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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 31 August 2021

A Personal Interlude: Raub, Temau and Kg. Budu.

1. Many people thought I was born in Raub. I was the MP during the 13th parliament

2. Respectfully I wasn't. I was born in kampung Parit, Pekan. Pahang.

3. But Raub is my ancestral home. My great great-great-grandfather Tok Shahrum and his children- Hjh Maimunah, Ranting Emas, khatib Rasu aka Tok Gajah, khatib Amin my great-great-grandfather and khatib Arif first settled in Kampung Temau Raub.

5. Probably after the death of my great-great aunt, Ranting Emas, after a family fued, they moved to Kampong Budu Kuala Lipis and settled permanently there.

5. That's why I have relatives in kg. Budu and K. Lipis, regrettably many of whom I don't know.

6. When I was MP for Raub, I made it a point to visit Budu both because of filial piety and nostalgic reasons.

7. To me, Budu is an ancient Malay village where time stood still. It consists of many traditional Malay houses. It is now famous for gula kabung.
In the 19th century Hugh Clifford was said to bring a gunboat to this village. The Malays engaged Clifford on a clearing in the village.

8. Of course, I went to Temau frequently. To search for my relatives. In particular, I found one- an uncle belonging to the line of khatib Amin who I believed settled in Tanjung Besar in Lipis.

9. I visited the graves of my great great aunt Ranting Emas and her husband, Hj Hassan, who were buried in Temau.

10. Because of this lineage, I have relatives in Dong, in Felda Tersang, in Felda Klau and in Raub town itself.

11. When I arrived in Raub in 2013, I didn't know anyone. I left aware that I have relatives all over in West Pahang. Raub is my ancestral home. It occupies a special place in my heart. Budu is also a special place. I think my granfather Hj Mohd modern was born there in 1900.


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