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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 September 2008

A Poltical Whodunit-2

And here is the second part of anonymous’s analysis.

The story or you can call the script continues as I left it with the parting words “More to Come”

As the days get neared to the suppose target day, the haze suddenly stars to clear as the plot / script becomes clearer.

Anwar Ibrahim as say very famously “why wouldn’t Abdullah Badawi want to meet me, He is my friend”. This statement is to assure Abdullah Badawai the he Anwar has not ditched the plan agreed by both of them.

Abdullah Badawi when he says something but means the opposite. He says no Emergency session of Parliament is planed but what he is try to say is that there will be a emergency session of Parliament in the next few days. Abdullah knows that for UMNO to survive, it has to be reformed, getting rid of the self serving UMNO warlords and be in the opposition and reflect on it self. When UMNO is in the opposition, it will be easy to rid the party of the Warlords. Simple reason is to hand them over to the PR government with evidence for prosecution.

Khairy is the Middle and point man between Anwar and Abdullah. Remember when he returned Anwar’s passport personally to Anwar on his release from prison. Khairy knows if he wants to succeed, he must get rid of the obstacles in UMNO. Down the line after 2 to 3 years UMNO in the opposition, UMNO been reformed will be invited by PR to be a partner. Anwar will be PM for another 9 years and when he reaches 70, Khairy will be the PM by virtue of the largest party in PR. These 9 years Khairy will work to polish his image and the public will be grateful that he was instrumental in placing Anwar in power and getting rid of racial politics. He will prove to be an even better PM that Anwar.

Najib , ooh Poor Najib. He has already got a smell on the plot (But too late) and had to call of his visit to the Middle East. Najib knows that Anwar with Abdullah’s backing have sent the letter to the King to seek an audience with the King. Najib is trying to foil the plan. Once Anwar has the audience, Abdullah will have Parliament in session. Najib is no longer the Defense Minister (Abdullah’s master stoke) and can not call on the Armed Forces to effect a coup d-eta. Najib is working hard now to marshal the BN MPs and trying to prevent the defections. All is lost now for Najib. It is too late for him as he has already been checkmate by Khairy . Najib must be wondering about his fate either in exile, prison or in the hangman’s noose.

Syed Hamid has played the dumb Interior minister to the hilt and deserves an Oscar. He has as per plan made UMNO and the government unpopular with the tactic approval of Abdullah / Khairy. When the BN government falls, no pity will be felt for UMNO. Khairy knows he needs to get rid of the 40 to 60 years old warlord if he wants to be PM in 9 years time.

Mahathir, poor Mahathir, he was sucked into the plan unknowingly by Abdullah and Khairy. He made the Government very unpopular when he criticized the Government. Including washing the dirty laundry in the public. He is a has been and would not be of any use now to anybody. He is an old man past his glory days.

Muyuddin is just a stooge of Najib to force Abdullah out as a PM. This is only role and he has no more value except spending time in Prison.

For the other warlords I will come back to them in regards to their fate in my follow up which will be soon and also the role of the bloggers in the rise of Anwar and the defeat on Najib.

21 September 2008 15:13

While Sakmongkol re publishes his/her analysis here, he is not necessarily bound by the story.


Anonymous,  21 September 2008 at 20:55  

For the life of me, I have yet to see a 'good guy' emerge from the dubious cast of characters consisting of Pak Lah, Najib, Anwar, or Khairy. Of course, there are possibly bigger crooks lurking in the background.

But my question is: Where are the good guys?

Ariff Sabri 22 September 2008 at 21:02  

the good guys, mb are people like you who shy away from politics recognizing early what debauchery takes place there. you are the people who cultivate themselves, pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. i have seem to many good guys decimated in politics for the simple reason they are refined people.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 21:46  

Hey Ariff,

I don't believe Khairy has the ability. Badawi may be dad-in-law but we're speaking of Anwar running the show. Would you trust him to keep his side of the deal after he's had to go thru' so much from BN, and allow BN back into the game - if, and a BIG IF, Anwar is not made leader of UMNO.

I am saying, yes. There could be a deal - it's called politics. More importanly, Anwar would dearly love to head UMNO - with its tradition, pomp and ceremony - than carry on in Keadilan. Why? Because, he's an old pro, and the nearer he gets to you, the easier it is to stab you - i.e. warlords in UMNO, and maintain supremacy.

ps. would be good to put cumulative links on top of each new post, the links being to the older posts, chronologically? just a thought - for ease of reading.

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