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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 18 September 2008

Not yet SuperDET


Sakmongkol is appalled at the monumental insensitivity of UMNO at the moment. It must be the reflection of the values of the top leadership.

One, the flaccid, indeterminate and ever changing value system of the current UMNO president. It can be anything at any one moment. It depends on the flavour of the month. Clueless, lost and bewildered.

Followed closely by the value system of the political invertebrate. His value system will depend on the occasion. Venerable master of the U-Turn.

Both surrender to the world outside. Capitulate.

Even sadder, the value system held by our two top leaders, flavours the whole thinking of the UMNO body politic, especially that of UMNO MKT. so Sakmongkol asks, where have all the men gone to?

Has everyone become effeminate and has lost the firmament and resolve to do what is right for UMNO? No one has the presence of mind, to raise the matter of Tun Mahathir’s re-entry into UMNO?

This lukewarm reception to the news that Mahathir wanted to come back, can only suggest the myopic failure of the entire cabal of MKT members, to acknowledge the one factor that can redeem itself- unconditional acceptance of Tun Mahathir into UMNO. You put conditions, is the same as saying we don’t want you. So why blame the people if they in turn reject you?

What kind of leadership does the current UMNO display?. It shows a leadership that allows the environment to dictate and overwhelm them. They would rather plod on hoping things will solve themselves. They do not.

Sakmongkol will tell you why , UMNO cannot afford this kind of value system coming from this kind of leadership. The answer Sakmongkol thinks, is in the following passage by George Bernard Shaw.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

This kind of leadership offers no hope for progress for the people.

Ps. Sakmongkol has written about this possible treatment to Tun Mahathir in his earlier blogs.


Anonymous,  19 September 2008 at 05:10  

Pakatan lor...
Means to an end?
Maybe at least we clean the judiciary + there will be more jobs with FDI since anwar is the darling of the west?
maybe it's time to bury the NEP?

Lawyer Kampung 19 September 2008 at 06:06  

My sentiment exactly. Tengok, Che Det pun sudah "merajuk" semula

"I will rejoin at the right time" he said.

Mat Cendana 19 September 2008 at 06:35  

Wow, you've been very active and productive, Che Ariff! And this ability to produce such posts consistently and regularly ... well, you're one of a kind!

Been very busy with a post at my "other blog" - the one about Recovery from Drug Addiction.

Thanks (or `No thanks') to Elviza yesterday afternoon, I was spurred into writing something "that is more suited as a chapter in a book than a Post in a normal blog". Ah, I do tend to get carried away.

BTW, had mentioned "a bit" about your blog here in that post (despite the blog's theme). If you can spare the time to read 10% of it (it's VERY long, and not even completed yet!), it's here at:

This is `another aspect of me and my life'. Better that you know now than later...

BTW, have been getting quite a number of clicks that originated from your site here at my Cendana Blues site. THANKS, Che Ariff, for putting it on your sidebar.

P/S: Am thinking of another nonsensical post based on material and info here and at Tunku and Che Det, especially - something like "Is Dollah Badawi a drug addict?"

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