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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 26 September 2008

Back to the real world

In the meantime, in the real world, people are grappling with the increase in prices of almost everything. The inflation rate is said to have reached a record high. But what does high mean to the John Q public or the man on the Clapham Omnibus?

A 10 kg bag of rice which used to cost RM 32 now costs RM57( Siamese variety). Yes, the John Q public does enjoy quality rice but perhaps not to the standard of the nobs. The price of cooking oil has increased. Indeed there is all round increase. People are in stitches at the one step forward and two steps backwards approach of the government in re pricing of petroleum. Before the RM 1 increase, the price was RM 1.70. after the 1st increase that resulted in among other things, a debate between Anwar Ibrahim and Shabery Cheek, the price was RM 2.70. after the recent 10 sen drop, it is now RM 2.50 (?). sakmongkol sees it as still an increase by 50 sen. Not a decrease by seposen ( lawyer Kampung's likeable colloquial expression )

Perhaps now the economists in PM’s department or Bank Negara should reconsider the goods they placed in the basket to calculate inflation. Our new Finance minister should address this question. And please, don’t make assumptions here and there like some defunct economists( haha).

Remember this story:-

Three professionals, an engineer, architect and an economist were stranded on an Island with no food left, except for a can of baked beans. They were pondering how to open up the can.

The engineer says, lets heat the can with a fire. The tin will expand and break open the can.

Architect: oh no, unless we build an enclosure, the beans will be strewn about and we cant eat them.

In desperation, both looked at the economist, who gave a thoughtful ponder and then said, ASSUME A CAN OPENER!.


Anonymous,  26 September 2008 at 06:26  

So true.
Things are still bearable.
But dun know how the US meltdown will affect retrenchment in MNCs.
Cos like Shell, etc are prob safe and hey may even pay a bigger bonus.

Mat Cendana 26 September 2008 at 07:11  

Che Ariff,
Wonder why your spacing between paragraphs has turned this way in the last two posts? Are you sticking with this? Have to say that it makes reading "a bit" difficult.

BTW had just seen your real pix just now - the one in Star that has you, Najib and the new state candidate.

Despite my being a few years younger according to the IC, I'm "older" than you in a few important things. And with your physical size, plus some Tomoi, I'd need a pump-gun to even the odds:-)

walla 26 September 2008 at 12:05  

And then the fourth man, the politician, says:

"Let me relieve you of the problem. Give it to me. You all don't like beans anyway. Have some coconut water instead. Go climb. I'll send a distress signal after getting some new strength eating this rubbish. It's a great sacrifice you know. My turkish yacht has radar detection for bean eaters.'

Unknown 26 September 2008 at 12:11  

I know this is out of topic but I hope to see some comments.

The JAIS director says that it is WAJIB to broadcast the AZAN while the issue of tone down the speakers volume was a hot issue. I assume that he meant broadcast the AZAN through speakers is WAJIB. Therefore nobody should question it. If my assumption is correct then he is also saying that those people who practice Islam before the invention of speakers have sinned? I am quite sure the speakers are not invented 1400 years ago.

After looking at the statement from this angle will he (the director) still say that it is WAJIB to broadcast through speakers? If not, then the request to tone down the volume is not wrong. Hope to see some comments.

Ariff Sabri 27 September 2008 at 20:16  

jed yoong;
in the weeks to come, lets hope the US economy gets better.notice how Bush is announcing a bail out package for the USA economy- similar to our danaharta-ing that was carried out bu Tun mahathir. here Dato Najib is resisting calls to re- peg the Ringgit.

mat cendana;

i really don't know why. regrettably , i am not technically competent. wish my blog appearance can be better. perhaps, you can give some pointers.

haha that's a good extension of the joke. do we know each other? sama alma matter means? SABS? Manchester? UM?


i am afraid i am not competent to answer issue such as this. i am after all stand guilty of being secular educated. i dont have the gall of an RPK

thank you all for kindly visiting my blog. do continue to read my humble opinions

Mat Cendana 27 September 2008 at 23:28  

I've only had six weeks of experience as a blogger - and only two with Blogspot. However, there's one thing that I feel I might be able to help with - having the right tools.

This is thanks to Borneo Blues Mat Salo (was inspired by the title of his). In one of his blogs - I think it was the one at - he had written a short review of Windows Live Writer

I have heard of this "Windows Live" thing before - Messenger etc etc - but had simply ignored them. Tired of all the Microsoft marketing over the years, I guess.

But I was impressed with Mat Salo's account of WLW - it sure looked useful. At least it was worth a try. I had started the site at Wordpress, so I downloaded WLW.

After a few weeks with it (using it at Blogspot too), I find it indispensable. It's very easy to add pictures etc to a post with WLW. And you can write posts while being offline if you choose to.

Yesterday, I've downloaded various plugins for WLW. They will make WLW even better! But I don't have time to try them yet - busy with a lot of things right now.

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