Infringed

According to the last updated GDP 2011 by the Malaysian Statistic Department on page 18 of; ( Msia GDP is at RM 881,080 billion, sanctioning the 55% federal debt limit at RM484,594 billion .

The current federal government debt now stands at RM 502.4 billion, excluding federal guarantees on loans taken by government-linked companies (GLCs) which total around RM 116 billion.

What will happen or the immediate damning effects to Msia’s economy if and when the value of our Ringgit falls in the international market? It will be a socio-economic disaster for Msians except the millionaires and billionaires.

THE recent Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) report for 3rd Quarter (Q3) 2012( reveals that the BN-led government has officially breached or exceeded the 55% federal debt ceiling or to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio by RM27 million.

This means, if there is a sudden downgrade of the Malaysian Government Sovereign Credit Rating by international rating agencies such as Standard & Poors, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service, the value of the Ringgit may plummet.

The international drops in the value of Ringgit can happen any time, depending on the government’s immediate fiscal controls, especially in spending and borrowings which is due to the BN government’s precarious financial standing; both in the domestic and international arena.

The world economics are already displaying volatile financial fluctuations, and Msia may be in the front row of countries to go down the drain with the Ringgit devaluation.

All Malaysians must ask and answer with honesty whether the BN government is making any attempts to address the country’s growing debts? Is the Umno-led BN government capable of initiating real and positive change?

If the answer is negative, then Msians surely know what must be done on polling day in the next 13th General Election.

At this moment, it’s no more about Anwar, race or religion but good governance for ourselves, families and future generations survival !!!

monsterball 15 January 2013 at 00:28  

Mahathir said....give PR 5 years...all that Umno b has done will be ruined by them.
Now he said....the rally is to topple his Govt.
How right he is!!..........hahahahahahahaha

ordinary malaysian 15 January 2013 at 01:14  

Dato, this is what I think of HKR112...

Whatever the actual number of people who had turned out for the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (The People's Resurgence/Awakening Gathering or Rally) Saturday last, it was obvious to anyone who was not a mice, and blind, that it was not just Anwar, Hadi and Kiat Siang who had turned out.

What it proved is that Malaysians are able to participate in a rally peacefully, sans sanctioned thuggery.

What it also proved is that the police can do their job well, if they run their own laps instead of being willing lapdogs.

What it showed is that Malaysians who feel strongly about an issue or about issues, don't need to be bribed to attend an event to voice their feelings, unlike the Umno kimchi, curry-puff and t-shirt parties or their 5kg rice nambikai.

What it demonstrated is that Malaysians are now fully aware of issues affecting their lives, despite comical but desperate attempts to hoodwink them by the willing and complaint main stream media aka toilet papers and radio and tv court jesters.

What it brought home is that the people are fed up with the corruption, arrogance, abuse of power and the lack of accountability on the part of the powers that be.

Of increasingly cowed and dysfunctional public institutions, of an economy that is predicated on oil on the back of perennial budget deficits and a burgeoning and runaway sovereign debt, of massive annual illicit outflow of funds, of sudden deaths in detention, of divisive politics that disenchant and disenfranchise.

Of cows and condos, birkins and diamonds, of carpets and poppiah, submarines and subletting. And of course, of an Mongolian beauty who, according to official records, did not ingress but was egressed by C4 and who returns to haunt the corroding corridors of power and to seek justice in a French court.

What it evidenced is that the Umno led government has not been listening to the people for 56 years, especially since the reign of the man some called 'mahafiraun' (the great or supreme Pharaoh).

What it portends is that Umno's days are numbered, together with that of their mosquito cohorts-in-arms.

What it means is that Malaysians want their lives back.

What it shouts out for is 'Merdeka! Merdeka! and "Merdeka!

Liberation from deceits and deceptions, manipulations and malpractices, toils and tolls.

Three Trees,  15 January 2013 at 01:46  

Dato'Sak, I sincerely hope Ah Jib Gor will play his role and complete the smooth transition of Gomen.History will remember him as Malaysia Gorbachev and future generations will be grateful to him for keeping democracy and the country intact.

profit 15 January 2013 at 06:55  

Datuk Sak,

"We Change Government by Democratic Means."
You are right Datuk,like DAP change the list of CEC by democratic means.

A.Z 15 January 2013 at 07:27  


How one man can be so spiteful after all these years is astonishing (or perhaps not surprising if the man in question is directly affected by Anwar's and PR's platform of combating corruption endemic in this country).

The other thing we can infer from The one who walks on water latest bout of paranoid attack is that he is no Melayu...

A Malay shall try to mend fences with all his foes before his finality as he knows he is accountable for all his deeds in the hereafter.

Not him though, this man intends to take his hatred right to the grave...

OneMalaysian,  15 January 2013 at 12:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

Like the emperors of old China, UMNO appears to have lost the mandate from Heaven to rule. Or has it?

The latest Merdeka Survey on voter support – let’s assume here that it is accurate – shows that only 14% of the Chinese and 57% of Indians support UMNO/BN. But crucially 70% of Malays do. The Chinese and Indian support levels accord with what is heard on the street. Malay support according to non-scientific measures put the support at 65-70%, at least in the rural areas where it counts the most. So this Merdeka Survey result is not off the ballpark.

Everyone knows we cannot change this UMNO/BN government until the Malays are ready and want to. But if the survey were right about the 70% level, then KL112 would amount to no more than a good, healthy walk about town.

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 12:36  

Is Mahatir a legend at the same level as :

1. Nelson Mandela?
2. Prof Dato Hamka?
3. Pendita Zaaba
4. Cikgu Rosli Dhoby
5. and many-many more

Che Det ... I think I like P.Ramlee more than you, who have create a very high quality treasure of films (ahead of his time) that can still make people think, discuss, laugh and critique of his message in films for more than 50 years.

I think P.Ramlee is ahead of his time when he mention in one of his filem khazanah "Alif Min Nun Wow .... itu Sarkas!!!!" So in the film, it happens at Sekolah Orang Tua-Tua. So, UMNO nowadays make use of older generation to support them at any point of time in decades. Why an old man laugh at the pemuda Pendekar Bujang Lapok in the film in class?

So.....Che Det, the youth at any time is a group of humans that are very dynamic on daily basis.

Forget about your youth days in the late 40s and 50s. Maybe you remember the youth of your days, who are very intelligent when using their pen.

A. Samad Said is also the youth of the 1950s.

I used to love your leadership in your early administration, I adore you and I think you will lead this country on par with Japan in future, but ... what had happened now? I also fully respect Dr. Siti Hasmah, but not the current First Lady .... mau lari saya!!!

There's something worng/fishy in your history milestone.

APissedOffPatrioticCitizen,  15 January 2013 at 12:36  

Dear Dato' Sak,

Yes, I agree that we wish to bring down the BN government by democratic means. But I wonder if the so-called conservatives in PAS are focussed in that objective - to bring down the BN. They seemed bent on self destruction with stupid policies in Kedah and the way the Allah issue was managed.

I am also beginning to wonder if we may be exchanging 1 BIG Hantu i.e. BN for 3 Small Hantus of Pakatan Rakyat.

I guess if that is the case, then the country is doomed.

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 12:39  

Salam Daot,

No wonder Che Det himself said PR is fully supported by educated people, not like syaitan in UMNO baru.

Refer :

patrick,  15 January 2013 at 14:28  

The very real fear of his legacy going into the sewers together with him explains his increasing anxiety and paranoia.Well doc,that's how the cookie crumbles because you screwed up big time and the people have pretty much passed judgement as witnessed in HKR112!

monsterball 15 January 2013 at 15:55  

PAS may not agree with Malaysians on the "ALLAH" issue....and I think doing avoid losing Muslim votes to Umno b.
PAS looks like in disagreements with DAP on that issue....but most important....both wants to vote Umno b out of PutraJaya.
That is most important.
As you can see....PAS and DAP disagreements on the word "ALLAH"..did not bring supports for PAS by Umno b religious fanatics.
Umno b politicians have fallen into many disgraceful acts ...where their responds were gunned down by PR politicians...left...right and center.....exposing them to be hypocrites.
Like I said....only Umno b leaders are the great defenders of Allah....while 200 millions Muslim Indonesians have not problem with the 50 millions using the word "ALLAH".
Allah comes from the word Eli....spoken by Jesus...and it means Father..word showing respect and love to a dear one.
Many Malaysians consider their fathers as earthly Allahs to them..and the word..."Alamak" means "my god" "oh god!"...also thought out from the word "Allah".
The Muslims great religious scholars makes statements....but dare not go round the world like the late Ahmed Deedat....for debates..."Is the word "Allah"..exclusive to Muslims?"
Only here...they keep talking cock...and so cock and bull are see fanatics from both sides...stay where they are......all created by Mahathir...but split supporting Umno b or PAS.

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 16:11  


One thing I still agree with Mahathir is that he says it's better to vote for the devil that you know than to vote for the angel that you don't. Yet I still prefer to vote for the angel.

monsterball 15 January 2013 at 16:36  

Umno b is real sickening bastards.
Azrul Azuar Ahmed..a top economist from Bank suspended..predicting a narrow win for PR at 13th GE.
Najib.....saying Malaysia is a first class democratic country...SUCKS!!!
He never mean what he say..and says what he mean.
If he had opposed to the suspension...he would have gain few votes..but by doing that...he risks a huge Umno b mutiny against step down and shut up.
All desperate people live between the devil and the deep blue sea.
But for Najib...which way he live..will have Alantuya pulling him to live with her ghost riders.
To avoid being hanged like Sadam....the show must go on....and that is possible...because of his appointed title....approved by Mahathir.
82 days to 13th GE.
How long can he keeps on depending on a title.....that is .not approved by voters????
Near 5 years as a SHOW DOG!!...that's what he is.

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 17:40  

If it is time for UMNO to go, there is NOTHING Tun M can do. As an old man he should have really RETIRED an enjoyed whatever time he still has with his grandchildren instead of prolonging his UNWANTED stay. As my late mom used to say, one must be happy when one is old. Tun M might be trying very very hard to save his "legacy" whatever that is and whatever that means, but I don't envy his position when Anwar is getting stronger by the day and he getting older and weaker by the minute. The Chinese believe you get what you sow and in due time.

walla 15 January 2013 at 18:08  

The rally shows that our Malays have finally realized their mission is to vote out ketuanan Umno.

In other words, they no longer equate Umno with Melayu. Seeing the lifestyle of Umno families built on corrupt practices and abuse of power, they see only injustice and hypocrisy, the two things the Malay will no longer stand.

The rally shows the most important crystallization of a new Malay awakening. A national consciousness that they have all along been fooled by Umno. It is a permanent conclusion and will be decisive on GE13 day.

Umno leaders know this. That's why they tried to downplay the size and defuse the impact of the rally.

Najib even thought he could capitalize on the rally's success by saying it showed Barisan has reformed. If that be so, why wasn't he on stage to receive thanks and applause from the marchers? He could also have offered to pay for the rental of the stadium. However in both cases, he would have had to ask that no video-camera be turned on to capture the reaction of the audience.

And Mahathir has the nerve to say it was to topple 'the' government. 'His' government is what he left unsaid. A government rejected by the Malays who marched that day. And many others who have marched before who came from all corners of this land on their own accord and expense.

If citizens have to be paid and coerced to show attendance and loyalty, then the government doing so has corrupted them. The Umno government has been doing exactly that in order to shore up numbers for propaganda purpose only at its own functions.

Mat Sabu brilliantly did the opposite and asked for donations instead. Which shows Pakatan has not been using the rakyats money for its own agenda.

Meanwhile some Umno organ said the rally marchers were party workers from Pakatan. If that be so, why was the hat passed around for donations? And if that is so, all the more reason Umno should be quaking in its pants from the size of the turnout which shows how popular Pakatan has become. Something that Khairy in his juvenile bravura tried to downplay by saying it's no big deal which is an odd thing to say because many had gone to the stadium all the way from Rembau.

Some of the NGOs too had turned up in full colours. This shows there is a shift from pro-Umno NGOs aka Perkasa and Buttfellas Association to pro-Malaysia NGOs. Unlike pro-Umno NGOs which are racist hangers-on and opportunists of Mahathirean makes, the pro-Malaysia NGOs who had turned up are concerned citizens targeting abuse of power by Umno in areas that affect not only them but also country Malaysia.

Real democracy has sprung its first roots and shoots on that day history will write in the future as one of the finest hours of the Rakyat Of Malaysia.

Yet Umno plays dirty. How then can it represent the rakyat let alone ask them for mandate to cheat them of their money so that the party's leadership can feed their own family members with contracts and permits whose costs will be passed on to the rakyat even as such Umno leaders can say with affected benevolence that they won't mind demolishing their bungalows on the hill so as to safeguard residents below.

In this case, why not say the same for safety of airline passengers threatened by poor radar systems at airport terminals supplied on the sly by companies of their families?

Next, what about new highway contracts in exchange for a whole state, and water concessions in exchange for a self-given fat salary and the daughter's girlfriend as second wife?

Or, as Mahathir will confess with a straight face, what about steel pipes for the Lynas plant?

But pipes can also be plastic and from Indonesia, especially when management can decide which company to award their supply.

walla 15 January 2013 at 18:08  


Why then an Umno award of water concession to mean that pump stations must be optimally maintained at all times as a precondition of such a favored award?

Why bellyache about capex and other things? Why not just admit plainly that water supply is now Umno's blackmailing tool to dehydrate the rakyat of Malaysia in the hope they will overthrow their duly-elected state governments?

And Umno leaders have such gall to talk about making Malaysia one of the best democracies. Plutocracy, they mean, with the oligarchs of Umno's crony system in tow.

And Mahathir has the gall to talk about toppling governments and dictatorships. Has he mixed up his Umno with Pakatan?

Cukup? Not yet.

Would any Umno cybertrooper reading in hazard his understanding why the BIM chief economist was suspended just because he like the MB of Johor had predicted a slim win by Pakatan in GE13? If he had predicted a massive win, would he have to prepare for something even worse? Like for instance join the Felda officer consigned to back office for speaking up against the FGVH listing?

This is clearly Umno's nefarious arm of victimisation. Umno even victimises Malays with integrity. So how can Umno represent our Malays, for that matter seek mandate in GE13?

That's why our Malays must end ketuanan Umno.

Cukup? Not yet.

I am extremely irate at the way the panelist browbeat the student in the recent forum:

The student had just asked a valid question why Malaysia cannot have free education when other poorer countries could. No answer was given by the BR1M panelist who proceeded to throw her weight around.

If anything, this shows Umno has spread its residentz-evil tentacles into bureaucratic minds until they become either Perkasa or BTN or BR1M or what not after this. The Umno virus is fatal on clear heads and professional integrity.

It's not about rm200 to upgrade your mobile phone until you are locked into a monthly usage package that will reduce further the pocket money you no longer have because of escalating costs of things. That's just a Umno gimmick using your parents' money. If Umno can give that, why not free education paid by savings from corruption that its leaders skim from the rakyats funds?

All our youths across this nation must stand up and take home what they have seen in the rallies and heard in cyberspace and read in blogs such as this. The things debated and presented are the real truths. Because they came from people who are the rakyat at the ground. Not those who live in bungalows on hill tops.

All the surveys done will not hold a finger to the most important fact and reality before us. The Youths of Malaysia will join their elders as Rakyat Of Malaysia to make the last march to GE13 and kick ass.

Nothing less than the future of our young is at stake.

Notice how quiet most of the Umno leaders are. They know they are all finished.

Deliver the final blow. Ramp up that massive swing. Change the federal government. ABU.

All other issues are side-issues and will be resolved mano a mano.

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 18:23  

You have a popular PM but unpopular parties.

Can he lead to win by a small majority?

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 18:35  

how sad/// the dominant community lived like beggars in this nation. FAT contracts n huge projects are reserved for the CRONIES LAH.. beggars lah-- a sad day

walla 15 January 2013 at 18:35  


"Why then can't an Umno award of water concession to mean that pump stations must be optimally maintained at all times as a precondition of such a favored award?"

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 20:02  

The Syaitan with US44billions always thinks other others are more evil than Syaitan.

The Syaitan spits venom everytime he opens the devil mouth

The Syaitan and his venom had already expired and no longer potent.

Will the Syaitan follow the footsteps of Gadafi, Mubarak, Marcos, Chen Sui Bian - taiwan ... Times will tell.

Anonymous,  15 January 2013 at 20:40  

Dr. M is now a desperate man as he knows that he may have to spend the rest of his life in prison after Pakatan comes to power. Given his present panicky state of mind, whatever he says would be nonsensical.Anyway, an evil man will always think in evil ways.

APissedOffPatrioticCitizen,  15 January 2013 at 22:39  

Dear Dato Sak,

Ok, this is it! The video of that "born again bumiputra" Sharipa berating a fellow Malaysian at the forum is really too much to stomach. In fact I can't believe that once you - Dato Sak - belonged to UMNO who had encouraged such racist behaviour!!!

I am really truly pissed off now. My children and I will certainly VOTE Pakatan, whether Allah or no Allah!!!

#@^&%*!!! Mampus UMNO MIC MCA!!!

ben 16 January 2013 at 03:25  

The piece written by witty and 'pretty' Walla was beautifully penned, both in its contents and literary skills. To be sure, it is a reflection of the informed youths mind-set clamouring for change in breaking the monopoly of power and privilegess - hoping for better governance and a better future.

Perhaps, one of the greatest concerns in the forthcoming GE 13 is with regard to BERSIH-related issues, i.e., tendencies of 'cheating' in various and subtle forms.

Meanwhile, the PR should stay in tact at all times - not to provide new ammos and issues for the incumbent to take shots at it. For instance, DAP's raising of the 'Allah' issue doesn't bode well for PR's cohesiveness and unity in orfer to be a formidable alternative.

Though the only constant is change, it could not happen for the sake fo change per se ... As a matter of norm, there is always resistence to change, esp when voters are not fully literarate and ill-nformed, esp in remote areas.

Just food for thought!

monsterball 16 January 2013 at 03:34 was Azrul go punished for nothing.
Now a University Utara Malaysia student...Ms.KS Bawani being bullied by a forum panelist..Sharifah Zohra...and got 453 comments and counting....all supporting Bawani..and all are insulting Zohra for bulling Bawani...making Bawani very happy indeed.
BN is a group of racist parties..and MIC have no guts to protect his own race.
It needs Malaysians of all races to confront Zohra.
I am sure Zohra reads all the comments at Malaysiakini blog.
This is not the first time Zohra being gunned down.
She does have a very thick skin too.
Few days more..she will give a at RM150 on how to make a million.
I hope no one cares to listen to this bitch.

Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 04:35  


Mahathir or Sharifah, the reality is both are the descendants of Si Kitol ... species " Melayu terlebih Melayu "!

The Kitols if living in a pigsty, they are more good in nuzzle than pig's for the sake of personal interest.

Look out there! Is the country of origin of Kitols better than other countries?. Everything is chaos!

Malay History books have long mentioned this. Learn from the past!


Anonymous,  16 January 2013 at 05:27  

This is clear evidence Sharifa is brassy female type. Continue reading at (copy and paste this link into your web browser)

According to sources..she left KIMMA. Now she was with PU KIM MA NGOK may be! But I believe she is a good " duet " for Umi Hafilda. What do you think?

antisyaitan,  16 January 2013 at 11:35  

Sudah sampai masanya untuk rakyat menghantar sepasang kain kapan dan sebuah keranda kapada bekas Presiden "syaitan yg dikenali" supaya beliau sempat bertaubat dan memohon maaf kapada rakyat Malaysia...

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