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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Mr.Anonymous's posting- a Political Whodunit

Just when sakmongkol thinks, Mr Anon has completed his story, he has posted another poser on sakmongkol’s blog. That being so, sakmongkol has to defer his own instalment of his response to Mr. Anon’s many postings.

So here it is:-

Mr Sakmongkol

After my exposer there is mayhem played now on the political scene.

My first exposer was during the UMNO last week and I bet the warlords have read it and now are sucking up to AAB. Knowingly that the will definetly sink like a piece of lead if they outster AAB. AAB has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

see how thye secret talks between AAB and Anwar team has been exposed. This has now added the warlords worries and even Muyuddin's tone is changing.

AAB has told Anwar to hold off as he wants to teach the traitors a leson. After my exposer AAB now is getting stronger and the tone of the Warlords have changed alot. Najib is now like a meek or a mouse. No noise from him.

Do not worry RPK will be out soon. Syed Hamid is only settling some minor old scores. It was made out to look like a idoit by RPK. Hamid has assured that there will be a review time frame in place for him to be release at any of these stages. No harm and RPK can use this time for a good rest and recharge his batteries.

Khairy's stock has risen and now he is on a war footing to destroy his enemies. Plan as I mentioned in my earlier articles is now all systems go.

I am also anxious how the final part will play out. I have a front seat and happy as I am now.

Who am I and what have I to gain from all this.

I remember seeing aloneAAB once in Alor Setar airport window shopping. He was just another person and minding his own business. I wanted to go and shake his hand but I did not.Nobody was with him. I remember he was the MP for Kepala Batas. I though he came visiting his parlimentary constinquecy which was next to Alor Setar airport. I did not know there was another Kepala Batas in Penang. What a fool I was. This was the time back in 1993 when he lost the UMNO VP contest to the wawasan team.

Sorry for the spelling errors and had no time to do a word check.

I am going to followup with a full set of articles soon . My previous articles was the Past and next will be The Present and last will be The Future.

The Present set of articles will be

1. The impact of my exposer of the Anwar/AAB/Khairy polt and its effects on BN Umno and PR and the general public.

2. What is happening on the ground now.

3. Who am I and what am I up to. This will provide some hints on who am I .

Mr Anon

23 September 2008 20:55

Once again, Sakmongkol has reproduced Mr. Anon’s posting verbatim. Sakmongkol is not responsible for any distress that it may cause.


Anonymous,  23 September 2008 at 22:00  

aiyoo mr anon

please dont play play ok

it really like scary movie 4


Anonymous,  23 September 2008 at 22:38  

is Mr Anon another sensational writer to fill in the vacuous blogosphere after RPK left?

Anonymous,  23 September 2008 at 23:37  

Mr Sakmongkol,

Aww.. It’s such a scary to read the play. It looks like the same AAB who hold up the idea of effective government have installed a genre in which incompetence is the rule. If so premeditated it is shameful to all malays that they were being betrayed by him. The Islamic portrayal by him was a mere simulation to seek support from the rural Malays. Now we know that his famous Al-Ghazali was his own version. Damn if so ensued will cause ignominy to all your generations Mr AAB. If you are so obsessed in garnering material wealth for your family, please remember that Al-Mighty is always fair to all of us. By the way who is your Al-Mighty AAB?


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