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Sunday 7 September 2008

MCA and Ahmad Ismail Issue

The star newspaper reported the following. Leaders are upset over Tun Mahathir’s remarks. Even after Tun Mahathir clarified his initial remarks the star upheld its story. The qualification by Tun Mahathir was not important. It was the first statement that needed to be needled. What a welcome relief for our idea-bankrupt leaders.

Who are the leaders who were upset? They were all kichi mayungs from MCA and the almost defunct MIC. Dei tamby, poodah lah. The PKR has more Indian MPs that you have.

Pray tell, when are our current leaders not upset with Tun Mahathir? The whole gangbang is upset with him because he has the capacity and stature to tick these people off.

If the MCA is very upset, why not use this an excuse to get out of Barisan Nasional. If you are hapless, then its better to keep quiet. Please don't reduce yourself to pathetic supplicants with bowl in hand. Malu lah.

It is very pitiful to hear, the DPM pujuk the Chinese by saying they are equal partners. Lu mahu keluar, you keluar. Then let us see what happens. I think the Chinese will go in droves to the opposition. The Malaysian Chinese are pragmatic people anyway- as long as there is peace and they can continue making and milking money, they will be happy.

And the very people who are upset with Tun Mahathir are the same whom they milk their riches from.

At the end of the day- I ask, what can you MCA do? Ahmad Ismail is one insignificant drop in the ocean. His remarks do not make you a lesser and less richer Malaysian.


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