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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 8 September 2008

An UMNO youth takes offence.

Khairul Azwan said Dr Tan had no right to criticise the party as he was not from Umno, and added that Dr Tan ought to provide specific evidence to back up his claims.

This was the statement dished out by a youth leader from UMNO Pasir Salak. Chinaman has no business in criticising UMNO as Chinaman is not from UMNO.

This is the kind of fallacious thinking that immolates UMNO. UMNO/BN rules over a country with many races as the youth leader is very well aware of. Please don’t tell us, that if a minister who is from UMNO commits a wrong, the people cannot criticise him? And if that criticism comes from a non Malay, does that absolve the UMNO jackass from culpability? And it makes that wrong tolerable because its committed by a Malay and doubly tolerated simply because its faulted by a Chinaman?

Asking for specific evidence to back up his claims is like asking the recipient of a bribe in the UMNO elections to own up. The usual strategy for the guilty party to deny a wrong is to take the offensive by asking for specific evidence. Dr Tan is just citing a general observation whose veracity can be established by general suspiciousness at the lavish lifestyle of the UMNO warlords.


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