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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 September 2008

UMNO's MKT Meeting 26th September 08

The public awaits with bated breadth for the UMNO supreme council meeting tomorrow. As Tun Mahathir said, the UMNO supreme council is no longer supreme. Matters are always decided between the president and his deputy. Hence, the title deputy president of UMNO should be renamed as deputy to the president. That would the same as the position of deputy to the menteri besar of Pahang. After the 2008 elections, the post of deputy MB( which is not provided for in the state constitution) was abolished.

After the two leaders pow wowed, then Dato Najib will sell the idea to the rest of the MKT cast. What can they do other than listen? They certainly don’t shoot the messenger.

But perhaps the public should also know that before meeting with Dato Najib to inform the latter of his thinking, Pak lah would have convened another council meeting more supreme than the UMNO MKT. This is a council meeting between Pak Lah and his closest confidantes- his son and son in law, and maybe now the daughter and wife. They would have counselled Pak Lah on what to say to Najib and Dato Najib being the staunchest adherent to tradition, will pass on the sanitised version of the discussions between him and Pak Lah. Thus, the MKT is no longer supreme.

Speculation is rife that the MKT tomorrow will discuss about hastening the transfer of power from Pak Lah to Dato Najib. Sakmongkol thinks that is wishful thinking.

To sakmongkol, it is no longer important for UMNO to consider all these things as they have become secondary. Instead, Sakmongkol is thinking that tomorrow’s meeting will be better off discussing the transfer of power from BN to PKR.

Anwar Ibrahim has certainly been uncharacteristically silent over the past few weeks. Perhaps unbeknownst to the public, despite PKR’s denials, they may have indeed sent a letter to the Agung informing HRH that Anwar has sufficient MPs on his side to form a new federal government. They would also be better off debating whether UMNO people have been talking and negotiating with Tian Chua and his band of former street demonstrators.

That, should be the main course on the menu tomorrow.


Anonymous,  26 September 2008 at 02:50  

Scary thot.
No way they will allow the transfer of power?
But then that's what I said when I heard Dr M has resigned over the radio...
Migration is good? Ha ha ha ha.
Or just look to the future?

Anonymous,  26 September 2008 at 04:26  

Learn not to expect.

What is there to expect from these people anyway?

Only in God we put our trust.

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