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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 16 September 2008

What the Stars foretold.

Pak Lah may pooh-pooh Anwar’a attempts to see him. He has also rubbished Anwar’s claim that the latter has the numbers. Let us leave these two lovers while the dawdle with numerology.

In blog time, may eons ago, Sakmongkol wrote these:-

Remember well the name of the bridge straddling the Pahang river to Pekan. Its name is Jambatan Sultan Abu Bakar. Take heed. You will see on one fine day, a long line of people queuing along the edge of the bridge. Holding hands they await the numbers call. 1!2!3!. Every one jumps into the river.

They all have jumped into the river overcame with great grief that Pekan’s favourite son, the master of the U-Turn, the other half of the UMNO wrecking crew, has failed to become the next PM.

Remember Kampung Ubai Kuantan? They searched in vain for the palanquin that was used to carry Tun Razak when he was the Prime Minister. All you yobs poohed-poohed Sakmongkol when he said he has asked the Ubai Kuantan folks to dismantle and hack the palanquin. The wood was used as firewood for the feast on that day. Sakmongkol swears( sans a SD) that the Opor ( a famous meat dish unique to Pekan only) that day, tasted extra delicious.

Now add this to your grocery list. Remember JJ? The hardest working man who works his butts out from earth to the heavens? Yes, the bearded chap will now be seen traveling every week to his retreat in Felda Kratong singing his blues.

Remember Zahid Hamidi? A close relative to JJ who will be moon shining as a lecturer now that he has a PhD degree? We shall address him as Herr Dokter!

As much as Sakmongkol wants to share the enthusiasm with his friends in blogosphere who, he senses, can only manage nervous mocking at the spectacle of a PKR government, Sakmongkol must politely decline to partake in such excitement.

Instead, amid the sobering realisation, Sakmongkol is looking forward to the much anticipated entrance of the dream team that will re-vitalise UMNO. Anwar Ibrahim, however intense one demonises him, name calls him( BABI, Buntoti or even the mild Nana Non as Sakmongkol often employs) will be warming the seat at Putrajaya for the dream team.


Anonymous,  16 September 2008 at 21:43  

A sobering thought indeed. Is Sakmongkol going to take a rest before the real fight begins? Anyway, I too feel BN bloggers should not overdoing this. Jinx! :)


Lawyer Kampung 16 September 2008 at 22:09  
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Lawyer Kampung 16 September 2008 at 22:10  

Anwar's 916 Dream & the Dream Team of UMNO actually needed each other. As you have put it, the players behind it are the best of friends, its just they do not know about it. Maybe this constant political mocking is what UMNO needs all the while, as a constant wake-up call and reminders to its members. To make them realize that their party needs to effect the necessary changes soonest. To make them realize that there's no two ways about it.

Anonymous,  17 September 2008 at 04:22  

i agree with JMD. i hope supporters of the Dream Team, whether within UMNO or non-partisan (comme moi) do not over-enthuse to the point of tempting fate. don't forget the many slips betwixt cup and lips.

sober, systematic resolve... that's the way to go.

i also think it's of the utmost importance for the Dream Team not to let anyone within UMNO with even the hint of a taint to come close.

to paraphrase bill clinton's first term campaign call "it's the PERCEPTION stupid!" :)

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