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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 7 September 2008

Ong Ka Chuan imparts his wisdom

I am glad Ong Ka Chuan told everyone that Chinese died defending this country. That was during the Japanese occupation. Most of the Chinese then were not given citizenship yet.

I hope Ka Chuan does not forget his history. If the a large section of the Chinese then did not have citizenship, then technically they were China’s citizens. Naturally the invading Japanese will view the Chinese in Malaya then as extended enemies.

So don’t go on to lecture us that the Chinese then died defending this country. By saying this I am not trivialising the sacrifices of the Malaysian Chinese. I for one, would not want to acquire the Palestinian syndrome of wishing for the impossible- total annihilation of the Israelis. But that is another issue, next time. We accept Chinese as our Malaysian brothers. We cant change history for instance by wishing the British did not bring in Indian and Chinese coolies. They did and that is the fact as it stands.

The MCA politicians will not want to miss any opportunities to grandstand each other. Many would like to see who’s more Chinese than Chinese. Each one wants to out-chinese the other. The convenient way to do this is exploit one insignificant issue started by one samseng kampong dusun in Penang.

Ini biasa lah. It’s a game played by conman like Ka Chuan and others. What they actually accomplish, is to expose themselves for what they truly are- hypocrites and laughable MCA politicians.


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