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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 12 September 2008

War Drums Beating

When Tan Sri Muhyidin said that the June 2010 power transfer is too long, he was probably stating what he saw as the writing on the wall. Pak Lah’s days are numbered. Despite Pak Lah saying he has many things to do and so forth. If he cant accomplished what he said he wanted during 5 or 6 years in power, how could he does so in a matter of months?

What Muhyidin sees, is what the UMNO grassroots are seeing. The Abdullah- Najib leadership is the wrecking crew in Malaysian politics. Abdullah with his flaccid leadership, indecisiveness and perpetual state of bewilderment. Najib with a blemished track record peppered with dark whispers of corruption and sexual indiscretions. On top of that, Najib will be what he really is- the political invertebrate. The lowliest of the low.

Support for UMNO had plummeted drastically. Approval rating for the sitting prime minister is also very low. Perhaps, the PM and DPM have not heard this- UMNO has reached the bottom of the abyss. Whatever its leaders say, are no longer believed. And that is attributable to the devilish duo.

Muhyidin is perhaps sending war signals. He probably wants to test the ground. The only reaction came from the PM himself. He said he was surprised. The PM says Muhyidin agreed with the plan and UMNO also has agreed. Wasn’t Muhyidin not around when the UMNO president announced the decision to transfer power? Wasn’t he in Japan. Ok, we can accept that Muhyidin not being around, did not nullify the acquiescence given by the other MKT members.

Muhyidin is clearly gunning for a higher post. He will undoubtedly make a decision in the next few weeks before the UMNO divisions hold their divisional meetings.

Since Pak Lah has expressed surprise that Muhyidin has reneged on his part of the agreement, Muhyidin’s position become untenable. If it is also a cabinet agreement, then Muhyidin has no other choice but to resign.

Once and if he resigns, Muhyidin will be freer to conduct his affairs. He can be candid and tell it as it is. Muhyidin will not be shackled by any agreement which he is no longer part of.


Anonymous,  12 September 2008 at 15:28  


Having deserted UMNO and BN in March, Malays and other Malaysians of all shapes and sizes are willing to seriously re-consider supporting the ruling Federal Government again provided there are real changes, starting with the leadership, in the ruling parties.

That being the case, shall UMNO and BN seize this small but real window of golden opportunity to resurrect themselves or just allow it to slip, paving the way for Anwar Ibrahim to laugh all the way to Putrajaya?

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the stark political choice before us.

UMNO and BN have the potential leaders from the ranks of the highly experienced vets and up and coming junior politicians to carry them through. Question is do they have the political will and sincerity to truly act in accordance with the same unmistakable message in PRU12 and PP?

God forbid, should anything untoward happen to the Malays/ Muslims and this country due to UMNO's continuing inerta, denial and neglect despite the huge risk we are in, don't tell us that you have not been forewarned.

Ariff Sabri 12 September 2008 at 15:32  

dear khoja nadim.
you have said it very well. UMNO grassroot leaders must seize the window of opportunity. carpe diem!
by the way, khoja, do you blog? you write well my friend.

Anonymous,  14 September 2008 at 00:00  

Calling Ak47, I notice that you still link up with YB Pang's blog, which quite disturbing to me. After agreeing that bloggers must posseses basic credible skills in order to participate in bogging, I would suggest that you disconnect yourself from false blogging culture. There no way YB's BM could possibly live up to that standard. He requires a text even for simple occassion.

I know you wrote on your blog personally, being truthful to yourself and to community of bloggers, but certainly not not our YB. Once again, he is fit to be a logger not blogger. For that matter, you and me are equally fit to me loggers as long as the gov is willing to give us concession


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