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Sunday 7 September 2008

Mukhriz Mahathir vs. Adnan Yaakob?

Dato Mukhriz Mahathir has announced he is going for the ketua pergerakan pemuda post. We wish him the best of luck. His journey till this December will be a long and arduous one.

Yb Mukhriz is a pleasant fellow, mild mannered and a true gentleman. Perhaps that can be attributed to his lineage. He is the youngest son of Tun Mahathir.

He appears to have the temperament to accommodate a wide spectrum of the UMNO crowd. From the dangdut types to the serious intellectual types. Naturally he has the qualifications to make a good leader. If I am not mistaken he also worked with Shell Malaysia, unfortunately we have never met each other while in Shell.

In vying for this post, he will be facing formidable hurdles. The senior leaders in UMNO are gunning after him. Nazri Aziz will waste no time in lynching him.

If khairi has his way, he would love to offer himself as the Ketua Pemuda. But in this climate where anything associated with Pak Lah is looked upon as a liability, he dares not. Moreover, he is not oblivious to the feelings on the ground that hold him accountable for the many ills in the UMNO leadership. Many view him as the Malaysian Rasputin to Pak Lah’s Czar Nicholas. So he wont enter the fray.

But he will support a rook as a pawn in his political game. I hate to say this, but his Chess Game seems to point to the Pahang MB.

Mukhriz need not worry about the other contenders. He must keep a watchful eye over Adnan Yaakob, should the Pahang MB enters the race.

Adnan’s Yaakob intention to vie for the Ketua Pemuda’s post defies logic. He is at an age not suitable to helm the gila bola types of Pemuda UMNO. His bearings and mindset are at variance with the Pemuda mindset. Would anyone imagine Adnan Yaakob acting as leader of a pressure group confronting his mentor Pak Lah?

So why will Adnan Yaakob want to be the KP? For no other reason than allowing himself to a be a seat warmer for someone else. And if he is asked to by other people he looks up. That could only be the UMNO president. And where does the UMNO president get his ideas from? Why, from Malaysia’s prince Rasputin, of course.


Anonymous,  7 September 2008 at 15:00  

Latest news I received is, Tun Mahathir had agreed, after being proposed/urged by TS Muhyiddin, to reenter Umno. Tun will then support Ku Li's bid to challenge Pak Lah in becoming president and PM.

Road show will start a week from now. All Umno members are urged to support this effort to unite the members in a bid to challenge Pak Lah.

Thank you.


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