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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 22 September 2008

A Political Whodunit by Anonymous- Final Part.

This is Mr. Anonymous’s final instalment of the political whodunit series. Sakmongkol wishes to thank him for his permission to reproduce his postings verbatim.

Sakmongkol commends him for his diligence and resolve to pursue his line of arguments. It in turn, has sparked a lively debate in the form of responses from several other bloggers including sakmongkol. Sakmongkol cordially invites Mr. anonymous to continue posting his comments in Sakmongkol’s blog.

Here is the final and Part 5 of Mr. Anonymous comments.

Final part on how it is and told as it is of the countdown the end of the old empire and rise of the new empire .All great empires are built on the ashes of great empires. Heil Cesar

Start of the new empire building.

The seeds for the lineage of the new empire was sowed the moment Abdullah became the New Cesar of Malaysia.

1. Khairy with the tactic approval of Abdullah met with Wan Azizah (wife of Anwar) to help obtain Anwar’s release from prison for a price. Not too many details were discussed during the first meeting.
2. Wan Azizah on her first meeting with Anwar after meeting up with Khairy, informed Anwar the general outline of the discussions and a request from Khairy for a four eye meeting.
3. Anwar gave the go ahead and Wan Azizah thru emissaries pass the message to Khairy the meeting is acceptable but must not take place in Sungai Buloh prison but somewhere else. The meeting was finally arranged in a place acceptable to both Khairy and Anwar. Guess where, The Sungai Buloh prison warden’s home. This was done as not to raise suspicion. All involved were sworn to secrecy.
4. The four eye meeting got under way and it was not one meeting but several meetings to formulate the plan and understanding.
5. Terms and conditions were discussed. Some details of the meeting were that

a) Anwar will be freed and cleared of the sodomy charges but not of the corruption of power charges. This is done as not to raise suspicion and also to make sure that Anwar does not bid for power for the next five years.
b) Khairy discussed with Anwar of an orderly succession as PM.
c) Abdullah Badawi will be PM for 5 years, Anwar for 9 years and the Khairy. Anwar was shock and amassed at Khairy’s confidence.
d) Khairy will provide Anwar damaging material on the UMNO warlords who will need to be disgraced via corruption charges , racial insensitivity
e) Anwar will thru his network will feed this info to the bloggers. The bloggers for involuntary became part of the plan and the spin. The bloggers were looking for hot stories to popularize their blogs. The more you keep on repeating a story; the story sooner or later will take a life of it own. Raja Petra Kamarudin fitted the bill because he was the King of the bloggers. All the bloggers will belief was he writes on his blog. Raja Petra is in a sense a blogger with a romantic sense of life that is the man to save Malaysia. What a pity that he belief in own spin. He was made to look as the fall guy and help push the Anwar Khairy agenda.
6. The alienating of the Indians in Selangor thru Temple demolishing and the holding of UMNO general assembly was the plan to turn the Indians off from BN. Plan succeeded because Hindraf where unknowingly sucked to this web of deceit. Organizations need men to boys to lead and sorry for the case of Hindraf it was the other way round. Detention of the Hindraf 5 was a god given opportunity to future alienate the Indians from BN. Poor Samy Vellu was not a party to the plan and did not know if it was bicycle or a train which hit him. He is still clueless as to what he is doing. What do you expect from a man who taught only for himself and his family and not of his fellow Indians?
7. Chinese alienation from MCA. This is interesting as there were too many anti-Chinese statements by the UMNO members and also by Khairy to further alienate the Chinese and the meek or now response from MCA and Gerakan. DAP, PKR and even PAS came out to condemn the remarks and support the Chinese.
8. Who were Khairy stooges in UMNO? This is a closely guarded secret and even Anwar will be surprised.
9. Why was the General election called before the expiry of Anwar’s 5 years ban? First it was to make sure Anwar can milk the sympathy votes and to make sure that Anwar is not distracted by his own election. This way he can spend his energy to help the opposition to deny BN a 2/3 majority.
10. Najib was left to his own doing by Abdullah and that is the reason for some of the bizarre decisions taken to prosecute Anwar and knowing his IQ level it was self destruction the moment he pressed the panic button.
11. Now is the time Khairy and Anwar must make sure their plan has to succeed.
12. The King (Agung) has taken an oath to be the King for all Malaysians and to reign and not rule. Let see the advice given by his fellow Sultans on the next course of action. I am inclined to belief that the final interpretation of the law on the royalty side will come from Sultan Azlan Shah.

I am also curious to the ending of the chaos and waiting for the new DAWN. Heil Cesar.

As for the Umno warlords, these were suckers taken for a ride and now await their vacation in prison. As of the bloggers thanks for the naïve approach to the politics of Malaysia.

As for me I have said my piece and I will reveal myself in due time.

22 September 2008 12:54

Sakmongkol hopes readers will enjoy reading Mr. Anonymous's interpretation of current politics.


Unknown 22 September 2008 at 14:18  

gosh that was interesting! but what about daim? how come the supremo behind the scenes man wasnt even hinted?

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 14:24  


I was running out of popcorns....


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 14:24  


Point 5 (d) and 5 (e) do not jive with each other.

Did KJ really provided intel to RPK concerning Umno warlords' corrupted practices?

I thought RPK was busy highlighting only Pak Lah and KJ's excesses and wastages during that time.

And who gave the intel on the private airbus, house in Perth and several other inside stories to feed RPK's articles? Certainly not KJ or Anwar.

It was someone bigger than both of them combined.

Thank you.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 14:24  

Sorry to include my name just now sir,


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 14:27  

hello mr anon

scary movie la. facts + fictions


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 14:28  


Daim is no longer active in the political scene. I believe the Umno financier behind the effort to topple Pak Lah is now TS Syed Mokhtar.


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 14:48  

Raja Petra had to be fed stories on both sides. Mild abuses by Khairy and Abdullah and real abuse of power and corruption by Khairy/Abdullah/Anwar enemies.Information was fed thru 3rd parties to Raja Petra. Khairy plan was to turn the public off from BN/UMNO.

As of Daim , he days of judgement is not far away. He will spend time in his new vacation home - Prison.

Khairy do not need finacial backers for his plot of being PM at the age of 40.

Yes I know the truth sounds more like friction and friction sounds more like the truth.

Mr Anon

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 15:20  

Mr. Anon,

AAB was a PM who had 91% of support from the rakyat. He could have reformed UMNO/BN himself, why go the long road and rely on DSAI to fight the battle? It doesn't really make sense.

However, I think it's interesting to remember it was AAB who released DSAI. Ppl have forgotten about it. AAB actually got nothing in return for doing that, unless it's like what Mr. Anon said.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 15:30  

AAB eraned the political capital when he swept the l2th general elections with 90% of the votes. As soon as he started spending the political capital , the UMNO warlords who were threathened by the reforms force AAB to slow down and stop the reforms. AAB knew that the UMNO warlords with not let him introduce the reforms and create a legacy for himself the the PM who got rid of race politices and reformed the country laws and economy.

This is when he and Khairy came up with the plot to shoot thru the reforms with the backing of my Reformasi MR Anwar

AAB was a victim of his own 12th election victory. The UMNO warlords rode on that victory and not AAB. This left him a very bitter man.

Mr Anon

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 15:41  

Mr. Anon,

Still it is a very risky move for Khairy. UMNO is a big party with many ppl (won't say talent). They can't put everyone in jail after BN falls. What about Hishamuddin? It seems like Khairy has to get rid of a whole bunch of ppl to control UMNO. He might as well join PKR and be DSAI's second in command.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 16:11  

Like I said only the UMNO warlords will be in trouble and not the whole of the rank and file of UMNO.

PKR is full and UMNO can be reformed as Golkar .

Mr Anon

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 16:20  

Sorry, I really do not understand.

Basically you are saying, KJ provided ammo to highlight the corrupt Umno warlords?

But KJ and Pak Lah have the baddest of all reputation among Umno members. KJ and Pak Lah's bad reputation was the main cause of Umno losing its support and made it impossible for Pak Lah to pursue his reforms.

You mean to tell me KJ sabotages himself and smear his own reputation? How do you think he wants to 'shoot through' the reforms IF NOBODY IN MALAYSIA TRUSTS HIM ANYMORE?

A question we are asking right now, will KJ be successful in getting back his lost credibility (if he has one to begin with)?

This hypothesis is nothing more than an effort/propaganda to bring some credibility of KJ, Anwar and Pak Lah while at the same time taking potshots at Dr Mahathir.

Lets see now, who are the people who hate Dr Mahathir but support Anwar, KJ and Pak Lah at the same time?


And to say Agung is backing Anwar is grossly inaccurate.

I urge Mr Anon to seek out his informant on what Agung really would do should Anwar comes to power.


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 16:48  

Mr. Anon,

How can you say PKR is full? They don't even have enough Malay MPs to form a government and rule the country. Any third rated UMNO MPs joining PKR will be instantly made a minister should PR topple BN.

Don't buy your story, but it's a good read. I think AAB is just a weak leader. That and other factors have made UMNO in disarray now.

the_willow 22 September 2008 at 17:16  

naahh.. I beg to differ, too good to be true, just like the song. Mr Anon is non other than the spin doctor hired by Daim and several bisnessmen with millions to spare. The quid pro quo for them is to install a new PM of their choice with the destruction of AAB, KJ & AI. As simple as that. Remember Daim's bags full of millions circa 97/98? Any idea where that money stored now? How to bring it back in circulation? Who would have allowed it to return to our shore? It's a mind boggling to undermine these schemers with billions to play with. Don't jump the gun , Mr Anon.

Ir. Hanafi Ali 22 September 2008 at 17:57  

Occam's razor is really good test to apply here.

Anwar outdone by Khairy? Was Khairy near as good a strategist as Anwar? Does anyone here ever heard of the "15-year" plan? The plan by Anwar to put himself in power within 15 years after joining UMNO? 1997 was that year, and 1982 was Year Zero.

Anwar's followers are top notched, cream de la cream, laden with IQ by the crude oil tanker loads (think Wan Hasni and Rahim Ghouse types), you think these type of people can be outdone by a pseudo Oxbridge graduate like Khairy?

Sakmongkol, you disappoint me, never thought (in the short frame of time I have been following your blog) that you would be the type that would be eating fiction for dinner.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 17:59  

during the middle ages the Pope was told that the eath is not in the center but the sun was in the center by Gallieo. There was disbelief and mayhem that what was considered the absolute truth was now a big lie.

somethings need to be exposed as a lie for the truth to emerged .

time and time only will answer and cast aside you doubts

Mr Anon

Anonymous,  23 September 2008 at 01:44  

If this is true, my god! This will be better than any scrip written by Holloywood or is it Bollywood.
Lets wait and see.

YOu never know

Anonymous,  23 September 2008 at 02:26  

The truth lies in the Quran.

UMNO's future lies in re-claiming and re-exerting its original core values.

Does it have people who can emulate with unquestionable sincerity and total devotion the Prophet SAW and his companions?

Yes, the party needs real reform/ transformation. But the core values must remain and be strengthened.

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