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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 6 September 2008

of Quitters and Stayers

Our future will be decided by the stayers and the quitters. It is reported that 70% of the BN MPs will go for an overseas trip. To Australia, I presume. That’s the nearest. Maybe In Perth.

That means 98 MPs will have a paid holiday to Australia for 10 days. At RM 50,000 each, that’s almost 5 million.

Now, this trip is considered valuable. Its approved says the TPM. Contrast this with the brouhaha raised when the Terengganu government bought Mercedes for their excos. Ignore that fact that those cars are going to be used for the next 5 years.

Now, what can our 98 learn while in Australia? Perhaps they will go sightseeing at Bondi Beach to see how Aussies go around in the nude. Maybe a new tourism venture idea?

We all know our leaders are lying through their teeth. Within a short space of time, the 98 will learn nothing. People like Bung Mokhtar will not want to learn anything. Each day will be preoccupied with shopping and sightseeing.

There is no question of quitting. People stay and stand their ground to fight for what they have secured. If for no other reason, like Lee Kuan Yew said, then, because of the sheer force of good habit.

Can we depend for our future on quitters?


Anonymous,  6 September 2008 at 18:21  

Sadly a making of Barisan's own?
If only it din perpetuate such a froggy practice in its time.
We live and learn.

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